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Tough Daze

hm Is an anonymous tip sufficient “probable cause” to allow a LEO to stop and search your car? Justice Thomas wrote for the majority, concluding that under the totality of the circumstances presented in this case, which included a 911 call from another driver who claimed to have been run off the road, it was [...]

Iron Statement of Teh Week Month

boggled “Well, it’s not over. We can’t have an American people that violate the law and then just walk away from it. So it’s not over,” said __________

The State of Discourse

ProggieSpeak Alert Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval said he found “most disturbing” was the BLM’s use of a “First Amendment area” that confined protesters to a designated area. Such an area “tramples upon Nevadans’ fundamental rights under the U.S. Constitution,” Sandoval said. “No cow justifies the atmosphere of intimidation which currently exists nor the limitation of [...]

ChingChongDingDongs Update

prepare for your humorless scolding Previously: Remember the whole “Washington Redskins iz Raaaaacist” kerfluffle? Whereupon the head of said organization decided to keep the name but started some fund for redskins Naaaative Amerikkkanz. Whereupon obscure “comic” Colbert mocked with the ChingChongDingDong Foundation for Sensitivity to Orientals or Whatever. Whereupon completely unknown “comic” Suey Park started [...]

Progress Haven

Tobbagan to Mediocraty Here’s one of the noo sports in San FranFreakshow: Yesyesyes. It’s vandalism. It upsets the owners. The nooz stations went big on the traaaagedy to one owner and her baby bla bla bla. Still. Funnay. Especially when you’ve been cut off then flipped off by so many of these little coal-powered golf [...]

Burn The Heretic!

Kill it with Firing !!11!!!!! Back in 2008, a fella — a private individual — did what many people did: he donated $1,000 to a political proposition in CA. This Proposition passed by 52.24% of the voters. It was even supported — in principle — by many of the candidates in the Presidential election. On [...]

Different things that Go Together

RoundUp “I think there is a gay mafia,” [Bill mini-Satyr] Maher said. “I think if you cross them, you do get whacked. ——- Michelle’s Mirror ——- This I Believe: The individual person. The strangeness, the quirkiness, the infinite variety even of normal human persons seems very wonderful to me. I am strongly hostile to attempts [...]

Guilty !!! 2!!!

some more Another report from this: The Maciver Institute‘s article on The White Privilege Conference [WPC 15] [Yes, it's real. Yes, there were 14 previous ones.] I’m beginning to think it might be a bit difficult to have a rational, productive conversation with people who …erm, “think” like this. Their basic “argument” seems to be [...]


“If you don’t answer the question, young man, we’re going to have to gag you.” What question?!? “Gag him.” –FiresignTheater The city of Madison [WI] hosted the 15th annual national White Privilege Conference last week at the Monona Terrace to discuss issues of white supremacy, social justice, education and the Tea Party. There it is [...]

ToDaZeD CA *facepalm*

translation needed The California Department of Motor Vehicles is setting up new facilities to process driver’s license applications for illegal immigrants. Last year, Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law a bill, AB 60, which will allow illegal immigrants to obtain the documents beginning Jan. 1, 2015. As part of the driver’s license application process, immigrants [...]

Doubling Down on Lame

srsly, people Clear back the furniture — it’s time to *runz in circles* !!! The United Nations “scientific” panel is at it again… After several days of late-night wrangling, more than 100 governments unanimously approved the scientist-written 49-page summary — which is aimed at world political leaders. The summary mentions the word “risk” an average [...]

ToDaZeD HA! Show’dU!

Smart!™ Diplomatic Relations 28-year-old Eugene Tolkcheva’s [of] Omsk [Russia] [has] her unique way of showing solidarity with Russia in opposition to American and European sanctions on the nation and for Omsk, specifically… which translated is ‘Barack Obama is denied access to the body.’ Wow. That’s some level of commitment to a diplomatic sanction! Lucky for [...]

ToDaZeD CA *facepalm*

Diversity!!! Chinese guys, Black guys, White guys, Phillipine guys, Moslem guys – working together! [wait... Sexists!!!!!!!!] For his commitment to ending gun violence, [(2006) Assembly Speaker pro Tem] Leland Yee (D-San Francisco/Daly City) has been named to the Gun Violence Prevention Honor Roll by the Brady Campaign. …A+… [CA State Senator Leeland Yee] … advocated [...]

No Secret anymore

Pooty-larf WTF is going on here?!? …a 34-year-old junior [Secret Service] agent who had passed out drunk in a hallway and later had to be lifted into his room by several hotel employees, according to a hotel spokesman … …in the hotel where President Obama was scheduled to arrive the following day … Previously… …two [...]

Self-Righteousness FAIL

u r doing it worng CA is having a drought. It happens rather regularly. But for the poor planning on the part of .gov officials in FAILing to create enough water storage to tide over the breadbasket of the world and the damncities no one would even notice. But, well… yanno. A $1,000 reward is [...]

ToDaZeD Thot for The Day

think about it With his decision declaring Obamacare constitutional, Chief Justice John Roberts turned what F. A. Hayek called “the road to serfdom” into a super highway. The government all but owns us now and can order us to do pretty much whatever it wants us to do. A citizen feels about a politician…

Watch your $$$$ fly

good enuff for .gov work… The trucks full of paperwork come every day, turning off a country road north of Pittsburgh and descending through a gateway into the earth. Underground, they stop at a metal door decorated with an American flag. Behind the door, a room opens up as big as a supermarket, full of [...]


*p00f* Fireworks have been let off over Moscow on President Vladimir Putin’s orders as Russia celebrated the formal annexation of Crimea, in a[f] front to the West. “Far as I’m aware, it’s an average bank,” Mr Putin said on Friday of Bank Rossiya, the only institution on the list of sanctions targets released by the [...]

*Iron* Curtain

what a spankin! [Vladimir Putin:] “It is clear that there is still no legitimate executive power (in Ukraine), there is nobody to talk to. At the same time, they control nothing in their country, and are controlled by radicals. Even to get into the office of some ministers you can only do so by permission [...]

Stalin just emailed

“waaaant!!!” [Sacramento ABC] News10 submitted numerous public records requests to every major law enforcement agency in Northern California to find out which departments are using StingRay technology. A StingRay is a device law enforcement uses to track people and collect real time data from every cellphone within a certain radius. Brave Noo World Order Some [...]