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Late-60s retired USAF LtColonel ’69-’92 (Satellite engineering, test, launch, & operations. Strategic planning.)
Living in south-central North Carolina.
Shootin’, golfin’, drivin’ an’ workin’ on my ’74 TR6, a little gunsmithing, firearms instructing, and entertaining myself posting at SondraKistan.
Erstwhile single-handed live-aboard sailor/instructor/USCGMaster-50Tons, mounted foxhunter, world traveler, backpacker, book collector, photographer, USCCA corner worker, scuba diver, skier, bicycle tourist, and rescuer of maidens fair. Wise ass.
(What? Oh, yeah.)
…and pal to my invisible friend, here.

cuck Zucker

ISIS commanders have been killed after one of the group’s suicide bombers blew himself up at a meeting following the terrorists’ collapse in Mosul. … It comes as Islamic State lost more ground in their last major stronghold in Iraq with the terror group’s numbers depleted and confined to an area of about a square [...]

nothing to see here

Geezus! Six people … were injured Sunday after a car ran into a large crowd gathered to celebrate the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr in the northern English city of Newcastle. … Police believe a woman who had been celebrating Eid with her family was driving the car that struck the crowd outside the Westgate [...]

stuff that’s hard to do (keep seatbelt fastened episode)

A used Falcon 9 launched BulgariaSat (Bulgaria?) and landed on the barge (good video and commentary, but the actual landing video cut out again) ~ vid ~ Evidently, it landed pretty hard. I’ll post that vid when available. (What? Nah, it’ll prob’ly buff right out.) While we’re waitin’ for that landing vid, get your ass [...]

Somebody could’a been killed at the… die-in

~ vid & story ~ Headline: FBI Calls Motorcycle, uh, Matter Spontaneous, Rider Had No Target In Mind, Motive Unclear neal in comments

unlucky or just ill.?

How corrupt or incompetent do you have to be to lose with a sucker-sucking house-stacked gambling operation? ~ vid ~Illinois-league Illinois is grappling with a full-fledged financial crisis and not even the lottery is safe – with Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner warning the state is entering “banana republic” territory. Facing billions in unpaid bills and [...]


Miller Time A sniper with Canada’s elite special forces in Iraq has shattered the world record for the longest confirmed kill shot in military history at a staggering distance of 3,540 metres [2.2 miles] …. [story] As of today, Canada holds the first, third, and fourth spots for the longest distance confirmed kills by a [...]


(What? Because I don’t get to use “ergo” and “Q.E.D.” very often, that’s why.) _______ Quote #1 Quote #2 Previously on KisP

Sooo… how’d today’s elections go?

*meheh* Once again, Americans are a shocking disappointment to our betters. Danged Russians… (true, actually) Woman wins election… feminists distraught

He needed killin’

Waitin’ for a thunderstorm to pass, so you get a quick PhotoShop exercise. Note: just to avoid any misunderstandings, the title is a twofer — it can be read both ways

Who did it better?

Slow Saturday watchin’ LeMans, gunsmithin’, and surfin’ the web between thunderstorms. Caution: language, srsly BBC (Nov 8, 2016) ~ vid ~ Ozzy Man (posted right after the BBC vid was posted) ~ vid ~ Snoop Dogg (posted this Monday, reckon they thought we’d forget after 7 months) ~ vid ~ Still watching LeMans, so you [...]