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I do not like ObamaScam, I do not like it Sam I am

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Obama’s military

No wonder Putin isn’t worried… Since the repeal of the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy, U.S. military bases have hosted gay marriage ceremonies and potluck gatherings. But on Saturday, servicemembers here may have been the first to take to the stage and perform as drag queens on a military installation in support of lesbian, gay, [...]

alternate headline: stuck in snow, Tesla keeps driver toasty warm

Of the thousands of snow photos taken in North Carolina on Wednesday, one of the most talked about and shared shots came from a Raleigh woman who captured the chaos on Glenwood Avenue. The photo, which shows a car on fire as vehicles struggle nearby to get up a snow-slicked hill on Glenwood Avenue, quickly [...]

he-man-she-woman liberal haterz club

In a famously left-leaning Hollywood, where Democratic fund-raisers fill the social calendar, Friends of Abe stands out as a conservative group that bucks the prevailing political winds. A collection of perhaps 1,500 right-leaning players in the entertainment industry, Friends of Abe keeps a low profile and fiercely protects its membership list, to avoid what it [...]

get it?


tonight’s tv dinner

~The Great Christmas Light Fight~ ABC has already uploaded a viewing link to last night’s show so you can watch the entire episode online. Merry! Merry!…

it’s nice to be nice to the nice

I started a new gig today and arrived wearing my USN Veteran polo shirt. At around midday a co-worker whom I’ve never met before walks up to me, shakes my hand, thanks me for my service and hands me this. I was giddy of course but by the end of the day, kinda sad in [...]

Veterans Day 2013

my mother the car

My all-time favorite paranormal occurrence caught on camera… Mrs. Mabel Chinnery was visiting the grave of her mother one day in 1959. She had brought along her camera to take photographs of the gravesite. After snapping a few shots of her mother’s gravestone, she took an impromptu photo of her husband, who was waiting alone [...]

another reason to like chocolate

Just in time for holiday cookie season, we’ve discovered that the vanilla flavoring in your baked goods and candy could come from the anal excretions of beavers. Beaver butts secrete a goo called castoreum, which the animals use to mark their territory. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration lists castoreum as a “generally regarded as [...]