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They hate these Muslims

What is it with these people and fire, anyway?

The limousine that was set on fire during the anti-Trump anarchist protest in downtown Washington on Inauguration Day is owned by a Muslim immigrant …. [story]

Bunch’a jerks…
Cultural ref

Oh, and speaking of The Klan
(What? Yeah, used to be that shaky, unfocused, hand-held footage was only for UFOs, sea monsters, ghosts, and Bigfoots.)

lady parts update

Lady parts are transphobic

While clever, … pussy hats set the tone for a march that would focus acutely on genitalia at the expense of the transgender community. Signs like “Pussy power,” “Viva la Vulva” and “Pussy grabs back” all sent a clear and oppressive message to trans women, especially: having a vagina is essential to womanhood.

[A] trans woman … said the hats signaled to her that there would be other trans-exclusionary messages at the women’s marches.

She expected her local march to have its fair share of trans-exclusionary radical feminists, known as TERFs. As [she] described it, there are two categories of TERFS: One is the accidental TERF — “the ones who have signs that equate womanhood with having a vagina,” she said. The other category, [she] explained, includes feminists who argue trans women are actually men in disguise trying to infiltrate their spaces.

[She] decided she would avoid both kinds of TERFs by abstaining from Modesto’s women’s march altogether; she had grocery shopping to do anyway. [story]

Lady-partser minor celeb is xenophobic
Well, they’re anti-non-English-speaking and anti-immigrant women, anyway.

Chelsea Handler [who?] took a swipe at Melania Trump saying she wouldn’t interview the First Lady because “she can barely speak English.”

Perhaps the comedian, who does not hold a college degree, should do her research first. The First Lady speaks at least five languages, including English, French, Italian, German, and Slovene. [story]

Lady-partser viciously sets a woman on fire

At one point, a Trump supporter walks up to the group of demonstrators to take a picture of her wearing Trump gear in front of them. As she poses for the photo with her back turned to the protesters, one of them can be seen approaching her and pulling out a lighter. As the Trump supporter walks away, her hair can be seen on fire, and another supporter has to pat it out.

“Did you just really light my friend of fire?” one of the Trump supporters asks the protesters. [story]

Democrat lady-partser is a bigot

Republican with lady parts is awesome

[I]nside the ball we see a fight between two guys in tuxes and then suddenly out of nowhere came [T]rump adviser Kellyanne Conway who began throwing some mean punches at one of the guys…. Whole thing lasted a few mins no one was hurt except maybe the dude she smacked. Now I know why [T]rump hired her. [story]

Okay, what’ve I missed?

☟ As evidence of my level of misogyny, I submit… ☟ »

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sillybugger of the day

And the award goes to…
[tears-open envelope]
Kell-llyyy Weeeidmannn

A woman is being charged with sneaking onto President Donald Trump’s private Mar-a-Lago club shortly before his inauguration and smearing bananas on cars

…48-year-old Kelly Weidman also typed a profanity about Trump on a Mar-a-Lago computer and moved outside some ballroom balloons a few hours before Trump was sworn-in Friday. [story]

(What? Nah, just an excuse to do the Eddie Murphy cultural ref. Yeah, totally.)

Forgive me,
I was so eager to use Eddie Murphy’s schtick that I missed the more obvious cultural ref.

She blowed-up real good

Cultural ref #1
Cultural ref #2
Full disclosure: she’s from my home town… yay

FoxNews hires new piñata.
Okay, perhaps chew toy would be more appropriate

today’s honorary KisPian ROR!

Who’s got the power? THIS GUY!

Just say “sorry,” eh?

Oh, Canada…
How can we keep using your stereotype in memes, if stuff like this is gonna happen?

Edmonton guy punches WOMAN reporter at women’s march and is then protected by other women marchers at women’s march.

After Rebel Media reporter Sheila Gunn Reid was punched by a thug at the Women’s March in Alberta, a $1,000 bounty was put up to identify the assailant. Internet sleuths discovered the assailant is reportedly Dion Bews of Edmonton.

Rebel Media told Bews to “please turn yourself into the nearest police department, and prepare for a massive civil lawsuit.” [story]

I thought that hitting a woman would at least get a *tsk*tsk* from the women marchers.
I mean, if the march were actually about women.

☟ A gentleman never hits a little bitch, but if he does… ☟ »

Not Canadian, but still saying-”comrade”-level funny.

Our Worthy Opposition

and our future

Summing Up

Les Tricoteuse = Le Mess

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Thing is… there will be no em-bare-ass-ment on the part of Les Tricoteuse.