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I’ve been wondering what really happened to prevent the Milo/Brennan/Coulter Free Speech Week at Bezerekeley. It’s not like those are unfocused people who just …wandered off from a commitment. I thought if there was some sort of bureaucratic nightmare someone would have said so, but…

I found a clue, which sounds like someone playing silly games.

There’s this thing called a force majora clause … When they gave us the contracts they said ‘ok you have three hours to sign them.’ We said, ‘wait there’s no force majora clause. What happens if we’re liable for something?’ They said, ‘there’s no mistake. Go ahead and sign it.’

So we couldn’t go ahead and sign it. That’s why we missed deadlines. … Cuz the Administration didn’t uphold their end of the process. They didn’t include what is standard in all types of contracts.

From this vid @8:00
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NB: FB linky from Milo’s page Sept. 23 12:08p
Berkeley thus made it their mission to shut down the arrangements the Berkeley Patriot made for speaking halls, and forced Berkeley Free Speech Week to be an outside-only event. [obviously insecure and unable to be secured - e~C]

To ensure the venues were lost, they wrote contracts with the Berkeley Patriot that lacked a force majeure clause. This means that the six figure security fees they were demanding were non-refundable in the event that Berkeley itself cancelled the event. Why would the students sign a contract without a force majeure clause, when the university has proven time and time again it is happy for Antifa and friends to shut down events as they stand by watching?

The what, now?

force majeure clause: Standard clause found in construction and supply contracts, it exempts the contracting parties from fulfilling their contractual obligations for causes that could not be anticipated and/or are beyond their control. These causes usually include act of God, act of man, act of parliament, and other impersonal events or occurrences. French for, superior force. Also called irresistible force.

Yep. Proglodytes playing Bureaucratic / Legal SillyBuggers with the First Amendment.

In addition, the Berezekeley Admin filed a “hate speech” “investigation” against the Berkeley Patriot group [hosts of the Free Speech Week event].

According to campus spokesperson spokesweasel Dan Mogulof, however, UC Berkeley has only opened investigations into the chalk graffiti and another hate speech incident Thursday involving posters on campus that allege members of the campus community are “terrorist supporters.” The campus investigations, Mogulof said, are not targeted at any particular group.

“We have no reason to believe that anyone in (the Berkeley Patriot) did it,” Mogulof said. “There’s no investigation going on at the Berkeley Patriot.”

Aside, Berkeley city had a “Chocolate and Chalk” “Festival in August ‘celebrating’ chalk ‘art’ on sidewalks… fwiw

Is this what they’re ‘investigating’ as a “haaaate crime”?

In preparation for Milo Yiannopoulos’ Free Speech Week at the campus which begins on Sunday, leftist groups have been placing flyers and posters all over the city to encourage unrest during the event. In response, someone put up hundreds of posters promoting free speech all around the campus on Wednesday evening.

The posters featured bold phrases such as “Mean Words Are Still Legal Words,” “Fuck Your Commie Trash,” and “This City Is Run By Thugs in Black Masks,” in reference to Antifa’s previous successful shut downs of right wing speakers — including Yiannopoulos in February. While vulgar, the only group that appears to be mentioned specifically would be Communists, and arguably Antifa.

“arguably”??!? have the Bezerekeley Chancellors suddenly taken to wandering around in black masks?

The Chalkening: Part Deux?


Ben Shapiro’s [“Say No To Campus Thuggery” ] highly-anticipated lecture at the University of California, Berkeley … chalk-wielding anti-Shapiro activists left some choice messages “‘Free Speech’ Kills,” “Fuck The Police,” and “Fuck Ben Shapiro.”

“Free Speech Kills”
Now there’s some thoughtful speech… artfully stated.

Here’s a little more …thoughtful speech as videoed by Fleccas Talks. [note Yvette Felarca (in hat) to the left of the screen next to the skreeching wymyn of kolor]. These are the people who would make our choices for us, Teh Benighted.
#TehAnnointed #TehElite

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