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Yer not really paranoid if….

wuck is worng with youze people Samsung: TV has never been this smart. …the voice-recognition feature, vital for everyone who finds pressing a few buttons on their remote far too tiresome. the company may “capture voice commands and associated texts so that we can provide you with Voice Recognition features and evaluate and improve the [...]

Health and Safety Scare Me

too dangerous to go to work Nevermind how I got there [archaeology], but I arrived at the “Health and Safety” page of the London Crossrail [Big Dig - Brit Style]. Here is what they say: This programme is founded on three key principles: We all have the right to go home unharmed every day, The [...]

ToDaZeD Mixed Messages

counternarrative Yeah, I hate malls, too but ol’ Al ShitsKabob is goin’ too far. …again. A new video from Al Shabaab purportedly shows the terror group calling for an attack on Mall of America, in Bloomington, Minn. …[also] West Edmonton Mall in Canada and the Oxford Street shopping area in London … [and citing] Westgate [...]

Slippery Handles

a paucity of comprehension or a silly technique ”Words mean something. …or something Another name for a rose? [Obobobo:] “Al Qaeda and ISIL and groups like it are desperate for legitimacy. They try to portray themselves as religious leaders, holy warriors in defense of Islam,” he said. “We must never accept the premise that they [...]

Jimmy Crack Corn

and ObamamaDon’tKare 37% of Americans [able-bodied and over 16] are unable to find employment. [leaving aside the social-engineered factor of unwilling to work because “why?”] Yet every company is subject to the employer mandate: For firms which do not offer insurance any insurance, have more than 50 employees, and have at least one employee receiving [...]

Pick a side!

ANY side! Our new AG, Loretta Lynn LynchRaaaacist!!1!, seems to be unsure about whose side she’s on: Well, Senator, I believe that the right and the obligation to work is one that’s shared by everyone in this country regardless of how they came here. And certainly, if someone here, regardless of status, I would prefer [...]

Sell the Legend

when the Truth ain’t sellin’ Deflate-gate? 12.5psi or $25K. Obama-like — never heard of it til I read it in the newspaper… VahJayJay-gate? When Banning of White VahJayJays* is not Proggy enough one must ban all VahJayJays* …for reducing Gender “to biological or anatomical distinctions”… and excluding “women without VahJayJays”… “Unlikely” that the FBI and [...]

ToDaZeD CA *facepalm*

if, indeed, *facepalming* is still legal… Happy Freakin’ Noo Year!! The “state” of Calfornia [”state” being used in the sense: “the condition of a thing with respect to structure, form, circumstances or attributes”. see also; “kleptocracy”] is facing 932 new laws this January. This is what happens when ya don’t have a “gridlocked, do-nothing legislature.” [...]

The New Face of War

Corporate “Nations” Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc, the American entertainment subsidiary of Japanese multinational technology and media conglomerate SONY, the Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, has made a fairly significant decision for America after this: Warning We will clearly show it to you at the very time and places The Interview be shown, [...]

A firm grasp of Teh Obvious

is the cornerstone of sanity. ”Hands Up – Don’t Shoot!” Pants Up Don’t Loot… The word spread within minutes of Michael Brown’s death – a young black man with his hands raised in surrender had just been shot by a white cop. You’ve likely heard this, but just for clarity: Officer Wilson’s testimony to the [...]