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ToDaZeD Agita Dump

wherein a slightly damp synthetic being decides what humans are allowed to say “Hate speech is no longer considered part of freedom of speech, it’s now on the same level as terrorism.” Yet, can they actually define this “hate speech?” Will they? France’s parliament, where Macron’s ruling party has a comfortable majority, is debating legislation [...]

ToDaZeD CA *facepalm*

who needs this… Progressive Organizations Unite Behind Bold Agenda to Achieve a “California for All” Containing such hits as: – Improves the State Water Resource Control Board’s process for ordering drinking water consolidations and extensions of service to disadvantaged communities reliant on domestic wells. [attack on rural areas; we are not "disadvantaged" just cuz you [...]

Phrase of the Era

get it yet, kidz? Facebook monitors the offline behavior of its users to determine if they should be categorized as a “Hate Agent,”… RTWT: there’s moar.

Home, Home of the DeRanged

*coyote howl* I remember being a little gurl and hatching all sorts of great ideas to do all sorts of wonderous things. My Dad would listen carefully to my Big Planz and ask a question or two like, “where ya gonna get the water?” or “what happens next?” Frustrating as that was at the time, [...]

Welcome to Your Future

as goes California*facepalm*, so goes the nation Ever wondered what it would be like to live in a turd-world nation? …a “regular sh*thole,” to borrow a phrase? Visit Sunny Haiti California! Energy companies turn off power to fire prone areas during extreme weather events as a safety precaution. This is known as a Public Safety [...]

ToDaZeD Excercize in Teh Stoopud

count the ways… To avoid the exploitation of the still-pristine worlds beyond Earth — which could lead to the total exhaustion of all the resources within humanity’s reach — scientists are proposing to limit the expanse of space that space firms could gain access to. …the proposal calls for 85 percent of the solar system [...]

If Ya Can’t Hide It, Paint It Red

Most Endangered List: Human Freedom The headline spread around the world Monday with the release of the United Nation’s three-year, 1,500-page report on biodiversity screamed that humans are killing the planet and its population of animals and plants, with as many as one million species facing extinction in mere “decades.” Oh, noooez!!! *runz in circles* [...]

What Fresh Hell?

it’s a Thing now It used to be that the unimpeded drive to feed oneself was the generating power behind any number of wonderful things benefitting many. Now, not so much. A year ago, in Seattle, a man living in a city-funded homeless encampment raped a woman in the bathroom of a Volkswagen dealership in [...]

Bonus ProgThpeak of Teh Day

say wha??? The set-up is …complex. Nice to see some pushback on the part of the sane people. But if the girl was prevented from leaving the girls’ room by a pile of boys… But that is its own discussion [and have at it]. What struck me is this statement: “We do not advocate physical [...]

Words Hammered From Teh Iron

Crazy Old Bat not knocking old ladies, mind you; some day I hope to become one Yes — a top ‘o the fold type story in the Noo York Timez featuring Nanny Pelosi airing her concerns for the 2018 election cycle. “If we win by four seats, by a thousand votes each, he’s not going [...]