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75 Years Ago Today

Shortly after Progressive-backed Adolph Hitler joined forces with Progressive-backed Joseph Stalin, Nazi Germany invaded Poland and in so doing started World War II.

“History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme…” – Mark Twain

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Never put your troops under UN command.

The Philippine military said Monday that a UN peacekeeping commander in the Golan Heights should be investigated for allegedly asking Filipino troops to surrender to Syrian rebels who had attacked and surrounded their camp.

Gen. Gregorio Pio Catapang [the glass-chewer pictured] said he advised the 40 Filipino peacekeepers not to lay down their arms, and they defied the UN peacekeeping commander’s order. Instead, they staged a daring escape from the Golan camp ….

The disagreement is another blow to a UN peacekeeping mission that has been threatened by an escalation of violence in a buffer zone it has been guarding between Israel and Syria. …

“Disagreement”? Disagreeeement?!
That was no disagreement, that was a jan-u-ine boot up the patoot.

Catapang said he would not agree to any resolution of the hostage crisis that would put Filipino troops in grave danger.

When the besieged Filipino troops sought his advice after they were ordered to lay down their arms as part of an arrangement with the rebels to secure the Fijians’ release, Catapang said he asked them to defy the order.

“I told them not to follow the order because that is a violation of our regulation, that we do not surrender our firearms, and, at the same time, there is no assurance that you will be safe after you give your firearms,” Catapang said.

The latest crisis began after Syrian rebels overran the Quneitra crossing — located on the de facto border between Syrian- and Israeli-controlled parts of the Golan Heights — on Wednesday. A day later, insurgents from the al-Qaida-affiliated Nusra Front seized the Fijian peacekeepers and surrounded their Filipino colleagues, demanding they surrender.

The Filipinos, occupying two UN camps, refused and fought the rebels on Saturday. A first group of 35 peacekeepers was then successfully escorted out of one camp by Irish and Filipino forces in armored vehicles.

The remaining 40 peacekeepers were besieged at the second camp by more than 100 gunmen who rammed the camp’s gates with their trucks and fired mortar rounds. The Filipinos returned fire in self-defense, Philippine military officials said. [story]

That, brothers and sisters … that is frikkin’ leadership.

Biden wants his clean articulate white guy back

Vice President Joe Biden declared “it’s time to take back America”…


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Labor Day shoutout

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Just wanted to say “thanks” to those who don’t have the holiday off:
Those who kept the invaders, murderers, thieves, psychos, barbarians, and wolves off my doorstep;
Those who kept the power, cable, water, and sewage flowin’, so I can live better than kings did with all their slaves, drudges, and work animals;
Those who handed me food in exchange for some numbers on paper, so I didn’t have to gather it or shoot it;
Those who kept the gas stations open, so I could get home from my holiday carousals without sweat or blister;
Those who moved stuff around the world 24/7, so I could make use of others’ skills to enjoy the day;
Those who kept me from succumbing to disease, bad luck, and my own bad judgment that would’a killed me years earlier;

Yeah, you folks … all you Mike Rowe episodes out there.
Sorry you didn’t get the day off, but not sorry enough to trade places.
After all, you know what you’re doin’.

weaseling out

There’s no question Mr. Obama has all but checked out. There’s just no way to explain the president’s decision to play golf minutes after making a statement on an American beheaded by terrorists, or his choice to wear a summer suit to a press conference like he was chilling at a garden party.

But those are insignificant compared with the president’s true incompetencies now being exposed.

Last week, the president uttered a line that will define his presidency. Asked about his plans for combating the Islamic State, he said, “I don’t want to put the cart before the horse.” Then, he exposed his true incompetence: “We don’t have a strategy yet.”

There’s no question Mr. Obama has no idea what to do with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine (in fact, the White House refuses to use the term “invasion” and has offered only weak sanctions in retaliation). But now, the president has acknowledged that he really has no idea what to do anywhere.

Excuse: It’s not real as it seems (evidently because people are too absorbed to escape to a golf course or Martha’s Vineyard or sumpthin’). You know, wee-wee’d up.

“The world’s always been messy we’re just noticing now in part because of social media,” …. “If you watch the nightly news, it feels like the world is falling apart,” ….

Buuut, be prepared to die, anyway.

“Families should assemble a disaster supplies kit well in advance and have a plan to reconnect after a tragedy,” the president said. [more]

On the other hand, the things Obama sees in the media are legitimately scaaawwy.

I don’t have to tell you, anybody who has been watching TV this summer, it seems like it is just wave after wave of upheaval, most of it surrounding the Middle East. You’re seeing a change in the order in the Middle East. But the old order is having a tough time holding together and the new order has yet to be born, and in the interim, it’s scary.

Evidently, it’s Bush’s fault that we don’t have to worry, because we’re prepared.

“The good news is that we actually have a unprecedented military capacity, and since 9/11 have built up a security apparatus that makes us in the here and now pretty safe. We have to be vigilant, but this doesn’t immediately threaten the homeland.” … Of course, Obama … did not name Bush and Cheney. [source]

You know, “If sh*t happens, it’ll be Bush/Cheney’s fault that we really weren’t prepared.”
Hey, I f’d up. I trusted ‘em.

(What? Yeah, y’caught me. This was just an excuse to post the .gif I’ve been saving.)

slow-news-weekend news

What follows is a tribute to some really, really bad taste in mascots.

Their mistake was in not calling themselves “Saracens.”
I looove the word “Saracen,” itself, for the delicious sound of it.
Saracen. Sa-ra-cen. Saaa-raaa-cennn.

Also, I think Saracen's Head is the coolest name for a pub (BTF): »

Alas, not all Saracen's Heads remained pubs (BTF): »

The Saracen’s Head
by Gilbert Keith Chesterton

“The Saracen’s Head” looks down the lane,
Where we shall never drink wine again,
For the wicked old women who feel well-bred
Have turned to a tea-shop “The Saracen’s Head.”

“The Saracen’s Head” out of Araby came,
King Richard riding in arms like flame,
And where he established his folk to be fed
He set up a spear–and the Saracen’s Head.

But “The Saracen’s Head” outlived the Kings,
It thought and it thought of most horrible things,
Of Health and of Soap and of Standard Bread,
And of Saracen drinks at “The Saracen’s Head.”

So “The Saracen’s Head” fulfils its name,
They drink no wine–a ridiculous game–
And I shall wonder until I’m dead,
How it ever came into the Saracen’s Head.

(What? Yeah, easily entertained. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to the iHammock to finish my morning surfing exercises.)

civilization’s inevitable progress recidivism

Nobody wants to talk about the ISIS/IL slavery thing

The nightmare of ISIS persecution continues for hundreds of Yazidi girls and women who were abducted by the Sunni Muslim extremist group and are being sold to its fighters in Syria, …. In the past few weeks, ISIS has distributed or sold about 300 female members of the persecuted religious minority who were abducted in Iraq ….

In ISIS’ eyes, the girls and women are “slaves of the spoils of war with the infidels,” the Syria monitors said, adding that the terrorists sold them for about $1,000 each, claiming they had converted to Islam so that they can marry ISIS fighters. [more warning: autostart video]

You know, the real War on Women.
(see also: the history of Arab dealers in black African slaves and Moorish/Turkish white slavers)

The thought that the evils of not so long ago may return
turns my not-inconsiderable stomach

Where is the outrage at the mere existence of slavery in the 21stC?

Progressive Vermont Busybodies, Beware

Today is International Bacon Day.

I’m sorry, I don’t mean to shout, but I can’t help it… International Bacon Day is coming up!! I’m excited. Are you excited? You should be excited! It comes but once a year, folks. Like Christmas. Or Super Bowl Sunday. Or Thanksgiving. Only this holiday is ALL ABOUT THE BACON. One day a year to truly celebrate your love for bacon. Think of all the turkey you eat on Thanksgiving–and you don’t even really like turkey!

You’re welcome.

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Yep. Someone actually went there with this

I should have started a pool but thought no way……..

I didn’t touch it. swear.

I’m not this good…

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US President Barack Obama admitted Thursday that he still did not have a strategy to fight Islamic State jihadists…

burning down the house

And you may find yourself in a beautiful Oval Office

and the Oscar for bad actor goes toooo … the VeeAyyy!

Too-cute-by-half is often indistinguishable from really bad taste.*

Just as President Obama is promising to reform veterans’ health care and restore “dignity” to the system, the Veterans Affairs office in Philadelphia is apologizing for depicting dissatisfied veterans as Oscar the Grouch in an internal training guide.

A slide show presented to VA employees last week portrayed veterans as the grumpy Sesame Street character who lives in a garbage can. The training guide also described veterans as possibly having unrealistic expectations, and advises staffers to apologize for the public “perception” of the scandal-ridden agency.

In one slide, a sign reading “CRANKY” hangs from the rim of Oscar’s garbage can. In another, Oscar’s face is accompanied by the words “100% GROUCHY, DEAL WITH IT.”

The presentation included tips on how to tell if a veteran is nearing an “outburst,” including being accusatory, agitated, demanding, or unfocused, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported. It was delivered to VA staffers in advance of two town-hall meetings to be held for veterans in Philadelphia on Wednesday. [story]

I’m thinkin’ death panels.
You know, where administrators get their asses kicked to death.

(What? Nah, Cookie Monster goes with a different US gov’t program.)
* Consider a not-insignificant number of my own posts and comments, for example.

there are so many words for this I’m speechless even if they’d all fit in the post title

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tonight’s racist joke

Stinky is now a race
Le pewww in black & white

If you’re familiar with national stereotypes, you may think the French are a non-showering, non-armpit-shaving, overall pungent people.

Mais non.

As it turns out, the French do have olfactory standards, as demonstrated by a case, reported by the Local, in which an impoverished family was booted out of the Musée d’Orsay for smelling bad.

The couple and their child were visiting the famous museum with volunteers from … a charity group that works with underprivileged individuals, when security guards forced them to leave because, a charity volunteer told the Local, other museumgoers were “complaining about their smell.”

When asked about the incident, museum management told the outlet they were “saddened” and noted their broad range of charitable involvement.

[A] representative for [the charity] said the Musée d’Orsay staff was essentially racist. “We live in a social apartheid and when you break that apartheid these kind of things happen,” …. ”The museum is trying to make an effort to open up to these kinds of poor people but some members of the public don’t like it. Some of them think ‘let’s give poor people food, but leave the museums for us.’*” [story]

* Meanwhile, in Beamont sur Mer
(Oh, now who didn’t see that comin’?)

today’s Holocaust couture wtf

Jew vear!

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