ToDaZeD Haiti-fornia *facepalm*

Life as a Prole in the NationState of Haiti-fornia — Day 2

One flushing toilet away from Life in a Turd World Country

Well, the “Wind Event” finally arrived last nite, only about 24 hours later than predictions. meh… weather; who could possibly predict it?

They said the wind on the high ridges [above 1,000 ft] would be gusting 35-45 mph with single digit humidity. I did not hike my hinder up there packing my Acme Wind-o-Meter so more I cannot say. I do know that at 500-600 feet it was gusty from time to time [maybe once an hour] from 11pm to about 3am at an estimated 15-20mph, alternating with dead calm. The Dead f’n Calm *is* an unusual weather event as we most commonly have a perpetual westerly; not even a full breeze, just fresh moving air.

In some low-lying valleys it was reported 29 degrees with hard frost overnite. so there’s that.

the power may not return until Tuesday, perhaps longer.

…the outages weren’t limited to fire-prone areas because the utilities must turn off entire distribution and transmission lines to much wider areas to minimize the risk of wildfires.


The massive interruption was designed after a growing tally of wildfires that forced the utility into bankruptcy over an estimated $30 billion in potential damages from lawsuits.

hm… checking… funny! those are the people are in the dark. imagine.

“The safety of our customers and the communities we serve is our most important responsibility, which is why PG&E has decided to turn power off to customers during this widespread, severe wind event,”

Well, that there is a pretty dang clear admission — from the company — that their equipment has been so poorly maintained over the decades that it cannot withstand winds considered normal in mountain and plains fly-over country. In 2/3 of the counties in the state. Thank you for your clarity.

California’s governor [PrettyPrettyGavin Newsome] says residents should be outraged and infuriated by news of a widespread power shut-off to prevent deadly wildfires but that the utility had no choice.


Gavin Newsom asks for timeout in PG&E takeover fight war. [JULY 24, 2019 ]



The California Public Utilities Commission issued a resolution in July 2018 supporting the use of this “last resort” tactic to mitigate the risk of wildfires. PG&E last year set out its list of criteria for the so-called public safety power shutoffs. Among the potential triggers: a National Weather Service’s declaration of a red-flag fire warning, humidity levels of below 20% percent, wind forecasts of 25 miles an hour, or gusts of 45 miles an hour.

The PUC is the state board of bureaucrats and political activists that tells the publicly held PG&E what it can and cannot do. And apparently a PUC resolution carries the force of Law. Like when it is permitted to replace aged-out equipment. Like for instance the bit of equipment that started the Camp Fire that took out Paradise CA: PG&E had been waiting a year for the permission to replace it.

PG&E has emphasized in recent weeks that full restoration of power requires visual inspection of all transmission and distribution lines throughout the affected areas. That equates to thousands of miles of overhead lines, including some in rugged areas.

…An army of linemen and engineers with a “prioritized” approach would need to inspect power lines on nearly every mile of wire after the predicted winds…

“Prioritized”. Get Oakland back online before the flats begin to go Purge [movie ref.: look it up. eek.] as they were advocating on social media last nite. And the flats aren’t even in blackout; just the hills where da rich folks live.

“Prioritized” We rurals might have power for Halloween?

No financial outlay there. Most of the fellas we’ve seen in the last coupla years are from IL, FL, MI, and points in between. Not expensive at all, eh. One group of fellas checks lines, then the next group double checks. The next group checks the work of the first group and the group after that checks the checking of the checkers. All separated by about two weeks. A month later, the cycle starts over.

I’m just hoping this gets over ‘n’ done before our water tanks run dry. [yep. we stoopud rurals need power for our pumps to get the water into the tanks.]. I love a flushing toilet. It’s like the last shred of dignity we have.

[Aside: actually I am in dang good shape because The Mister used his "Toxic Masculinity™" to set us up pretty well with a generator that will run the fridge, the tv and a little charging station for the electronics. He's calling it "glamping." I call it "Lucky Me."]

Moar info at this LATimes piece: California’s huge, humiliating power outages expose the vulnerabilities of PG&E’s power grid

“This is going to be what we do for a while… but it’s going to have to be refined, instead of just relying on this one very blunt instrument.”

The power utility in Sacramento announced it does not have any public safety power shutoffs planned while PG&E customers face power shutoffs.

The corruption and bullshitte around the PG&E cashcow has been going on since long before the Enron dealio. It’s positively Byzantine.

Instead, the scene is decidedly downbeat – not to say dark – as the proles stay downtrodden while the offspring of party elites rule the neo-capitalist market in the age of reform.
– random quotes from da innarToobs – which is still up on cellular!!!

Bemember: “As goes California, so goes the nation.”
so watch things in your own neighborhood, eh?


  1. DougM (speak three names)
    Posted October 10, 2019 at 2:18 pm |

    Get some video of the torch and pitchfork parade

    Glad you mentioned the potty-water thing.
    Hadn’t considered that, just drinkin’ & cookin’ water.
    Should be able to hang a trash bag in the toilet bowl, though

    Oh, right, need to stock-up on plastic straws, too

  2. Claire: rebellious pink pig with car keys - and a *cause*
    Posted October 10, 2019 at 3:56 pm |

    Should be able to hang a trash bag in the toilet bowl, though

    oh Hellz to the No No.
    I will glamp.
    I will camp.
    I will not act like TentCityTillie.


    I got me plenty plastic straws. Use ‘em every day.

  3. Veeshir
    Posted October 10, 2019 at 4:31 pm |

    At least all the smug elecric car owners are boned.

  4. DougM (speak three names)
    Posted October 10, 2019 at 5:27 pm |

    ^ Electric cars in wokesters’ driveways being charged by noisy, smelly portable generators… all night long

  5. Veeshir
    Posted October 10, 2019 at 9:15 pm |

    ^I would love to hear one of them explain how It’s not a gas powered car!

  6. DougM (speak three names)
    Posted October 10, 2019 at 11:45 pm |

    ^ Okay, these jokes need to go up to the front page

  7. Jess
    Posted October 11, 2019 at 4:52 am |

    The solution by the politicians will be to outlaw generators, and
    the creation of a bill to provide battery powered public car charging stations.

    As far as body waste, their solution will be a 35 page pamphlet sent to every postal patron explaining how to take care of the problem, without harming the environment. Of course, the pamphlet will be glossy paper, so using it instead of toilet paper will be a futile process.

  8. Posted October 11, 2019 at 7:44 am |

    Democrats never want to FIX a problem, they just react to problems.

    I’m a fixer.

    What if we had hundreds and hundreds of buckets at the Mexican border used to catch the tears of the asylum seeking illegals – those full buckets of tears would then be transferred to tanker trucks which would then head up to the California hills and be used to water all of the dry brush thus alleviating the fire danger.


  9. rickn8or
    Posted October 11, 2019 at 8:40 am |

    So it wasn’t just PG&E management kowtowing to the tree huggers re: brush accumulation then?

  10. Claire: rebellious pink pig with car keys - and a *cause*
    Posted October 11, 2019 at 10:17 am |

    rickn8or @9. oh, no… That’s exactly it.

    Fight of the Lobby $$$: Treehuggers vs PG&E – Accommodation Phase