Some recent trends need un-trending

Got into a kind of train-of-consciousness rut
with ideas that don’t have any specific
current-events story to tag.
Y’all know what’s goin’ on, anyway

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  1. Posted September 20, 2020 at 4:45 am |

    Well Doug, since you brought up the whole “now we’re voting for a Supreme Court Justice” thing…..

    Is it just a coincidence that NOW, with just 40 some days before the election, Ginsburg suddenly dies? I mean, not to sound devoid of feelings, but we should be able to agree that she has survived more than 20 of us combined up until now.

    I guess what i’m getting at is if the DNC inner polling showed alarming apathy for voting by say, young voters, because they think Joe is a fossil…..would making the November 3rd election actually be about voting for Pro Choice turn out the younger voters in droves?