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nc What’s the difference between Thanksgiving in US and Thanksgiving in Russia? Daemon beat me to it!!!!!!!

ToDaZeD CA ????????????

somebody gettin’ froggy? We heard on the nooz that all planes around LAX would be restricted from flying in/out to the West. Only reason we noticed at all was that a pal is going down there next week and discussions of how it would screw up her flight ensued. Los Angeles International Airport officials warned [...]

Respect !!!1!!!!!

IDTIMWYTIM Another example of the Pressure to behave Respectfully toward those who Disrespect us. There’s been a recent increase in crime in San FranFreakshow. Imagine that; increasing crime — both petty and major — in a Sanctuary City. hm… aaaaanyway, the following discussion came from one of those neighborhood BBS things that are common on [...]

ToDaZeD Trending…

with Push-Back sauce ”I’m really humiliated just for the simple fact that you hear about this type of stuff happening in America, discrimination issues and stuff like that, but to actually experience it first-hand,’ said Alexandria Wright. Spirit Airlines later released a statement calling the banished passengers unruly’ and claiming they were causing trouble with [...]

Good …erm, morning?

How was your Halloween?


some suggest bias… So I hear Teh Debate went well? Here’s the first question from one Carl Quintanilla who has a business news show on CNBC: This series of debates is essentially a job interview with the American people. And in any job interview, you know this: you get asked, “what’s your biggest weakness?” So [...]

ToDaZeD Bingo!

well spotted ”The very purpose of what is called multiculturalism is to destroy culture, by teaching students to dismiss their own and patronize the rest. Hence the antidote to love of this place is not only a hatred of this place, but a phony engagement with any other place. Multiculturalism in this sense is like [...]

Happy BTTF Day!

where’s my dang flyin car?!? Nope. Instead of flyin my own car around, they offer us “self-driving cars”; the ultimate metaphor for Being “caaaared for” by Our Betters™. But we are awaiting another Star Wars movie… When cell-fones get so big they have to follow you around under their own power.

Lawyers and Insurance companies, Oh My

on Shoulda Called Saul Connell said she has been unfairly represented and that she was only suing Sean as a ‘formality’ to qualify for a homeowners insurance claim to cover her medical bills. ‘I’m no legal expert but as I understand it, in Connecticut, it’s not possible to name an insurance company in a suit [...]

Pants Onna Ground

Solidarity!!! Members of the group Pallasos en Rebedia, which translates to Clowns in Rebellion, [protested] in solidarity with people living in the occupied territories. [Palestinians] Here is how they showed their Solidarity!!1!: