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Pants Onna Ground

Solidarity!!! Members of the group Pallasos en Rebedia, which translates to Clowns in Rebellion, [protested] in solidarity with people living in the occupied territories. [Palestinians] Here is how they showed their Solidarity!!1!:

Sustainable is Unsupportable

a sad story wherein I Got Caught by Teh Noo. Came the day a while ago that the old washing machine and screaming dryer were on their way out. Fifteen years, they had served us well. We did the research and visited our Local seller of household machines where rows and rows of gleaming new [...]

Tiz Da Season


Lighten up, Francis!

perspective I’ve been feeling a lot like this recently: George Orwell, in a moment of despair, predicted a future where the bad guys would permanently rule the roost. ”If you want a picture of the future,” he wrote, “imagine a boot stamping on a human face—for ever.” But I failed to remember this: But history [...]


Not that bad; the bad part is the inversion is condensing all the smoke from about 50K acres of burning local California. [hey - it's late summer; it's what we do] The light is all weird and orange. OTOH, it’d likely be 110 without the sky cover. White sky – eerie…

Trouble in Destinyland?

/H> Donny Deutsch “identifies as a liberal”. [MSNBC contributor Donny Deutsch] “Americans are just tired of Hillary Clinton. There comes a point in time where she comes on the TV — Hillary Clinton is very competent and very bright, just Americans have fallen out of like with her. It’s that simple.” …powerful Democrats saying ‘We [...]

ToDaZeD Guest Post

by Tycho Ted We are a privileged generation. We got to see it from the beginning through to the end – the single greatest age of exploration by humanity. Period. Points of light in the sky became transformed into worlds, each of them unique, and each of them full of surprises. Icy moons the size [...]

Up Next!

how far can we take this? Rachel Dolezal, 37, is the head of the local chapter of the NAACP and has identified herself as African-American. But her Montana birth certificate says she was born to two Caucasian parents… erm… hokaaay Response on Da Twitz: #WrongSkin and… [San Diego Fair Food] deep-fried Slim Fast bars How [...]

It’s A MAN Baybee…

or something …or something

Grillin’ Season is Comin’!

*droolz* Here’s the newest tasty treat to sweep teh InnarToobz: I love me a trend. …with bacon. …and ribs. Shave the pineapple but leave the top and bottom, lay on its side and about an inch in on both sides cut halfway down then with a long blade slice from point to point. Hollow out [...]