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first they came for the garden hose…

it is no longer safe to eat raw cookie dough

ToDaZeD Teh Crazy Years

“Don’t. It’s not gonna be a good day for you.”

Lookit ‘er go! Pummeling him with her tiny, ineffectual fists…

I would be interested in anything anyone knows about Law Enforcement policy concerning street demonstrations and potential / actual violence.

Has it changed recently? Or is this as it always has been?

What is the likelihood — should I inadvertently wander into such a situation [a low probability] — can I count on any help from uniformed officers? [Srs question: I’m just a Simple Tootsie from The Country™, unfamiliar with these urban matters.]

Does their ‘stand down’ attitude apply only to people who are clearly participants and working to get them involved? [which seems reasonable to me] Or to regular citizens, too?

I heard a raaadio interview with the Sacto Chief of Police who made a coupla points:

That video stopped before it could show that the police did organize [so as not to run randomly / unsafely into a maddening crowd] and go to the assistance of that individual. No arrests.

There are three [3] police agencies with jurisdictions over various areas of that plot of ground: The CA Highway Patrol [for no apparent reason] has jurisdiction over the park surrounding the Capitol, the Capitol Police over the Capitol itself, the Sacramento City Police over the surrounding streets.

The permitted group refused the request of the CHP to plan and tell them about their ingress / egress routes. Therefore, the officers were unable to create a ‘safe zone.’ The permitted group was wandering all over the park [about 40 acres] making it more difficult for officers to monitor activities.

There will be endless meetings / debriefs with the agencies involved wherein policy changes will be made [eg. no plan - no permit], plans re-vamped, communications improved, etc.

why don’tcha marry him

You’re about to see a bromance up-close………..

ToDaZeD Teh Crazy Years

I love the smell of wet Narrative Ink in the morning

Here is a 10 minute intro to Yvette Felarca, true Believer, and National Organizzer of BAMN [By Any Means Necessary].

IknowIknow – TLDW. But srsly, Sometimes one must look into the face of the enemy to know him. her. whatever.

I must be a dinosaur: it’s hard to take seriously anything said by an up-talker?
But I think this ought to be taken seriously? Cuz they sound dangerous? To me? To Free People everywhere?

“No Free Speech For Fascists” ?!?
[Iron impaired much?]

“If you’re going to join them: Don’t! It’s not gonna be a good day for you.”
[was that a ….threat?]

“If they trip and fall, that’s too bad.”
[oh! so sad! he tripped and fell on my knife / into my stick / my fist?]

That BAMN? outfit must’ve had a celebration party complete with hats, horns, balloons, and glitter when they heard a f’n NAZI outfit got a permit for an Anti-globalization rally. How could it be better?!? They can attack — physically attack — people for disagreeing with their no-borders, no-honkeys, No Free Speech platform — For FREE! They can be lauded as Heroes for fighting Nazis, shutting them up down and beating the hell out of ‘em — For FREE. Because they’re Nazis. Par-TAY!!! So IN. So KEWL. So RIGHTEOUS!!

So Acceptable. So Un-arguable.

So bumper-sticker phrases like “No Free Speech For Fascists” get Out There. And, by association, become acceptable. and kewl. and in. and righteous.

Party On!

Party On!

But wait! There’s Moar?

A middle school teacher in Berkeley, California was the subject of an anonymous threat against her workplace

oh nooooooooo!!!! The Children™!!!!

Srsly: Who would Threaten Children? Who would do that?!?

…after she was spotted getting into an altercation with neo-Nazi demonstrators over the weekend.


“I am disgusted and condemn these attacks on myself and the children, the faculty and staff at my school. I hold Donald Trump responsible for this. His politics of racist demagoguery and hate is inciting these vile threats of violence, even against children. It exposes why Trump and his racist, Nazi, and KKK supporters need to be defeated — and it shows us what Donald Trump’s vision for America really is.”

erm…. so far as I remember, it was Yvette Felarca & Co. who physically attacked random individuals leaving a Trump rally — not Trump supporters who attacked Yvette Felarca & Co. and their Chiiiildren.

Let’s go back in time… *cue harp*

To force Donald Trump“ to have to hop a fence, to sneak into the back entrance?” She laughed triumphantly. “Yeah, he was humiliated. But it’s not about just today, it’s about building a movement. This is just a beginning.”

Yep. “Just the beginning.”

According to the statement [by Berkeley Unified School District], once Felarca was linked to the school, it received several emails demanding that she be fired with one in particular containing a threat “that if certain actions were not taken against the teacher within the week, someone would come to King with the intent to harm students.”

Sounds serious.

The school is not currently in session. But a police cruiser was dispatched to the area in response to the email, which was classified as a “low-level threat” by federal officials.

So this isn’t really a threat-story but a publicity story?

Or, maybe, the Berkeley Unified School District is just trying to avoid the “It’s not gonna be a good day for you.” penalty?

…the school and principal have received calls and emails from parents and community members.

Seems like many good people are …concerned?

”… One anonymous email in particular threatened that if certain actions were not taken against the teacher within the week, someone would come to King with the intent to harm students,” according to the statement. “The FBI has reviewed the email in question and has determined that by their criteria it should be considered a low level threat.”

One. Anonymous. email.

But… but… butt….. It’s all over Teh Noooooz!!!!
Threatening Chiiiildren?
Threatening Teachers?

Just listen to ‘em!

Violence erupts at Nazi demonstration! Several people were stabbed at a Traditionalist Worker Party protest near the capitol building in Sacramento. Counter-protestors called the demonstrators “Nazis” and “fascists.”

See? Stupid Stabbin’ Nazis?
The counterprotestors called ‘em “Fascists”? They are!
Then they attack the Chiiildren?
[which they was that, again?]
What is worng with those Anti-Globalist Fascists?!?

“Don’t. It’s not gonna be a good day for you.”

today’s omen

No, no, I’m okay. Fine, just fine…
[brushes-off wet pine needles and bird droppings, picks up laptop, seegar, lighter, cell, drink]

What? Ohhh, just a little, uhm, one-eighty* gettin’ into the ol’ iHammock this mornin’.
First time for ever’thing, I reckon.

Helluva coincidence, though, today’s Wizard of Id cartoon.
* The over-the-top kind.

Bonus dad joke (BTF): »
Yeah, me ol’ Dad actually told this joke… a lot
~ vid ~

ToDaZed The Crazy Years

Nudge Balloon / Political Violence Edition

Sacramento CA, Capitol of Kleptofornia
Sunny Sunday morning.
Due to break or exceed 100°

A permitted demonstration is taking place. The permit-holders: “The Traditionalist Workers Party, Golden State Skinheads, Blood & Honor, National Socialist Movement and Ku Klux Klan”. A group demonstration against globalizm and for local control of everything from education to economics, and “in defense of the right to free expression.”

National Socialists… IDNTTMWYTIM…

Suddenly [with weeks of planning] comes a group all dressed in black — faces covered — wielding bats, boards, chunks of concrete and bile. They physically attack the permitted demonstrators — and anyone who was dressed like them.

…counter protesters were evidently well organized and prepared for the event. Many carried signs or banners with slogans such as “Many colors one working class! Smash patriarchy and racism.

Seven patients were transported to area hospitals, “some with critical trauma stab wounds,”

…No arrests had been made as of Sunday afternoon

Here’s their spokesperson, Yvette Felarca.

”A mass militant action by an integrated group of people that mobilized out here today. We have organized to Shut Them Down today. Other people came out to Shut Them Down. We succeeded in doing that and in the end that’s gonna stop and prevent more violence by the raaaacists against our commuuuunities. Especially to defend the rights of immigrant communities … Latina and Asian groups… Arab groups …

That’s what we have to do to stop them. Taking violent action against them. We’ll do it again.

I don’t think the police should be protecting them but despite all that …

This is what it means to take Independent Action. We then enact and enforce the Justice that’s necessary through our Movement.

From another interview with the same woman, where she repeated the same line above:

“The militant tactics and violence are what we have to do. We have to shut them down by any means necessary.

…“Riots are the voice of the unheard,” said Ms. Felarca, a Berkeley alumna. “You can never replace the lives of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, but you can always replace broken windows.”

That’s the kind of “economics” taught at UCB?

“We have a right to self defense. That is why we have to shut them down,”

With violence.
Not shouting. Not signs. Not giant paper-mache puppet heads.
Not a cogent and well-articulated argument, even.
With violence.

Well. That sounds like a Movement, indeed. They call it “The Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Integration, and Immigrant Rights and Fight for Equality By Any Means Necessary” — usually shortened to By Any Means Necessary (BAMN).

We’ve heard that By Any Means Necessary crap before.

[from their website:]
No Racist Organizing in California!
No “Free Speech” for Fascists!
• No Racist Demagogy! No Anti-Muslim Bigotry! No National Chauvinism, Fear Mongering, or Immigrant Scapegoating!
• Latina/o, Black, Native American, Arab, Asian, and White, Immigrants With and Without Papers, We are ALL Californians!
• Open the Borders! Full Citizenship Rights for All Undocumented Immigrants, Refugees, and Asylum-Seekers Now!
• Build the New Independent, Integrated, Mass Militant Youth-Led Civil Rights and Immigrant Rights Movement!

Aside from demonstrating a complete and utter lack of comprehension of the most basic concept of a nation-state, they seem to have labeled others as “Fascists” while embracing not ony the economic system known as Fascism, but the tactics of Great Fascists In History. Complete with matching shirts.
Nice education, there, UCB.

We previously heard from them during the attacks on random attendees leaving the Trump rally in Burlingame CA [and random people on the street at the same time of day]:

“To force Donald Trump to have to hop a fence, to sneak into the back entrance?” She laughed triumphantly. “Yeah, he was humiliated. But it’s not about just today, it’s about building a movement. This is just a beginning.

Funny. Trump did not appear “humiliated” by having to hop a fence to avoid violent rioters.

Funnier, still; the rioters did not appear ‘humiliated’ that they were unable to make their …”point” without turning into violent, uncivilized street thugs.

Now they practice their violent arts against groups whose slogan is “Local Solutions to the Globalist Problem.” Granted, that group also supports one race of people over all others: which, of course is completely different from Black Lives Matter.

In one nooz report — after the reporter and his cameraman had been smacked, threatened, shoved, surrounded and shouted at that they had “No Right” to report on the “counter protestors” — a ‘man on the street’ told them they were “stupid” to try to film the “Black Bloc.” “Don’t you know who they are?!?”

A black bloc is a tactic for protests and marches where individuals wear black clothing, scarves, sunglasses, ski masks, motorcycle helmets with padding, or other face-concealing and face-protecting items. The clothing is used to conceal marchers’ identities and hinder criminal prosecution, by making it difficult to distinguish between participants.

…The tactic allows the group to appear as one large unified mass, and promotes solidarity.

Yanno — politics by fashion statement.

BAMN *cough* also has Union Connections, in particular with the Teachers’ Union, cajoling and threatening them to favor some immmmigrant races over others, citizen races in educational settings.

What I am amazed about is the utter lack of outcry from the news media: they were attacked and told that they “do not have the Right” to cover news stories, in a public street, concerning these BAMN attackers.

Many reports described the police present as being “cautious” in their response. Maybe that’s a new way of policing in a contentious, volatile crowd situation — to only intervene when a win can be quick, complete and less likely to spur further conflict. I don’t know, but it sure looks like non-intervention when one person is beating on another with a stick.

All this supports my hunch that it’s gonna be a Long Hot Summer.

Some ”folks” seem to think they are soooo Correct™ in their beliefs that it’s not only acceptable but concomitant upon them to physically attack anyone who disagrees with them. That’s not a Constitutional Republic made up of adults: that’s a riot of uncivilized primitives. It cannot be allowed to continue.

And I am unsure as to the best way to encourage it to stop.

I’m pretty sure, in their Sunday attack on a group most people find distasteful [at best][despite their anti-globalizm plank] the BAMNerz hope to move the Overton Window on their techniques toward the more mainstream. [I said nothing because I am not a Skinhead...]

Or at least they hope to benefit by frightening some who are less committed in their beliefs — or fully committed but unwilling to participate in a street brawl [like me] — into Shutting The Hell Up.

I hope that does not happen. But how we handle this is going to be one hell of a Tipping Point for Western Civilization.

Teh Crazy Years

Social Media as Cultural Mirror

Actor Jesse Williams* said this at the 2016 BET Awards:

‘This invention called whiteness uses and abuses us.

Burying black people out of sight and out of mind while extracting our culture, our dollars, our entertainment like oil — black gold, ghettoizing and demeaning our creations, then stealing them, gentrifying our genius and then trying us on like costumes before discarding our bodies like rinds of strange fruit.
cultural ref.

All-New Mickey Mouse Club member, NSYNC starlet, and deep thinker, Justin Timberlake responded on the Tweeter Machine:


Hilarity ensued.

Tweeter responded with hours of typical SocMed style:

‘Inspired you to do what? Continue to emulate black culture through your music while ignoring issues affecting black people?’

‘So does this mean you’re going to stop appropriating our music and culture? And apologize to Janet too.
[ref Janet Jackson’s SuperBowl costume malfunction]

JT responded after hours of being Tweet-abused:

I forget this forum sometimes… I was truly inspired by @iJesseWilliams speech because I really do feel that we are all one… A human race.

‘I apologize to anyone that felt I was out of turn. I have nothing but LOVE FOR YOU AND ALL OF US. –JT.’

So Tweeterz doubled down:

You are a mediocre white boy with little rhythm. The LEAST you can do is acknowledge your privilege and wrong doing.

You RUINED Janet Jackson’s career…


today’s award goes tooo…

[tears-open envelope] … Nigel Farage !

Nigel Farage … called for a new bank holiday in Britain to mark its ‘Independence Day’ from Brussels.

The Ukip leader was celebrating ‘a new dawn’ for Britain after his 25-year campaign for the UK to leave the EU came to an extraordinary conclusion.

He added: ‘An opinion poll in the Netherlands said that a majority there now want to leave, so we may well be close perhaps to Nexit. Similarly in Denmark … Sweden and perhaps Austria and perhaps even Italy too.

‘The EU is failing, the EU is dying, I hope that we’ve got the first brick out of the wall.’ [story]

Walesa pulled a Jenga brick, Poland, out from under the rotten Soviet Empire, precipitating its fall.
Nigel Farage may have done the same to the Globalist Empire.

Just, uhm, don’t something stupid like firing on Ft Sumter, guys.

Oooh, the globalists are not very happy.
Turns out, the older the voter, the more likely they were to vote “leave.”
Globe-bullists are now in full-blither mode:

We take pensioners’ driving licences away… why not their right to vote?” [story]

Rubbing salt in the wound

~ vid ~

We need gym control

Adjust your tinfoil hats, brothers and sisters,
the “convenient deaths” of Clinton riskers continue

[Disgraced UN official John Ashe] — who was facing trial for tax fraud — died Wednesday afternoon in his house …. The UN said he’d had a heart attack. But the local … police said … that his throat had been crushed, presumably by a barbell he dropped while pumping iron.

Ashe was due in court Monday with his Chinese businessman co-defendant Ng Lap Seng, who is charged with smuggling $4.5 million into the US since 2013 …. Ng was identified in a 1998 Senate report as the source of hundreds of thousands of dollars illegally funneled through an Arkansas restaurant owner, Charlie Trie, to the Democratic National Committee during the Clinton administration. (Ng was not charged with any crime.) Ng and Trie had visited the White House several times for Democratic fund-raising events and were photographed with then-President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hillary Clinton.

One source told me, “During the trial, the prosecutors would have linked Ashe to the Clinton bagman Ng. It would have been very embarrassing. His death was conveniently timed.

“There is not one iota of evidence that it was homicide. This is nothing at all* like Vince Foster.” [story]

This is probably nothing at all like Harry Reid’s exercise-machine “accident” either.
* Wait, so he’s sayin’ that there is evidence that Vince Foster’s death was homicide?