Only half ?

(What? The better half? *heh*)

Today’s *clank*

Ultra-SCOTUS King!
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Today in Gibberish

Title cultural ref
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Stuff That’s Hard to Do (Falcon9 Starlink from the Cape)

Full Blood-Moon Lunar Elipse, max just after midnight tonight EST

Just because this is their 113th(?) recovery doesn’t mean it’s not hard,
just reckon they’ve got the thing pretty much figgered out

Nice landing vid the last few km

Yeah, I know,
we just went through this yesterday;
but there won’t be another one until next Wednesday
Humor me

Pelosi’s Law

Don’t blame me, voters
I was hammered
Story (Congress)
Story (Canada)

Last Chance to Make it into the History Books

Just throwin’ this out there

Story (Xi)
Story (Putin)

Today’s oxymoronmorons

When a free press doesn’t understand free speech

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Does the glove fit, Director?

Don’t care if the FBI had anything to do with it or knows anything about it;
because they’ve become a corrupt government political police,
in cahoots with corrupt government political prosecutors,
in the service of a corrupt government;
and I can’t think of anything much more harmful to Americans’ liberties than that.
• Historical ref: OJ Simpson

Ooh, ooh, I have a suggestion!

For example…
Previously, on KisP
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Trump’s response

Stuff That’s Hard to Do (Falcon9 NRO from Vandenberg SLC4*)

Really good vid and narration of seperation-to-landing
Full-screen if’n y’know what’s good for ya

* Me ol’ stomping grounds for over 20 launches back in the ’70s+
Dang, but this stuff makes me grin