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ToDaZeD Phrase of Teh Day!

Truth Matters Now there’s a hashtag: #TruthMatters Here’s a pair related stories. First, the age-old question, “why can’t I find a date?!?” — Noo Version: Alok and Jacob … Both are trans-identified, but belong somewhere in between genders, and they’ve amassed huge social media followings as gender nonbinary, femme, and fabulous human beings. They’ve become [...]

ToDaZeD CA *face2palm*

everything old is Noo again… California is widely celebrated as the fount of technical, cultural and political innovation. Now we seem primed to outdo even ourselves, creating a new kind of socialism that, in the end, more resembles feudalism than social democracy. The new consensus is being pushed by, among others, hedge-fund-billionaire [also OIL ~ [...]

“You’re Just Chicken!”

who is this for? Apparently “it’s not just Baby Boomers growing increasingly fearful of giving up the wheel to a computer” in the ol’ “self-driving cars.” duhhh. Does the Blue Screen of Death not ring a bell? [with added New Meaning?!??] “One of the greatest deterrents to progress in this field is consumer acceptance,” U.S. [...]

Big Covfefe

battle of the showboats Bars around the country are opening early and offering Stoly specials this morning — for the Senate Hearings… [also] offering some “FBI” food specials. Patrons can order a fried chicken, bacon and iceberg lettuce sandwich ["FBI" geddit? hur hur hur] and/or a French toast, bacon and ice-cream breakfast plate for $10… [...]

Happy Memorial Day!

for these Freedoms, they fought Evergreen [Evergreen State College, in Olympia, Washington] is dedicated to learning and committed to inclusion for all communities. We must treat each other with respect and care. sounds nice… Butt Wait!!! On Day of Absence, members of the Evergreen community have choices about how and where to participate.  Off campus, [...]

Cultural Appropriation – BAD!

or is it all ok so long as it’s not White People? Proggies are well-known xenophiles finding delight and superior qualities in cultures foreign to their own. The delightfully colorful peasant costumes, the quaint customs — and, key: the interesting food. A Good Proggie is well travelled and brings their love of Cultures Autre back [...]

ToDaZeD Classic Vocabulary

what’s that word….????? That Rooski word for destroying a country by intentionally creating doubt in the people that there is actually any way whatsoever for them to learn the facts of what is going on. Also that word for the Useless Tools who create Chaos to amuse themselves… [aside from well-meaning pinheaded anarchist crank or [...]

Orwell to the White Courtesy Telephone, Please

Orwell to the White Courtesy Telephone, Please politruk poltroons University of Arizona… offering $10 an hour … [as a] social justice advocate (SJA) [who] “will be responsible for instituting monthly programmatic efforts within the residence halls that focus specifically on social justice issues.” [and] “openly lead conversations, discuss differences, and confront diversely insensitive behavior.” … [...]

Equality Before The Law?

a nation of men – not of Laws In taking their first crack at President Donald Trump’s immigrant travel ban Monday, judges for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit resorted to hypothetical situations to make up for a lack of precedent when forming their questions. …Judge Paul Niemeyer jumped in with his [...]

ToDaZeD Word Salad

how to justify the unjustifiable This is from the GAO Report to Congressional Requesters, April 2017, Countering Violent Extremism – Actions Needed to Define Strategy and Assess Proress of Federal Efforts: Violent extremism — generally defined as supporting or committing violent acts to achieve political, ideological, religious, or social goals — has been perpetrated and [...]