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bubble-heads exploding

An enlightening take on the Left’s ongoing fight against reality … and the inevitable counter-punches. Early 2014 will be viewed historically as the period when most of the American left’s bubbles detached themselves completely from reality and wafted off to Unicornland. Everyone, without exception, lives in a bubble, an area of individual consciousness made up [...]

words mean things

Eric “Je suis la loi” Holder referred to the Bush Administration as the “Old Regime.” Why that particular choice of words? Welllll, let’s look at history. What followed the “Ancien Régime” in France? I don’t think his choice of words was an accident.

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gotta be a false-flag operation

Bloomberg’s anti-gunowner organization? Nnnnn, probably not It’s too good not to be true, but it’s too stupid to actually be true. ~ story ~ I’m just postin’ it, ’cause some GFWs* seem to have learned about guns by watching Bugs Bunny cartoons. Hey, we can all use a snicker on a Monday. ________ * Gun-Fearing [...]

then again, mebbe it’s just about school lunches

High school senior forms petition with over ONE THOUSAND signatures against Michele Obama speaking at their high school graduation ‘because it would overshadow the students’ big day’ … A furor over what the Topeka school district considers an honor has erupted after plans were announced for Obama to address a combined graduation ceremony for five [...]

Evidently, judges can be tools, too

Ordinary tools, such as pliers, screwdrivers and wrenches, are “weapons” and so a Chicago school was correct to punish a teacher who brought them to class for a visual aid, according to a new court decision. [more] So, they gonna search students’ cars in school parking lots for *gasp* toolkits? Background check and permit for [...]

Wait … we can do that?

Hey, a SCOTUS guy said it, not me. (What? Well, yeah, okay, I’ve said it, too; but nobody listens to me … nor should they, now that I think about it.) Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia told a crowd of law school students that if taxes in the U.S. become too high then people “should [...]

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We … were. all. gonna. die.

[peeks out from under covers] Is it safe to come out now? ___ Ref

feller once asked …

… what’s with your Bison Party thing? Wellp … it’s something like this. ~ vid ~ There’s some iconic imagery in there. And, no, this episode isn’t over.*

Muslim Brotherhood re-moves their ‘hood

Wellp, heeere’s an interesting item, brothers an’ sisters. Looks like the MB’s new international office, now located above an old, disused kebab shop in the north-west London area of Cricklewood*, is being moved to-ooo … [adjusts glasses, scrolls through the story] (Ah! Here it is.) … Graz, Austria. [pulls up GoogleMaps] Hmm, evidently, some of [...]

scienciness and the politicization of regulation

If you’ve ever wondered how bureaucracies manage to accumulate massive power without effective opposition, here’s an example. Basically, they create their own justification; doesn’t really matter whether or not that justification is valid. After all, it’s the way it should be. Hey, it’s for the, you know, greater good and stuff. Seven months after being [...]

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Today’s weiner

Well, therrre’s your problem. In late March, the Chicago Board of Education announced an ambitious plan to implement its “turnaround” model for three low-performing elementary schools in poor, predominantly black neighborhoods. The turnaround process involves the sacking of every teacher and staffer at each of the schools … Naturally, the union bosses aren’t happy that [...]

betcha can’t say that 134 times fast

“Snortin’ Harry” Reid ~ vid ~

WTF, Jay ?!

Hey, it could’a been worse*, I suppose. Look closely. ~ ROLLOVER ~ By the way, check out the library-pic Pshop. Think mebbe they were covering up Churchill busts or bongs or sumpthin’? _______ * By “worse” I mean in the Progmedia’s eye. Hey, I got nuthin’ against CSA flags as such. You know dang well [...]

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half is almost three-fifths

During a heated debate in the Illinois legislature … Democratic Rep. Linda Chapa LaVia, who is Hispanic, tried to appeal to her fellow minorities. In the process, she took a racial shot at her Republican colleagues, claiming that “we’re [minorities] all over on this side [of the aisle], right?” When a black Republican objected, LaVia [...]

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