It ain’t Islamophobia, if they’re really trying to kill you

Attaboy! Attagirl!

No bow, no head scarf
no apologies for bein’ ‘Mericans

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Let’s see how things go as the Middle East tries to please or impress Americans,
rather than the other way around.

He who hath the oil maketh the rules.

☟ (What? The battle of the belts?) ☟ »
If you’re gonna belt, belt
and go for a superheroine look while you’re at it

*heheheee* smitten

Todaze Boring Grown-Ups Talking

Here we have The Atlantic interviewing some illegal Canadian immigrant servant of the Bush family married to the leader of the Illuminati and whose father killed JFK.

It’s really boring, so whatever you do, don’t watch it.

Todaze Smoking Gun

(* Image purloined from Teh Interwebz)

just sayin’

ToDaZeD Classic Vocabulary

what’s that word….?????

That Rooski word for destroying a country by intentionally creating doubt in the people that there is actually any way whatsoever for them to learn the facts of what is going on.

Also that word for the Useless Tools who create Chaos to amuse themselves…
[aside from well-meaning pinheaded anarchist crank or little emasculated mass of inanity…]

[WaPo] President Trump shared highly classified information with Russian government officials during an Oval Office meeting…


How would the WaPo know that? They know classified info? They were there?

[National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster] At no time, at no time, were intelligence sources or methods discussed and the president did not disclose any military operations that were not already publicly known,” McMaster said in a press conference Monday evening.

“The record should outweigh the anonymous sources. I was in the room. It didn’t happen,”


[Secretary of State Rex Tillerson] “During that exchange the nature of specific threats were discussed, but they did not discuss sources, methods or military operations,”


Specifically, [Trump] is said to have described the details of an Islamic State threat related to the use of laptop computers on aircraft. The information itself was reportedly provided by a close Middle Eastern ally.

wait…. I heard about that on the nooz…
*I* heard about that on the nooz

Intelligence officials are usually very careful not to reveal “sources and methods” — the sources of information, and the methods used to collect it. This is for obvious reasons. If the identity of a person who was the source of clandestine information is revealed, then that person’s life could be put at risk. Similarly, if the methods used to gather information secretly are revealed, then adversaries may be able to protect against them in the future. This is why people have been asking whether the president compromised the sources and methods used to collect the intelligence he shared.

“asking” …


So now no one — No. One. — knows who, what or how to believe…

The word is Kompromat
[see comments plz]


and genetics*
Ahhh, the sciences

…and better arms than Michelle’s

An African-American nuclear chemist from Washington, DC, won the 2017 edition of Miss USA on Sunday night after telling the audience about her conservative political viewpoints.

Kára McCullough, a 25-year-old nuclear chemist who works for the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, told the audience how she doesn’t necessarily view herself as a feminist and said that health care is a privilege and not a right. [story with lots of pics of pretty wimmin]

But wait… there’s more!

She also won plaudits for wearing her hair natural and curly throughout the competition.

I hope this contest is in some kind’a rut:

This was the second year in a row that the representative of the nation’s capital won the Miss USA title. Last year, District of Columbia resident Deshauna Barber became the first-ever military member to win Miss USA.

There aren’t any pictures from the hijab phase of the competition, if there was one.

(What? Yeah, looove the leopard-trimmed paisley outfit in Detroit Lions colors. Tres chic non-PC ethnic.**)
* It may just be a straight-guy’s bias, but I’m pretty sure we’re talkin’ XX chromosomes,
and the rest of ‘er genes appear to be pretty-much first-rate in 21stC terms.
** Just to assure y’all that I’m still a pig and can look beyond the lady’s intellectual accomplishments.
However, it’s not something that I, personally, would wear. Well, maybe in a smoking jacket.

Orwell to the White Courtesy Telephone, Please

Orwell to the White Courtesy Telephone, Please
politruk poltroons

University of Arizona… offering $10 an hour … [as a] social justice advocate (SJA) [who] “will be responsible for instituting monthly programmatic efforts within the residence halls that focus specifically on social justice issues.” [and] “openly lead conversations, discuss differences, and confront diversely insensitive behavior.” …

and “report any bias incidents or claims to appropriate Residence Life staff.”

Tho, now they’ve been outed…

This position is currently closed. We are in the process of reviewing the title and responsibilities.

I doubt it’s second thoughts that prompted this “reconsideration.”

In other nooz…. we have a Noo Term: Activist Appropriation

Activist appropriation, adhering to my definition, is the popularization and generalization of political ideas or protests, movements, or symbols without an actual understanding of said ideas movements or symbols,”

I’ll wait for the laughter to die down…

Show me one [1] sign-carryin’ aaaactivist who actually understands the differences between a Democracy and a Constitutional Republic, the ramifications of a state-controlled privately owned economy — much less the origin of the word “Fascist” — or even grasps the idea of Individual Freedom. [beyond that of a Cartmanesque I do what I waaaant! whatevah! ]

“actual understanding”. pffffft

“If symbols for any movement are over-popularized and appropriated by those who don’t really understand or appreciate what they are advocating/standing for, and then those people are questioned and come up short, it delegitimizes those who are genuinely invested and informed on the topic at hand,”

Like your Che! tshirt?

oh, No!

…such as Urban Outfitters’ “burn your bra” T-shirt.

the struggle of a true activist does not end with this evening’s shower

”and then those people are questioned and come up short”.
That’s a chilling little phrase, eh?

I wonder if Little Miss Don’t Appropriate my Screaming Me-Me!©Dick Fits even comprehends could guess the ramifications of that little phrase…


ToDaZeD oops-Truth

and Creepy™ Admission

Over a period of twenty months, EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy repeatedly concedes that the Agency’s sweeping climate-regulation of America’s fossil fuel-fired power plants will have no impact on the Earth’s climate. McCarthy openly admits that the Clean Power Plan “is not about end of pipe controls.” Instead, she says the rule is about “driving investment in renewables…, [and] advancing our ongoing clean energy revolution”. McCarthy says, “That’s what… reinventing a global economy looks like.”


“[The Clean Power Plan] is about advancing our ongoing clean energy revolution […] That’s what… reinventing a global economy looks like.”
-Council on Foreign Relations
-March 11, 2015

Now git your increasing numbers of ”cuuuute” Polar Bears outta my face and admit you’re weaponizing the Regulatory .Gov to create Glogbalism and decrease soverignty.


Resist we much, Nazi scum!

Oh, my stars, isn’t he just precious
(caution: spew warning)

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There’s a whole industry of Dragonlord mockery on YouTube,
but I won’t waste your time linking to ‘em.

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Okay, you get the idea
(What? Epic troll? Yeah, could/should be; but, hey, with AntiFa, it could be legit)

Resistance is futile
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