Fighting the comradification of the student masses

Nick Davis … continues to buck left-leaning tendencies at the state’s flagship campus [i.e. OSU — dm]. Recently Davis, a member of the Undergraduate Student Government’s General Assembly, declined to put his preferred gender pronouns on his name tag.

Reckon that’s kind’a like kneeling or something?

Of the 40 student senators, Davis is the only one who did not go along with adding it. The “He/him/his” “She/her/hers” additions to the name tags were not required. … “I don’t think it is necessary when it comes to myself personally,” … “If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it’s safe to assume it’s a duck. I look like a male, I sound like a male, it’s safe to assume I’m a male.”

There’s that privilege thing, again. It’s kind’a like Original Sin. You know, inherited guilt.

[T]he student government’s director of diversity and inclusion [an oxymoron, if ever I've seen one — dm], [said] the name tag additions were done “to be more inclusive and more conscious of asking about people’s pronouns instead of assuming people’s pronouns.”

But, hey, that’s nuthin’ like dividing students into stereotypical groups, so lazy/tryannical SJWS needn’t actually consider human individuality in the “normal” sense. Mebbe it’s a behavior-modification technique routinely used in the re-education camps to “cure” normalism.

New student body President … and Vice President … campaigned on the platform to lead a student government that is more representative of the undergraduate student body and more supportive for inclusivity. [by assigning students to stereotypical groups — dm]

“This is simple, really. In respect of everyone in the organization, we chose to include pronouns on nametags so everyone knows what they are [that is, if they don't *quack* — dm], since we all have pronouns. Additionally, many OSU departments have done the same,” he told The Fix via e-mail. [story]

You know, suppressing individualism by forcing students’ self-identiies into the commissars’ PC pigeonholes.

(What? Uh, no, dunno what happened to usin’ the good ol’ inclusive, gender-neutral appelation “comrade.”)

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