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Now with eXXXtra iron

Remember Anthony Weiner [D-With Pix!] The one who said selling antique gold coins was a rip-off if they weren’t priced at melt-value? Yanno — this *shudder* weener.

He was once sponging off his girlfriend who was Jon Clown Nose ON Stewart’s roommate. In SoHo. In 2009, he commented on the Daily Show:

Anthony Weiner: I don’t like the idea that there’s such a cynical view of politics and government.

City Scoops: But you understand why that cynicism exists, right?

AW: Do I understand why that cynicism exists? Yes. I think it exists because of Jon’s show.

CS: Do you really?

AW: We could have the circular argument if you want. I think it accelerates itself. I think there becomes a feedback loop that’s corrosive. Congressmen do dumb things, yes, then are highlighted for doing dumb things, and highlighted some more, and people watch it and say that congressmen do dumb things, and so then when another congressman does a dumb thing, it’s like, “Well, my audience wants to watch a congressman do a dumb thing,” and then the audience laughs at the congressman doing a dumb thing, and then Jon says, “Hey, I got a great scam here, lemme go find another congressman doing a dumb thing,” and where do I get in? Where do I get in not doing a dumb thing? Not being a bozo?

They just write themselves…


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