We .. are allll gonna die (part umpteumpth)

Yes, it’s time for your slow-weekend’s end-of-the-word post

CERN’s Large Hadron Collider hits 1-PeV* milestone with heavy ions (and re-ignites doomsday talk**) [story]

My advice? Wear clean underwear.

(What? Oy, it couldn’t hurt.***)
* peta (quadrillion) electron-volts
** Links to doomsday-saying and hand-wringing
*** And it’s probably more useful than putting a bag over your head.
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Ducka Ducka Ducka

The Internet at its best

If I might make a suggestion.
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Guess what I got for T’giving!

for my sins….

Aching, fever, sore throat, a little sniffles, general malaise and limpness, mental acuity of a bowl of leftover stuffing.

So what are your favorite cold remedies?

the Thanksgiving conversation you should have had

Progs: they’re made out of meat
This .. this explains eeeverything !

~ vid (6min) ~

(What? Well, which part of “I’m easily entertained” do you not understand?)
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In an ongoing effort to hone my schtick, I’m experimenting with using “..” instead of a full ellipsis “…” to denote a pause longer than a comma (my schtick text should normally be considered conversationally spoken, so sometimes I use non-standard literary devices to indicate tempo or emphasis). This should reduce the sensitivity of those who feel microagressed if an ellipsis is improperly used to denote other than an omission or a trailing-off thought.
You know .. disambiguation.

for today we shop in Hell !

fun with Black Friday

In the spirit of Davy Crockett, “You all can go to hell; I’m going to shop on-line.”

(What? Nooope, reckon not all holiday traditions qualify as quaint, in my book.)
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today’s honorary KisPtip

I’m not sure when Thanksgiving got politicized, but it seems that it is. Left-wing websites routinely publish guides to confronting a “crazy uncle,” and even the White House is providing talking points, urging supporters to talk about the president’s latest gun-control proposals at the dinner table. But for Thanksgiving politics, nobody beats Vox. This year the publication rolled out a multi-page spread of pieces, all beginning with the charming phrase “How to argue with your family about . . . ” What follows is a guide to fighting about everything from Benghazi to vaccines. Feeding this beast only contributes to one of the worst ideas that has captured the American mind — that politics makes the man. We feel compelled to correct perceived error – even at a once-a-year family gathering — because we are nothing more than the sum total of our opinions. Actions? What are those? Sure, my cranky uncle has worked two jobs to put his kids through college, but he’s a vocal Donald Trump supporter and has to be punished. So what if my prickly aunt is handling chronic and painful illness with dignity and courage — she thinks global warming isn’t real, and in the three hours we have together, I’m going to introduce her to this little thing called “science.”

I’ve got a better idea. In response to those difficult conversations, try a bit of grace….


Happy Thanksgiving !

Last-year’s history lesson still applies.

As God is my witness …

So inept, he’s not even a failure

Not even signed
so it’s not even appeasement — it’s unilateral, pre-emptive surrender

President Obama didn’t require Iranian leaders to sign the nuclear deal that his team negotiated with the regime, and the deal is not “legally binding,” his administration acknowledged …. “The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) is not a treaty or an executive agreement, and is not a signed document,” wrote … the State Department assistant secretary for legislative affairs …. [story]

My recommendation? (BTF): »

puppets vs marionettes

Zis ‘as become Pythonesque, non?
(but in zis case, ze Daesh-holes taunt ze French)

Homegrown French ISIS fighters have issued a chilling threat of new attacks on France just 24 hours after the terrorist group used movie footage of the Eiffel Tower’s collapse in another video.

Interspersed between scenes of French forces bombing the group in Syria and images from the November 13 is a clip of the Eiffel Tower falling.

The computer-generated footage has high production value, though it was revealed that the section of video was stolen from GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra. In a video called ‘Paris has Collapsed’ ISIS members promised more attacks on the French capital like the one this month that killed 130 and injured hundreds.

In the past week videos have also been released threatening attacks on New York City and the US capital Washington DC. [story]

I don’t have the Daesh-holes’ video, so we’ll just have to go with this.

~ vid ~

Reckon we can now expect a new video with US-destroying footage from Independence Day?

Now, y’see … [taps ash off cigar, sips coffee]
This here’s where these dweebs and I differ — on a fundamental cultural point.
I mean, if they’re gonna steal a cultural ref for their cause, it should at least be a good one, a classic.

You know … like this:
(ref scene @4min, but watch the whole thing — there will be a test)

~ vid ~

Didja notice the terrorist’s bomb-laden briefcase?
Didja recognize it?

(What? Yeah, surprised the Daesh-holes haven’t done a “Hitler Bunker” parody yet, with Hitler as the good guy.)