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Happy Monday

enJoyin’ yer noo .gov-enfored time? If you like your time of day you can keep your time of day.

Not even Proggies…

No One likes *someone* peering into their panty drawer — who knew? This from the slightly yellowed Grey Lady: NYT — From thousands of classified documents, the National Security Agency emerges as an electronic omnivore of staggering capabilities, eavesdropping and hacking its way around the world to strip governments and other targets of their secrets, [...]

ToDaZeD Steaming Pile of .gov

is terminal bitterness a trigger for the Death Panels? McAFEE: Well, here’s the problem — it’s not something software can solve. I mean, what idiot put this system out there and did not create a central depository? There should be one website, run by the government, you go to that website and then you can [...]

ToDaZeD Quote of Teh Day

RTWT …They call themselves “progressives” and flatter themselves that their thoughts and actions are “revolutionary” when they are as reactionary as any mob that can be remembered from history. They chain themselves deep in the pit of pretend, and celebrate their servitude by bending heaven and earth to get you down in the hole that [...]

ToDaZeD *facepalm*

now I’m offeeeended. …to remind students that some costume choices can demean and isolate their fellow classmates, teachers and university staff….the CU-Boulder community has been affected by costumes that poke fun at poverty, overly sexualized cultural identities and stereotypes, such as cowboys and Indians…geisha costume… a man wearing a large sombrero … racially insensitive costumes… [...]

ToDaZeD Linky o’ Teh Week

oughta prove interesting Lookie!

ToDaZeD Slip

weeeee “The majority of people calling for me to resign I would say are people who I don’t work for …”

Phrase of Teh Day !!!!!

me neither ‘I Will Not Yield To This Monkey Court!’

ToDaZeD Tool

we might b needin’ this… Choose one from each column — mix n match at will:


high BS Archaeology is not in the way of the CA GrafTrain — bullet into the heart of the economy. FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) — Backhoes ripped through a parking lot Monday on the corner of Fresno and G Streets to prepare for high speed rail construction. The parking lot used to be a hotel and [...]

“No one is more upset than I am…”



*flag toss* Too cute by half: full penalty. The National Park Service director [ Jonathan B. Jarvis] told Congress on Wednesday that he had to shut down the open-air memorials on the Mall during the government shutdown because of terrorism, saying that closing them was the only way to protect them “in a post-9/11 world.” [...]

We have to protect our phoney baloney jobs here, gentlemen!

Mother, Mother, Mother Pin A Rose On Me! *


random tech QoTD I know that I can search any page on the InnarToobz, and elsewhere, using the Edit/Find function. I run a Mac. shaddap – it works, don’t it, now I’m sure there is a similar/same function on those other, more popular boxes — but I got no idea. And I need to tell [...]

Wize Advice of Teh Day Decade

WTF Here is the popular advice from the Chronicle, daily fish-wrapper of the SF Bay Area: Lower 2014 income can net huge health care subsidy …”It’s not cheating, it’s allowed.” Take, for example, Jacqueline Proctor of San Francisco. She and her husband are in their early 60s. They have been paying $7,200 a year for [...]

Old Mother Hubbard

and a pack of saps “The cupboard is bare,” [Pelosi said] “There’s no more cuts to make.” rly? The FMCS: The 233-person federal agency with a budget of $50 million, whose mission is to be a voluntary, non-binding mediator between government unions and managers: median annual salary is $120,000 leased a $53,000 take-home car $560 [...]

The Majyk Six Weeks

this time fer shure!! Despite this: Due to Congress’s failure to pass legislation to fund the government, the information on this web site may not be up to date. Some submissions may not be processed, and we may not be able to respond to your inquiries. This: Office of the Press Secretary For Immediate Release [...]

#ShutdownTheater — Week Two

acting like Day Two The credulity of the media, the unbelievable pettiness of the NPS [Mr Ranger, you oughta be ashamed], the cartoonish posturing of the self-righteous Leeeaders, In 17 previous “shutdowns” this has never happened before. [10/04/2013] San Francisco’s famous Cliff House [initially built in 1858] restaurant … closed as a result of the [...]

ToDaZeD ? of Teh Day

srsly The old saying is, you can’t fix stupid. But what should we do with willfully and arrogantly ignorant? Comment by Fawkes News — October 5, 2013

ToDaZeD Nudge Balloon[s]

response required Here’s a coupla questions floating around out there — suggestions in the National Dialogue, if you will…. Is It Time To Abolish Congress? Because Congress is not doing the bidding of The People, we ought to abolish the institution altogether. Nice straw man ya got there; be a shame if the Spark of [...]