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ToDaZeD CA *facepalm*

going national edition bit in their teeth, no stopping them now There’s a group called Patriot Prayer who has a permit for a rally on Crissy Field in San FranFreakshow. They are meeting with some resistance. Remember the ol’ Proggie/Lefty trope about nuance? Fuggeddaboudit. House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi is asking the National Park Service [...]

ToDaZeD Seize Teh Language!

and Teh Stupid I gotta say, I am so grateful to these — The Elites, Our Superiors™ — for their most generous volunteering to take on the responsibility of deciding for me what speech is Good™ for me to hear. It’s a helluvan undertaking, requiring many hours of study and debate, I’m sure; deciding what [...]

For Teh Chiiiildreeeeeeeen

“Give me a child until he is seven and I will give you the man” The teachers in Kleptofornia have a Plan — a Lesson Plan — to …address the election. First, scare Teh Chiiiildren: [emphasis mine] It’s long, but I found it most enlightening as I annotated it, below. This is how Teh Narrative [...]

ToDaZeD FuuuutureSight!!!

Your Betters&trade are Taking Care of You! …2015 marked the deadliest year on American roads since 2008 …17,775 [deaths]… The Obama administration on Wednesday committed to a goal of eliminating traffic deaths within 30 years, setting a timeline for the first time on an ambitious agenda that relies heavily on the auto industry’s development of [...]

Who didn’t see this coming?

funny they didn’t mention that part earlier… [aka: Proggies: Tryin' ta kill Freedom 24/7 ] A federal appeals court [9th Circus Court of Schlemielz] upheld the federal ban on the sale of guns through federally licensed firearms dealers to individuals who hold medical marijuana cards… …“Registry cardholders are more likely to be marijuana users, and [...]


INnovation Here’s a[’nuther] new committee: the Pentagon’s Defense Innovation Advisory Board. ”…to help keep the Department of Defense up to date on the “cutting edge” of innovation. It consists of 15 innovators, scholars, and leaders of private and public organizations picked for their contributions to new technologies and organizational behavior and culture. “These new additions [...]

Deep Thoughts by BO-rack

how does such an …odd Vision even make it out of a Jr High classroom? President Barack Obama told a roomful of foreign ambassadors July 15: I think [sic] have to step back [from the Nice attack] and reflect on what we are doing to eliminate this kind of chronic violence. It’s been a difficult [...]


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ToDaZeD Teh Crazy Years

I love the smell of wet Narrative Ink in the morning Here is a 10 minute intro to Yvette Felarca, true Believer, and National Organizzer of BAMN [By Any Means Necessary]. IknowIknow – TLDW. But srsly, Sometimes one must look into the face of the enemy to know him. her. whatever. I must be a [...]

The Mask Slips in NV

just The Beast being The Beast Turns out, these two things are kind of alike: Americans are disgruntled with the status quo. Some want to blow it all up: some want to do more of what got US here in the first place. Nevertheless, many are disgruntled. Somehow Hope and Change led to Dissatisfied and [...]