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You’re Welcome

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drip by drip Clean Water Act takes over the world. The Obama administration on Wednesday asserted its authority over the nation’s streams, wetlands and other smaller waterways, Actually, the “Obobo Admin” not so much. That implies that this hasn’t been being pushed for decades. It’s the EPA. That doesn’t go away when Obobo does. And [...]

We’re Experience an Earthquake, Please!

Still Happening!* A YouTube video [by Frank Hoogerbeets] viewed more than 700,000 times claims that this week could see a huge earthquake in California as a result of the way the planets are lined up in the solar system. eeeeeeeeeeeek ! Which, I’m sure has nothing to do with San Andreas, the new [made for [...]

Dark Times

Dark Money Here’s our spankin’ new AG, hitting the ground running, Making The World Safer for Demokracy: Loretta Lynch’s Justice Department unsealed a 47-count indictment Wednesday morning laden with racketeering, corruption and conspiracy charges against yes? yes?? against 14 defendants associated with FIFA, the world soccer association, and international soccer organizations. Soccer? World Soccer? *cough*jurisdiction*cough* [...]

A Little More Insultyness

now we’ll Know for Sure. The State Department Friday released emails that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sent and received in the aftermath of the September 2012 attacks on an American diplomatic facility in Benghazi, Libya. Oh. wow. Yippie. Swell. Finally. We are finally getting to see a few emails which were not the [...]

Insult + Injury

how soon til this hits the F***Y** Pushback? I grow impatient. Here’s a Progaganda trend: “Revenue means taxes, and certainly those who have been blessed the most, who have disproportionately extracted, by whatever skill, more and more from the national wealth, they’re going to have to share more of that,” — CA .gov Jerry Brown [...]

iSlamofascism Rides On

no respect + bulldozers The historic city of Palmyra has fallen almost entirely under the control of Islamic State, after forces loyal to the Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, collapsed under a seven-day siege that has left the magnificent ruins there exposed to near-certain destruction by the terror group. …The ancient city, once a Silk Road [...]

Grillin’ Season is Comin’!

*droolz* Here’s the newest tasty treat to sweep teh InnarToobz: I love me a trend. …with bacon. …and ribs. Shave the pineapple but leave the top and bottom, lay on its side and about an inch in on both sides cut halfway down then with a long blade slice from point to point. Hollow out [...]

Mz Grundy

she’s eternal Saida Grundy is an incoming black sociology professor at Boston University. Here are some of her Twits: “White masculinity isn’t a problem for america’s colleges, white masculinity is THE problem for america’s colleges,” “Why is white America so reluctant to identify white college males as a problem population?” “Deal with your white sh*t, [...]

Returning from AWOL

Life in The Country™ — in motion Sorry I’ve been somewhat ….lackadaisical in my posting of late. Been riding my own special amusement park ride. weee. It’s called BPPV [Benign if “benign” means Ginormous Pain Inna Arse Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo]. Its something usually caused by having had a virus [like that Big Flu I had [...]