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ToDaZeD CA *facepalm*

All Your Labor Are Belong to Teh State. A small-time vintner’s use of volunteer workers has put him out of business after the state squeezed him like a late-summer grape for $115,000 in fines — and sent a chill through the wine industry. The volunteers, some of them learning to make wine while helping out, [...]


Goodbye Sweet America Remember the Berzerekeley “Free Speech Movement?” 50 years ago. Here’s an History — who knows how valid — but the bones of the thing was that the Admin disallowed any political/“social” organizing, speechifyin’, etc on campus. [Remember, this was just following the “Commie scare” days of the ’50s. No Commies on Campus [...]

ToDaZeD CA *facepalm*

too hip – gotta split CA was considering a plan to split the state into five [5] smaller, actually manageable states. Here’s a map with population in black dots. or more like: Well, Teh Powers That Be ‘counted’ the signatures and… hold on to yer hats, decided there weren’t enough to qualify for the ballot. [...]

Welcome to the Marxist Banana Republik of CA

packin’ up here, boss New [to me] Word Of Teh Day!!! “We have to fight against the growing inequality, the immiseration of millions of families in our country and certainly in our state,” —Jerry “I smell mustard” Brown, .gov of CA, on signing the mandatory three paid sick days a year for all workers. Yeah, [...]

Job Openings @MinistryOfTruth

ToDaZeD #NudgeBalloon Through a National Science Foundation grant, the U.S. government is paying for the creation of a database of “suspicious memes” and other “false and misleading” political ideas posted on social media. …The project defines memes as all “@mentions, #hash_tags, and urls” on Twitter. The .gov. Monitoring social media Citizens’ Public Conversations. For “misleading [...]

It’s this that will kill US

not them but US Whatever happened to the phrase, “Sounds like a personal problem to me…”?!? In June, in return for taking part in a local volunteer initiative to plant flower beds in the city’s traffic medians, the diner was awarded a sign on a lamp post that said “Yield for Sneakers Bacon.” A woman [...]

ToDaZeD CA *facepalm*

our betters The California Highway Patrol arrested Sen. Ben Hueso, D-San Diego, shortly after 2:30 a.m. after officers said they saw him driving a state-issued car the wrong way down a one-way street near the Capitol. [in TheSac] But wait! Hours before… “Loving my Latino Caucus boys,” [tweeted] Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, also a Democrat from [...]

my head is reeling…

Language and “Trigger” Warning (Reuters) – President Barack Obama is loosening restrictions on lobbyists who want to serve on federal advisory boards, a White House official said on Tuesday, a setback to the president’s efforts to tamp down special interest influence in Washington. *blink*blink blink* and it looks like my tummy will be unhappy soon, [...]

First World Problems

compare and contrast Remember how CA is denying water to the best food growing area in the US on behalf of Saaaaving a 2” non-native [non-endangered] trash fish from extinction? [a fish that could be bred in a small hatchery in sufficient quantities to fill every waterway and plate in America — were it of [...]

Yr Tax Dollars @ Work!

”we need more taxessssss The employees [of an Federal agency that handles appeals of patent applications], paralegals making $60,000 to $80,000 a year [and about $700,000 in annual performance bonuses of up to $3,500 apiece for “outstanding” work], were idle with full knowledge of their immediate bosses and multiple layers of managers and judges who [...]