Keeep goin’


NYT: big short-bus

Not even pretending to be
a newspaper, anymore.
Just another propaganda rag
of a Democrat party organ

Could’ve added a bunch of other phrases and words, but you get the idea

When it rains…

Cultural ref (The Umbrellas of Cherbourg)

ToDaZeD CA *PalmToTheFace*

preach it, sister

In the local feed store lot:

First, they came for my stuff…

…then they came for me

#2 MikeAZ comment

Reality is a harsh mistress…

…and fatal for the true BS artist

It’s not so much that this particular example is flawed,
it’s that this way of approaching a problem is flawed and doomed to fail.
It’s like trying to fly to the Moon using flat-earth theory
and uncalibrated instrumentation

I know what yer thinkin’…

…Did he fire six shots or only five?
Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement,
I kinda lost track myself

Title cultural ref (Dirty Harry)

They haven’t heard his offer, yet

Not sure what Trump has in mind,
but I’m thinkin’ it would make a good place for a penal/exile/refugee colony (e.g. Australia)

I hope he realizes that Greenland’s yuge only on a Mercator projection

Here’s a plan
Story (Greenland

What if…

this was how T-Rex moved
Yeah, I know it can’t have been,
but dang this is a nice Kentucky bourbon.
Now where were we?
Oh, yeah…

(What? Nah, just like to acknowledge the existence of Oz‘s inverted seasonality, once in a while. You know, to show we’re thinkin’ of ‘em.)

Don’t have a place for this, so I’ll just toss it here.
Dunno why this came to mind.

rolls off the tongue