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so here’s yer quintessential hypothetical conundrum

Some amateur herbalist in CO gets happy on his government-approved grass, gets behind the wheel of his Plymouth Valiant to hit up 7-11 for Doritos and Yoo-Hoo, and plows into a school bus. in the mind of a prog, which actor is responsible for this tragedy: the weed, the car, or the Doritos?

musical interlude

if i’m the last one to know about this then i blame y’all for not telling me sooner.

but hey, “gangnam style” sure is cute

Kill those fucking Yankees who have been torturing Iraqi captives Kill those fucking Yankees who ordered them to torture Kill their daughters, mothers, daughters-in-law and fathers Kill them all slowly and painfully …gangnam style! Guess who’s coming to dinner at the White House.

fractional birthday to you!

It’s 29 and 17/39ths. Sheesh.

you don’t bring me flowers

Oh, Matt. You kidder.

presented without context

Some days you just need someone you can feel comfortable and guilt-free about blaming for every damn thing. Fortunately, we has that.

Today’s Sandra Fluke PSA

Now Showing / Audience Participation

The Final Countdown, in glorious Blu-Ray. Tomcats vs. Zeroes never looked so crisp. Seen any good movies lately?


Hero du jour. The Daily Telegraph reported that Crews blames modern society for the state of younger generations’ current mindset. “[It's] a cancerous cocktail where on the one hand everyone is supposed to be free to do whatever they wish, but on the other we all expect protection from the consequences of our actions,” Crews [...]

that’s why i say hey man nice shot

Flying Camera From Animal Rights Group Shot Down at Pigeon Shoot No links for NBC affiliates. Google it if you must. Police are investigating an incident at a Berks County hunting club in which someone on the hunting grounds allegedly targeted a mechanical flying object rather than a living and breathing one. DRONE RIGHTS ACTIVISTS [...]