gotta get this off my chest

Okay, now I feel better.

(What? Uh, Mary Ann)

morning spew warning

The Emmy for best drama queen in an embarrassing on-air meltdown goes tooo…
(Watch this only while sitting. Srsly, the spin is dizzying)

What you didn’t see, there, was Pelosi in action, then storming out

Like a wise feller once said,
the one who stands up and leaves is prob’ly not the one in charge
Well, okay, mebbe not as wise as I thought (Lord of the Fleas comment #2)
Yes, this was posted almost entirely so I could use SondraK’s avatar gif


Happy Pronouns Day


Some thoughts:
1. Sex is determined by genes, not surgeons and drugs. There are two, but some folks have both.
2. The English language has three genders: masculine, feminine, and neuter (the he-she-it thing).
I’m fine with one wanting to be called “it” but that’s silly.
3. Inventing a word list for variations of self-identity is stupid. That’s what names are for.
Demanding that I go along with that word list is irritating BS.
Insulting me for not buying into that BS is grounds for a punch in the nose.
Requiring that I go along with that BS is outrageous, dictatorial, and without authority.
4. Trans male to female-ish is unfair in athletic events where males and females compete separately.
5. Allowing choice of restrooms and locker rooms exposes women to fake-Trans pervs.

The general discussion surrounding this topic is just another artificial brat fight.
It’s arbitrary, complex, and without any good options to satisfy all sides.

I propose the following:
Recognize three genders. If you don’t want to be a he or a she, then you’re an it.
Trans get their own athletic events, if men and women have separate events. Might even drop the drug prohibitions (kind of an ‘unlimited’ class).
Trans get their own restrooms and locker rooms, separate from genetic males and females.
Trans are required to have ID showing before & after photos.
It will no longer be considered tacky to ask for a ‘peek’ before making a pass.
Trans get two votes in any election, but they can’t chose the same candidates on both ballots.

(What? Of course it is, but it can’t be any sillier than a Pronouns Day)

three Democrats walk into the White House…

Today’s lesson:
Not picking up on the utter savagery of an insult.
They thought ‘third-rate‘ would’ve been bad…

(What? Yeah, a most punchable face, indeed)

Defenestration prob’ly wasn’t done because of the bullet-proof glass

influencing foreign elections

(What? Hey, you know I don’t give a hoot about that crap.
It’s just an opportunity for dumb schadenfreude and Ps jokes.
They’re still allowed, so enjoy! … You’d do it for Randolph Scott*)
* Cultural ref

Sometimes, y’gotta wait for it to play out a bit

Turkey’s Erdogan fights Syrians, wants to destroy Kurds.
Trump withdraws US forces from between them.
Erdogan gleefully attacks Kurds.
US prepares for sanctions against Turkey.
Erdogan finds Turkey isolated, surrounded by old enemies, and sanctions looming.
Erdogan asks Trump to mediate peace talks between Turks and Kurds.

y’gotta change a belligerent’s perception of his own best interests

(What? Oh, yeah. Waitin’ a bit longer to see how this plays out before thinking it has a chance to succeed, though)

Blake comment #3 for independently beating me to it

Aaand the Calvinball Tournament continues

Title KisP ref
Previously, on KisP

Brazen-Sad-Creepy-Clueless is no way to go thru life

Greta to the White Courtesy Telephone, Please

Word ‘o Teh Day!
credit: found at Ace’s …recently

the use of damaged children to promote fallacious arguments, especially with the intention of deceiving

Today we have another Word ‘o Teh Day!

the use of damaged, vicious old bats to promote fallacious arguments, especially with the intention of deceiving


“…we only have … 11 years left … We have time and it’s going to require people in every country all around the world organize and mobilize and, if nessesary [sic], bring governments to a halt if we can’t make them do the right thing. …”

Is she talking about “halting” the government of Venezuela? They’re not taking much Global Warming Action these days. Neither is the government of Turkey; she gonna lobby to “halt” that government? Syria? China? Russia?

The rest of the ‘headline’ reads: Ancient Third-Tier ‘Actress’ Willing to Try Anything Not to Be Forgotten. Again..

Your “Plan”?

I moved to Washington and I’m going to get arrested every Friday.


Is it because resisting arrest is an impeachable offense…

…or are you just shooting your
not-inconsiderable mouth off?

Historical ref (tumbril)
Inspiration (Stilton)
Picked up by Pookie’s Toons

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