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  1. Channeling Trump again?

    Comment by Bobo the Hobo, currently dating Jake from State Farm — December 2, 2021 @ 3:34 am

  2. Wifi and cable service in England circa 1930 ? (Right-hand drive car and a Bobby)

    Yeah, why not, it’s more believable than what Brandon’s doing.

    Comment by TheBigHarry — December 2, 2021 @ 5:18 am

  3. Oh please, YES. From your mouth, er, pen to the Most High…

    Comment by Duke of URL — December 2, 2021 @ 7:25 am

  4. Only the way it should be in a sane world.

    Comment by mary — December 2, 2021 @ 9:43 am

  5. Send the bill to Mexico for letting them pass through from countries farther south, put tariffs on cars and other products made in Mexico and shipped here until Mexico controls their border with us.

    Comment by dick, not quite dead white guy — December 2, 2021 @ 11:02 am

  6. Now I want to live in that world but I’m stuck in this one.

    Comment by Veeshir — December 2, 2021 @ 4:01 pm

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