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today’s KisP word o’ the ding dong day

“Caucasity”. Used in a sentence an unhinged violent rant…

today’s wedgie lives right there

strong language warning with bonus wedgie ( heeee) near the beginning Sick Of Hundreds Of BLM Signs Across The Street From House Rips Them Down….

The Peoples’ Cat Fight House

…This morning, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan transmitted a letter to the City Council, urging members to take action against Councilwoman Sawant, up to and including expulsion. The letter listed several accusations (*) against Sawant that the mayor thinks are grounds to do so… …Allowing hundreds of protesters into City Hall after hours, putting safety of [...]

todaze KisPSA

some middle aged white guy

the wiz

How are they going to find a yellow person with three fingers and points on her head to play Lisa? … producers of The Simpsons say they’ll no longer use white actors to play characters of color … Previously… …Hattie McDaniel…best known for her role as “Mammy” in Gone with the Wind (1939), for which [...]

just sayin

how about dog toys?

— some kinky dog This @Amazon worker said he’d understand if they cut hours and stayed open selling essentials as they come in stock. But with all the non essential items they’re forced to work “shoulder to shoulder.” He says 3 co-workers are confirmed to have the virus. @JeffBezos comment? — Kim Russell WXYZ [...]

wear today’s KisP psa

You can get *cough* ( me ) *cough* one here. I’m not endorsing the product I just wanted to give credit for the image where due because it made me laugh.

today’s honorary KisPians

…Doctors at the Chiari hospital, located near a region of Italy that has been particularly hard-hit by the coronavirus outbreak, raised the alarm on March 13 after it became clear their supplier would not be able to provide new ventilator valves in time. They reached out to Nunzia Vallini — editor of the Giornale di [...]

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