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slow-weekend schticks

And just to show that I’m not stuck on Obamaschtick, thought I’d try out a new schtick Of course, there iiis a danger of punch-line overdo (What? Nah, just me entertainin’ myself on a rainy day again.)

Putin reverts to type

Nothing to see here. Move along. Move along. Boris Nemtsov, a charismatic Russian opposition leader and sharp critic of President Vladimir Putin, was gunned down Saturday near the Kremlin, just a day before* a planned protest against the government. The death of Nemtsov, a 55-year-old former deputy prime minister, ignited a fury among opposition figures [...]

the upper RH corner of Hollywood

Robert Davi makes a powerful point [T]his speech* explains what we are up against. Unless we demand Congress define it, immediately, irrespective of what the Joker of State and all those in the administration that are on the wrong side of history are trying to snow the public with! The denial they all have is [...]

taxpayer discretion

M’kay, Obama legitimizes ignoring the law as an act of prosecutorial discretion. Hmmm, let’s see, now. What might be the ramifications of that? “You may benefit from the president’s failure to enforce the law today, but I’ll make you this promise: There will come a day where you will cry out for the enforcement of [...]

when yer troops ain’t all that familiar with real wimmin

A group of Boko Haram terrorists tried to flee a Nigerian army checkpoint by dressing as women, only to be given away by their bushy beards. [story] What was your first clue? And, O..M..G.. that scarf with those shoes? Hey, everyone said I took after my mom. Mebbe a nice, wide belt would’a helped. Reckon [...]

always worth listening to

They ignore Trey Gowdy at their peril, and I listen to him with delight ~ vid ~

the warmish inquisition

Buuut, now we expect it so we can respond appropriately. You’ve heard it said that the science is settled. And it’s true. It is settled–settled beyond the possibility of any dispute. A fundamental, inescapable, indubitable bedrock scientific principle is that lousy theories make lousy predictions. Climate forecasts are lousy, therefore it is settled science that [...]

It’s the End Times, the End Times, I tell yas!

CNNnnn ‽ (Yeah, I knowww !) CNN drops their usual blame-the-(R)s spin … at least this once. Y’don’t s’pose that the left-wing media have decided to produce straight news, rather than continue their roles as Prog/Dem propaganda spigots, do ya? Reckon the stockholders and/or advertisers said sumpthin’? I mean, even MSNBC is scrapin’ the Obamunist [...]

Take Your Daughter to Work Day is comin’ up

Acorn* / tree: In September 2013, Jeri Wright, daughter of Reverend “God Damn America” Wright, and 12 other Democrats were charged with embezzling $16 million in Federal health grants that should have gone to AIDS charities and other programs for the poor and needy. … In March 2014 Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s daughter Jeri was found [...]

I can’t breathe

Gore wedgies are old-hat, I know; but they’re still funny. *snick* Actually, one need only exhale one less time per minute to gain the exact same benefits. Y’can still inhale as many times as y’want. (What? Hey, the science is settled.) ____________ This is really Sondra’s joke, but she can’t get access to the site, [...]