Saturday afternoon coffee & cigar time…

…while building up my energy
to go lie in the iHammock

Icemaned comment

The Fourth is here! The Fourth is here!

Today’s history lesson

[sips coffee]
[Hits PLAY]

The Brits’re still on about the whole tea thing

Gearin’ up for the Fourth

Hope the weather is nice for y’all;
and your lock-down isn’t too strict,
so you can go outside and let ‘em breathe !
Story (Kerry)

Some unchanted evening

not even a friggin’ Pope could get away with this!

Looks like a little adoration sauce slathered on the
power-hungry leads directly to power-madness

(What? Nah, not even gonna mention singing/chanting restrictions on demonstrators)Veeshir’s comment notwithstanding
Story (CA, Newsom)
Story (More Gavin)

Go over to Stilton’s Place for a free Kindle book of his cartoons
This Fri-Sun only

We all know how this ends

Men with beards are racist
Bear pic (via The Chive)
Story (Schiff)
Story (Maxwell)
Painting (via Ace of Spades, as usual)

Demanding a sacrifice?

Attacking the statue of an elk
Havin’ a little trouble thinking of a BLM/AntiFa justification for that

Story (story)
Story (vid with guy in elk)
Historical ref (Brazen Bull)
Cultural ref (Kill the pig, Lord of the Flies)
Cultural ref (The Wickerman ’73 ver)
Cultural ref (GOT, Shireen Baratheon)

More this ‘n that

from this ol’ half-Can using a 6-yo inside joke
Story (Horse’s ass)

Yesterday was Tuesday

The future is repeating itself

The scoops are on their way! The scoops are on their way!

Cultural ref (scoops, Soylent Green)

today’s KisP word o’ the ding dong day

Used in a sentence an unhinged violent rant

today’s wedgie lives right there

strong language warning with bonus wedgie ( heeee) near the beginning

Sick Of Hundreds Of BLM Signs Across The Street From House Rips Them Down….