We are not amused

One of the entitled woke reminds everyone that
women should be empowered to exercise human
stupidity and corruption as much as any man,
while ignoring the underlying causes of their misery

Unfortunately, she reverses cause and effect

Now go to Iran, Saudi, Pakistan, etc. and let’s see how that goes.
Srsly, Your Worshipfulness, do it.
If you’re right, I’d like to see a little community change in the World’s shxtholes.
However, I’m afraid that empowerment only comes at the loss of power by the entrenched nabobery
who have brainwashed minions with a cultural license to torture and slaughter in their defense
Note: sorry about the screed.
I was originally in it just for the Queen joke;
but it looked a tad, well… insensitive, shall we say,
so I added context to avoid an inquisition