Sooo, how was your Sunday evening?

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Nowww the war gets interesting

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I am, however, beginning to find some of this hard to believe.

the memo

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(What? Yep, finally got “the memo”)
No, not a typo. It’s my half-Canadian joke

Omenism (or We Are Allll Gonna Dieee!)

What can this meeean

Is this the end of the World?
Is this Allah’s curse on America?
Is this Google taking over?

Go outside! Bang your pots and pans! Light fireworks!
Frighten the demon awayyy! It’s eating the Suuun!

Oh, wait, hold on… no, the Sun’s coming back, now.
Must’a just been that Solar equal-lips thing, again.
Okay, I’ll admit it had me goin’ for a while, there.

(What? Yeah, it might be cool if the Moon was made of glass, but what if it acted like a lens and we got incinerated like ants? What? No, I’m not sayin’ that an acitve imagination is bad. It’s just that you need to think these things through logically. For example, if the Moon was made of kryptonite, we wouldn’t have a Superman. What? Really? *hunh* Then I was right, the Moon is made of kryptonite!)
Scientific explanation
Cool video of what an eclipse is plus a widget to show what you’ll see from your place and when
It’ll be 96% obscurity as viewed from the ol’ iHammock, but there is a risk of missing it when I inevitably doze off.

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This goes back about five years

How much of an omen can it be, if it’s, you know, predictable?
[insert millenia-old argument about "free will" here]
Also, this might be a good time for one to think kindly of that geek sci/math-major one picked-on in school.
Orrr, yeah, one could go back to banging pots & pans to frighten the demon away.

Nah, didn’t see anything.
Had to shade my eyes with my hand.

(What? Yeah, I suppose there were a lot of people blinded in olden times as a result, some just blind drunk, though, I’m guessin’.)



iCommieclasm is a stain on America

Many social media users, from a prominent Seattle venture capitalist to the estimated 900 people who follow the Facebook group Seattle, Tear Down This Lenin Statue! are calling for Lenin’s statue to be removed.

“If one wanted to pull down statues of profoundly evil people, responsible for uncountable human suffering, this one might be on the list,”… [story]

[Seattle's Mayor] opined that both a Confederate memorial located in a private cemetery and the Lenin statue should be removed. [story]

Don’t evacuate Lenin, evacuate on Lenin

Just tryin’ to be helpful.

(What? Yeah, it’d be cheap and gender-neutral, aaand it’d be good for the local coffee shop’s business.)
Previously on KisP
Yes, I knowww it’s private property. Just go with the joke, here, m’kay?

today’s wedgie

Lawrence Police:
I’m sorry Blake, this is awkward, but that’s not a police car. You vaped in front of a water service vehicle.


Protesters in Atlanta Vandalize ‘Peace Monument’ After Mistaking It for Confederate Symbol

War is Peace

Commie thugs assault an old lady and her flag
Yay tolerance and free speech

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(What? Well, mebbe the thug was triggered by the flag… or her thoughtcrime.)

In a feature story on Antifa protesters who physically assault those they disagree with, CNN lays out the narrative that the leftist protesters are driven to violence in an effort to achieve peace. [story]

You know… like this
Hey, what’s a few-million dead when one’s sense of PC virtue is at stake?
(note the iCommieclasm)

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The Great iCommieclastic Hysteria of 2017 jumps the shark

[D]uring a rally earlier this week to show solidarity in the aftermath of the violence in Charlottesville, Va., a USC campus group linked the name to Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee, whose favorite horse was Traveller. [NB: the USC mascot is spelled Traveler]

At the rally, … Saphia Jackson, co-director of the USC Black Student Assembly, asked students not to be quiet, and reminded that “white supremacy hits close to home” and referenced the name of the Trojans mascot. [story]

Never go full-Animal-House

(What? Well, yeah, mebbe it’d be less of a problem if it were a black stallion; but, somehow, I doubt it. Prob’ly have to be a mare or gelding.)


Also also:

Yet more also:
*snick* “Keep up with the topic, sunshine” — W Shatner

USDNA stamp of approval

Here’s a free idea, internet friends: In order to further reduce the already tiny number of actual white supremacists in our midst, let’s start a volunteer effort to distribute free genetic tests to anyone who shows up at a rally with any kind of sign, badge, flag, or insignia that indicates he thinks whites are a superior race.

Take a bunch 23andMe or testing kits down to the site of the next Charlottesville-style rally and set up a table. Make it a challenge: spit in a test tube and get proof of your white superiority. Family tree research is already a popular activity in the community, why not help them along with some objective data?…

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Bannon’s patch

Wellp, reckon it’s back to the ol’ briar patch for Br’er Bannon

Steve Bannon returned to Breitbart Friday almost exactly a year to the day after he joined the Trump team in 2016. On the key lessons learned during this time away and how this would have changed him since leaving Breitbart, Kassam said: “So what is Steve going to do, having had this experience in there?

“Well, now he knows who the enemies of the American people are”. [story]

Then again, mebbe it’s Br’er Obi-Wan

~ vid ~

Cultural ref

Who’ll replace him?
I suggest James Woods.

Big PooPooHead is watching

The long-awaited 24-hour toilet is now open at downtown Olympia’s Artesian Commons Park [ the $250,000 homeless park that used to be a nondescript source of jugs full of artesian well water that you'd go get safely with your gramma... ]

Gone is the battered, green portable potty that stood at the park. It’s been replaced by a large, durable, stainless steel structure that kind of looks like a space ship.

“We’ve got it set up so it’s friendly for everybody,” said Garrett Cooper, the park’s host.

The bathroom’s design, which includes grating at the top and bottom of the structure, allows city officials to keep an eye on it and its users. One of the park’s cameras is trained on the area.

“So if there’s any drug use, or too many people are using it like an office for prostitution and drugs, you can see inside without messing with the privacy of the individual,” Cooper said.

The Olympia City Council gave the permanent toilet the green light in January. Project manager Jim Rioux said the total cost of the project was $346,000. Of that cost, $120,000 went to the prefabricated Portland Loo-style restroom, $141,000 went to capital improvements to accommodate the restroom, and $85,000 went to engineering, inspections and labor.