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ToDaZeD pre-Fireworks Day Dots

The Laaaand of the Free…. Burning Man. A festival in the desert dedicated to ‘art’, music and self-reliance in a harsh environment. And crazy hipster shennanigans. The only thing the festival provides are porta-potties. In the desert. The rest is BYO. Not my cup o’ tea, but a worthy undertaking for many. Since they hold [...]

Nooz Flash !!!

developing [USATodaytoday] The thousands of Fourth of July fireworks celebrations across the nation bring a toxic brew of air pollution to our atmosphere, according to a recent study from federal scientists. The fine particulate matter in this study — which was led by scientists from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration [NOAA] — were 2.5 [...]

Here’s a Complete nonSurprise!

which will completely not shock practicallyeveryone State Department officials admitted Clinton had withheld all of nine emails and parts of six others after [her former aide, Sidney] Blumenthal provided 60 emails to the House Select Committee on Benghazi that the agency had failed to submit earlier this year. For those who have forgotten, Blumenthal started [...]

Trigger Warrings [!!!!!!!!1!!!!11!!!!!!]

A Comment: not just for feminitwits anymore…

Still Puzzled

sorry, but this is really bothering me Maybe I’m kinda dim. Or maybe I’m just distracted with my Summer Projects. But I don’t understand how it happened that we wake up one morning and *p00f* a 150+ year old American symbol / artifact [that means many different things to many different people] is suddenly verboten. [...]


what is the goal? Since the accused killer, Dylan Roof, was allegedly seen on a web page holding a Confederate flag… Ben Jones, who played ‘Cooter’ on The Dukes of Hazzard and currently owns Cooter’s Place in Gatlinburg [TN], said the flag’s original meaning is not one of hatred and supremacy. “This is an American [...]

wait … what?!?

Orchestration 101 Apparently*, while I slept, a cultural sea change occurred. will remove merchandise depicting the Confederate battle flag, the online retailer said. The store joined other national retailers that have banned the symbol following the killings of nine African-Americans in South Carolina. [Also] EBay EBAY, Etsy and Google, along with Sears and Wal-Mart… [...]


I like Self-Identify as Corn-On-The-Cob! “I identify as black.” …insisting she’s being true to herself after having been “socially conditioned (to) be limited to whatever biological identity was thrust upon me. Yet, it’s a DirtyBad “micoraggression” to say, “America is the land of opportunity.” I’m still self-identifying as a spoon. Perhaps later I’ll self-identify as [...]


NB: Political Operatives ≠ True Believers A shocking revelation, I know. Obama’s 2008 campaign director, David Plouffe, is now with Uber, the ride-sharing service being fought by the unions [New York Taxi Workers Alliance, an AFL-CIO affiliate] that represent taxi drivers, a move facilitated by 2012 campaign director David Messina. Ben LaBolt, Obama’s 2012 campaign [...]

Oh, Here We Go

Wave your arms slowly over your head! Crows are nesting and the baby crows are learning to fly. So the Mama ’n’ Papa crows will divebomb humans to defend their young fluttering haplessly around the landscape. Fish and Game Wildlife *cough* offers this advice: “If you must walk past a nest, wave your arms slowly [...]