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if you think an internet gorilla meme is racist

…then you’re probably a racist… Harambe became a big meme thing because it’s a “funny African name” that people can make fun of without feeling racist…

bring a tissue………


There are some who see the prospect of Hillary Clinton winning the U.S. presidency as a milestone for modern feminism and women in general. Yet Clinton’s decades-long march to the White House owes much of its success to her rapscallion, silver-tongued husband, Bill Clinton. She did not storm the citadel of male power and privilege [...]

today’s Lympians are racists who need to be taught anti-racism skills because they don’t already have them

first it was H-O-P-E

because GhostbustHERS was such a hit…

…Honey I misgendered the kids… …No Country For Binary Cisgendered White Men… …James Bond – the spy who sexually objectified me…

today’s Lympians were super productive

still POOPing after all these years…… The Port of Olympia Commission set a date of Sept. 19 for a community gathering to discuss possible military shipments at the port’s marine terminal. Still to be determined: a time and a place. Setting a date is as far as the Port Commission got Monday night, finally reaching [...]

ptuey!!! be upon him

…Furious mourners have created a rubbish-strewn ‘hate memorial’ at the spot where the Nice terror attacker was shot dead by police…

that’s all you got?

“Tiny hands! Tiny hands! All you got is tiny hands“

beach blanket burka

(Germany won in straight sets, 21-12 and 21-15)