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nc What’s the difference between Thanksgiving in US and Thanksgiving in Russia? Daemon beat me to it!!!!!!!


Good …erm, morning?

How was your Halloween?


Punkin Contest!

ToDaZeD Bingo!

well spotted ”The very purpose of what is called multiculturalism is to destroy culture, by teaching students to dismiss their own and patronize the rest. Hence the antidote to love of this place is not only a hatred of this place, but a phony engagement with any other place. Multiculturalism in this sense is like [...]

Pants Onna Ground

Solidarity!!! Members of the group Pallasos en Rebedia, which translates to Clowns in Rebellion, [protested] in solidarity with people living in the occupied territories. [Palestinians] Here is how they showed their Solidarity!!1!:

Sustainable is Unsupportable

a sad story wherein I Got Caught by Teh Noo. Came the day a while ago that the old washing machine and screaming dryer were on their way out. Fifteen years, they had served us well. We did the research and visited our Local seller of household machines where rows and rows of gleaming new [...]

Tiz Da Season


Lighten up, Francis!

perspective I’ve been feeling a lot like this recently: George Orwell, in a moment of despair, predicted a future where the bad guys would permanently rule the roost. ”If you want a picture of the future,” he wrote, “imagine a boot stamping on a human face—for ever.” But I failed to remember this: But history [...]


Not that bad; the bad part is the inversion is condensing all the smoke from about 50K acres of burning local California. [hey - it's late summer; it's what we do] The light is all weird and orange. OTOH, it’d likely be 110 without the sky cover. White sky – eerie…