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72-yo retired USAF LtColonel ’69-’92 (Satellite engineering, test, launch, & operations. Strategic planning.)
Living in south-central North Carolina.
Shootin’ and workin’ on my ’74 TR6, a little gunsmithing, firearms instructing, and entertaining myself posting here at SondraKistan.
Erstwhile single-handed live-aboard sailor/instructor/USCGMaster-50Tons, mounted foxhunter, world traveler, backpacker, book collector, photographer, USCCA corner worker, scuba diver, skier, bicycle tourist, and rescuer of maidens fair. Wise ass.
(What? Oh, right.)
…and pal to my invisible friend, here.

Meanwhile, in the People’s Republic of NYC

_____ Story (de Blasio) TheBigHarry comment Note: history and foreign events demonstrate that Freedom of Religion is important to the non-believer as well as to the devout #3 picked up by Pookie’s Toons

Royal pains

_____ Story (Harry & Megan)

Sunny Sunday, Sondrie

When an official uses a crisis or emergency to claim or exercise unusual power or authority not needed to deal with the situation, it’s fair to label them a proto-tyrant, unrestrained by a responsible love of freedom but motivated by a corrupt love of power Meanwhile, around the World… _____ Story (DHS, guns) Cultural ref [...]

Better-Luck Saturday

You don’t wanna be around when I get distracted on-line (or mebbe it’s I don’t want you around when… uh, nevermind) _____ Story (Rhode Island)

Friday and we’re not dead, yet

Pelosi in a time of crisis _____ Story

stuff that’s hard to do (AtlasV Centaur AEHF-6)

Because it’s the first US Space Force mission Military Advanced Extremely High Frequency comsat Good, dramatic vid showing separations of the SRBs (solid rocket boosters) and the payload fairing, if you enjoy that sort of thing _____ Mission-profile overview for you rocket-scientist wannabes out there. Reminds me of introductory briefings we used to give, back [...]

Deep thoughts

_____ Alternative sign, either one of which should solve the problem as gun-free zones do Story (Mexico) Story (UK virus predictions) #2, #3 & #4 picked up by Pookie’s Toons

Speaking of things that need to be defunded…

_____ Story (NPR station) Story (MSNBC, for ex.) Cultural ref (the signal) Picked up by Pookie’s Toons

Y’know, it’s not as much fun bein’ retired at home…

…when everybody else gets to stay home all day, too _____ Shells cultural ref (WWJSD? What would John Spartan do?) Painting via Ace of Spades (as usual) #1 & #2 picked up by Pookie’s Toons

Fly on the wall

Pelosi seems to be experiencing a reality check, but we’ll have to wait and see if this turns out to be true (What? Yeah, okay, go ahead and feed the hounds. Looks like we may not need ‘em today, after all) _____ Story Picked up by Pookie’s Toons