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…three virusey fingers pointing right back atcha!

Social distancing at a White House Rose Garden press conference? Not so much. — Elyse PG (@elysepg) March 13, 2020 Journos in the Rose Garden passing around the same microphone is giving me anxiety. — Stephen L. Miller (@redsteeze) March 13, 2020 Not me… previously…

Evviva! Italia!

first rule of fight germs club

Coronavirus instructions. Wait for it… — Rex Chapman (@RexChapman) March 4, 2020

Captain Wedgie reporting for duty, SIR!

I’m sorry, what was that? — Kate Hyde (@KateHydeNY) February 27, 2020

today’s wedgie will make you scream

today’s wedgie is first class

Rosa Parks fought so hard so … Ben Carson could kneel in the aisle of a plane full of bigots. — Brian Rosenworcel (@Bowl_of_Worcel) February 4, 2020 Hi Claire, Two problems with your tweet: 1. Dr. Ben Carson did not have a seat in this pic because he was sitting in First Class with [...]

today’s deep question of the day

Are you a pusher or a puller?

today’s great great great Uncle Joe rollover fun

some things never change Duke of URL

whereas I can think of a decent Culture-Medium joke caption within 15sec of seeing it…

…Katie Hill says she’s going to be “a little bit more unfiltered” “you’re going to be seeing more of me“…

DougM can smoke his cigar juuuuust right about to the very end…

oh, and a little bit of language warning but totally not gratuitous! OMG I don't even know what to do with this! — Yashar Ali