“Shut Up!!” they reasoned and Get OUT!!!

…pour encourager les autres

who saw this coming??!?

James Damore, whose manifesto criticizing the politically correct corporate culture at Google prompted outrage from left-wing employees and social justice warriors online, revealed that he had been fired in an email to Breitbart Tech on Monday evening.

His “crime”?

“They just fired me for ‘perpetuating gender stereotypes.’”


[Google CEO Sundar Pichai wrote] “To suggest a group of our colleagues have traits that make them less biologically suited to that work is offensive and not OK,”

The worst possible Proggie condemnation: “Not ok.”

So did glooooogleevial fire up its massive research capabilities [gloogle it!!!1!!] and set about refuting the claims and ideas set forth in the internal memo?

Oh, Hellz NO!
for that is not Teh Way of Teh Proggie™

Alinsky Rule 13: “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions.

And it serves as a lesson to the others….

What vile things did this fellow write? Did he say da bitches oughta stay in the kitchen and get me a dam sammich? not so much…

Here is what he wrote. I’ll excerpt a few bits for illustrative porpoises.

Let’s start with his last footnote…

[11] Political correctness is defined as “the avoidance of forms of expression or action that are perceived to exclude, marginalize, or insult groups of people who are socially disadvantaged or discriminated against,” which makes it clear why it’s a phenomenon of the Left and a tool of authoritarians.

kinda sez it all, there… But what about his Seeeexist™ comments? “Perpetuating gender stereotypes”


Viewpoint diversity is arguably the most important type of diversity and political orientation is one of the most fundamental and significant ways in which people view things differently.

Seems like he’s on to something, there. Prescient.

His argument:

We all have biases and use motivated reasoning to dismiss ideas that run counter to our internal values. … the Left tends to deny science concerning biological differences between people …

… the overwhelming majority of humanities and social scientists learn left ["lean" left? e~C](about 95%), which creates enormous confirmation bias, changes what’s being studied, and maintains myths like social constructionism and the gender wage gap[9]. Google’s left leaning makes us blind to this bias and uncritical of its results, which we’re using to justify highly politicized programs.

In addition to the Left’s affinity for those it sees as weak, humans are generally biased towards protecting females. As mentioned before, this likely evolved because males are biologically disposable and because women are generally more cooperative and areeable [sic] than men. We have extensive government and Google programs, fields of study, and legal and social norms to protect women, but when a man complains about a gender issue issue [sic] affecting men, he’s labelled as a misogynist and whiner[10]. Nearly every difference between men and women is interpreted as a form of women’s oppression. As with many things in life, gender differences are often a case of “grass being greener on the other side”; unfortunately, taxpayer and Google money is spent to water only one side of the lawn.

I like that phrase… money is spent to water only one side of the lawn.

– Google’s political bias has equated the freedom from offense with psychological safety, but shaming into silence is the antithesis of psychological safety.

–This silencing has created an ideological echo chamber where some ideas are too sacred to be honestly discussed.

–The lack of discussion fosters the most extreme an authoritarian elements of this ideology.

– Extreme: all disparities in representation are due to oppression [common Proggie Idea]

–Authoritarian: we should discriminate to correct for this oppression

– Differences in distributions of traits between men and women may in part explain why we don’t have 50% representation of women in tech and leadership. Discrimination to reach equal representation is unfair, divisive, and bad for business.

[wonky spacing from the original]

Throughout, this fella takes every opportunity to signal that he is part of the Believers In-Crowd re Global Worms and other Proggie tropes, as a signal “I am One of You – don’t kill me”. But…

On average, men and women biologically differ in many ways. These differences aren’t just socially constructed because:

– They’re universal across human cultures
– They often have clear biological causes and links to prenatal testosterone
– Biological males that were castrated at birth and raised as females often still identify and act like males
– The underlying traits are highly heritable
– They’re exactly what we would predict from an evolutionary psychology perspective

Glooooooogle firing up those research engines yet? — …erm, Nope.

Gathering to screech “Burn The Witch!!!1!!!!” “Beat the shiite out of him!!1!!!!”– Yep.

If we can’t have an honest discussion about this, then we can never truly solve the problem. [or even *define* the problem. But that's not important to Proggies.] Psychological safety is built on mutual respect and acceptance, but unfortunately our culture of shaming and misrepresentation is disrespectful and unaccepting of anyone outside its echo chamber.

You had no idea when you wrote this, son…

Google’s political bias has equated the freedom from offense with psychological safety, but shaming into silence is the antithesis of psychological safety.

…The same compassion for those seen as weak creates political correctness[11], which constrains discourse and is complacent to the extremely sensitive PC-authoritarians that use violence and shaming to advance their cause. While Google hasn’t harbored the violent leftists protests that we’re seeing at universities, the frequent shaming in TGIF and in our culture has created the same silence, psychologically unsafe environment.

Yes. But such is the inherent price of living by Group Identity — Group Think. …which must be enforced. Cuz very few normal people actually “think” that way.

Gloogle started discriminating in its hiring practices [against white males][duh.] because it believes that its employee population Ought To™ reflect — exactly — the population of the nation in percentages of race and [declared? natal? chosen? ooooo, it's gettin messy up in herrrr] gender.

That, on its face, is a silly idea. Instead of just hiring the most skilled candidates for their available jobs, they feeeel they must hire people based on their race/gender Identy Groups™.

How is that even accomplished??! I’m sure it isn’t good enough to have the percentages reflected in the whole company — that could lead to particular groups being relegated to the janitorial or “drudge work” sectors…

Alienating conservatives is both non-inclusive and generally bad business because conservatives tend to be higher in conscientiousness, which is require for much of the drudgery and maintenance work characteristic of a mature company.

[Conservatives as adults capable of mature behavior like self-disipline... what an idea! see? tolja the writer wasn't a Conservative -- just a fairly observant fella living in a Proggie stew]

Therefore these Identity Group™ percentages must be reflected in every group/department within the company. If ya got a five member group, howinhell do ya find five people who — individually or collectively*cough* — reflect 75% white, 13% Black, 5% Asian, 1% “Native”, 17% “Hispanic” [whatever that means], 0.2% Pacific Islander, ?% Arabic, ?!% Indian sub-continent-er, ?%whatfreakin’ever of the 57 ‘genders’? One could search for years to find someone Properly Group Identified™ — much less one with even the most basic job-required skillz.

But, because even asking the question is soooooo threatening to Gloooooooogle Proggie Kulcha that they must re-enforce the social norm that anyone who Questions Authority or Speaks Truth to Powah Will. Be. Banished. into the Outer Darkness.

Could there be a clearer demonstration that Google Is Evial?

…well, maybe if they took up this White Man’s Invention™ applied to traitors and deserters:

Finish your assignment! »

The Memo has its own website! DiversityMemo.com
Complete with charts and linkys as in the original.


  1. jlw
    Posted August 8, 2017 at 10:08 am |


    Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Offers Job to Fired Google Engineer: “Censorship Is for Losers”

  2. dick, not quite dead white guy
    Posted August 8, 2017 at 10:22 am |

    If I could, I’d offer James Damore the job of WH Press Secretary or Communications Director. By his typos, I’d guess he wrote that in a stream of consciousness, and it was pretty damn good.

    He’s already made Prog heads explode and should be rewarded for that.
    I’d watch his briefings just for the enjoyment of seeing him speaking truth to power blinkered idiots.

    And his firing for telling the truth is why I’ve never had and never will have anything to do with the Googel Leviathan.

  3. DougM (flawed chap)
    Posted August 8, 2017 at 10:56 am |

    Oh, well-fistedFisked, Claire

    Foood fiiight!

    SJWs are commies.
    AntiFa are commie thugs (see: Blackshirts, Brownshirts, Bolsheviks, Red Guard, etc.).

    PC is a commie term.
    Re-education camps were instituted to handle those who were deemed to be not-PC.
    Those who didn’t “bend the knee” were sent to the dragons (firing squad, labor camp, etc.)

    (What? Commie… fascist… same thing, different uniforms. I’ll even throw islamists into that cesspool of murdering totalitarians.)

    PCness is another form of tribal narrow-mindedness: intolerance, bigotry, arrogance, meanness, peevishness, and downright pettiness.
    It depends on intellectual cowardliness, logical incompetence, and moral laziness.

    It’s very useful to the authoritarian.
    It lends an aura of political nobility to an otherwise vile pursuit.
    It’s the equivalent of wrapping yourself in the flag (except that you rend the flag and trample it as a symbol immorality) but wrapping yourself in an imaginary higher morality, instead.

    Yes! Yes, they cry! We are holier than thou!
    We care about the lepers. (No, we won’t go near ‘em; and we’ll use other-people’s money to care for ‘em, as long as they use only sustainable, eco-friendly medicine not from Israel.)
    We care about Mother Earth. (No, we won’t change our lifestyle, and we’ll use our private jets to attend environment conferences.)
    We care about intersectional groups. (No, we can’t define them; but we know them when we see them. Heck, some of our best friends are intersectionals. However, if any one of them steps outside their assigned behaviors or thinking, we will whip them for stupidly leaving the plantation where they’re cared-for and of value.)

    In response to these “King of the Andals and the First Men” wannabes, we must always remember: the smallest, most oppressed minority is the individual.

    Note for SJWs: the ultimate intersectional is the individual. When your mind grasps that, the scales will fall from your eyes; and you will have attained enough wisdom to begin peeling-off the rest of your PC grayscale.

  4. Posted August 8, 2017 at 3:59 pm |

    I use Duck Duck Go rather than Google. Google is evil.

  5. Dave
    Posted August 8, 2017 at 8:10 pm |

    Time was you just had to show for work and screw the caps on toothpaste tubes.

    And hope for the best.

  6. TheOldMan
    Posted August 9, 2017 at 9:02 pm |

    “grass being greener on the other side” Perhaps it’s because they take better care of it?