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Butt we Have to Pass It To See What’s IN It!!!

deep ethical considerations of a Komodo Dragon House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Thursday that, not only did Jonathan Gruber not play a significant role in drafting Obamacare, but that she doesn’t even “know who he is.” [ November 2009] PELOSI: “… I don’t know if you have seen Jonathan Gruber of MIT’s analysis [...]

Blowing Sunshine Up Yer Skirt

whoda thunk? Remember the Ivanpah solar electric generating plant? It gave us this! Gloooogle’s noo, penultimate gloooogle-doodle: But uhooooh….. Some sort of …miscalculation occurred. A[n] NRG [”en-er-gee” — geddit? *nudge*nudge*] spokesman blamed the weather, saying the sun didn’t shine as often as years of studies predicted. No sun. In the Mojave desert. hm… The desert [...]


Now what? [ABC News Chief White House Correspondent Jon Karl] “officials tell me the president is prepared to aggressively pursue his agenda using his power of executive authority, where he can’t work with Congress, and the big one is going to be on immigration reform. White House officials tell me that the president will move [...]

“Just You Remember!!!”

where’ve I heard this before… Social Justice Kittehs

Punctuation Matters

ToDaZeD CA *facepalm* Today is The 2014 Great California ShakeOut! At 10:18am, we are told to practice Duck Cover and Hold: or Duckcomma Cover and Hold: OMG??!?!?!?! Do I cover?!? Do I hold??!? Loook! I can’t do both!!! Does one hand each count??!? ohhhhhhh!!!!!! What is the Protocol??!??! #TheSystemWorked! meh. what’reyagonnado? This is the same [...]

Well lookie here…

.gov — yer bestest pal is lookin out for ya #ComfortingAssurances Did you know we already have an Ebola Czar? And we’ve had one for ten [10] years. Whoda thunk? This is the job description: …“the highest-ranking federal official in charge of preparing the nation to face such health crises as earthquakes, hurricanes, terrorist attacks, [...]

Different Cuuuultures

Let’s have taaaalks! During its conquests in Iraq and Syria, the Islamic State [ISIS / ISIL / ASHL / whatever e~C] has had to come up with a method to allow all those non-Sunnis who ended up converting to Sunni Islam instead of being killed—the Christians, Yazidis, Shias, who for whatever reason remained under IS [...]

uh oh

what now? The guy in TX with ebola: dead Srsly. I’m hearing all sorts of conflicting crap about this. I can’t even tell what’s what, having failed chemistry fairly early on. [hey. don't larf. I have other talents. somewhere] The major nooooooz mediums tell me “Don’t worry; Be happy!” Other sources tell me everything from [...]


eww Ebola in TX — NOT the airborne version. …apparently: Because you can only become infected by Ebola through direct contact with the bodily fluids of someone who has the virus and is exhibiting symptoms, health officials need to identify every single person who has come in contact with the Dallas patient since Wednesday, when [...]

ToDaZeD CA *facepalm*

All Yr Dingus R belong To US edition Didn’t *someone* once say “keep your laws out of my bedroom”? Look what happened with no public notice and no public input: Bill 967, which passed unanimously and is also known as the “yes means yes” law, stipulates that colleges will receive state funding only if they [...]