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Memorial Day Weekend

stuff that’s hard to do (cont’d)

Friday afternoon
The right side of the screen is the stage-2 engine chuggin’ away into parking orbit.
Touch-down dropouts are due to shaking the satellite video link antenna or the fake special-effects splicing.

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“FTS safed” (on voice) is the Flight Termination System. You know, the command/self-destruct package.

(What? Hey, I’ll let you know when I’m tired’a this stuff.)

on-board camera view
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Just in time for Memorial Day




I hope that the crew of Air Force One ignore him and that the AF officer and NCO who meet him at Andrews turn their backs on him at the bottom of the stairs.
Do it for those airmen who gave their lives and braved the Jap defenses to deliver those war-ending bombs.
Do it for the Marines, sailors, and airmen who fought, bled, and died their way across the Pacific to capture an airfield close enough to deliver those war-ending bombs.
Do it for the edification of those who refuse to recognize the difference between good and evil.
Do it for the young who need to understand the vile perfidy which will condemn them to unnecessary future slaughters.
Do it for those who might need reminding why those war-ending bombs were used.
Do it for all of the Americans, allies, and Japanese who are alive, today; because our fathers didn’t have to fight in an invasion of Japan.
Do it as a memorial.
Do it.
Old commentary by Bill Whittle

If You Don’t Want To Get Nuked Don’t Bomb Pearl Harbor

Barack Obama treats the bombing of Hiroshima as a unique “evil.”
No, sir. It was the end of an evil. [caution: gut-wrenching atrocity photos and narrative]

Some brave men – tragically, some good men – died fighting for Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany. Memorial Day is about showing our gratitude and respect to the heroes who had no choice but to kill them, including the crew of the Enola Gay. They saved a hell of a lot of lives, and souls, on that terrible day.


My apologies to the Marine in the photo if she objects, but I’d like to think she’s my kind’a woman.
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sticks and stones and WEDGIES! oh my!

I’ll let you ban hate speech when you let me define it. Deal?


Live by the logo, die by the logo
(caution: spew alert)

UPDATE: Evidently, this didn’t actually come from Her> campaign, but I stand by my joke.

Frentch Twist

en flambe

Is this a worldwide phenom?

Protesters in Paris attacked a police car with two officers inside with iron bars and set it alight in a dramatic unleashing of new anti-police violence,

…Protesters in Paris and elsewhere alleged the police have instigated the violence during a series of demonstrations against a controversial labor reform.

Yeah — Teh Frentch seem to be good at car-b-cues.

A placard was later left in front of the burned-out car that said “roast chickens free,”


Here’s the twist:

French police took to the streets in about 60 cities Wednesday to denounce the hatred and violence they say has been repeatedly directed at them during protests against the government’s labor reforms.

soooo…. this is Union on Union violence?

Yeah, but still…. imagining the Oakland PD [for example] demonstrating against the BLM demonstrators having spit on them and thrown bricks and burning objects at them. Could be …interesting.

naaaaaah. Too Frentch.

Qui Bono?

gonna be a long hot summer

Here we go…

This is amounting to a significant expenditure of time and resources: I wonder who is expecting to benefit from it? …and how?

Police threw smoke devices and used what appeared to be pepper spray on crowds in Albuquerque on Tuesday after protests near a Donald Trump event turned violent… …”Several” officers were injured after being hit by rocks

“Prooootesters” actually burned Trump t-shirts and other merchandise… Which, I assume, was not handed to them free by the Trump campaign. So they either stole it or bought it – which likely didn’t hurt Trump’s feelings any.

Protesters took over intersections near the convention center and some drivers did “burnouts,” spinning tires and filling the streets with smoke, as police in riot gear and officers on horses pushed the crowd along. [away from the venue]

“Sideshow” stuff — straight outta Oakland?

…protesters started attacking police, throwing chairs, rocks, water, and a gate [police barrier] at them…

I’ve been in a few urban areas in my life. Where do people even find rocks. There are plenty out here in The Country™ but lying around the streets downtown? Do “Prooootesters” bring them in their man-purses?

Demonstrations were mainly peaceful earlier in the evening. Some people played drums, others held signs and shouted slogans, and a group with a megaphone played an anti-Trump rap song. Some chanted “walk of shame!” as people entered the venue.

Running the Gauntlet is making a return?
Are they proposing to discourage or further entrench those they treat this way?

The Red handed out a lot of professionally printed signs.

There were a handful of hand printed signs quoting bible verses. had a few printed. This heads their home page:


Word of “the deepening crisis of Capitalism” is being spread on Facebook via iPhones.

…the presumptive Republican presidential nominee’s immigration rhetoric, a stance that has isolated Trump from some prominent Latino Republicans in New Mexico, the state with the highest percentage of Hispanics as a portion of population.

There it is again; the presumption that just cuz your parents came from the same/a similar place [how many years/decades ago?] you must think the same. Does everyone in Mexico think the same? Does everyone in Spain think the same? Aside from how insulting that assumption is to the Proggies’ Little Brown Brothers™ [whom they assume somehow ‘think’ with their skin], has anyone bothered to remember that in the Southwest some of those “Hispanics” have been there for multiple generations? Santa Fe, NM, for example, predates Jamestown. But whatevah.

oh! And don’t overlook this vital burning political issue of our times:

It”‘s come to this

A fifth-grade teacher at an Oregon elementary school said ‘they’ was harassed at work and that ‘they’ was referred to by the wrong pronoun [ calling a woman "they" is using the right pronoun ]. The school district paid ‘them’ $60,000 to compensate for any harassment ‘they’ may have received.

Leo Soell was born a woman, but ‘they’ don’t want you to call ‘them’ a he or a she. Soell claims to be “transmasculine” and “genderqueer,” meaning ‘they’ is neither male nor female….