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70-yo retired USAF LtColonel ’69-’92 (Satellite engineering, test, launch, & operations. Strategic planning.)
Living in south-central North Carolina.
Shootin’ and workin’ on my ’74 TR6, a little gunsmithing, firearms instructing, and entertaining myself posting here at SondraKistan.
Erstwhile single-handed live-aboard sailor/instructor/USCGMaster-50Tons, mounted foxhunter, world traveler, backpacker, book collector, photographer, USCCA corner worker, scuba diver, skier, bicycle tourist, and rescuer of maidens fair. Wise ass.
(What? Oh, right.)
…and pal to my invisible friend, here.


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Why is she still there?

_____ Story (Pelosi) Historical ref (Hillary)

recuse thyself

The word you’re looking for is “refund” Related fun _____ Story

stuff that’s hard to do (pushin’ the envelope)

Falcon9 Heavy puts a shxtpofull’a satellites into three separate orbits on one launch (nifty vids on full-screen) • Side boosters entry burns through landings @32:10 (*gulp* on the engine start, then spectacular IR imagery until landing burn) • Center booster landing near drone ship @36:00 (won’t get their deposit back) • Satellite deployments are out [...]

Pay yourself reparations

Living free, responsibly, honorably, and well is the best revenge for the injustices visited upon our ancestors, demonstrating that history’s bad ideas were wrong, and honoring the real progress made since then Everybody’s descended from races/ethnicities/societies/nationalities which enslaved and captured/sold/owned slaves at one time in history. Our interest should be in those hellholes where slavery [...]

not my d’oh! this time

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They’re gonna need a better astrogator

Drop this into the huge “human error” file — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) June 23, 2019 (What? Yeah, pretty sure it’s a joke… or sabotage by a NASA budget warrior) _____ Extra credit for knowing the cultural ref for “astrogator”

Trump yanks their chains

Trump twits a Carpe Donktum vid — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 21, 2019 *hehee* The Usual Suspects™ are duly triggered, to which I append this old cultural ref: _____ Post (with fun comment vids) More by Carpe Donktum Time takes credit for original

TGIF misc

May update when the mood strikes, or if I think of any good jokes for a change

Somebody really doesn’t want Biden to win the nomination

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