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today’s wedgies are earth shattering

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dangerously hot ironey

Berkeley California, the Safe Space capitol of the world cannot assure a safe place for Ann Coulter to speak……..

“…something we haven’t seen before…”

…if you mean fighting back… Well, except… previously…

Berzerkeley School for the Performing Arts

and that font

worst bachelor party ever

” Freezer Bern “

stop don’t stop

previously… ” oppressed ”

we don’t discriminate, we discriminate against everyone

Both Fox News and CNN are in court defending themselves from racial discrimination, though the color of each suit is different. The one against Fox News has garnered more recent attention… …But Fox News is hardly alone. We’re not suggesting any equivalency. Only that the growing lawsuit against CNN deserves attention, too. Last December, CNN [...]

tonight’s KisP fun facts finally explain to me why the Democrats are so into illegal immigration

…Patricia Raymond, a regional communications director for the Social Security Administration, said in an e-mail Friday that if the agency receives earnings for a name and number that doesn’t match its database, those funds are placed in what is called an Earnings Suspense File. According to 2015 report from the Office of the Inspector General, [...]

today’s wedgie is pretty much what I always say

Be careful giving up too much freedom, your guy won’t always be in charge

she has arms?

Today, the White House released Melania Trump’s official portrait… …what is perhaps most striking is how similar Trump‘s portrait is to that of Nancy Reagan. In her own official White House portrait, Reagan was shot head-on in front of the exact same type of White House window as Trump. The images‘ compositions are almost identical, [...]