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It’s Grassroots™

nothing to see here, move along Well, well, well… Lookie what nooz story can’t be found on glooooogle nooz search [in case anyone had forgotten...] In Kenosha a citizen noted odd vehicles with out of state plates just hanging around in an odd place. They notified police. …a black school bus, a bread truck, and [...]

Verbal Bomb Chuckers – Olympic Level

eww, there’s slurs all over the floor LeBron James, NBA player, had this to say. “You have no idea how that cop that day left the house. You don’t know if he woke up on this side of the bed, you don’t know if he woke up on the wrong side of the bed, you [...]

ToDaZeD CZ *facepalm*

like watching a duck do physics The economic geniuses who decided to pay off their croneys with OPM via a fake-train pass-through have run up against finally running out of OPM. So back to the well they go! “This’ll git us Moar Money,” they holler in glee clapping their sticky little hands. Youbetcha. This’ll work [...]

So Many *facepalm*s

in so little time I guess this is legal, now? At least in DC where it went on and on last night, unopposed by any Law Enforcement. If you design your action well, you can force your target into a situation where they have to respond, but have no good options — where they’re damned [...]

Help! Help!! I’m Being Oppressed!!!

but ya might know it when ya step in it… Here’s an idea *cough* : It’s called Mathematx™! It’s all about “Rehumanizing Mathematics” …which I could hardly believe is not completely human already. I mean, what could be more human than a pack of curious, clever monkeys figuring out how to utilize Dirt and Fire [...]

Whassa Matter U?

Who Matters? Black Looting Marxists Black Lives Matter Chicago organizer, Ariel Atkins had this to say Monday [8/10] demonstrating her Zinn-level knowledge of History and her Marxist fantasy of economics. “I think [the looting] is fine. … “That is reparations,” … These businesses have insurance. They can get it all back. We can’t get our [...]

wait… what??!?

2020… *headshake* We had the outgoing POTUS spying on and withholding vital information from the incoming POTUS. That’s difficult enough to overcome, especially as no one can bring themself to mention it like it was crazy Uncle Ralf living in the basement. Now… Russia is trying to “undermine” …Joe Biden’s candidacy … China and Iran [...]

ToDaZeD Pendulum Swing?

… A story of intellectual growth: At the time, I was 20 years old, self-righteous and half-erudite (which is worse than being illiterate). … I regarded moral order, beauty, human nature, even truth itself as the impositions of power — specifically white, male, “heteronormative,” colonialist power. … The right thing to do, then, was to [...]

ToDaZeD CA *facepalm*

talk about unsustainable… Senator Dianne Feinstein (D., Calif.) “We hold China as a potential trading partner, as a country that has pulled tens of millions of people out of poverty in a short period of time, and as a country growing into a respectable nation amongst other nations. I deeply believe that.”

Proggies Butthurt Triggered *For* One Another

Blinded by …Something Because all of this is driven — driven, I tell you — by Science™! As we already learned, Teh State can and will allow PeacefulProtestes™ but ban church services because the eeeevil ChiCom BatLab Flu canNOT be caught when everyone is shouting about SocialJustice™. Now we are informed that if a customer [...]