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Come for Teh Snark

stay for the …hm Teh Snark: Why is modern Science Fiction so bad? Why are modern comic books so bad? Why is modern art so very, very, very bad? One would almost think these things are being made bad on purpose. And one would be right! …Establishment SF is Politically Correct SF, in that it [...]

First World Problems

listicle! “That Starbux ‘pay it forward’ thing is stupid.” “I don’t have enough room for my shoooooooz!” “I hate vacuuming!” “My I Heart Radio app keeps crashing!” “My InnarToobs ain’t fast enough to watch movies!”

Heads Up

money earned ok – not earnedearned like earning $20 the hard way at the bus station… but earned nonetheless. There was an “adjustment” on my AT&T bill for 34¢. Yeah, 34¢. So out of pure cussedness, I decided to call and ask ‘em WTH. Called the number written on the bill for billing questions. After [...]

Open Thread

Whaaaaaat? what?!? wth!!??! Tell me something good:

Whatinhell is that word….

bleg You know the one: wherein if someone tells you about green VW bugs, which you never see, but suddenly you notice them everywhere. Yes. There’s a word for it. Whatinhell is it?!?

45 Years Ago….

Just for DougM:


whose memory works best I know I’ve heard it. Somewhere…. Aside from today, where/when was this phrase used before? “I don’t think they’re all terrible people. I think they love their families.” Somewhere not contemporary, like Flashman? Or …erm, *wracks brain* ?????

ToDaZeD Baby Idea

Warning: may need moar coffee This invasion immigration thing is a war of ideas as much — *more* — than of territory. Remember the Katrina / 9th Ward denizens who were scattered across the nation? And the stories about some percentage of them who were shocked and amazed at how well they were treated, and [...]

Forecast: Muddied Waters

with decreasing Union™ Reign The Supreme Court says [5-4] public sector unions can’t collect fees from home health care workers who object to being affiliated with a union. The justices on Monday said collecting the fees violates the First Amendment rights of workers who are not union members… by compelling them to associate with the [...]


ordinary men doing extraordinary things

Here’s a thing…

hm… Try reading this: *clicky*clicky* Yes, the sample is …unattractive. To me. But the concept… I think they’re on to something. Add in a back-up function for those of us with fleeting attention spans, and this would be ideal for emails or txts on the run. Maybe other things. Not so sure I want to [...]

Because it’s difficult

Rly? Rly?!? Why is this story Justin Beiber has just been accused of attempted robbery pages ahead of this story? “At that time, I can remember thinking he wasn’t going to make it, but I knew I wasn’t going to stop trying,” White said. “No matter what the outcome, I’m going to do what I [...]

Yes, I am trying to start Something

Play along! Haiku: Syllables: count ‘em five, then seven, again five It’s a game for us. Centuries ago discipline of haiku born Japanese twitter



Happy Star Wars Day!!!!

geek out!!

ToDaZeD CA *yippie!*

holding our heads high Don’t be so mammal-normative! You may think a cheetah would be hard to beat, but researchers have found that, for its size, a tiny California beetle is actually the fastest animal ever found. Paratarsotomus macropalpis is no bigger than a sesame seed – however, it was recently recorded running at up [...]

ToDaZeD ThisWeek’s NON-honked-off Post

DougM Postulate a cow: it’s spherical.

Figgered as much…

kerfluffle I’m hip deep in gators this week but I hadda mention the addendumb to this post on Bundy. “his message was taken out of context,” expanded video here with added Mexicans! I still can’t find anything much I actually disagree with in what he said. Ok — the whole “pickin’ cotton” thing was… well, [...]

Map Play

hm… A Block is the smallest area unit used by the U.S. Census Bureau for tabulating statistics. As of the 2010 census, the United States consists of 11,078,300 Census Blocks. Of them, 4,871,270 blocks totaling 4.61 million square kilometers were reported to have no population living inside them. Despite having a population of more than [...]

ToDaZeD *urp*

*running cupcakes*