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thimk! You know that line about women making 77 cents for every dollar men earn? If so, why would there be a single male hired? Anywhere? Also; It’s not true

*FLASH* Researchers Catch Up!

GFY* New frontiers in Human Knowledge. It’s been widely considered humans have six distinct facial expressions, but new research claims this figure is 21 including “surprised”… Researchers didn’t know about the facial expression “surprised”? Where’s bitter, frustrated rage? eh? eh?!? Ah, well – keep your chin up. There’s more. The results dovetail with recent findings [...]

ToDaZeD CA *facepalm


Be vewy, vewy quiiiet… We’re Hunting Mowons

pretend you don’t exist for an hour Happy Earth Hour Day!

Oh My!

developing… Sources confirm [CA] State Senator Leland Yee has been indicted for public corruption. A series of search warrants are being executed by the FBI across the Bay Area this morning. ABC7 News has learned they are making numerous arrests in a widespread sweep involving suspected gang members. This follows; Sen. Ron Calderon will take [...]

Whaddya mean TehFed ain’t Teh King?!?

*shhhhhh* Lord of the Fleas for catching this little- covered story: BOISE, March 21, 2014 – On Thursday, Idaho Governor Butch Otter (R) signed a bill, which would effectively nullify future federal gun laws, by prohibiting state enforcement of any future federal act relating to personal firearms, a firearm accessories or ammunition. Here’s the bit [...]

Wasn’t this the Whole Point of The Great Experiment?

Freedom!! from The Past In Ye Olden Daze, if one did a favor, a solid, an historic deed for The Sovereign, one might be rewarded with a Title. Conveying certain Rights, Responsibilities, and Riches, one could pass this down to one’s heirs [male], who could then, regardless of personal worth, talents or skillz, lord it [...]

Bleg! Halp!

i iz ignerunt I have a pdf file with 8 columns and 608 pages of rows. [1.6mb] It looks like a spreadsheet but it’s a pdf. I need to separate the first column and make those entries into address labels. Not by hand. Preferably not with scissors and a glue pot. There is where I [...]


on Grit and Persistence From The New York Times… A SEEMINGLY un-American fact about America today Since when has a fact been “unAmerican?” un-American fact about America today is that for some groups, much more than others, upward mobility and the American dream are alive and well. Is it “unAmerican” that “the American dream” is [...]

ToDaZeD Overheard

hm JAY LENO: Did you all watch the Golden Globes last night? [Applause] Tina Fey, Amy Poehler very funny. Boy, they are just the best. Of course, the big winner, the big winner was “American Hustle,” a film about the marketing of ObamaCare. I thought that was fascinating. [Laughter and applause] “[Laughter and applause]” — [...]

What difference at this point does it make?

NoNoNO: the point is #IncomeInequality Oh, my. Look what Teh Lady DiFi and her pals have been up to. …regarding the assaults on Sept. 11 and 12, 2012 on the diplomatic compound and a CIA annex in the Libyan city of Benghazi … The [Senate intelligence] committee determined that the U.S. military command in Africa [...]

One of these things is not like the other — Part Dux

Intentions: Not actualities. Also Road To Hell Remember this kerfluffle wherein MSLSD panelists and commen-taters mocked the Romney family for adopting a *ghasp* black baby? yeah… Well, oddly enough, Reality has caught up with the …Head Panelist. Fancy that. Firstly, Michelle’s Mirror notes that Melissa Harris-Perry, “has been quoted as saying: “I’ve never thought of [...]

ToDaZeD Just Me?™

erm… halp? So trying to get on amazon to order stuff — ok, books — maketh me nutz. I gotta hit re-load at least 5 times *per page* to get anywhere. Otherwise the load gets stuck and just spins with the header or half a page and no active buttons. This is on my iPad [...]

Happy Monday

enJoyin’ yer noo .gov-enfored time? If you like your time of day you can keep your time of day.

ToDaZeD Steaming Pile of .gov

is terminal bitterness a trigger for the Death Panels? McAFEE: Well, here’s the problem — it’s not something software can solve. I mean, what idiot put this system out there and did not create a central depository? There should be one website, run by the government, you go to that website and then you can [...]

ToDaZeD Quote of Teh Day

RTWT …They call themselves “progressives” and flatter themselves that their thoughts and actions are “revolutionary” when they are as reactionary as any mob that can be remembered from history. They chain themselves deep in the pit of pretend, and celebrate their servitude by bending heaven and earth to get you down in the hole that [...]

ToDaZeD *facepalm*

now I’m offeeeended. …to remind students that some costume choices can demean and isolate their fellow classmates, teachers and university staff….the CU-Boulder community has been affected by costumes that poke fun at poverty, overly sexualized cultural identities and stereotypes, such as cowboys and Indians…geisha costume… a man wearing a large sombrero … racially insensitive costumes… [...]

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Phrase of Teh Day !!!!!

me neither ‘I Will Not Yield To This Monkey Court!’

We have to protect our phoney baloney jobs here, gentlemen!

Mother, Mother, Mother Pin A Rose On Me! *