I have a suggestion…


Spontaneity takes two hours, minimum

…schedule ambiguity notwithstanding

MoveOn and other left-wing groups are organizing massive demonstrations if President Donald Trump fires Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Organizers had a planning session on a Sunday evening conference in which they outlined their plans for protests in every state and Washington, DC, if trump fires Mueller, pardons key witnesses, or replaces Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Activists are planning to organize protests to start at 5 p.m. local time if the actions happen before 2 p.m. or noon the following day if the potential firings occur after 5 p.m.

Trump’s missin’ an opportunity, if he doesn’t fire one of ‘em at 12:04pm.
Man, they’ll never figure out how to respond.
That argument will take more’n two hours, so it’ll have to wait ’till the next day, but at what time?
Might even kick-off a Prog civil war — the Exacts vs the Close-Enoughs vs the We-Need-A-New-Planners.

(What? Yeah, might be just a reporter screw-up, but it’s still funny, and I was doin’ another template experiment.)
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Scientists confirm Uranus smells like rotten eggs


No more need for “freedom fries” I guess

Sometimes I can’t decide which take to go with, so you get both
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CNN: it’s what they doo-doo

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still gonna make fun of it

SJWs don’t love anybody, Starbucks;
and now they own you.

From darlings to devils for one reasonable act.
Just goes to show that SJWs have all the qualities of a dog, except loyalty.
You either stand up to barking brats as the alpha, or you become their bitch.
Where are your duty and loyalty: to the safety and comfort of your patrons or to the whim of the mob?

(What? Nnnnnope, not entirely sure what racial sensitivity has to do with trespassing.)
The future
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Waffle House is a death trap

Dear Waffle House,
that’s another reason why I don’t eat at your establishments

Concealed means concealed.
Here in NC, it’s illegal to carry in any establishment that forbids firearms. If it’s posted, it’s illegal to enter; and elsewhere, if the staff asks you to leave, it’s trespassing to stay. Be a grown-up about it.

This is neither sermon, lecture, nor legal advice — just sayin’…
Story-2 (like other stories, no mention of the gun-free-zone thing)

Here’s the hero,
and here’s the scumbag.
Yep, these people exist, and some ask why we “need” self-defense weapons.

Nabbed ‘im!
Now, put his father in the same lifer prison cell.

Happy Dirt Day!

As is par for the course with Those Who Know What’s Best For Us™, when one tactic doesn’t work to convince people to buy in to their vision of Egalitarian Utopia, come up with another narrative. This particular incarnation is Earth Day, a made-up holiday commemorating Our Beloved Planet™. For surely if we do not embrace their dictates unquestioningly, We’re All Gonna DIIIIIIIEEEEEE. Todaze admonishment from Our Betters™ comes from the Shaman of Settled Scienciness himself. It is undebatable that our technology has displeased Teh Climate God™ and the only way to avoid certain destruction is to place control of all means of production into the hands of one Albert Gore Jr. Heed his words, or be forever doomed.

Wait, what year is this? Hmm…

Anyway, in solidarity with Earth Day, I implore all True Believers to reduce their carbon footprints and hold their breaths for the entire day.

Mother Earth thanks you in advance.

Meme Ron Paul on InstaFace

sauce for the gander

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Let’s see, states won’t obey Federal laws, and counties & cities won’t obey state laws.
M’kay, howzabout individual citizens don’t obey laws that infringe their rights.

(What? *heh* Yeah, reckon that would make Illinois state legislators “low-life politicians.”)
Yeah, another template experiment

Oooh, a rebellion in Colorado, too.

Wasn’t usin’ it anyway

Yayyy! Picked up by Pookie’s Toons

Here’s the part where you imagine the video of the award ceremony handover run in reverse.