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Politicians without borders

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, has sent a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry asking whether U.S. taxpayers are funding a political effort in Israel to remove Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from office, ….

Cruz’ letter to Kerry noted that OneVoice, a “U.S. taxpayer funded 501(c)(3) nonprofit” was actively working “with a campaign operation called V15, or ‘Victory 15,’ in an effort to influence the outcome of the elections in Israel on March 17, 2015.” A key player for V15 is former Obama staffer Jeremy Bird.

Cruz’ letter, also signed by Rep. Lee Zeldin, R-N.Y., asks for an investigation by the State Department’s inspector general to determine how much funding the U.S. has given OneVoice or other groups connected to the Israel campaign against Netanyahu.

It also asks who approved the funds, what oversight is there, how much funding has been provided and the reasons for providing money.

“The Haaretz report makes clear that the purpose of this alliance is to advance a particular ideological agenda: ‘With the help of American money and a former campaign adviser to President Barack Obama, V15 is trying to replace Israel’s government. The money and organization comes from V15′s partnership with OneVoice. … OneVoice is expected to merge with V15 before the March 17 election,’” the letter said.

“Of course private American citizens are free to engage in political activities according to their inclinations, but given the overtly partisan nature of this particular case, we are deeply concerned by the relationship that also exists between OneVoice and the U.S. Department of State. OneVoice lists the State Department as a partner on its website. In its 2013 annual report, the CEO of OneVoice touted the organization’s work ‘together in partnership with the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv and the U.S. Consulate General in Jerusalem … made possible by two parallel U.S. government grants.’

“There appears to be a danger that U.S. taxpayer funds are being used to directly shape the outcome of the upcoming Israeli election – and specifically to campaign against Prime Minister Netanyahu – something all would agree would be highly inappropriate.”

Word on the developments has generated a wave of comments on Twitter. “It’s OK for Jeremy Bird to meddle in Israeli politics but Netanyahu can’t return the favor?” wrote one.
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Well, evidently yes … yes he can.

In a nearly unprecedented move, Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu has endorsed a candidate in the 2016 race for President of the United States. Netanyahu made his announcement during an early morning press conference Friday.

[P]erhaps being fueled by anger after recently learning that current U.S. President, Barak Obama has at US taxpayer expense, sent a team of his political operatives into Israel ahead of Israel’s March 17, 2015 elections in an effort to unseat Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister has broken the long standing protocol and gotten involved in the US presidential race.

“After serious consideration and looking over a very deep and qualified field of potential candidates, I have decided to give my support, my personal endorsement if you will, to Senator Ted Cruz. …” [wayyy more, and I hope it's twue]

[barely saves beverage while sliding off desk chair in paroxysm of foot-stomping laughter]


OR *clicky*clicky*

Captain Oblivious

Wouldn’t recognize real cause & effect if it hit ‘im in the …
but, hey, it’s just Joe bein’ Joe.

~ vid ~
Must’a been all that pesky democracy goin’ on out there.
Title cultural ref

today’s audience participation

…In every generation, we forget how much poorer we used to be, and then we forget that we have forgotten. We focus on the things that seem funny or monstrous or quaint and darling. Somehow the simplest and most important fact — the immense differences between their living standards and ours — slides right past our eye. And when Ernst tried to remind us, people didn’t say “Wow, we’ve really come a long way”; they pointed and laughed….

My mother, one of 9 siblings growing up in the depression, tells stories about trying to get up before the next brother or sister to get the best pair of socks for the day…and wearing elastic bands around the floppy soles of their worn out shoes…

I personally remember my mom making Campbell’s tomato soup and putting macaroni in it to stretch it and getting to eat a slice of jam and buttered bread BEFORE dinner. Didn’t realize until years later it was a trick to fill up our bellies a little before dinner………

Jimmy Crack Corn

and ObamamaDon’tKare

37% of Americans [able-bodied and over 16] are unable to find employment.
[leaving aside the social-engineered factor of unwilling to work because “why?”]

Yet every company is subject to the employer mandate:

For firms which do not offer insurance any insurance, have more than 50 employees, and have at least one employee receiving insurance subsidies, they must pay a tax of $2000 per subsidized employee. The tax is applied to all of a firm’s employees (after excluding the first 30), not just those that are subsidized. For example a firm with 51 employees would pay $42,000 in new annual taxes, and an additional $2,000 tax for every new hire.

Thus every small business is working as hard as it can to NOT hire that fiftieth employee. Thus “Growing the Economy.”

or something…

And now:

The “Hire More Heroes Act” states that companies which hire veterans who have health insurance through the Department of Veterans Affairs or TRICARE would not be required to include the veteran in the total employee count when determining if the company is subject to the unworkable ObamaCare employer mandate.

…Senate Finance Committee has unanimously approved…

That’s a Good Thing. sorta….

But what about Teh Womynz?!?
single Moms?
and whatever we’re calling the Disabled these days?

What about Black People?!?
And Illegals [from anywhere?!?]


No Good Will

Carrion Carry-on

Yanno how when you’re cleaning out your basement or garage and you find a bunch of stuff you wonder “What was I thinking when I decided to keep this?” Yeah. Off it goes to Goodwill. How else are refugees in African war zones gonna show up on TV wearing t-shirts with clever, American sayings, right?

Fade to the Goodwill store in San FranFreakshow’s SoMa [cutesy for “South of Market St.”]

…discovery of chopped-up body parts [inside a suitcase] outside a Goodwill store in San Francisco’s South of Market

Yeah… urr….

A leg. A torso. No hands. No head….

So, of course, the MSM immediately proceeds to canvas the bystanders in the area for their reactions

…said Randy Marchant, 58, an attorney for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers who works in the building across 11th Street from where the suitcase was found. “That was really weird,” he said. “But I guess that’s part of living in San Francisco.”



”person of interest”.

“He had carry-on luggage,” Pinto recalled. “He didn’t seem like he was a traveler.”

“This guy definitely had just a dead stare,” said Jason Chandler, who works in the SoMa. “I mean, we stared at him and he was like off in some other world.”

Fellow SoMa worker Miguel Valdez added, “I happened to see a homeless guy with a knife stabbing into a tree and kind of just planting it into the tree.”

Well, that’s just normal for that neighborhood…

“Who does that,” Williams asked. “Demons without horns, that’s what they are!”

today’s wedgie

Mr. Moore-

Good afternoon there sweetheart, I hope this finds you alive and well. You can thank our men and women of the armed forces for that, by the way, and that also includes us cowardly snipers. It seems you’ve found time between licking the jelly off your fingers and releasing your grasp of a bear claw to tweet some junk about snipers being cowards.

My buddies and I got a good laugh over the tweet, so I thank you. For a guy worth $50 million dollars, you sure have quite a bit to bitch and cry about. I guess like a moth to flame, you too gravitate towards things that are popular and in the moment — in this case it’s snipers. Too bad for you that your attempt at being relevant via your 70+ year old family experience has failed. It has only made you look dumber than a bag of hammers. Next time you should try something more original than going after snipers for one reason or another…that was so last month.

It’s typical of “men” like you to criticize the intestinal fortitude, focus, discipline and patriotism of a sniper. It must stem from an inferiority complex or something. But hey, it’s okay cupcake. We snipers are thick skinned and the efforts of world class turds such as yourself to portray us in a negative light only makes us laugh. If you and I were in the same room, I’d throw you a smile and gently pat you on the head knowing you’re nothing more than a mouth breathing, Crisco sweating waste of space not even worthy of being in the presence of a sniper. It’s almost funny how people like you preach things like ‘acceptance’ and ‘not passing judgement’ or ‘labeling people’, but then are the first to do so when a person is in some way dissimilar from you.

So tenderfoot, I leave you with this final thought: what if you found yourself in some sort of hostage situation where you were held at knife-point by some crazed person and they were dead set on making an example of you by bleeding you out on Hollywood Blvd in front of the world, and the only way out was with the precision aimed fire of a sniper? Would you want that coward to take the shot? Because knowing how you feel about snipers such as myself and your hatred of firearms, I’d probably drop the mag, roll the bolt and go get a Jack & Coke before helping you out.

Very Respectfully,


so, a guy walks into a cop joke

Your afternoon criminal mastermind
Guy tries to hold up a donut shop just as the gendarmes walk in

~ vid ~

A.. do-nut.. shop.

(What? Nah, just wanted to feel superior to somebody, today; and watching stupid criminals always works.)
Yeah, I know the blurb said the cops were staked out; but just go with the joke, ‘mkay?

Okay, for those of you who don’t like cops an’ robbers humor or just hate knitting,
I submit for your entertainment … a Japanese TV game show.
Stick around for the second team’s start @3:20.

(And here you thought I was a pig.)

some not-religious barbarians may be offended by this

France is pushing back against Daesh-hole recruitment propaganda

~ story w/vid ~

Even a NY imam has the courage to speak out against “the cancer of hard-line Muslim ideology.”

The Obama Administration?