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On The River…

EPA vs Nature and Good Sense this.

Lighten up, Francis!

perspective I’ve been feeling a lot like this recently: George Orwell, in a moment of despair, predicted a future where the bad guys would permanently rule the roost. ”If you want a picture of the future,” he wrote, “imagine a boot stamping on a human face—for ever.” But I failed to remember this: But history [...]


The Bus Cometh Thump! Thump! “Most importantly I never sent classified material on my email and I never received any that was marked classified,” Clinton said at one point in her press conference. “The State Department has confirmed that I did not send nor receive material marked classified or send material marked classified,” she said [...]

Trouble in Destinyland?

/H> Donny Deutsch “identifies as a liberal”. [MSNBC contributor Donny Deutsch] “Americans are just tired of Hillary Clinton. There comes a point in time where she comes on the TV — Hillary Clinton is very competent and very bright, just Americans have fallen out of like with her. It’s that simple.” …powerful Democrats saying ‘We [...]

Finally Rarin’ Back on Their Hind Legs?

Land of the Free, my arse The Competitive Enterprise Institute, a conservative think-tank, estimates that the the total cost of complying with America’s federal regulations was $1.86 trillion in 2013-about $15,000 per household The Code of Federal Regulations now stands at 174,545 pages, compared to 22,877 pages in 1960. Now this: Last Tuesday, by a [...]

ToDaZeD Guest Post

by Tycho Ted We are a privileged generation. We got to see it from the beginning through to the end – the single greatest age of exploration by humanity. Period. Points of light in the sky became transformed into worlds, each of them unique, and each of them full of surprises. Icy moons the size [...]

ToDaZeD Quote of Teh Day

Richard Feynman edition “I would rather have questions that can’t be answered than answers that can’t be questioned. “

ToDaZeD Civilized Behavior 101

urban residents -vs- those who live in the real world This is a little part of Joshua Tree Park, just south of 29 Palms. Exquisite, ain’t it? Andre Saraiva [known by his fans as Mr. Andre and Mr. A.] is an internationally known graffiti artist. He owns nightclubs in Paris and New York, works as [...]


Happy Acres


Soooooo pretty! The eons have turned them to stone, yet still they burn bright with beauty.