Bill of Rights Day

No small thing
Worthy of the occasional read

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Britain lives!

UPDATE: *snick*


The people who exploit Greta
and the people who insult us by demanding
that we listen to their trained brat

UPDATE: Story (wall) She claims she didn’t mean it that way. Live by the idiom, die by the idiom.
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This post is kind of a comment on or renewal of Claire’s Time/Greta post as it slides down the page,
plus I couldn’t resist the Lisa Simpson analogy

The logical conclusion


Somebody’s gonna get hurt, if this keeps up

Insisting on one’s rights is not rebellion,
it’s self-defense

Story (VA Nat’l Guard threat)
Constitution (Article IV Section 4, Guarantee Clause)
10 U.S. Code § 12406 (National Guard in Federal service)
Historical ref (Eisenhower federalizes Faubus’ Nat’l Guard)
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Story (80 sanctuary areas)


I’ve been watching hearing clips for a couple of days trying to
find just one or two quickies that describe the overall action.
Try these (5min & 8min):

Misc mini-rants

Story (Bass)
Story (Comey)

ToDaZeD Year-End Ohferfuxake™

“How dare you??!?!!!!!!!!”

TIME [that's a website that used to be printed on slickery paper, kids] has announced its annual Man Person Anthro Biped of The Year !!!!!!!

“We will never forgive you!!!!!!!”

For taking you out of your home, parading you around the world, poking you with the pointy sticks of Fake Fakts that make you shout in public. Yeah — I’d be a little miffed, too, kid.

“You must unite behind the science!!!!!!!”

*We* have.

“I should be back in school!!!!!!!!”

Dam skippy.

“You have stolen my dreams!!!!!!!”

You’ll find another way to be important, kid.

That’s some choice, TIME. What about the Hong Kong citizenry protesting for Human Freedom?!? Xi Jinping? Trump? What about the rogue FBieeek??!? What the hell is Time doing?

Why Time picking Greta Thunberg will drive Donald Trump crazy

“your empty words!!!!!!!”


Story (Pelosi USMCA/Impeachment)
Story (censure)


Yeah, I know, not gonna happen.
Interesting parallel, though, no?
Democrats still want to ignore human rights,
and Americans still tell ‘em to pound sand.
Historical ref
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