Ps dump


Top… Experts

Previously, on KisP (Fauci, Top… Virologists)
Cultural ref (Indiana Jones, ‘top men’)


Historical ref (Rosemary Woods, Watergate, the tape’s missing 18½ minutes)


Detailed explanation of the whole sphincter-squeezing day (Scott Manley vid)

Wadda maroon

(What? No, not McCarthy… Pelosi)

Previously, on KisP
Title cultural ref

Let’s hear it from the horse’s -ass- mouth


What are you wearing, Nancy from Speakerdom?

More Peloscience
Cultural ref (State Farm ad)

Later, on KisP

New rule at the Reichstag

Evidently doesn’t apply to horndogs, though

Note: not sure if this guy is Sioux, but I know they wore buffalo headdress (chief, shaman, hunter?), so I’m goin’ with the pun until corrected

A not-unrelated yuk

Swift Justice

Even cooler, if this was served-out by a neighbor

Hope one of those hits was for leaving the gate open

(What? Well, I have a real thing against people who are even lazier’n me)

Pretty sure this isn’t staged.
If it was, they’d'a used the folding chair and gone over the railing

Is this thing on?

(What? Sure, there’re lots of Pinocchio-Fauci jokes out there. I’m not above piling-on)

A Pronoun-ced Slope

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