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Optix vs Faktz

Teh Crazy Years The Clinton Foundation said Thursday it will not accept foreign or corporate donations if Hillary Clinton is elected president in November. …[Slick Willie] Clinton also told staff yesterday that he would resign from the Clinton Foundation board, should Hillary Clinton win in November. So … OK for SecState :: Not OK for [...]


Hope Giggles and Change! via Breitbart [disclosure para.] Trump [apparently as written not as spoken] Sometimes, in the heat of debate and speaking on a multitude of issues, you don’t choose the right words or you say the wrong thing. I have done that, and I regret it, particularly where it may have caused personal [...]


La Cebolla Spanish-language media company Univision Communications is taking a stake in the Onion. yep. Univision had bought “a good chunk” of the Onion and has an option to acquire all of it later. jest sayin…


America’s Noo Image? How is this not everywhere? here Or this: [from ISIS-published] slick, glossy monthly magazine *in English* called ‘Dabiq’, named after the Syrian city that, according to Islamic eschatology, will be the site of the final battle between Christian and Muslim armies. … Here’s an amusing coincidence, if it indeed is a coincidence: [...]


*cringe* Thursday, following on two of the best public speakers in history — in terms of delivery, not content — H> spoke: …If the gushing [MSM] praise wasn’t enough, CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley hyped in a terrible, pro-Hillary quip that “[t]here was one moment when she mentioned Trump and stared into the camera [...]

O + H

OH oh, eww


INnovation Here’s a[’nuther] new committee: the Pentagon’s Defense Innovation Advisory Board. ”…to help keep the Department of Defense up to date on the “cutting edge” of innovation. It consists of 15 innovators, scholars, and leaders of private and public organizations picked for their contributions to new technologies and organizational behavior and culture. “These new additions [...]

Toddler Propaaganda Pr0n

taste and decorum->OUT :: emotional “thinking”-> IN Here’s something I’d missed – from March of ’16: A huge graffiti image of … stirred global sympathy for migrants fleeing war and poverty, confronts motorists, pedestrians and river traveler in Frankfurt. Thousands of weekday commuters using the Main river footpath and road bridge will see the 120-square-metre [...]

Missed Opportunity

blowing The Close I actually watched the whole Trump Speech last nite. [I know] But I was curious if he could meet his primary goal of not going off book, and not looking like a lunatic for a given amount of time. I think he managed that first hurdle. [NB Still not a Trumpkin. Dunno [...]

Cleved Land

Yep. That’ll change minds and win hearts. Here is the state of discourse on the streets: I know — right?!? Totally convinced, now, I am. Here’s more of the street scene in ClevedLand Eight militiamen from the radical constitutionalist group the West Ohio Minutemen could be seen patrolling on the square’s north side carrying loaded [...]