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The stuff of Yvette Felarca’s fondest dreams

“Hey, *I* got nuthin’ to hide…” Mission creep happens: In 2015, China moved ahead with its plan of a “social credit system,” better known as Citizen Score, which was linked to 1.3 billion Chinese citizens’ national ID cards, and scored each citizen on their behavior. Facial recognition is even being used in public restrooms… you [...]

Reading? *pfaff*

it’s called Progress™ for a Reason Feeeeling September 6 was National Read a Book Day and Melania Trump gave a box of Dr Seuss books to one school in each state, along with a lovely letter about her reading Oh, the Places You’ll Go with her son. Remember, the key to achieving your dreams begins [...]

Abandon Facts All Ye Who Enter Here

division by Identity Group™ and Intent Patriot Prayer got its permit from the feds to hold a rally at Crissy Field in San FranFreakshow Sat. [8/24]. Gibson says he’s absolutely not a white supremacist. “I’m Japanese. We have three black speakers, a couple Hispanic, an atheist, a transsexual. We’re extremely diverse. It’s really irresponsible for [...]

Abandon Reason All Ye Who Enter Here

Is this where we’re gonna live? Everybody take a knee. In the wake of the events in Charlottesville, Va., ESPN decided to pull one of its announcers from calling a University of Virginia football game — because his name is Robert Lee. Because of course everyone would confuse this guy with the General of the [...]

How to start a Revolution?

dissent among the rank? The Patriot Prayer group rallied on Sunday [8/15] in Seattle’s Westlake Center, prompting counter-protesters to gather to protest the “nazis.” Patriot Prayer is a right-wing group with no connection to white nationalism, although small numbers white nationalists are often attracted to their rallies. …The counter-protesters, made up largely of unmasked Seattleites, [...]

ToDaZeD CA *facepalm*

going national edition bit in their teeth, no stopping them now There’s a group called Patriot Prayer who has a permit for a rally on Crissy Field in San FranFreakshow. They are meeting with some resistance. Remember the ol’ Proggie/Lefty trope about nuance? Fuggeddaboudit. House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi is asking the National Park Service [...]

Coupla Things

and some questions… First: Who didn’t see this coming?!? If a country allows Political Violence to occur unopposed, more Political Violence will be encouraged. If said Political Violence originates from one political side, those on the other political side will feel left out and begin to participate. NB Those who commit Political Violence are, by [...]

“Shut Up!!” they reasoned and Get OUT!!!

…pour encourager les autres who saw this coming??!? James Damore, whose manifesto criticizing the politically correct corporate culture at Google prompted outrage from left-wing employees and social justice warriors online, revealed that he had been fired in an email to Breitbart Tech on Monday evening. His “crime”? “They just fired me for ‘perpetuating gender stereotypes.’” [...]

is this *Something*?

not to the MSM… FBI agents seized smashed computer hard drives from the home of Florida Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s information technology (IT) administrator [Pakistani-born Imran Awan] …Wasserman Schultz resigned as DNC chief in July 2016 after the committee’s IT system was hacked. She has since refused to fire Imran despite learning that he [...]

ToDaZeD Virtue Superiority Signaling Trumpeting

Soppressata aaaiiiieeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! *runz* A Forenote: yes, this is by David awed by ‘perfectly creased pants’ Brooks, so it is a cartoon. Yet, he puts is so well, so clearly, so frankly, that it must be ….noted. People who are thrilled with their Special Status as Edjikayted Elites™ delight in signaling it to themselves and to [...]