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Story (Melania’s PSA)


Classic Demthink.
I suspect that people become Democrats or Leftists or advocacy journalists, not because of some ideological common ground, but because this kind of thinking is tolerated, if not actually encouraged and rewarded. Certainly, it’s never punished, if you’re one of the protected clan.

I’ve never taken a psych course, as such; but here’s how my engineer’s mind sees it:
• Each question-answer pair is, within itself, coherent and policy-supporting at a point in time,
or there’s one supporting example which is (or can be spun to appear) valid.
• Each question-answer pair may be altered, as necessary, to fit the needs of the moment.
• Each question-answer pair may be isolated, logically, from any other question-answer pair,
(i.e. any contradiction in logic or evidence may be safely ignored). Opposition is the only logical contradiction (e.g. Joe’s vid).

No idea what that’s called in psychology (a form of dissociation perhaps?).
It looks like a coping mechanism for someone lacking some foundation, reality, discipline, independence, fluency, or logic.

One problem with my summary is that The Usual Suspects™ are fully capable of overcoming these flaws when criticizing an opponent, if it supports their policy of the moment.

Dunno. Any psych pros out there?

(What? No, I didn’t include the common ethical flaws, such as bein’ a morally corrupt, disingenuous, lying POS)

Next week: the inability to let go of debunked talking points
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Sometimes I wish this wasn’t so easy

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Story (illegals)
Story (only correct term, MSU)
Story (racist, UC Davis)
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Death by snu snu prob’ly not gonna happen, so…

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Story (Moon)
Story (Moon, but we’re all gonna die)
Story (Trump, eclipse)
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Note: (Northam & pals) Yeah, I know his mask is dark green. Just go with the joke, m’kay?
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Story (WHO)

ToDaZeD Conspiracy Theory Competition of Teh Crisis

collect your favorites!

In These Difficult Times™ when people are bored [those who don't have a business, payroll, or other economic concern] their thoughts turn to … what else? Conspiracy Theory.
[The human mind -- unfocused, unoccupied -- becomes a fearsome thing.]

Woody Harrelson recently posted a report “about the negative effects of 5G” and its supposed role in the coronavirus pandemic to his more than 2 million Instagram followers.

A] which 2 million human beings follow Woody Harrelson??!? On. Purpose.

2] 5G??!? Take that, WahWay/Huawei!

Fires at [5G] towers in Birmingham, Liverpool, and Belfast have all been blamed on the conspiracy theories. The theories have ranged from 5G signals causing the virus, to the contagion being started as a cover-up for health maladies related to the networks.

Is this what happens when the Age of Reason is denied?

Meanwhile, in India…

chanted “Chinese virus go back

NB *cough* site offers a virus^^^^

Nice torches…

What have y’all heard?

ToDaZeD Word[s] of Teh Day

oh, Teh Iron

Part A

*Baizuo is a derogatory Chinese neologism and political epithet used to refer to Western left-wing ideologies primarily espoused by white people. … related to the term shèngmǔ, a sarcastic reference to those whose political opinions are perceived as being guided by emotions or a hypocritical show of selflessness and empathy.

*…A baizuo only cares about topics such as immigration, minorities, LGBT and the environment; while being obsessed with political correctness to the extent that they import backwards Islamic values for the sake of multiculturalism.

The Chinese see the baizuo as ignorant and arrogant westerners who pity the rest of the world and think they are [its] saviours. …In China, Baizuo literally means those Europeans and Americans who speak “love and peace” everyday but do not know the difficulty of survival and the complexity of real world.

Se aslo: Misology

Part 2 — CaliZuela Edition:

San Francisco has reversed its 13-year ban on plastic bags and will now prohibit the reusable bags city leaders once championed because of the coronavirus Chairman ‘WetBat’ Xi’s Liar’s Lung Rot.

Same in the rest of the state. *Everyone* is now looking at those reusable bags as dirty germ farms. Oddly enough the same way I saw them when the idea was first proposed. No. We are not Fwentch in this scenario.

Hang around long enough…

I miss the Sunday funny papers

Yeah, got me some trust issues, here

Couldn’t decide which joke to use, so you get both

Aussie goes all DougM on a ChiCom consulate

(What? Well… I have the hat & whip & political attitude, anyway)

Gettiin’ bored, so teachin’ myself to bake

UPDATE: on the Venezuelan navy sinking itself (w/vid and snarky thread)
Question: does a civilian vessel raise a broom to her masthead or
paint the enemy vessel’s silhouette on her flying bridge?

Story (NYC)
Story (UK-1)
Story (UK-2)
Story (Netherlands)
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Applicable oldie

TheBigHarry’s comment below inspired
me to dig through some old Bob Seger
from back in the day (’75).
This one applies again

Yeah, okay, …say I’m old-fashioned, say I’m over the hill… or the better-visuals version

Now, back to all that whippersnappers’ crap that rots the culture. *spit*
Hey, rotting the culture was rock & roll’s job!

Another Saturday of self-entertainment

Story (WHO director is ChiCom-apologist commie terrorist)
Historical ref (China is assHO vid)
Story (AOC, barbaric)
Cultural ref (lamentations)

Crock’a Dems Dondee

Trump’s rules trump the Dem’s traditional Calvinball rules

Okay, one more
Story (Schumer, Trump)
Schumer’s letter (.pdf)
Trump’s letter (war hammer)
Story (Venezuela patrol boat Naiguata sinks itself)
Note: ‘kind’ joke in honor of Missy’s new site header (cultural ref)
Inspiration #23 (British joke)
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