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Happy MLK Day

a day off to do your taxes? Happy the Day that We Honor A Fella who articulated some of the Great Ideas of All Time ["content of their character... a great street sweeper who did his job well."]. Might it be that the day is better spent discussing the idea[s] rather than the person? Worth [...]

ToDaZeD CaliZuela *facepalm*

JunkieTown in Motion Edition Now that PrettyPrettyGavin [K]Newsome has proclaimed upon the land an Executive Order, Calizuela counties and cities are floppin’ around slithering toward the scent of Freeee Moneeeys™ my Precioussss. Here’s an example — one among many — sent by a pal: There is a 2.5 mile bike trail between Santa Rosa and [...]

ToDaZeD CAliZuela *facepunch*

Won’t you take me to Junkie Town!! Weaponized Bum Edition [PrettyPretty]Gov. Gavin Newsom issued an executive order on Wednesday that would fast-track the use of government land near highways, travel trailers and vacant state hospitals to urgently get people off of California’s streets. Here’s how from PrettyPrettyGavin’s “Executive Order N-23-20″ “urgently gets people off of [...]

ToDaZeD Calizuela *facepalm*

Hippo Gnu Ear! “I think that California can serve as a great example for the rest of this country,” Bloomberg told supporters at the opening of his Angeles headquarters. …efforts on climate change, gun control and criminal justice reform sets a benchmark [penalty for theft under $1,000 is a misdemeanor *citation*, legal] …Yes, there [...]

ToDaZeD Calizuela *facepalm*

Now in Idaho! The 9th Circus Court has declared that it is hunkey dory, fine and dandy, and completely okie dokie for junkies, bums, and the mentally ill to create tent cities with drug sales and prostitution on city streets, bike paths, and parks. Last September, the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that [...]

ToDaZeD Year-End Ohferfuxake™

“How dare you??!?!!!!!!!!” TIME [that's a website that used to be printed on slickery paper, kids] has announced its annual Man Person Anthro Biped of The Year !!!!!!! “We will never forgive you!!!!!!!” For taking you out of your home, parading you around the world, poking you with the pointy sticks of Fake Fakts that [...]

Question of Teh Dae

so, Porggiez…. If you can’t trust people with Freedom, how do you trust them with Power?

Word of Teh Day!

credulous Baltimore Mayor Bernard “Jack” Young has a WARNING!!! for us: “We’re getting reports of somebody in a white van trying to snatch up young girls for human trafficking and for selling body parts, I’m told,” … And who told you, Mr Mayor? It’s “all over Facebook,” Apparently the vans are filled with killer clowns [...]

ToDaZeD CaliZuela *palm-to-face*

a “Right”? IDNTTWMWYTIM The first part of the article is a long, droning yet hysterical argument in favor of Calizuela’s JunkieBum Problem being a “housing crisis.” As though those for whom the rent is too damn high are nailed to the ground and could not possibly move to somewhere more reasonable. Because Reason = White [...]

Happy Pre-Debate Thread!

Look What’s Leaping Out of Joe’s Birthday Cake on the occasion of your 77th birthday… Here’s a coupla things. Lord of the Fleas KYIV. Nov 20 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Ukrainian members of parliament have demanded the presidents of Ukraine and the United States, Volodymyr Zelensky and Donald Trump, investigate suspicions of the legalization of $7.4 billion [...]