Oh, now who didn’t see this one comin’?

Story (hearing w/vid)
Cultural ref (Bob Hope clip)

If it’s not close, they can’t cheat


Follow the loot

Story (Iowakawk on Bezos)
Historical ref (Dutch buying Manhattan)

the inevitable train wreck

As a prog, when you’ve lost Alyssa Milano
Story (as above)
Historical ref (challenged DTrumpJr to an MMA fight)
Cultural ref (only girls hit girls)

Hold on to your butts

The obvious question has to do with supreme command of an EU military force.
The next question is: How long will this partnership last?
The ugly question is: Who gets the house and kids in the inevitable divorce?
The US question is: Will we be expected to intervene in a violent domestic dispute and act as family services again?
Story-1 (Macron)
Story-2 (Merkel)
Story-3 (Trump: Make France great again)
Story-4 (Gorka kneecaps Macron)
Previously, on KisP (Macron: EU army)
Historical ref (Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact)
Title ref (Jurassic Park)

show biz boys buzz boos

Story-1 (VS to include transgender)
UPDATE: Story-2 (Nolte weighs-in)
UPDATE: Story-3 (Ace of Spades does a full analysis)

My, my, what have we here?

Why, land sakes, it appears to be another box
of uncounted Democrat ballots!

Story-1 (FL)
Story-2 (GA)
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That’s some World Cup quality reporting, there, Jim

And why aren’t the attacks on the Carlsons
being reported and condemned as
repressive attacks on The Press™?*
* Yes, that’s rhetorical. We know danged well why
Cultural ref (fake soccer fouls)
Previously, on KisP

The people who cast the votes don’t decide an election…

…the people who count the votes do

(What? Nah, haven’t heard that spin, yet, but it’s early in the news cycle)
Title ref

the great game

France declares: We’re okay with an international military force,
as long as we’re in charge of it.

Germany mutters: M’kay, France, get the Americans out,
then we’ll see about who gets to run the EU’s army.

Trump whispers: Remember guys, the US is here
mainly as adult supervision.

Woman throws herself at Trump (NSFW, FEMEN boobies, nut’n ‘e ain’t seed afore)
Story (Trump’s response to Macron)
Historical ref (freedom fries)