For Teh Chiiiildreeeeeeeen

“Give me a child until he is seven and I will give you the man”

The teachers in Kleptofornia have a Plan — a Lesson Plan — to …address the election.

First, scare Teh Chiiiildren: [emphasis mine]

It’s long, but I found it most enlightening as I annotated it, below.

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Dear Staff,

Tomorrow, I hope that you will take the time to put all lessons aside and talk to our students about what has happened and how they feel. Please, let them speak and be heard. Let them say what is on their minds, [on *their* minds - haaahahahahahahaha] this is crucial for our school and our community. Let us please not sidestep the fact that a racist and sexist man has become the president of our country by pandering to a huge racist and sexist base. [yes, kidz: there is a *huuuuuuge* (ISWYDT) Raaaacist and Sexist base. our there. somewhere… ] (This is not about labeling, this is about facts, Paul Ryan even stated:
“Claiming a person can’t do their job because of their race is sort of like the textbook definition of a racist comment,” Ryan said at a press conference in Washington Tuesday to unveil a new anti-poverty plan. [that’s one[1] “fact” – which is not really a fact #PostTruth ]

Lesson Plan/s:


– Students express their concerns and voice their thoughts/feelings
– Students speak about their lived experiences with racism, sexism and the phobias [”The Phobias” is that a thing?]
– Students gain empowerment/hope through discussion [how, exactly do Teh Chiiiildren gain “empowerment” through a group whinging? sounds like *dis*empowerment…]
– Students feel safe and respected [seems like the point is to make them feel *unsafe*] (whether they are for or against Trump) [bwaaaahahahhahahahahhaha]
– Anti-Racist/Anti-Sexist/Anti-Islamophobic/Anti-Homophobic, ANTI-HATE (etc.,) teaching lenses are magnified and put into full use [this must be some sort of *lingo* as it makes no sense in English…] tomorrow and students should come away with an understanding of this through discussions held in class/norms established [well, “understanding” may not be the word you wand, tho I’m sure kids will become very clear what is allowed and what will earn them a beating — verbal of course…]
– Students gain a knowledge of the context of American racial violence, sexism etc., [act as if our base concept is already proven and concentrate on the supporting points. when asked to establish the base concept, would the response be “White Men !!!1!!”]
– Students will also learn about propaganda [first hand!] and see how Trump has been quoted saying things he has not said, but they have [yeah… whaaa?] and will also see and discuss legitimate facts [as ollosed to *illegitimate facts*?!?], ie what he has said and admitted saying through viewing the information provided on the Last Week Tonight Show by John Oliver. [the Official Source of Legitimate Facts — late nite TV]
– Students will gain a deeper understanding of what motivates Trump supporters through watching the TrumpLand by Michael Moore documentary and participating in a discussion [another perpetual source of Legitimate Facts…]
– Feel free to add more objectives

Here are some recommendations for how to conduct a discussion:

Establish some norms if possible:
– One Mic
– Respect [for One POV]
– Confidentiality [it’s a public discussion…]
– Step up Step Down [???]
– Speak your truth [as opposed to Legitimate Facts?]
– Stay engaged
– Add whatever the students want to add (you can ask for them to limit or not use profanity here as well if that is important to you) [rly?]

What has happened? Let the students speak one at a time. PLEASE VALIDATE STUDENTS FEELINGS. [what if they are operating those feeeelings on the basis of No Facts? ] Example: “What you are saying is valid,” or “I hear you,” “I support you, I understand you.” “you are right and this is unjust.” [yanno — “Norm Setting”] Let them speak, guide the discussion, use a talking piece if necessary. [like a stick? or a Fact?]

(I know that they might curse and swear, but you would too if you have suffered under the constructs of white supremacy or experienced sexism, or any isms or lack of privilege. [yanno one of the “privileges” we didn’t have when I was a kid? Cussing.] You would especially do so if you have not yet developed all of the tools necessary to fight this oppression. [OR if you had not yet developed the ability to to tell fact from hype. and thus we establish - via *norms* and when they are transgressable - that *this* is an exceptionally baaaad situation. *p00f* ] It is our job to help them develop these tools, ie the language etc., [it’ your job to help ‘em learn to cuss well?] Let’s not penalize and punish our youth for how they express themselves at this stage.) (Hate mongering people see this as an invitation to use profanity, keep your hate to yourselves, our students are not hateful.) [even the ones shouting “F^@# Trump” and “Kill Trump” ?] [Nice use of technique, there: “Hate mongering people see this as…” so if one believes in *setting the norm* of a certain decorum and *encouraging* the ability to express strong thoughts utilizing the available range of language that isn’t cussing, one is, therefore, necessarily, a “Hatemonger*. I dare ya to substantiate that argument. g’head… ]

Offer hope, upliftment. [why not offer actual words] EMPOWERMENT. Offer them opportunities to do well in class, uplift themselves and their communities [as all kids have already been divided into *commuuuunities* (read: racial sub-groups) therefore if one does well it “uplifts” the whole. taken as a given that the individual carries the community on his shoulders. always. what a burden…] . Ask them what they would like to do [lunch!!!] or express. Can we come up with a plan to uplift our school community? [each riding the shoulders of each other. oof] To say that we will not let anyone reign over us [”reign over us”? maybe re-read the part of the Constitution that covers the job of the POTUS?] or have the power to dictate what we consider our basic human rights? [again, who do you think the POTUS is?!?] Make a list for a plan on how we can uplift ourselves/fight oppression here at school even if we cannot control the rest of the country.

[ya see Teh Narrative emerging, here…]

Tell them: We do not have to go anywhere, not Canada [or Mexico! why does no one threaten to move to Mexico?!?], not ‘back’ to any place we came from. We also do not have to give in to brutality [Moar of Teh Narrative] , police or otherwise, verbal or physical. Ever. We have rights and we REFUSE TO BE DENIED. WE DEMAND JUSTICE AND EQUALITY. WE WILL KEEP ON FIGHTING. Please relate this to your students. Tomorrow and every day must be a day of empowerment. This is not a Peer Resources philosophy [whaa??] , this is an Anti-Racist, anti-sexist, anti-islamophobic & anti-homophobic philosophy. This is a philosophy about upliftment, hope and justice. [*cough*…unless one is a white Trump supporter*cough*]

DO NOT: Tell them that we have LOST and that we have to accept this. [oh?] We do not have to accept ANYTHING [oh?] except that we must and will fight for justice against an unjust system and against unjust people. (messages of empathy and uplifting our students are important). Accepting the legal process, and talking about our right to hold our president accountable) [and properly using punctuation. …and words …in skool]

(HOW TO GAIN ALLIES) Finally, the vexing question: How to change the minds of so many in America who are so racist [rly?], sexist, etc etc., I think the following resources can help shape that discussion. If you are not interested in the minds of others [odd phrase, that], especially in middle America [they mean ‘fly-over America. to whom they consider themselves superior.], you can focus on the upliftment of ourselves and our own community here at MHS. Come up with a plan. (A simple 5 point plan).

I hope that you will attempt any or all of this. Reach out to me if you need help.

Lesson plan for 11/9:

My Lesson 1:

How are you feeling today? What are your thoughts, feelings, reactions to Trump’s election.
Validation (validate students)
What are your greatest concerns about the current situation?
Create two posters: students will answer the questions with markers:
— Poster A: “If you could talk to Trump supporters, what would you say/ask?” (This is prefaced with a conversation about what it means to humanize ourselves [WTF does that mean? are you not already humans?]. How we will not engage in dehumanizing those who dehumanize us… i.e. profanity [permissible but dehumanizing?] etc.,)
Poster B: “Things we can do to uplift our community here at Mission High School” (examples: conduct circles to talk about this issue, or any issues important to students, have an assembly, promote healthy environment through various channels etc., making t-shirts: “make America great for the first time.” [I see they don’t teach History thus the extra time ]

7. Collectively [how else?] review all the comments that students wrote. Highlight what stands out the most [Delphi Technique] . Students break into 2 groups to work on the issues they care about the most/take action/create a plan.

8. Carry out the plan (this looks different at every school).

RESOURCES for the above Lesson:

1. Michael Moore Documentary/Clip from Trumpland:
Some scaffolding needed: key words: 1. Brexit 2. Orwelian 3. Right wing 4. Left wing

2. Last Week Tonight, By John Oliver:
(Trump’s policies @ 6:00, Media propaganda: 11:00min)

3. People disenfranchised and prevented from voting: Eighty percent of Rikers Prisoners not convicted felons, yet not allowed to vote:
Journalist Victoria Law breaks down misinformation about voting rights for NYC prisoners.

This is how Teh Narrative is taught and developed, through “norms” and the breaking thereof, through which “Facts” and “Truths” are legitimized, noting what “Facts” are taken for granted as “Truth” — assumed; not demonstrated, not proven, not discussed — noting what is considered “references,” and seeing what is not even taught and listed as “special knowledge” like American History [a we were taught and lived it], literature [like Orwell], or current events [Brexit]. And we’re *paying* for that …”edge-u-ma-kashun”.

Yet there is the assumption that these children have been glued to cable news watching the election build-up [like we were as middle skoolers *eyeroll*] and actually have any “feeeelings” about it at all — until Teacher puts them some Fearmongering.

And that is why school vouchers are such a good idea.


  1. DougM (stand down the SMOD watch)
    Posted November 20, 2016 at 11:26 am |

    Listen up, children.
    Today, your teachers are gonna tell you to listen to your “feelings” and that it’s okay to be afraid of a mean ol’ ugly racist sexist homophobic guy named Trump who wants to send your parents away and put you in a concentration camp.
    First, they’re full of crap. It’s pure propaganda which has no place in public schools.
    Second, and I want to make this perfectly clear… if your “feelings” include the need to point & laugh or to make the “loser” sign on your forehead, well, that’s fine, too.

  2. mech
    Posted November 20, 2016 at 11:32 am |

    Far too many ‘educators’ are involved in the schools. We need more managers who will observe the process, best practices, and flush out the indoctrination so that the end product: children who can read and write and think, is of the best quality.

    (see Bill Whittle, Mr. Virtual President–Education)

  3. OldFert
    Posted November 20, 2016 at 2:55 pm |

    When I worked at IRS in the ’70s, my section got returns that bounced out on the “error loop” which meant the returns had errors on them and had to be fixed (bad math, stuff on the wrong line, and so forth).
    “Educators” had a lot more mistakes than “Teachers.”

  4. dick, not quite dead white guy
    Posted November 20, 2016 at 6:38 pm |

    school vouchers are such a good idea. And abolition of the Federal Department of Education, Common Core and outlawing the unionization of government employees at any level.
    The NEA must go!