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All about who’s First!

Found near San Diego: In a paper published today in Nature, researchers describe broken bones of a mastodon (an extinct relative of elephants) and battered rocks from a site in southern California. The team argues the remains demonstrate humans were in the Americas 130,000 years ago, in the early late Pleistocene epoch. If they are [...]

ToDaZeD Word Salad

how to justify the unjustifiable This is from the GAO Report to Congressional Requesters, April 2017, Countering Violent Extremism – Actions Needed to Define Strategy and Assess Proress of Federal Efforts: Violent extremism — generally defined as supporting or committing violent acts to achieve political, ideological, religious, or social goals — has been perpetrated and [...]

MSM’s Bitter, Salty Tears

not as hawt as you thought you were? ABC News/Washington Post poll … 96 percent of those who supported [Trump] in November say they’d do it again today. …fewer of Clinton‘s supporters say they’d stick with her (85 percent), producing a 40-43 percent Clinton-Trump result Anyone remember the 100 day honeymoon tongue-bath the MSM gave [...]

ToDaZeD Seize Teh Language!

and Teh Stupid I gotta say, I am so grateful to these — The Elites, Our Superiors™ — for their most generous volunteering to take on the responsibility of deciding for me what speech is Good™ for me to hear. It’s a helluvan undertaking, requiring many hours of study and debate, I’m sure; deciding what [...]

ToDaZeD CA *facepalm*

Oh, HELLZ NO Sur-Prize!! Kleptofornia wants Noooo Taxes!! 10-year, $52 billion proposal put together by Brown and Democratic leadership that is headed to a self-imposed deadline vote Thursday. hm…. I can’t possibly think of where one could find 100’s of millions of $$$,$$$,$$$ just sitting around doing nothing useful…. California’s bullet train could cost taxpayers 50% [...]

*runz in circles*

”Something must be done! This is *something* !! Therefore we must do *this* !!!” erm… No. [House Speaker Paul Ryan ] “We will need time to reflect on this moment…are all of us willing to give a little to get something done?” No. No, we are not willing to accept a half-cooked piece of mystery [...]

If you’re not the Paying Customer, you’re The Product being sold.

self-driving cars *pfafft* The frequency with which technology works precariously has been obscured by culture’s obsession with technological progress, its religious belief in computation, and its confidence in the mastery of design. In truth, hardly anything works very well anymore. Long discussion of automatic flush toilets, sinks, and paper towel delivery systems in public restrooms: [...]

and you wanna be a victim, why?!??

ToDaZeD things that ain’t a’gonna work Culture; being defined as, the way we do things around here. American culture has changed “with the times” — “the times” not necessarily being the wisest of arbiters. In honor cultures, men maintain their honor by responding to insults, slights, and violations of rights by self-help violence. yanno, duels [...]

Lest Anyone Was Cornfuzzzed

Take A Stand!! A Bull Market is a financial market of a group of securities in which prices are rising or are expected to rise. Bull markets are characterized by optimism, investor confidence and expectations that strong results should continue. Bull Market :: Good A Bear Market is a condition in which securities prices fall [...]

Again I Say…

Department of Redundancy Department aaaand yet another try from the CA Legisthieves to dump the idea that the .gov can dictate what time it is and then change it around for no good reason twice a year. Here’s the sensible, ProggieLogyk™ argument for keeping the changes: “Let’s just not ignore the fact that people are [...]