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Brazen-Sad-Creepy-Clueless is no way to go thru life

Greta to the White Courtesy Telephone, Please Word ‘o Teh Day! credit: found at Ace’s …recently pedophistry the use of damaged children to promote fallacious arguments, especially with the intention of deceiving Today we have another Word ‘o Teh Day! geriophistry the use of damaged, vicious old bats to promote fallacious arguments, especially with the [...]

ToDaZeD Haitifornia/Calizuela *facepalm*

not chilling at all After the recent week where some Calizuelans were powerless without electricity for up to a week due to a RED FLAG fire warning, here comes another type of RED FLAG warning. [Gov. PrettyPrettyGavin Newsome signed] a so-called “RED FLAG” law to allow co-workers, employers and educators to seek gun violence restraining [...]

ToDaZeD Haiti-fornia *facepalm*

Life as a Prole in the NationState of Haiti-fornia — Day 3 “California is America’s coming attraction.” –PrettyPretty Gavin Newsome, Proud Governor of Haitifornia I gotta tells ya; it’s quite a thrill to flip a switch and *bam* it’s light in here. Push a button and *vroom* it starts to get warm in here. The [...]

ToDaZeD Haiti-fornia *facepalm*

Life as a Prole in the NationState of Haiti-fornia — Day 2 One flushing toilet away from Life in a Turd World Country Well, the “Wind Event” finally arrived last nite, only about 24 hours later than predictions. meh… weather; who could possibly predict it? They said the wind on the high ridges [above 1,000 [...]

ToDaZeD Haitifornia *facepalm*

POWER PLAY Life as a Prole in the NationState of Haiti-fornia — Day 1 We light our flamey thingsTM-DM to honor our new Masters of Competence: 8:06am: Power turned off for 880,000 customers between 1-3am Winds: Dead. f’n. Calm. 47 degrees. Humidity 52% Majority of entire towns shut down and dark. Happy Second Anniversary of [...]

ToDaZeD CaliHaiti *facepalm*

Home of Vote Harvesting! Pacific Gas & Electric plans to shut off power to Napa County starting Wednesday morning … shut-off could last “five days or longer,” … PG&E is monitoring 30 of California’s 58 counties52% [ for a potential power shut-off due to a "severe wind event" forecast for Wednesday and Thursday... "shut-off could [...]

Long Time No See!

To Our Very Kind Barbarian Would-Be-Oppressors-And-Masters In The East watch full episode! Teh Article Aslo: JumpHigher!

ToDaZeD CAbarbarian *facepalm*

giving new meaning to Bum Fights Story: After dark. Coupla Sheriffs partoling see a bum walking a dark country road. When questioned, he says he’s seeking agricultural employment. Sheriffs advise that there is less agricultural employment available after dark than one might think and can they give him a ride. Bum said he wants to [...]

On Barbarism

Order without Compassion is Cruelty Compassion without Order is Cruelty Residents [property owners and renters] of a San Francisco side street are so fed up with tents pitched on the sidewalk by homeless people large tents set up by meth/heroin/crack dealers open for business all night e~C that they have [purchased and] trucked in boulders [...]

October 1, 2019

Balance Tom Cotton ‏@TomCottonAR The Butchers of Beijing celebrate 70 years of communist tyranny by shooting a student marching for freedom in Hong Kong. What a sadly appropriate way to mark a dark, lamentable anniversary.