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The stuff of Yvette Felarca’s fondest dreams

“Hey, *I* got nuthin’ to hide…” Mission creep happens: In 2015, China moved ahead with its plan of a “social credit system,” better known as Citizen Score, which was linked to 1.3 billion Chinese citizens’ national ID cards, and scored each citizen on their behavior. Facial recognition is even being used in public restrooms… you [...]

ToDaZeD Proglodyte Logyk

aka The Cartman Defense You may remember Yvette Felarca [sad that I do, but nevermind...], BAMN leader of the Sacramento riots [when hundreds of "aaaactivists" physically attacked with sticks ten or twenty "Traditional Workers Party" demonstraters] and of the first MILO riot / De-platforming™ in February? X/Y/She was baaack for the Milo Free Speech …thing [...]

Progress™ Progressing

so fearful they are Amber Cummings, a transgender “woman” [gotta get those quote marks outta my system before it becomes worth a nickel stretch in the Reformatory here in Sunny Kleptofornia] who lives in the Bay Area had her Anti-Marxist rally cancelled in Bezerekeley [for incorrect bureaucratic paperwork]. Now Joey Gibson has done [what appears [...]

ToDaZeD CA *facepalm*

going national edition bit in their teeth, no stopping them now There’s a group called Patriot Prayer who has a permit for a rally on Crissy Field in San FranFreakshow. They are meeting with some resistance. Remember the ol’ Proggie/Lefty trope about nuance? Fuggeddaboudit. House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi is asking the National Park Service [...]


how’s your Hope comin’ along… Is this what we’re down to? The government removes History in the dead of night because it fears The People. Crews removed [four*] Baltimore’s Confederate statues early Wednesday … “There’s enough grandstanding, speeches being made. Get it done,” [Baltimore Mayor Catherine E. Pugh (D)] recalled thinking as they were removed. [...]

Coupla Things

and some questions… First: Who didn’t see this coming?!? If a country allows Political Violence to occur unopposed, more Political Violence will be encouraged. If said Political Violence originates from one political side, those on the other political side will feel left out and begin to participate. NB Those who commit Political Violence are, by [...]

ToDaZeD Aside

“Look LOOK! Over Here Meeee!!!! I’m Virtuous!!! LOOK!!!!” “Tiki Brand is not associated in any way with the events that took place in Charlottesville and are deeply saddened and disappointed. We do not support their message or the use of our products in this way. Our products are designed to enhance backyard gatherings and to [...]

ToDaZeD CA *facepalm*

fairies and unicorns edition ol’ Jerry I smell mustard Brown just guaranteed his Bullshitte Train will continue. Not to become an actual train [which would -- under ideal circumstances -- transport people from one end of the state 2/3 of the way to the other, taking twelve times as long and costing multiples more than [...]

Idiocracy!!! and beyond!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!

Intentionality. Coupla examples from the Vision of those who are the Primary Threat to Western Civilization: “Those who have been blessed the most, who have disproportionately extracted, by whatever skill, more and more from the national wealth, they’re going to have to share more of that,” –CA Gov. Jerry I smell mustard Brown 11/11/12 Yep. [...]


who knew? Anti-ANTI-FA. The DHS in New Jersey has … seen fit to designate Antifa as a domestic terrorist movement under the heading “Anarchist Extremists: Antifa.” so there’s that… In Jersey. Meanwhile in ChiTown… An Antifa group in Chicago called the “Haymaker Collective” [a play, it appears, on Haymarket, an 1880s anarchist riot in Chicago [...]