stuff that’s hard to do (3d launch/landing of this Stg-1 with private Israeli moon lander)

Stg-2 sep 20m30s
Fairing sep 21m30s
Stg-1 re-entry burn 24m15s
Stg-1 landing burn 26m25s
Payload-1 sep 51m15s (mostly hidden)
Payload-2 1h01m30s
Story (Moon-lander)

birds of a feather

Her BS gives BS a bad name


Icky men are unworthy of the dream

[A She-Woman, Man-Haters' Center] has devoted the month of February to developing “feminist masculinities” and questioning “the collective socialization of men” through a slate of activities they’ve dubbed “Masculinities Month.”

Perhaps androids, rather than humans,
would be more what collectivists have in mind.

Wouldn’t it be great, though, to be able to see the world in such simple terms where one whole sex can be considered a collectivity?
I mean, geeze, the perfection of the species is just around the corner that way.
Even if it’s not, as some undoubtedly hope, just think of the opportunities for cool uniforms, boots, and instruments of obedience!
Yeah, some will probably really enjoy that. Take that, Daddy! And that!
Story (word salad to justify re-engineering humanity, or rather to rationalize collectivist oppression)
Cultural ref

They said you was hung

Story (Dana Loesch’s joke)
Title cultural ref

Yeahhh, no thanks

If it weren’t for the internet,
we’d probly never run across
wackadoodles like this trying to
define reality in self-satisfying terms
which make not one iota of difference
to anything outside of their own brains.

But I suppose it is symbolic*

Don’t let crazy define your world.
* Cultural ref (Stan→Loretta + symbolic)

ACTING! like a meme

nevertheless, he persisted

someone needs a nice warm pussy hat!

I immediately thought of my friend Old Mr. Duffy, one of the Chosin Few, and what a laugh he’d have had if he’d seen this tweet!

it’s up to you New York!


today’s train wreck


…Tuesday, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) sent a letter to the California High-Speed Rail Authority, informing it that it was terminating its agreement with the state and therefore would refuse to provide the state with $928,620,000 allocated to the high-speed rail project


Good, but ultimately of no use

Karl Marx’s grave defaced for second time in a fortnight

Had me a more useful ideer for Lenin a few years ago