Ladies and gentlemen, I give you…

…possibly the next chair of the House Trans.por.ta.tion Committee

I got incompetence, arrogance, leaving the scene, jackass parkery, and possibly criminal negligence.
Reckon it’s time for a drivers license test for the old bat, too

Oh, and kick her ungentlemanly aide’s ass for failing to ask for a lady’s keys to park it correctly for her,
mansplaining notwithstanding

(What? Oh no, not the worst. As a kid, I used to hang out at a boat-launching ramp for Summer-break entertainment)

Startin’ a pool

(What? Nah, no idea if Bubba’s on the list, but that’s no reason not to do a lame joke)

☟ Three more versions to choose from ☟ »
I hate to just toss ‘em

There are a couple of other variations,too;
but laziness won

But, but, the science !

Imperfect? Must sterilize
Story (CDC)
Story (Fauci)

I want the truth !

Heaven forbid Col Jessup is right

Mother Nature’s toying with us again

Here’s an interesting overview video of the recent Tonga volcano/tsunami adventure
(with some nifty satellite videos)
reminding us that She can have our puny butts anytime She wants, even though I reckon it likely ain’t personal

Hiding the fact that Jim Crow was a Democrat outrage

Historical ref (Bull Connor)

Words, Just Words


Feet up, cigar, hot chocolate weekend

Stuff That’s Hard to Do (Falcon9 Transporter-3)

Great descent and landing vids

Virgin Orbit also launched from beneath its 747 this afternoon,
and it seems to be going as planned,
but there’s no halfway-useful video, yet

Why should we have to pay?


This is another reason why
they don’t let me run things
Both picked up by Pookie’s Toons