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Speaking of Proggie Tantrums…

tearing the copper out of the walls before eviction day Obama unleashes 3,853 regs, 18 for every law, record 97,110 pages of red tape Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova [‘called] the Obama administration ‘ “group of foreign policy losers, angry and shallow-brained” Obama administration put the finishing touches on a new policy that would [...]

ToDaZeD CA *facepalm*

state-icide The nation’s leading agricultural state is now targeting greenhouse gases produced by dairy cows and other livestock. I’ll give ya a moment to absorb that… “If we can reduce emissions of methane, we can really help to slow global warming,” said Ryan McCarthy, a science adviser for the California Air Resources Board, which is [...]

You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet

here they come Well, the BigBadD’s seem to think they need to re-think their approach, given the events of the month. [And raise a pile of money to convince you why you’re worng… that’s how a Proggie “reconsiders”] Fine idea, considering they missed the boat nationwide and state by state. [Democracy Alliance donor club (DA) [...]

pants-wettin’ snowflake cry-bullyz

Sore Losers Parade – Part Ohfercrapsake Ratcheting up the Rhetoric. Harry Reid, Mafia bag man / punching bag and lame-duck Senate Majority Leader speaks: White nationalists, Vladimir Putin and ISIS are celebrating Donald Trump’s victory, while innocent, law-abiding Americans are wracked with fear – especially African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Muslim Americans, LGBT Americans and Asian [...]

Who didn’t see this coming?

funny they didn’t mention that part earlier… [aka: Proggies: Tryin' ta kill Freedom 24/7 ] A federal appeals court [9th Circus Court of Schlemielz] upheld the federal ban on the sale of guns through federally licensed firearms dealers to individuals who hold medical marijuana cards… …“Registry cardholders are more likely to be marijuana users, and [...]


INnovation Here’s a[’nuther] new committee: the Pentagon’s Defense Innovation Advisory Board. ”…to help keep the Department of Defense up to date on the “cutting edge” of innovation. It consists of 15 innovators, scholars, and leaders of private and public organizations picked for their contributions to new technologies and organizational behavior and culture. “These new additions [...]

Toddler Propaaganda Pr0n

taste and decorum->OUT :: emotional “thinking”-> IN Here’s something I’d missed – from March of ’16: A huge graffiti image of … stirred global sympathy for migrants fleeing war and poverty, confronts motorists, pedestrians and river traveler in Frankfurt. Thousands of weekday commuters using the Main river footpath and road bridge will see the 120-square-metre [...]

Who is In Charge, here?!?

RNC *facepalm* Scott Baio??!?

Deep Thoughts by BO-rack

how does such an …odd Vision even make it out of a Jr High classroom? President Barack Obama told a roomful of foreign ambassadors July 15: I think [sic] have to step back [from the Nice attack] and reflect on what we are doing to eliminate this kind of chronic violence. It’s been a difficult [...]

Teh Iron Impaired.

#WhoseLivesMatter?!? In what other time or place could this happen? A line of highly trained, well armed individuals wearing full riot protection gear. A line of people in regular street clothes facing them and yelling obscenities and accusations of “Murderer!” and “Rapist!” In Full Expectation of Perfect Safety. Whadda Country…