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73-yo retired USAF LtColonel ’69-’92 (Satellite engineering, test, launch, & operations. Strategic planning)
BSE (aerospace eng) UMichigan ’69, MS (astro guidance&control) AF Inst Tech ’75
Living in south-central North Carolina
Shooting, working on my ’74 TR6, a little gunsmithing, and entertaining myself posting here at SondraKistan
Erstwhile single-handed live-aboard sailor/instructor/USCGMaster-50Tons, mounted foxhunter, world traveler, backpacker, book collector, photographer, USCCA corner worker, scuba diver, skier, bicycle & Harley tourist, shooting instructor, and rescuer of maidens fair. Wise ass
(What? Oh, right)
…and pal to my invisible friend, here

“By Accident”

Dunno ’bout you; but if I were a Russian cosmonaut slated to return to Earth in that Soyuz capsule, I’d be a mite concerned, yessiree bob (What? Yeah, mebbe Elon could quickly launch a Dragon Crew capsule) _____ Story (Soyuz) Historical ref (Nauka) Cultural ref (Bond in space, Moonraker) Cultural ref (HAL 9000, 2001) It [...]

Save us, Sean Connery, just one more

_____ Story Cultural ref (Monty Python, Lumberjack Song)

They need a statue of deBlasio…

…so we’ll have something to peacefully topple _____ Story Picked up by Pookie’s Toons

What he said

Put your earbuds in (NSFW) and enjoy this Aussie’s rant Not much I can, or need to, add to that, and not just ’cause he used just about all of the profane words I know Here’s another one (‘Merkin, NSFW)

No, five… five baskets

Math is hard. — Buzz Patterson (@BuzzPatterson) October 12, 2021 _____ Title cultural ref (Monty Python, Spanish Inquisition) Other cultural ref (Monty Python, Holy Grail)Veeshir

Nonagenarian innn spaaaace

(What? *heh* Yeah, strange times when Shatner actually going to space is more real than a president* getting vaxxed) _____ Title cultural ref (Muppet Show) Missed our chance

What if they actually turn out to be offensive?

(What? Yeah, I didn’t know who she was, either. Kind’a sorry I do, now) _____ Story Story

Bull Schiff

_____ Story Picked up by Pookie’s Toons

For Garland is an honorable man…

…So are they all, all honorable men Explains the stab in the back _____ Title cultural ref (Julius Caesar 3:2) Story Story Picked up by Pookie’s Toons

Who do the foreign-relations/national-security/intel staffs report to, then?

_____ Story Picked up by Pookie’s Toons