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we must ALL use the lenses currently fashionable in the Academy* The BIG STORY* today is that Teh Donald is a PIG because he complimented the looks of a woman* who made her living by marketing how she looks. Side Story: Man born in 1905 [married in 1936] treats women according to the customs of [...]

Look at these hands!

what’re we doing with ‘em? The U.S. economy added a better-than-expected 242,000 jobs in February… Break-even [to keep up with population growth] is 250,000 jobs. [NB this month’s number is yet to be “revised” — downward, as has become customary] …while the unemployment rate held steady at 4.9 percent… Unless you look at the U6, [...]

Powah! Ball!!!

now’s your chance to Think Big! The Powerball Payoff is $1.5 Billion – and rising. We all have about the same odds of winning whether or not we donate buy a ticket — Let’s Play! If I Won The Powerball I Would: — Buy the NBA and make them play in Uggs. [good game but [...]

Real World Manifestations of the Microaggressions™ Kulchah

Trending… Remember the Napa Whine Train Incident? Buncha raucous gals got kicked off for disturbing the other passenger/diners. But, cuz they happened to be [mostly] black… The Wine Train CEO issued a public apology to the group last week which said his staff “100 percent wrong in its handling of this issue.” He then offered [...]

*NOT* The Onion

WASoF At Brown University, a student group organized a debate about campus sexual assault. When Kathy Byron, a member of its Sexual Assault Task Force, heard that one debater might “ criticize the term ‘rape culture,’” Mzzzz Byron pannikkked that the idea of challenging another idea “could serve to invalidate people’s experiences,” or be “damaging.” [...]

Quit leaning at me

and back off Starbucks said the phase of the campaign that involved messages on drink cups was always scheduled to end Sunday. We have always been at war with Eurasia. Tuesday, March 17, 2015, 3:34 AM Starting on Monday, Starbucks baristas are being asked to write “Race Together” on coffee cups they hand to customers, [...]

ToDaZeD Proggie Vocab!

phrase a day! “Lean In™” — whatinhell does that even mean? This article seems to indicate it means work harder. …I had a life. I had friends, family, children. I had hobbies. I had a job, too, of course, but I also took occasional vacations, knocked off work at a sensible hour and got eight [...]

ToDaZeD Things I Wasn’t Aware Of

there is so much…. I’m a guuurl. I like looking at pretty dresses. Sometimes there are a few at the Hollywood – Give – Eachother – Prizes – Fests. So I look. I may stop… Here’s The Dress: *I* would’ve don the top a little differently… but the grace, the hand, …. yeah. Here’s The [...]

Happy “Scorched-Earth Rampage*” Day!

par-tay! Fies-ta!! When a particular kind of person gets a spankin’, they do not react with humility or remorse… Obama’s 8 p.m. ET announcement will come at the start of the second hour of the 15th annual Latin Grammys, which begins at 7 p.m. Thursday on Spanish-language TV network Univision… Univision says it will postpone [...]

Noo-Speak Progresses

Make me a sammich, bitch. …and a Dew-i-tos*! Being harassed online [NB this only applies to women and lgbtqqiaapnzrdoetc. you men — screw you cuz you got no feeeelings .] ? Who ya gonna call? WAM!!! The vicious targeting of women who speak up online has reached crisis levels. …starting today, WAM! is running a [...]