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who can handle them? ”A woman who is intoxicated cannot giver her legal consent for sex, so proceeding under these circumstances is a crime.” But a man who is intoxicated can give legal consent. Bit of a power imbalance, that. A woman whose lips touch wine is instantaneously a child. On that basis, a woman [...]

Da Future

meh… Where’s my flying car?!? Clearly, there cannot be both a flyin’ car and an Idiocracy. People are so stupid, now, that they fly their drones over local fires preventing the CalFire airtankers from flying. verra kewl pix here Apple is testing their noo, robot iCar. GoMentum Station is on the old Concord naval weapons [...]

Finally Rarin’ Back on Their Hind Legs?

Land of the Free, my arse The Competitive Enterprise Institute, a conservative think-tank, estimates that the the total cost of complying with America’s federal regulations was $1.86 trillion in 2013-about $15,000 per household The Code of Federal Regulations now stands at 174,545 pages, compared to 22,877 pages in 1960. Now this: Last Tuesday, by a [...]

ToDaZeD Dots . . .

what’s a meta for? Election 2016! [Sen. Lindsey Graham, (R-S.C.] “I don’t care if he drops out. Stay in the race, just stop being a jackass,” Trump claimed Graham had been “begging” to help him with an appearance on “Fox and Friends.” “He said, ‘Could you mention my name?’ And I said, ‘Yes, I’ll mention,’” [...]

This seems to be a Big Thing

hate to let it go unremarked… Several U.S. officials say hackers linked to China appear to have gained access to sensitive background information submitted by intelligence and military personnel seeking security clearances. …The forms believed accessed, known as Standard Form 86, require applicants to fill out deeply personal information about mental illnesses, drug and alcohol [...]

Freedom or “Saaaafety”

or bullpuckey? Here’s the question: Patriot Act [now lapsed] or “Uniting and Strengthening America by Fulfilling Rights and Ending Eavesdropping, Dragnet-collection and Online Monitoring Act.” [USAFREEDOM Act] or ISIS freely running amok in our streets, apparently [Sen. Rand Paul] “Are we going to so blithely give up our freedom? Are we going to so blindly [...]


drip by drip Clean Water Act takes over the world. The Obama administration on Wednesday asserted its authority over the nation’s streams, wetlands and other smaller waterways, Actually, the “Obobo Admin” not so much. That implies that this hasn’t been being pushed for decades. It’s the EPA. That doesn’t go away when Obobo does. And [...]

ToDaZeD Ash Olé

and the Unsaid Preconception of The Day You remember back thru the mists of bs time the whole Beergate, The Police Believed Stupidly kerfluffle? and the Professssor in question, Henry Louis Gates Jr? [“PBS and Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates”] Yeah… Well, he got a TV show, about tracing Roots which celebraateees are pleased to [...]


Hill-Larrity !!1! This is the image Hill-Larrity !!1! *chose* to promote by naming her campaign van “Scooby”. Arguably better than what others could have named it like, DeathStar, Dray of Deceit, Coach of Contempt, Cankle Wagon, BenghaziBus, … But, really, What difference at this point does it make?Mobile… I wondered if there were any clues [...]

Polls are Tools

their point is to create public opinion Also see: Preference Cascade — when people who believed they were alone in their beliefs who suddenly find out that they are part of a much larger group. The opposite is also true. When people are sure of the sensibleness of their views then are swamped by media [...]