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ToDaZeD CA *facepalm*

sneaking up on watermelons edition …County Fair has eliminated the pig scramble from Farmers Day due to rising public concern and protests over animal welfare… … youngsters chased and tried to capture piglets weighing 40 to 60 pounds … Anybody ever participate in a greased pig catch? A 50lb pig is a worthy opponent. Grease [...]

ToDaZeD CA *facepalm*

moral conundrum + typhoid fever edition Sounds like Reckless Negligence to me: Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg and Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas proposed that California create a legal “right to shelter” rule for people who live on the street. …a mandate that requires communities to provide shelter for homeless people… …In California, 90,000 of [...]

Progress… toward what, now?

Look! A cliff! Freshman JeerSquad member Rep. Ayanna Pressley (Dumb-MAss): “I don’t want to bring a chair to an old table. This is the time to shake the table. This is the time to redefine that table. Sweetie… Pro Tip? don’t try to invent an idiom: it ain’t A Thing. “Because if you’re going to [...]

ToDaZeD CA *facepalm*

double-reverse Resist! edition Kleptofornia — particularly San FranFreakshow — where the bum The Homelesssss are King. Well, subject only to the One True King: the Bureaucrat. Which I guess means that The Homeless are A Prime Tool of the Bureaucrat. Yeah. Nice. Background — there are thousands of …’homeless’ in the Streets of San Francisco. [...]

ToDaZeD CA*facetopalm*

contagion As Swalwell exits stage left, now arises a new contender: Tom Styer. Whether they're talking about the border or our climate crisis, the Trump administration lies until it becomes their version––and their followers' version––of the truth. Refuse to acknowledge the facts all you want, Mr. Trump. The REAL truth is a lion, and it [...]

ToDaZeD R U F’n Kidding??!

Outrage Days of Summer Nike nixed the released of [a USA-themed sneaker, which featured a Betsy Ross flag on the heel] after having already sent the sneakers to retailers because the protesting quarterback said he felt the use of the Betsy Ross flag was offensive and carried slavery connotations I find the ignorance – and [...]


only YOU can prevent forest fires and only whitey can be Raaaacist!

Again, Cornfuzzing

CivilWar 2.0 Progz advocate “No Borders No Wall No USA at all.“ In the same breath, they object most vociferously to their own made-up notion which they made up of PDT being influenced by a foreign nation. erm… wtf? Whereupon, in their confuxion, they beat other people over the head with random objects. [ and [...]

Shaping Up Nicely

Reason is an oppressive notion of The Enlightenment, you say? From the last coupla nights I gather that the platform of the CircleD’s is: A] US is no longer a country – no borders, no language, no culture — and B] you will pay for everyone else’s needs. We will all be riding busses …or [...]

ToDaZeD Agita Dump

wherein a slightly damp synthetic being decides what humans are allowed to say “Hate speech is no longer considered part of freedom of speech, it’s now on the same level as terrorism.” Yet, can they actually define this “hate speech?” Will they? France’s parliament, where Macron’s ruling party has a comfortable majority, is debating legislation [...]