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He who pays the piper calls the tune

dance, peon, dance [WSJ] The board of the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation has decided to continue accepting donations from foreign governments, primarily from six countries, even though Hillary Clinton is running for president, a summary of the new policy to be released Thursday shows. The rules would permit donations from Australia, Canada, Germany, [...]

Morning After…

hangover? Treasury collected $1,416,555,440,000 in taxes… …surpasses last year’s record through April 15 by $61,345,560,000—or 4.3 percent… …[since 2009] increased by $228,377,820,000—or 18.3 percent…. … $1,223,936,000,000 came in income and employment taxes… $36,054,000,000 came from individual income taxes that were paid directly. $166,553,000,000 came from corporate income taxes. $41,970,000,000 came from excise taxes. $5,006,000,000 came [...]

Happy Tax Day!

Didja know: the IRS costs $150,000 per employee every year. Here’s some of what you’re paying for: Adapting to the lifestyles of many San Franciscans, school officials launched a breakfast in the classroom program this year aiming to give students a healthy start to their day. What “lifestyle” is that? The “lifestyle” that prohibits that [...]


Hill-Larrity !!1! This is the image Hill-Larrity !!1! *chose* to promote by naming her campaign van “Scooby”. Arguably better than what others could have named it like, DeathStar, Dray of Deceit, Coach of Contempt, Cankle Wagon, BenghaziBus, … But, really, What difference at this point does it make?Mobile… I wondered if there were any clues [...]

Other than that, Mrs Lincoln…

150 years ago today In remembrance, Lincoln’s Humor. It was said, “he could make a cat laugh.” [Lincoln] told of a “man of audacity, quick witted, self-possessed, & equal to all occasions” who was asked to carve a turkey for a large party. “The men and women surrounded the table & the audacious man being [...]

ToDaZeD CA *facepalm*

g’head; laff — As goes CA, so goes The Nation [CAGov Jerry] Brown said, “This executive order is done under emergency power. It has the force of law. Executive Order :: The Force Of LAW. ”… It affects people’s — how long they stay in the shower. …” …a bit personal, doncha think? “People should [...]

Polls are Tools

their point is to create public opinion Also see: Preference Cascade — when people who believed they were alone in their beliefs who suddenly find out that they are part of a much larger group. The opposite is also true. When people are sure of the sensibleness of their views then are swamped by media [...]

“If it’s yellow, it’s mellow” *

Birthday Wishes It’s CAgov Jerry Brown’s birthday today. He’s 77. [4/7/38] [Jerry Brown’s] net worth [is] $4 million… His major Life Goal is: a traaaain. Technology of the 1840’s !!!!1!!!!!!! …carrying No One from Nowhere to Nowhere South. …not even any buffalo to shoot. What he’s completely uninterested in is Water. Well, to be fair, [...]


US’re Payin’ for What, now?

Injury + insult IRS Commissioner John Koskinen said Tuesday that service at his agency has gotten so bad that they are ignoring more than 60 percent of taxpayers’ phone calls during this tax season. But what kinda moron would bother calling anyway? The IRS will be the first to tell you that the information provided [...]