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notes from the boiler room

As a dweller in the seedy underbelly of KisP, responsible for (among other things) taking out the trash and hosing the poop out of the filters (metaphorically speaking), I see a lot of weirdness. And since part of hosing out the poop is making sure nobody accidentally flushed the crown jewels, I have to examine [...]

put me in the “hater” column, slick

Doug Hutchison, a character actor best known for roles in The Green Mile, Lost and The X-Files, married aspiring country singer Courtney Alexis Stodden on May 20 in Las Vegas. He is 51. She is 16. Editorial note: I may have added a little bit of emphasis there. Once upon a time, this sort of [...]

Way to keep your eyes on the prize, guys.

When New York artist Andres Serrano plunged a plastic crucifix into a glass of his own urine and photographed it in 1987 under the title Piss Christ, he said he was making a statement on the misuse of religion. Controversy has followed the work ever since, but reached an unprecedented peak on Palm Sunday when [...]


Those things you just can’t overlook. ( video link )

Questions answered

Over in this here story, loyal regular geezerette asked the following: Is pot considered to be tobacco? Like in one hit could kill you? I did a little research, and came up with the following experimental results: ( video link )