today’s wedgie grabs ‘em right by their pussyhats

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Gorilla Guru (shutdown)


despicable, irresponsible crooks and traitors

a new low, even for Democrats

because I’m still entertained by all this

…plus I ran across these old graphics while looking for something else

As long as I’m at it…

and…. Again

oh, for f’s sake…

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., cautioned Thursday that “people die, accidents happen” when the government shuts down

Our strength is in our eventual diversity

[wipes tear] *sniff*
Man, this is the most SJW-triggering picture I’ve ever seen.
One assumes Axios will get into diversity later, once they become profitable.

I mean, c’mon, geeze… there are only, like, 3-4 blonde women in that whole group!

(What? Uhm, yeah, no geezers or folks in wheel chairs, either.)

Trainwreck’s a-comin’

California AG vs US Gov’t ICE
Who ya got?


Personally, I think it’s gonna turn out as it always has under Federalism

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Perspective: why we tolerate Trumpian trivialities

Because, unlike what we’ve had for a few decades,
substance is again strategic, and the insubstantial is merely tactical

Here’s another “amen” essay.

Quite enlightening, actually.
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glitch = got caught

When the news devolves into Python sketches
Cultural ref

Amen, sisters

Some of the best shtick on the internet
made even better by bein’ valid

~ vid ~
Actual sisters sisters from the next county over from me.
(Man, can you imagine those two as kids at a family meal? *heheeee*)