Idiocracy!!! and beyond!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!


Coupla examples from the Vision of those who are the Primary Threat to Western Civilization:

“Those who have been blessed the most, who have disproportionately extracted, by whatever skill, more and more from the national wealth, they’re going to have to share more of that,”

–CA Gov. Jerry I smell mustard Brown 11/11/12

Yep. If we listen to Teh Elites™, we must be forever doomed to fighting over which group gets how big a slice of the One Pie we will be allowed to have by Teh Elites™. Instead of creating [read: continuing] a civilization which frees the Individual to make more pies, we raise up The Group and reduce every Individual to a mere representative.

[just wondering... what might one do if one is AfricanAmerican and Amerind and GynoAmerican and HandiCapable and LGBT+ -- whatinhell hat do ya wear? Is there a point system? What if one is SouthSeaIslander [+1] and male [-1] and LGBT& [+1] and HandiCapable [+1] and really wealthy from selling some widget you’ve invented [-1 for every dollar you have] It’s all so confusing… I need these things to be written down, clearly and simply — some kinda scorecard, maybe? laminated for durability.]

Coincidentally those same Elites™ who write long, whinging complaints [disguised as eeeempathy] about the lack of sophistication of the Uneducated Underclasses™ want to create moar people to pity.

“Generally, more highly educated people, who have higher incomes, consume more resources than poorly educated people, who tend to have lower incomes,” explains a UN “toolkit” for global “sustainable” education,which is still posted online at UNESCO’s website. “In this case, more education increases the threat to sustainability.”

The UN spends a lot of energy to promote “human rights” — without mentioning those are simply “government-given rights,” revokable on whim. [nevar a mention that "government" is simply "Other People-Not You"] These are not the “certain unalienable Rights” with which we are “endowed by our Creator”.

Those are the Rights™ Government — Other People-Not You — choose to give us. …from time to time. …on loan. …til they take ‘em back. …if they’re deemed unsustainable. …or something.

How they gonna do that, you might ask.

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From the UNESCO guide to Education for Sustainable Development.

The challenge for communities in the process of creating ESD curriculums will be to select knowledge that will support their sustainability goals. An accompanying challenge will be to let go of those topics that have been successfully taught for years but are no longer relevant.

Like History? Logic? Ethics? Science?

NB: there’s some sort of code embedded in this pdf that changes the text to garbage when copy/pasted… funny, that. re-typing, here…

Guidelines for Sustainable Development

To identify a knowledge base [what does that even mean? Known Unknowns? Unknowing Knowns?] that will support sustainability goals, citizens must first select goals. [educating for *outcome* - not for capability, adaptability or usefulness? hm... To help in this process here is a list of statements, conditions, and guidelines for sustainability which have been identified by prominent authors. [their "prominence" being their only recommendation?]

Herman Daly, author of For the Common Good: Redirecting the Economy toward Community, the Environment, and a Sustainable Future, gives three conditions of a sustainable society:

(1)Rates of use of renewable resources do not exceed their rates of regeneration.

(2) Rates of use of nonrenewable resources do not exceed the rate at which sustainable renewable substitutes are developed. [how do ya even measure that -- comparing apples 'n' toyotas]

(3) Rates Of pollution emission do not exceed the assimilative capacity of the environment. [again, given the public failure of Mann's Hockey Stick measurements, not so sure I trust your measuring capabilities...]

Other authors consider peace, equity, and justice necessary for a sustainable society.

Donnella Meadows, author of Limits to Growth, outlined the general guidelines for restructuring world systems toward sustainability:

1.Minimize the use of nonrenewable resources.

2. Prevent erosion of renewable resources.

3. Use all resources with maximum efficiency.

4. Slow and eventually stop exponential growth of population and physical capital.
[let's take a moment to think that through... Does "stop exponential growth of population" mean 'stop people from having children? (which The West and Japan are already doing) ...what about Africa? India? China tried it -- how'd that work out? And what is meant by "stop the growth of physical capital"? Isn't that SmartTalk™ for "make people poorer?"]
5.Monitor the condition of resources, the natural environment, and the welfare of humans. Improve response time for environmental stress. [who, exactly, will be "monitoring the welfare of humans?" What criteria will they use? Who selects that criteria? What if those humans being "monitored" disagree with that criteria and think they're not doing so well as the "monitors" say they are? What then? Is that what your "re-form of education" is actually designed to address??]

Julian Agyeman, Assistant Professor at Tufts University, interprets that ["sustainability"] places great emphasis upon the need to ensure a better quality of life for all [how, exactly, in the Real World does one *ensure* that?], in a just and equitable manner [who decides that?], whilst living within the limits of supporting ecosystems.” [isn't Humanity *part of* the Natural Ecosystem?]

Of course [phrase used to signal unexamined presuppositions...], communities must choose culturally appropriate [does that mean it's ok for *some* folks to use burning hydrocarbons and *other folks* to be restricted to solar/wind? cuz it's their *culture*] and locally relevant [what does that even mean?] sustainability goals that reflect their current and future life conditions and needs [what does that even mean?]. With time, major guiding principles selected for the curriculum will become infused into local worldviews.

wow. That’s quite an undertaking they’ve set for themselves. Without so much as a by-your-leave… Trying to manage all the “resources” all over the world whilst “monitoring” the “welfare of humans,” and “ensuring a better quality of life for all”. …every single one of us? And doing it in a “just and equitable manner”… whatever that means…

Imagine what it will take to accomplish those goals…

I remind myself this is called Education for Sustainable Development. That’s about resource management and how not to poop where ya eat — Teh Environment, right? Not so fast… There is a “Social Strand” to the web they weave:

The contributions of the environmental education and science education communities to the environmental strand of ESD have been well-documented in the literature; however, equal attention has not been focused on the social and economic strands. Yet, the efforts of schools to create more just, peaceable, and equitable societies [what does that even mean?] suggest that the social strand appears to be well-developed in many countries. In fact, schools that have programs in multicultural education, anti-racist education, gender equity, anti-bullying, and peace education contribute substantially to the social strand of ESD.

How is “multicultural” a Value when what they seek is a single Cultural Value System, “educated” into and enforced by a single governmental system?

Does that means we will be allowed to keep our colorful native costumes and heritage foods? Nevermind our cultural Values which are incompatible with those of the multi- cultures with whom we are expected to live. Will some be forced to give up their Valued Colorful Native Hijab — or will I be expected to add one to my Colorful Native Costume [spoiler: not happening]? How do I keep my dog or horse safe from the Heritage Cooking Pot of my neighbor?

The initial step in launching an ESD program is to develop awareness within the educational community and the public that reorienting education to achieve sustainability is essential [what does that even mean? "Essential" to whom? For what?]. If government officials or school district administrators are unaware of the critical linkages between education and sustainable development, reorienting education to address sustainable development will not occur. When people realize that education can improve the likelihood of implementing national policies, regional land and resource management programs, and local programs, then education is in a position to be reoriented to help achieve sustainability. This awareness forms the essential first step in the reorienting process. [Actually, "when people realize" they will have zero say in "implementing national policies, regional land and resource management programs, and local programs," things may not go so well for ya...]

Fortunately, at the international level [it's just actual people ya may have problems with], ESD is recognized as important and central to the success of sustainable development around the world. …

So…. whatcher sayin’ is that Sustainaility™ doesn’t mean “using resources that re-grow or can continue to be used without harm”: it means multicultural education, anti-racist education, gender equity, anti-bullying, and peace education to create “more just, peaceable, and equitable societies”.

And they’re prepared to bully people into giving up the parts of their culture which don’t agree with TheElites’™ Vision. …using Iron, I guess.

Full-on Social Engineering; regardless of the preferences of the Individuals involved. Thru Education!!!™.

Gee… ya think it’ll be like the GlobalWarming-All-Stars flying their G5s around the world to scold you ‘n’ me to stop driving our pick-ups and admonish the Third Worlders that they are limited to industries that can be run on solar/wind-power? …only more so?


  1. MikeG
    Posted July 17, 2017 at 2:41 pm |

    What happens to the “poorly educated” (I have little more than a high school diploma) who make a boatload of money?

  2. DougM (flawed chap)
    Posted July 17, 2017 at 4:21 pm |

    Sounds like a dorm bull session.
    Or what you say when you’re tryin’ to get into the pants of that cute coed with the peace symbol.
    Or when your job doesn’t depend on producing real-life results.

  3. OldFert
    Posted July 17, 2017 at 4:35 pm |

    Why are we even still associated with the UN?
    I mean, geez, they still haven’t finished that mess they made in Korea. Or did they sorta just bug out from that responsibility?

  4. Paul Moore
    Posted July 17, 2017 at 5:00 pm |

    Don’t get that card laminated. All rules in Calvinball are subject to change at any time.

  5. dick, not quite dead white guy
    Posted July 17, 2017 at 6:38 pm |

    If we could relocate the UN to northern Niger or Chad, they could play the zero-sum game of acquiring grains of sand, which would keep them out of our hair for decades.
    There may be a problem of getting around, but once you’re there in the southern Sahara, plenty of parking in the dunes.

    Yannow, we’re drowned in studies and polls. But still, after reading the bilge Claire cited, I’d like some university to do a serious poll on whether or not the UN is the most useless organization in dollars per capita in the world.

  6. Claire: rebellious pink pig with car keys - and a *cause*
    Posted July 17, 2017 at 9:50 pm |

    Dick — make it “whether or not the UN is the most useless destructive organization in dollars per capita in the world” and I’ll toss in a sawbuck.

  7. MikeAZ
    Posted July 18, 2017 at 3:45 am |

    Why do people still pay any attention to anything that comes out of the U.N. and doesn’t go right into a dumpster? I mean, aside from, maybe, comic relief? One of the first political stands I can remember taking in my adult life was to side with those wanting to get the U.N. out of the U.S. That’s been nearly 50 years now. I’m disappointed at the lack of results.

  8. Daemon
    Posted July 18, 2017 at 10:01 am |


    Make the world more like Zimbabwe.

  9. MPH
    Posted July 18, 2017 at 11:18 am |

    “Those who have been blessed the most, who have disproportionately extracted, by whatever skill, more and more from the national wealth, they’re going to have to share more of that,”

    Let me translate that for you Jerry: “Those who have, through ingenuity or hard work, provided their fellow citizens with goods and/or services that they desired, and so have been rewarded by those citizens with wealth, have to be punished by the government for being so helpful to society”.

    Anyone who doesn’t understand that in a capitalist system, you only get ahead legally by providing your fellow citizens with something they WANT, is a complete moron. And also, possibly, Jerry Brown. The idea that such people “have” to be punished is something only a moron would believe.

  10. DougM (flawed chap)
    Posted July 18, 2017 at 11:32 am |

    What authoritarians find so horrifying is that personal freedom and free markets don’t depend on authorities as much as they depend on private cooperation.
    (Crony capitalism is not a free-market sect.)

    Authoritarian systems find it easier to work with homogeneous populations.
    Some tend towards the lowest-common-denominator approach,
    while others tend towards the Procrustean approach.
    Freedom and private commerce are too messy and can’t be controlled by them.

    In any case, all authoritarian regimes evolve towards an organized-crime model anyway.
    The more petty the crook, the more likely he will be a thief. Same for governments; and the UN is a club for governments, the pettier the better.

  11. Posted July 18, 2017 at 1:00 pm |

    I’d say the UN is a club for murderous dictator governments.
    Taiwan cannot be a member and Israel cannot be on the Security Council, because murderous commies and murderous theocrats want it that way.

    That’s all you really need to know about the UN.

    I use to want the UN to be moved to Haiti, but what the heck, leave it in that commie paradise in NY. They deserve each other.

  12. Blake
    Posted July 19, 2017 at 6:07 am |

    I look at the bilge put out by the UN and realize these people would be perfectly happy to turn the world into North Korea as long as they remain in charge.

  13. Gwillie's phone
    Posted July 19, 2017 at 10:37 pm |

    Why do the plans for the new UN re-education camp look a lot like Auschwitz-Birkenau

  14. Posted July 20, 2017 at 2:40 am |

    they’re going to have to share more of that

    My experience is that a statement like that means that they TAKE the money from YOU and you get NOTHING in return.

    It’s not so much “sharing” as it is……robbery.

  15. Blake
    Posted July 22, 2017 at 4:24 pm |

    ^It’s purely protection you’re paying. You’re trying to keep from being stood against a wall and shot.