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I smell a Reichstag Fire

The Venezuelan government hunted on Wednesday for rogue policemen who attacked key installations by helicopter, but critics of President Nicolas Maduro suspected the raid may have been manipulated to justify repression.

In extraordinary scenes over Caracas around sunset on Tuesday, the stolen helicopter fired shots at the Interior Ministry and dropped grenades on the Supreme Court, both viewed by Venezuela’s opposition as bastions of support for a dictator.

Nobody was injured and the aircraft, identified by the government as an Airbus Bolkow 105, apparently referring to the Messerschmitt-Bolkow-Blohm Bo 105, was gone.

Officials said special forces were seeking Oscar Perez, 36, a police pilot named as the mastermind of the raid by the helicopter that carried a banner saying “Freedom!”

In 2015, Perez co-produced and starred in “Death Suspended,” an action film based on real events in which he played the lead role as a government agent rescuing a kidnapped businessman.

There was no sign on Wednesday of Perez, described by officials as a “psychopath,” though police sources said the helicopter was dumped in Higuerote, on the Caribbean coast.

The attack exacerbated an already full-blown political crisis in Venezuela after three months of opposition protests demanding general elections and fixes for the sinking economy. [story]

It’s what dictators do.
Especially ones with mustaches.

(What? No, only one of these is literally Hitler.)

today’s mostly peaceful wedgie

putting the “pro” back in protest

A group of Republicans turned the tables on a Charlotte Starbucks Saturday, after its staff was accused of mocking a customer for wearing a Donald Trump tee-shirt.

Starting at 2 p.m., more than 50 T-shirt wearing Trump backers staged a peaceful gathering at the Dilworth coffee house, filling chairs, tables and even the parking lot at one point.

The group told TV station Fox 46 the sit-in was a little tense at the beginning, when a throng of people filed through the door. But the mood lightened as more and more people ordered coffee using the names of different members of the Trump cabinet, including Mike Pence and Jeff Sessions.

“I gave them the name Trump and…they were very gracious about it,” Shellie Anderson told Charlotte TV station Fox 46. “We just wanted to reverse the little negativity…It’s really good to come together and take something negative and just come in here and be respectful.”

The group presented no demands. Instead, its members sought to take a stand against any business disrespecting customers based on their politics, said James Tatro, a MeckGOP board member who participated in the event.

While it has been described as a sit-in, Tatro says the crowd was made up of paying customers and not just “people who were filling chairs.”…


despicable and stupid on so many fronts

I can smell Hoppes#9 bottles bein’ opened all across the area.
What kind of cowardly, low-life scum desecrates a soldier’s grave?

What do the “Antifa” radicals have in store for the Independence Day weekend at Gettysburg?

The “anti-fascist” organization plans to burn both American and Confederate flags in town and to “find their local Confederate graves” to desecrate.

That last stunt might be more difficult than they think. According to the experts at Gettysburg National Military Park, there are no Confederate soldiers buried there. [story]

There are dozens of markers for Confederate units, however.

Look, AntiFa (is it okay if I call you AntiFa?)
Look, AntiFa… Gettysburg is really not a good place to go all anti-American commie brat, especially on Independence Day and the anniversary of the battle (July 1-3, 1863).
At times like that, people tend to remember what America is all about (you know, Gettysburg Addreeeessss, Declaration of Indepeeennndeeennnce… stuff like that).
Besides, it’s a sacred place to most Americans of all sympathies where folks take their kids to give them some sense of their roots, a battlefield of heroism and horror, the high-water-mark of the Confederate invasion of the North.
You gain nothing by desecrating any part of it.
Tell you what, though, the Siege of Vicksburg ended about the same time (July 4, 1863); and there are plenty of Confederate graves down the-e-errre.
I’m sure the folks in Mississippi would be thrilled to have you guys try to desecrate their graves.
I suspect that wearin’ masks would be a good way to meet your brethren wearin’ hoods.
Bring your first-aid kits and plenty of bail money.
Oh, and petroleum jelly for after you get fireworks shoved up your butts.

(What? A reenactors’ bayonet charge? Yeah, that would cheer me up a mite.)

(What? Yeah, kinda what the Taliban and Daesh do, yeah. Here’s another one.)

HOWLing bigly

( * )

cuck Zucker

ISIS commanders have been killed after one of the group’s suicide bombers blew himself up at a meeting following the terrorists’ collapse in Mosul.

It comes as Islamic State lost more ground in their last major stronghold in Iraq with the terror group’s numbers depleted and confined to an area of about a square kilometre in the Old City. [story #1]

CNN Producer Admits Network Hyping ‘Mostly Bullsh*t’ Trump-Russia Scandal for ‘Ratings [story #2]

nothing to see here


Six people … were injured Sunday after a car ran into a large crowd gathered to celebrate the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr in the northern English city of Newcastle. … Police believe a woman who had been celebrating Eid with her family was driving the car that struck the crowd outside the Westgate Sports Center …. … “We have no information to suggest this is terror-related …. [story]

Okay, the possibilities:
• Stupid accident
• Attempted false-flag operation
• Vehicle-terrorism training session gone bad
• The Saudis are right to prohibit women from driving

(What? Yeah, vehicle terrorism is a losing tactic. We have way more vehicles, and our revenge would look like noise in traffic stats.)

out: pink pussy hats


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(…it’s a guy thing, you wouldn’t understand)

For Me; Not For Thee

Our Betters™ feel a need…

Congress is considering new legislation that would permit lawmakers to carry a concealed firearm …”in nearly every conceivable scenario,” … wherever they perform official duties across the United States, according to a copy of the new bill that marks an unprecedented effort to help lawmakers confront a growing threat to their safety.


Babin maintains the bill “would ensure rank and file Members of Congress have the opportunity to defend themselves by providing them the ability to concealed carry in nearly every scenario with only a few restrictions.”
It is a direct response to the increased threat posed to federal lawmakers.

…erm, but

“With the increase in security threats to Members of Congress and our staffs, this is an important and necessary step that we must take,” Babin said.

uhhh… excuse me…

Members of Congress would be permitted to pay for the training out of their own allowance funds, according to the bill.

And for “free”??!?

And for the rest of us? What about the “increase in security threats” to the rest of US?


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Final thought: Nancy Pelosi with a gat in her bra-holster…
yer walcome.

stuff that’s hard to do (keep seatbelt fastened episode)

A used Falcon 9 launched BulgariaSat (Bulgaria?) and landed on the barge
(good video and commentary, but the actual landing video cut out again)

~ vid ~

Evidently, it landed pretty hard.
I’ll post that vid when available.

(What? Nah, it’ll prob’ly buff right out.)

While we’re waitin’ for that landing vid, get your ass to Mars.
Go full-screen then click’n drag for full pan & tilt fun (Dramamine suggested).
Cultural ref

Second Launch, this time from Vandenberg AFB, CA*
(sep @6min, landing @11min)

~ vid ~
* Aaaand it was from my old stomping grounds, space launch complex four (SLC-4), complete with the traditional fog.
Titan-III Bs&Ds back in my day (the ’70s)

Somebody could’a been killed at the… die-in

~ vid & story ~

FBI Calls Motorcycle, uh, Matter Spontaneous, Rider Had No Target In Mind, Motive Unclear

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