Raising or lowering the bar?

Wellp, reckon it depends on whether it’s the high jump or a limbo contest.

I like the kind of press conference where somebody spreads their arms and bellows, “Are you not entertained?!

News ref (“cosmopolitan bias” is my new favorite phrase)
Bon mot (employed above)
What you tell yourself on the way home after getting your ass handed to you.
Oregon Muse’s take over ta Ace of Spades

(What? Nope, reckon self-identifying as a journalist doesn’t make you one.)

Thoughtful, detailed comments should prob’ly be made in Claire’s post above,
while the snarky ones prob’ly apply here.

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  1. Merle
    Posted August 4, 2017 at 9:11 am |

    high school grads expected to read English?
    what are you – a racist? :)
    how about ebonics instead – or maybe spanish?