Geeze, just get a snazzier sports car, dude

Story-1 (Joe & Stacey)
Story-2 (Republican token)
Cultural ref (best of South Park‘s Token)

Punish the law-abiding citizen…

…not because they might commit a crime
but because they might insist on keeping their freedom


a rattle of the tail

We don’t need the oil,
but the Chicoms and Cubans do.
Putin’s just a jerk

Story (Bolton)
Historical ref-1 (Grenada, Urgent Fury)
Historical ref-2 (Panama, Just Cause)
Historical ref-3 (Monroe Doctrine, not cited but hovering)

and they tell two friends and so on and so on…

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I don’t see his problem


today’s new American

Certified badass
The kind of immigrant-American we need more of

Congratulations, brother,
you’re home now

(What? College lecture tour? *heh*)
Story (Riyadh Ahmed Khalaf Al Ahmady, code name Johnny Walker)

Why? In a free constitutional republic, a candidate doesn’t get 99%

Unless it’s a Democrat-run precinct


ToDaZeD CA *facepalm*

.gov as prepper?

So some bureaucrats have recently been severely puzzled upon boarding the elevator at their workplace.

A state building in Downtown Sacramento now has a “riot button” installed in its elevators. The button, with the word “RIOT” spelled out in black and white …

…“Because nobody randomly puts a riot button in there,” [state worker Tanya] Ballard said. “Somebody, the ‘powers that be,’ knows something that we don’t know and they don’t want to alarm us.”

They don’t want to “alarm” people by putting a “RIOT” button in the elevator…

whatinhell are they “preparing” for? What do [they think] they know?

The Department of General Services [which manages the building] was unaware of any other state building that has also added the buttons
… elevators inside the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration Building on 5th and N street.

hm. some light on the subject

“It’s bizarre,” state worker Tanya Ballard said. “No one knew, they didn’t say anything about them. Just ‘they’re here, don’t touch them.’”

…said some bureaucrat completely unfamiliar with how humans interact with buttons.

Spokesperson [whoever]: “The buttons were installed as part of our overall safety and emergency plan covering a variety of scenarios; including the need to have the elevator not reach the first floor. The wording is in the process of being changed to more effectively reflect the purpose. We apologize for anyone who was distressed by the wording.”

Yes. It was the wording that disturbed the bureaucrats.

Being unable to reach the first [ground?] floor to exit the building? meh – no problemo.

When someone tells you something about themselves, believe them.


Just noticed that the solstice/equinox dates are all around the 20th of the month,
and Aphelion (ap-helion, not afelion) is the 4th of July.
Who made up the dang calendar and the durn English language, anyway?
(What? Nah, prob’ly not the same guy who made the 24hr and 60min/sec things. I know gravity did the 365-1/4day thing, though.)
Australian version

Super Worm Moon tonight, too!
Wow, that I should live to see the day…

cara de guerra

Title “warface”: Que alguien corrija mi español por favor