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The Equality Act

*George Orwell to the Wwhite Courtesy Telephone Please Ok Gladiators — suit up! Our Betters™ are ready to pit us against one another for their political gain personal power own fiduciary gain general amusement. Prepare to be hated simply for the color of your skin. [aka: anti-civil rights.] It’s worth noting that this is not [...]

ToDaZeD fun with numbers

jest fer a leedle fun find the meaning in this rhythmic date. 2/12/21 Or 02/12/2021 That is all.

ToDaZeD New Word o’ The Day

standing up for his beliefs Melanated This person has had an MTV [Viacom] show, so is an …entertainer? He also hosts a show on Fox. His name is Nick Cannon. He was relieved of his duties by Viacom but is still appearing on the Fox show. “When you have a person that has the lack [...]

Here’s something ya don’t hear much of late…

something I needed to hear said plainly Stop trying to build the castle walls higher on your little fantasyland fiefdoms, drop the drawbridges, and get out there and burn the weeds out of the fields instead. … Von Clauswitz wrote about “the friction of war”. Be the friction: throw sand in your enemy’s gears, and [...]

Inventing new kinds of crazy every day…

logical endpoint? Where is all Teh Crazy coming from? Why do all the nouveau bazzillionaires support beliefs which obviously — given five minutes consideration — are deeply damaging, if not fatal, to the very structure which creates and supports the bazzillionaires’ own status and fortunes? In the past, people displayed their membership of the upper [...]

ToDaZeD Declare Yourself!

coming out. Margaret Sullivan [who?*] has declared herself to be against the airing of any opinion which is not in complete agreement with hers. Against the airing. Forcefully against the very existence of any opinion, ideas, perspectives other than those that agree with her own. Here’s the WaPo Headline. Fox news is a hazard to [...]

Cognitive Dissonance

did that old man just call me simple?!?? Multiracial Whiteness Ya…. Ponder that for a minute. Got it? Me neither. [quotes from here as the article is behind a paywall. Funny, that. One would think they'd want to share such ...depth for all to see.] I call this phenomenon multiracial whiteness — the promise that [...]

Playground Rules

No Take-Backs :: No Cooties US takes back its assertion that Capitol rioters wanted to ‘capture and assassinate’ officials Justice Department prosecutors have formally walked back their assertion in a court filing that said Capitol rioters sought to “capture and assassinate elected officials.” “Walked back” seems to sound so much nicer than “took it back,” [...]

Clearly, the stated goal is not the actual goal …as usual

aside: that’s one scary old bat Is this the craziest thing heard yet? I mean crazy like arguing with lamp posts type crazy… “It has been an epiphany for the world to see that there are people in our country … who have chosen their whiteness over democracy,” [ a) Constitutional Republic and B) wait... [...]

It’s like children are in charge… again…

Back to sucking on Teh Dry Teat of *HOPE* President-elect Joe Biden is planning to take a dramatic step aimed at increasing the amount of vaccine available to states. His transition team says he’ll change a Trump administration policy that kept millions of doses in reserve, only to be shipped when it was time to [...]