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Breakdown of Authority Edition

People are done with this “lockdown.” Personally, I see that as a Good Thing. …and a terribly Bad Thing.

In the early days when little was known about the disease and that very fact was cause enough for concern. People stepped up and followed the guidelines because they made sense in the face of Teh Unknown.

Now, 50 days later, Americans are recognizing that the trade-off is not working. Shutting off the entire medical industry with those resulting deaths [which are not even being counted so far as I can tell -- or, to hear some tell, they're being counted *as* ChiCom BatLab Flu deaths] is not the solution we seek. In the absence of any factual, logical, rational arguments, people are going back about their business.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk sent an email to employees last night [5/8] telling them that they plan to restart Fremont factory on Friday [5/9] afternoon due to the governor’s statement.

In light of Governor Newsom’s statement earlier today approving manufacturing in California, we will aim to restart production in Fremont tomorrow afternoon.

I will be on the line personally helping wherever I can. However, if you feel uncomfortable coming back to work at this time, please do not feel obligated to do so. These are difficult times, so thanks very much for working hard to make Tesla successful!

In another email to employees, Tesla’s HR said that about 30% of Fremont factory’s 10,000 people workforce would be called back to work to begin the plant restart process.

EM is the ideal fella to head this effort: he has the passion, the time, and the resources to take this to the courts where — it is to be hoped — we can gain some Constitutional clarity on the petty, seemingly arbitrary tyrannies being floated on the leaky raft of “For Your Saaaafety.” Perhaps people will finally get the idea that setting up years, if not decades, of economic uncertainty and hardship is not a very “Saaaafe” choice.

Also, now that the FBI has been outed as a bunch of political agents willing to twist The Law to the whim of some other power-addicted dorks … Members of Congress behaving as tools… Purchased works of fiction serving as… wtaf. No one will ever look at the FBI as a bunch of Dudley DoRights again; no matter how many TV shows they buy. People have been suspicious of Congress for over 200 years, and that is as it should be. We have a way to get rid of the bad actors.

A country needs a justice system and a governance system in which all its citizens have confidence — based on hard evidence presented daily.

Lately regular citizens are feeling the need to flout authority and ignore The Law because it is directly abusing them by both action and attitude. Is this gonna go away? or is it too heady? The ground is far too ripe for news of the national misdeeds to come out.

Remember how [I forget who] said that if the ChiComs had wanted to release this BatLab Flu as an assault on the world [US] they would have done exactly the things they did from November thru January to ‘cover it up.’ And if the Kompromat Krowd had spent hours over many glasses of cold vodka dreaming up their ideal situation and timing, this might be what they envisioned.

The only way I can imagine to fight this — and I mean the very thought I expressed above, if not any real-world actuality — is to rededicate and re-embrace the Founding Principles. Freedom. The Individual. Equality Before The Law. Responsibility of the Individual. The Consent of The Governed. …

And when I talk with others, to discuss these ideas, perhaps, as new ideas which would make a great country better. Perhaps re-introduce the idea that a .gov without direct participation and monitoring will run wild and harm those very people it was designed to support — like some weird out of control AI.

Yes, the damthing *is* far too large as it stands to be monitored at all — even by a 535 people [+staff] whose full-time job it is to do so. Maybe we make it smaller and allow the private sector to take over some of the functions? Then those parts that don’t work can be fired.

Just spitballin’ here, Boss… All ideas welcome.

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  1. Blake
    Posted May 8, 2020 at 3:49 pm |

    One thing I might mention, if you’re out and about, leave the cell phone at home and pay cash.

    Cell phone location and ATM or Credit Card purchases can and, most likely, will be tracked.

    Hit the ATM, get a pocket full of currency, go on about your business of civil disobedience.

    I might add, my default position, if the FBI is ever involved in a case when I’m on the jury, my default position is, “not guilty.”