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  1. I bet that every mirror on his car is set so he can see himself.

    Comment by SherryM — March 7, 2011 @ 11:23 pm

  2. What? No golfing magazines! I like Reader`s Digest—-sez: SCAM….R Digest word is short for: Obint is here, Axe him a math question…..[sooooooooooo fucking tired of this poseur mfcs jerkwad flatpeter spraying nothingburgers into a mike.......................]

    I keep praying that one of these nights Michelle will forget to take the chocks to bed and roll over him in her sleep—an then we can bury him, folded, in a FedEx 8 by 11 inch flat letter box an not buy any fucking insurance…..Contents line will say: The Unknown president; known but to the fat girl. An the address will say: Any post office, Kenya!

    Comment by Colonel Jerry USMC — March 8, 2011 @ 12:22 am

  3. I’m sure the poli-sci students were just lining the books up for a rousing game of mid-east & puppet dictator dominoes.

    Comment by accipiter NW — March 8, 2011 @ 1:21 am

  4. It appears that Obama isn’t the hot commodity among High schools he once was.

    Obama’s commencement speeches not wanted

    Comment by Spin — March 8, 2011 @ 2:33 am

  5. Mabye the hifg high school kids are wiseing up.

    Think the wiseness will spread to the parents?

    Comment by mech — March 8, 2011 @ 5:51 am

  6. hifg=high


    Comment by mech — March 8, 2011 @ 5:52 am

  7. Preening, arrogant, narcissistic, misguided, anti-American megalomaniac.

    Comment by bocopro — March 8, 2011 @ 5:54 am

  8. It’s all about Teh Me!

    Comment by El Jefe — March 8, 2011 @ 6:21 am

  9. There would be no love me nots on his daisy–

    Comment by geezerette — March 8, 2011 @ 6:22 am

  10. What all y’alls said very well.
    There’s something wrong in Mudville the White House when Uhbama is gone more than he is there.
    Perhaps Fear of Flattening like Col J. noted.

    Comment by dick not quite dead white guy — March 8, 2011 @ 7:11 am

  11. Gee, if the shot was just a little wider we could see the teleprompters…

    Comment by Stilton — March 8, 2011 @ 8:23 am

  12. It never ends!

    ” All through the day
    I, me, mine, I, me, mine, I, me, mine. . .”

    Comment by MCPO — March 8, 2011 @ 9:54 am

  13. I’m guessing that these were just checked out…

    The Roots of Obama’s Rage (D’Souza)
    Trickle Up Poverty (Savage)
    The Obama Nation (Jerome Corsi)
    The Case Against Barack Obama (Freddoso)
    Fleeced (Dick Morris)


    Comment by --Jack — March 8, 2011 @ 11:39 am

  14. geezerette – 10+++++++++++++++!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by Claire, Ideologically Stubborn Heatist Ruralite — March 8, 2011 @ 12:20 pm

  15. I bet that every mirror on his car is set so he can see himself.


    Comment by SondraK, Lympian Slayer — March 8, 2011 @ 12:50 pm

  16. I was not aware that there are so many single page publications…

    Comment by Cheesy — March 8, 2011 @ 2:32 pm

  17. O: Any, uhhh, questions?
    Teacher: Yes, Mary. You have your hand up.
    M: Me? Okay. Barry, do you …
    T: Mary Smith! You should address him as Mr President.
    M: Well he didn’t address me as Miss Smith, so I …
    O: Okay … Missssss, uh, Smith. What is your, uhh, question?
    M: Misssssster President, do you agree with Comrade Teacher Mzzzzzzz Redcom that a high-school library should carry nothing but left-leaning, mind-numbing, logic-twisting, fact-distoring, historically absurd, and morally corrupting propaganda alongside fawning, ass-kissing, issue-avoiding, misleading, party organs about you, The iWon™?
    O: No, Miss Smith, I, uhhh, do not. They, uh, should be separated so the ones about me are, uhhh, on top.

    Comment by DougM — March 8, 2011 @ 3:45 pm

  18. That mag down there on the bottom…is that “Pooter” ?

    Comment by SondraK, Lympian Slayer — March 8, 2011 @ 5:26 pm

  19. He’s not even embarrassed!

    Comment by SondraK, Lympian Slayer — March 8, 2011 @ 9:22 pm

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