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Dutch Masters

There are only two things I can’t stand in this world: People who are intolerant of other people’s cultures, and the Dutch! The small country of The Netherlands has always had a knack for staying on the good side of the United States. Here, the Dutch make their pitch to ingratiate themselves to the new [...]


Guess what day it is! GUESS WHAT DAY IT IS!!!!!! TRUMP DAY!!!!!!!!!! The long national nightmare is over. The long national practical joke begins. Cultural Ref

Dog Eat Dog

The term “dog eat dog,” which does not apply to capitalism, or to dogs, does apply to socialism. – Ayn Rand Many thousands of women are expected to converge on the nation’s capital for the Women’s March on Washington the day after Donald J. Trump’s inauguration. Jennifer Willis no longer plans to be one of [...]

Todaze Fake Nooz Iron

Step right up and sign up for your course: Dan Rather on Journalism & Finding the Truth in the News With a famed and storied career that has spanned more than six decades, Dan Rather became one of the world’s best­-known journalists. He helped pioneer the very idea that television could be a place for [...]

Todaze Wedgie is from Russia With Love

Of course, we’ve all been subjected to endless Dem whining and excuse making. It was Comey’s fault. It was fake news. It was the racist rural voters. It was the electoral college. I mean, it couldn’t possibly have been because a miserable, felonious human being ran the abjectly worst campaign in political history. But the [...]

Feeding the Alligators

Secretary of the Treasury: Steve Mnuchin, former Goldman Sachs executive and protégé of George Soros.   Secretary of Transportation: Elaine Chao, a.k.a. Mrs Mitch McConnell.   Secretary of Commerce: Wilbur Ross, lifelong Democrat and George Soros BFF.   Secretary of Homeland Security: Michael McCaul, 5 term Congressman and co-sponsor of amnesty legislation in 2015.   [...]

Todaze Cognitive Dissonance

Kay from Iowa

In Trump We Trust… Or Not…

E Pluribus Loathsome First no Wall, then no Lock’er Up, now nominating Tonto Nikki Haley as UN Ambassador? Could it be that even promises to Ann and her Ultra-Nationalist fanboys meant nothing at all to him? Appeasement & mewling ALWAYS works, @realDonaldTrump! Looks manly. NYT: “Trump Moves to Diversify His Cabinet With Two New Picks” [...]

Boring Grown Ups Talking

A bit heavy for a Friday night, so come back tomorrow morning, pour a cup of coffee, and listen to this. And if you want to pour a second cup, take a listen to the speech from Tonto South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley. Is the Governor setting the stage for a possible run for President [...]

And The Worms Ate Into Her Brain

If Trump wants an Indian Sec of State, how about Tonto? — Ann Coulter (@AnnCoulter) November 17, 2016 Real Classy. My first thought: