Arrogance and Contempt

good for me, not for thee

CNN has obtained a list of roughly 70 “behavioral indicators” that TSA behavior detection officers use to identify potentially “high risk” passengers at the nation’s airports.

I thought we didn’t do “behavioral profiling?”

None of them, as the TSA has long said, refer to or suggest race, religion or ethnicity.

Yes, yes… Because that would be silly.

…one addresses passengers’ attitudes towards security, and how they express those attitudes.

Right. The ones who quiver in fear, sweat, twitch and keep glancing at their own turbans shoes belts — riiiight?

It reads: “Very arrogant and expresses contempt against airport passenger procedures.”

Bwaaahahahahahahahahahaaaaa — kidding, right? Riiiight?

Agent Jose Melendez-Perez told the 9/11 commission that Mohammed al-Qahtani “became visibly upset” and arrogantly pointed his finger in the agent’s face when asked why he did not have an airline ticket for a return flight.

When “Because I’m not coming back” would have done the job? Hm… Still, “nunya” [as in "nunya f'n beeswax, Nosey Parker"] strikes me as a reasonable response. OTOH, I choose not to fly under these circumstances… so that’s probably for the best.

But, it says, an airline ticket agent that checked in hijacker Mohammed Atta says Atta “reacted negatively when informed in Portland (Maine) that he would have to check in again in Boston.” Atta “clenched his jaw and said … with some irritation, ‘They told me one step check-in,’” he recalled.

“Irritation” ??!?!? OMG! Teh “clenched jaw” O Noes!!!1lebenty!!!!

Rafi Ron, former director of security at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion International Airport, said an arrogant complaint about security is a legitimate factor to consider. But officials also should be suspicious of effusive praise…


The TSA is expanding the behavior detection program, formally known as SPOT, for Screening Passengers by Observation Technique.
Currently, some 3,000 uniformed behavior detection officers…


In recent years, the TSA has also expanded the scope of the program. Originally intended to look only for suspected terrorists, the program now also seeks to ferret out possible criminals in airports.

See SPOT FAIL the Constitutionality Test.
See SPOT succeed at Mission Creep.

The Department of Homeland Security says the program is successful, telling Congress last week that, in a recent test comparing behavior detection officers to random screening procedures, the officers were 50 times more likely to refer people they checked to local law enforcement, and about 4.5 times as likely to identify people with prohibited items or fraudulent documents.

Rly. Being “50 times more likely to refer people they checked to local law enforcement” with what outcome???!? And being “4.5 times as likely to identify people with prohibited items or fraudulent documents” than a process which checks diapers and feels up toddlers and pays no special attention to 20-something males from Pah-kee-stan??!? Wow. What a revelation.

…one member of the study’s Technical Advisory Committee [Philip Rubin] said the study did not establish the program’s scientific validity.

“The advisory committee has not been asked to evaluate the overall SPOT program, nor has it been asked to evaluate the validity of indicators used in the program,” Philip Rubin …

He said that while large numbers of people were screened, very little criminal activity was detected, and the numbers may not be statistically significant. “The hit rate is so low on this, it could turn out to be a random glitch,” …

…the study “is not designed to fully validate whether behavior detection can be used to reliably identify individuals in an airport environment who pose a security risk,” the [Government Accountability Office] said.


Experts agree that the fact that there is an extremely small number of terrorists makes it hard to evaluate the effectiveness of behavioral observation programs. The Accountability Office said it looked at 23 occasions in which 16 individuals — people later charged with terrorism-related activities — passed through high-threat airports. None is known to have been identified. But it is not known if the behavior detection officers were working at the time, the agency said.

So what I’m hearing is that if I want to “move freely about the country” I still have the [statistically insignificant] chance of sitting next to Acccchmed the Terrifying Terrorist and I must submit to being hassled and patted by my fellow Americans and I must f’n smile while it happens. Or they’ll hassle me more.

Not really nooz, but rather surprising to hear them actually admit it and watch while not one congressdork says one damned thing about the waste of money and restriction of individual freedom.

Five Feet of Fury


  1. apotheosis
    Posted April 28, 2011 at 7:17 am |

    How fortunate for me I have no reason to use the airlines. Anywhere I plan on going, I drive. Anywhere I can’t drive probably ain’t worth going to.

    Hell, there’s enough to see in the American Southwest and Rockies alone to keep one man busy for a reasonable lifetime.

  2. The Digital Hairshirt
    Posted April 28, 2011 at 7:42 am |

    I had the good fortune yesterday to receive a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder. No, I’m not kidding, but while it is not something I want, it’s good to know a reason why certain moods and behaviors have expressed themselves over the years.

    That being said, do I get a pass under the ADA? Or should I buy a cool t-shirt from Cafepress with some meaningful slogan, like “Bipolar Awareness – End the Stigma” so I can legitimately scream, “DON’T FUCK WITH ME, BITCH!” and they have to let me?

    Just asking . . .

  3. geezerette
    Posted April 28, 2011 at 8:10 am |

    All the while I’m reading this I’m seeing them frisk the 6 year old–

  4. Posted April 28, 2011 at 8:20 am |

    I am ‘forced’ to fly at the end of May. Step-son graduating way up in Michigan.

    I’m looking to arrange Bail money ahead of time.

  5. Posted April 28, 2011 at 8:29 am |

    In fairness, “effusive praise” for the TSA is pretty damn suspicious.

  6. Caged Insanity
    Posted April 28, 2011 at 8:40 am |

    This has absolutely nothing to do with terrorism, and everything to do with making people who know it’s a bunch of bullshit “pay the price” for daring to challenge the constitutionality of being required to let someone sexually molest you and your child.
    People have been raising concerns about TSA practices and complaining about TSA doing a lot of perverse and illegal stuff, so they are going to force people to shut up.

  7. geezerette
    Posted April 28, 2011 at 8:41 am |

    Wollf –way up in Michigan? When you say up are you referring to the U.P. of Michigan? Unless you’re 6 yrs old or 80 and asked to take you wig off( happened to a friends mother) no need to worry—

  8. Melissa In Texas
    Posted April 28, 2011 at 9:19 am |

    fraudulent documents.

  9. mojo
    Posted April 28, 2011 at 9:43 am |

    “Fine, go ahead. But be aware that I reserve the right to deck your fat ass if you grab my junk.”

  10. Colonel Jerry USMC
    Posted April 28, 2011 at 9:53 am |

    Sooo, can I get a TSA ball cap and grab va ja jas, calling it *mission creep*?

    What?? No, *I`m* not the creep; the *mission is!* Geesh….. aww nevermind–

  11. Caged Insanity
    Posted April 28, 2011 at 11:11 am |

    That being said, do I get a pass under the ADA? Or should I buy a cool t-shirt from Cafepress with some meaningful slogan, like “Bipolar Awareness – End the Stigma” so I can legitimately scream, “DON’T FUCK WITH ME, BITCH!” and they have to let me?

    Bi-polar doesn’t exist. Like ADD, ADHD, and other so-called “dissorders”, it is an imaginary condition dreamed up by doctors to accommodate people who are simply looking for excuses to be lazy, violent, assholes.
    There is no evidence of any sort that proves it exists. There are no tests that can gauge the mythical “imbalance” of chemicals in the brain, and the “medication” handed to bi-polars is nothing more than a pharmaceutical invention to make money by helping these people live their life of laziness and obscenity.
    Same goes with Torrets Syndrome and stuttering. Just people who want excuses and attention.
    It’s only a mental disorder in that they find it a convenient way to get away with things that would otherwise land them in jail for years. Some asswipe goes and takes a hostage, maybe shoots someone, then claims insanity because “I’m bi-polar, and was off my meds!” and walks away free so long as he sees a “councelor” once a month for a year.
    Same applies for epilepsy. They just have chosen a different way to get attention. Scream, fall down, flail around, and look at all the people who suddenly want to pay attention to you.
    The reality of life is there is no such thing as a “mental dissorder”. Neurosis, psychosis, bi-polar, epilepsy, schizophrenia, etc. are all just one form of excuse or another for people to be assholes and attention whores.
    Of course now it has all caught on and it’s become “popular” to have a “mental dissorder”. Cafepress and the like make millions off of these so called “disabilities” and tax payers pay billions to keep these morons happy, lazy, and anti-social. The fact that these “diseases” were accepted by the US Government just goes to show how much the democrats are desperately trying to get anyone and everyone to vote for them. “You can be an asshole and get away with it, just vote for me and I’ll make sure you get a free paycheck!”.

    TSA is chock full of those very people. People who get off on molesting children but claim it’s a “problem” they have which can only be fixed by a government handout and a big screen TV (gotta watch American Idol, you know).

    And every day that passes, more and more doctors give out these diagnosis’ like candy. They don’t have the balls to tell mom and dad that little Timmy is just a fucking jerk and needs his ass whooped hard-time at home, and on top of that they get a big fat check once a month for the life of the kid by requiring the parents to bring Timmy in for therapy. Not to mention the kickback they get from the Pharm companies for pushing the latest placebo labeled as a miracle cure for an imaginary disease.

    Idiots, all of them. They are a drag on America that needs to be culled.

  12. Posted April 28, 2011 at 11:57 am |

    CI…. I know people with Bi-polar disorder… and yes it does exist. I have witnessed manic episodes followed quickly by non-stop tears. I believe it does exist.

  13. The Digital Hairshirt
    Posted April 28, 2011 at 3:12 pm |

    Caged Insanity, I’ll remember your words the next time I think about killing myself. Thanks. Oh wait – there won’t be a next time because I’m getting treatment now. Sleeping, too, something I haven’t done well in awhile.

    BTW, my brother has Tourette’s. Not an extreme case, no yelling profanities or yipping, just nervous blinks, tics, and compulsive hand wringing. But he’s just doing it for attention, right? Good thing his employer doesn’t mind.

    My best friend stuttered horribly as a child, and it was only through counseling was he able to control it as an adult. ‘Course, maybe it had something to do with the childhood sexual abuse he had to endure . . . nah, it was just for attention.

    But I guess you’re right. After all, if my bipolar disease wasn’t imaginery, I’d never have gotten through law school.

    Yeah, you’re right, buddy – my bipolar isn’t an explanation for some crazy ass shit on my part, it’s just an excuse for bad behavior.

    So I’ll own up to this next bit . . . fuck you.

  14. twomoonz
    Posted April 28, 2011 at 3:32 pm |

    Just repeat after me, 2+2=5, 2+2=5…..there we go… we can all just keep moving along.

  15. Caged Insanity
    Posted April 28, 2011 at 4:11 pm |

    Yes, well I suppose the “fuck you” is well deserved, as I assumed my sarcasm was thick enough that I didn’t need a /sarc tag.

  16. Caged Insanity
    Posted April 28, 2011 at 4:25 pm |

    Actually, I’m not going to stop there. What I said was completely in sarcasm, however what I wrote was written from the heart of one who is tired of that exact attitude permeating this forsaken country when it comes to people who suffer from mental disorders. However your comment did set me off on all of it because I didn’t take it as the joke it was apparently supposed to be.

  17. Steve Skubinna
    Posted April 28, 2011 at 6:48 pm |

    My job requires handling ordnance. In some assignments I have worked, lived, eaten and slept on top of five thousand tons of it. It also requires that I carry a sidearm. In places these TSA jackholes only see on the news. Last year I drove a ship loaded with fuel, ammo and stores through the Strait of Hormuz at 28 knots as Pasdaran missile boats harrassed us a few hundred yards away.

    So yeah, it chaps my ass dealing with the preening Barney Fifes who couldn’t manage a school crossing but who pretend to be security professionals protecting me. If I didn’t have to fly to get to my job I wouldn’t fly at all.

  18. JimB
    Posted April 29, 2011 at 5:52 am |

    The TSA follies won’t stop until the majority of the public refuses to fly. Once all of the airlines see a major drop in revenue new more effective but passenger friendly rules will be applied.

  19. Merovign
    Posted April 29, 2011 at 6:52 pm |

    Caged Insanity – the joke was not obvious enough. I was gonna rip you a fracking new one.

    Did manage to derail the thread, though.