a day without commies

Trump’s still president, literally;
and this evidently upsets some in The Left™

In yet another counterproductive display of unbridled rage, thousands of Americans plan to gather on Presidents’ Day in order to protest the existence of President Donald Trump. According to The Daily Mail (UK):

Planned marches will take place in New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Chicago, Missouri and Denver among other cities. Tens of thousands of people are expected at the Los Angeles event and nearly 50,000 are due to turn out in New York City.”

Organizers explained that they wanted to be taken seriously, not literally: “Trump is literally our President, but figuratively, he has attacked every value New Yorkers embody and does not represent our interests.” There were a series of anti-Trump marches on Sunday as well, attended by [various B-list celebs and commie politicians]. [story]

(What? Yeah, at least now they’re admitting that he is President, literally.)

he has attacked every value New Yorkers embody
Let that sink in a minute.

Only a collectivist jackass thinks of “New Yorkers” as a unitary, homogeneous political body.

What I hear is…
“We, the elite, enlightened people of NY(C)…”

(caution: language)

~ vid ~
“We don’t want your kind here.”
“My gang/home-team/cool-kids say…”
I reject your reality and substitute my own.

That there, lad, is how ye gets a Trump, says I. [/BenGunnVoice]

(What? Yeah, at least those from out of town will get clean sheets today).

If that didn’t tickle your Presidents’ Day funny bone, go here. *ouch!*

…a day without immigrants is not a day without consequences…

“Bradley Coatings, Incorporated (BCI) is a family-owned, Nashville-based business that provides commercial painting services to its clients on a very demanding schedule. Established in 1986, BCI has always celebrated diversity and supported the immigrant community. This past Wednesday night, certain employees of BCI informed their leadership that they would not be at work the following day. Because of the time-sensitive nature of the jobs these employees were assigned to, all employees were told that they would need to show up for work or they would be terminated. On Thursday, the majority of BCI’s employees fulfilled their obligations to our clients, but eighteen employees did not. Regretfully, and consistent with its prior communication to all its employees, BCI had no choice but to terminate these individuals. The reason these employees missed work—to engage in peaceful demonstrations—had nothing to do with BCI’s decision to terminate them. BCI regrets this situation, but it has contracted with its clients to complete work on a schedule set by the client’s general contractor. BCI will review its procedures in an effort to avoid similar issues in the future, and will continue to provide timely service to its clients and support to the Nashville immigrant community.”
- Robert Peal, Company Attorney

Vehr iss yoah vite ahm bandt, comrade?

Chic tribalism
Not a good trend, here, folks.

New York Fashion Week has long been a chance for designers to showcase their newest collections, but this year they also seemed to put something else on display—their political agendas.

A number of prominent designers put white bandanas on their models as a subtle symbol of protest against President Donald Trump. [story]

Okay, but you still get only one vote, and only if you’re an adult citizen.
The rest of you elitist, white, millionaire hypocrites need to go fix your own hellholes, first.

(What? Yeah, friggin’ white arm bands and white badges. Can’t wait to see their Springtime collection.)

stuff that’s hard to do (just another landing)

Well, it is the 21st Century
(on-board vid lags external real-time vid by a few seconds)

~ vid ~ story ~

Cooler landing vid

~ vid ~

yur doing it worng

CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico Around 1,500 Mexicans protested against U.S. President Donald Trump’s plan to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border Friday by making a human chain

stuff that’s hard to do (India edition)

Who wants to see 104 satellites launched on one booster?
I do! I do!” is the proper response.

~ vid ~
~ background story ~

Since India can pull-off this kind of thing, mebbe I’ll give “William” a bit more credibility next time I call tech support.

When they get to spittin’ out ‘em nanosatellites, it looks like brass bein’ ejected durin’ rapid-fire.

(What? Well, offhand, I’d say they got a really good deal on a couple cases of iPhones.)

best laid plans

What we have heah…
is fail-ure to translate virtue signaling into economic reality

[F]eminists are pushing a boycott of Trump wines and Wegmans for selling it. … Since the boycott began the sale of Trump Wines has skyrocketed. [story]

Ivanka Trump’s perfume line shot to the top of Amazon’s bestseller’s list, as the first daughter faces boycott efforts by liberals and supporters counter with a #buyivanka campaign. [story]

A viral video shows a group of women storming into a Nordstrom to cancel their accounts in response to the retailer’s decision to stop selling Ivanka Trump’s fashion brand, promising to shop at Dillard’s instead. [story]

Keep diggin’, guys.
He’s almost ousted.
Jussst onnne morrre boycott.

oh here we go…

leaking contest Progresses apace

AP: Trump considers mobilizing 100,000 National Guard troops to round up unauthorized immigrants

A draft memo obtained by The Associated Press outlines a Trump administration proposal under consideration to mobilize as many as 100,000 National Guard troops to round up unauthorized immigrants. Millions of those who would be affected in 11 states live nowhere near the Mexico border.

Everyone from Bloomberg Nooz to HuffyPo to local papers is up and running with this…

But wait!

- The White House on Friday denied it was considering mobilizing as many as 100,000 National Guard troops to round up non-citizens who are in the country illegally.

but… but… it fits Teh Narrative so welllll!!!1!!!

The Associated Press, citing a draft memo it obtained, reported earlier on Friday that the Trump administration was considering utilizing the military reserve branch in 11 states to target people who are in the United States illegally.

It was not immediately clear who authored the memo AP cited.

Shortly after the AP tweeted out the news, White House press secretary senior assistant Michael Short took to Twitter with his reply, simply saying “not true.”

What’re the odds?
MSM flopping around like a fish tossed on a bank.
MSM covering like a cat on a linoleum floor.

today’s PSA

Apparently these businesses don’t know the difference between illegal and legal…might be best to not give them our business, just to be safe.

ToDaZeD What Thing Does Not Belong

a fishy tail

The Eco-types are very worried about Invasive Species — plants and animals who invade new territories and eat the species who once lived in that place care-free.

The nomadic jellyfish (Rhopilema nomadica), originally from the Red Sea, now infests the eastern Mediterranean. Pale blue and measuring about two feet across, with thousands of stinging tentacles, these jellyfish gather in huge swarms each summer — a single swarm can extend more than 60 miles. Fishermen can’t fish during the swarming season because the jellies foul their gear and mucus coats their catch. Beachgoers stay home, resulting in estimated tourism losses of several million dollars a year. This species also blocks intake pipes at desalinization and power plants.

eww. Stingy and messy. And only one of a number of fierce species that threatens the calm, mild, fecund eco-system of the Mediterranean.

They’re coming in through the Suez canal with the ships. Now, with the expansion of the Suez canal, there is increased access for the Red Sea Invasive Species to flow north into the Mediterranean.

oh, no reason.
no parallels I can think of.

In other news,

Day Without Immigrants to Hit Washington in the Stomach

In a city where expense account meals are a central part of power players’ lives, some of Washington’s best-known restaurants will close their doors on Thursday in solidarity with a national campaign to draw attention to the power and plight of immigrants.

The campaign, spread on social media and messaging apps, has called for a “day without immigrants.” It asks foreign-born people nationwide, regardless of legal status, not to go to work or go shopping in a demonstration of the importance of their labor and consumer spending to the United States’ economy.

Kinda missing the point, there?

Lest we forget…

They may not have agreed on whether to skip school, take the day off work or refrain from all commerce today, but the hundreds of thousands of peaceful protestors who turned out in major cities across the country on Monday clearly conveyed their message that immigrants are essential to the U.S. economy and deserve the right to continue living and working here. With rallies in more than 50 cities from Las Vegas to Miami, the day of protest brought together immigrants from all walks of life and appeared to overcome early concerns that rifts within the Latino community would hamper their success.

TIME – Monday, May 01, 2006

so… not so Trump-oriented after all?


With last month’s barrage of anti-immigration-enforcement protests, Americans had their fill of the issue. The sea of Mexican and Latin American flags, the scuffles in schools and other public buildings over the raising of Mexican flags, all the “reconquista” and “stolen land” rhetoric and the sight of thousands of illegal immigrants demanding citizenship had done little to gain supporters.

So when organizers insisted on continuing the offensive with a nationwide boycott aimed at crippling the nation’s economy on May 1, it was a political disaster waiting to happen. Immigrants (legal or otherwise) were urged to boycott work, school and commerce and go out and demonstrate instead.

SFGATE – Wednesday, May 10, 2006

And with all that decade-long kerfluffle, NO ONE has even approached changing the immigration system to reflect their concerns.

Maybe, speaking of missing the point:

The survey for Secure America Now found that 56 percent of Hispanic voters approve of deporting criminal illegals. Some 31 percent don’t.

What’s more, they back the president’s executive order to end the Obama administration’s “catch and release” policy at the border.

…On cutting off federal grants to sanctuary cities, 46 percent of Hispanic voters agreed, 43 percent opposed. Overall, the margin was 59 percent support to 29 percent oppose.