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I can’t stands it nomore Thanksgiving. Yummy, yummy fooods. Fambly. Pals. Loved ones. Lotsa dogs. Now yer talkin! Turkey: the white paste of foods. So, for me, it’s all about the sides [no turkey!] all about the sides, about the sides [no turkey!] Gotta do the mashies ’n’ gravy [MiL’s fave] and the Candied Yams [...]

I was out, today,

so what happened? And what do ya think about it?

ToDaZeD Seasonal PSA

Thank You for your kind attention Every time a Christmas tree is lit before T’giving, an elf shoots a baby reindeer.


Thanx, (Dot)Gov! It’s an hour earlier than it was yesterday at this time. What’re you gonna do with your exxtra hour? [I slept in. ahhhhhhhhh]


on this Wherein we saw this: OR *clicky*clicky* Now there is this: 10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Man from Nate Dern

ToDaZeD Let’s Play!

just for a li’l fun Ideal world — all practical considerations aside [including the one that says *real* men don’t dress up in costumes], just for fun, a Porch Costume Party: what would be your bestest, favoritest costume? Authenticity counts.

Happy Halloween!

ooooo-ooooooooooo BOO! Scare ya? No?!?!? dang Maybe this will do it:

ToDaZeD CA *clownpalm*

swidt? An outbreak of clowns in the San Joaquin Valley are terrifying residents. Runnnnn !!!!!! It’s E-Bolo Teh Clown !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yr Monday morning/Sunday evening Outdoors Tip o’ Teh Day!

be careful out there


FTW?! I called at&t yesterday to do something minor [who needs “long distance” these daze. I’m surprised it still exists.] and ran across something I’d met before: the “Privacy” statement wherein they need your permission to see your account info in order to do whatever you called them to adk them to do. How this [...]