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The Bitch is Back.

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of Teh Week month ….

Teh Noo Eloi

Your Betters™ Yanno Burning Man? Where hippies, hipsters and other fringies get together BFE, The Desert and rough it for a weekend, listening to music and setting stuff on fire? For the sake of Enlightenment, of course. This is “Further Future”, a “Transformational event.” Where the Super Kewl Trendsetters and “self-selected” “winners” get together in [...]

And on the Gripping Hand…

yeah, just go with it Hand One: Apple has a responsibility to protect customers’ data and privacy, Cook said, adding that Apple “will not shrink from that responsibility.” Hand Teh Other: Justice Department on Monday convinced a federal court to cancel a Tuesday hearing on whether Apple should be forced to help the FBI break [...]

Gotcher Flyin Car Right Here

where is this coming from? Follow the money™? Follow The Proggies/Fabian Socialists yearning to disempower the Proletariat/Morlocks? Whence comes the Driverless Cars movement? The original article comes from Time onine fanzine, behind a subscribers-only wall, so…. [try this linky: here — a partial article: or try glooging the title, Ready or Not, Driverless Cars Are [...]

Coooomfort Turkey

ruffles feathers In 1986, Congress passed the Air Carrier Access Act, allowing service animals to fly on planes and ensuring they can’t be removed simply on the grounds that other passengers object. That turkey, or other emotional support animals, requires documentation from a mental health professional. It can’t walk about the cabin and can’t do [...]


*cough*sniffle*[yeah - still at it…] ”[island nations’ ] population are amongst the most vulnerable to the ravages of climate change,” the president said after meeting with several of the island nation leaders on the second day of an international climate change conference. … “I am an island boy.” [*cough*] “Some of their nations could disappear [...]

ToDaZeD CA ????????????

somebody gettin’ froggy? We heard on the nooz that all planes around LAX would be restricted from flying in/out to the West. Only reason we noticed at all was that a pal is going down there next week and discussions of how it would screw up her flight ensued. Los Angeles International Airport officials warned [...]

ToDaZeD CA *facepalm*

sudden surprises edition California’s ambitious Los-Angeles-to-San-Francisco high-speed rail project will likely miss its 2022 deadline and go over its $68 billion budget, a newspaper analysis [LATimes*] concluded. The only surprising thing there s the LAT would say it aloud. State officials underestimated the project’s challenges — particularly punching 36 miles of tunnels through the geologically [...]

Some Fun!

what could possibly go wrong? Peeple, if you haven’t heard of it yet, is – or rather, is intended to be – an iPhone app along the lines of Yelp. Except that instead of rating businesses, one rates other people. Similar to the “like” thang on FaceBooook. …and everywhere else. Only for Individuals. Because the [...]