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at least she didn’t faint

Trump said it wasn’t a cunning stunt, though. He consistently brags that Hispanic voters ‘love me’ and that ‘I will win the Hispanic vote’ – and apparently here’s the proof. During a rally in Las Vegas on Thursday, Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump brought a Colombian woman up on stage, who showered him with adoration. [...]

Finally, my congresscritter does something useful …

… by tripping-up McCarthy’s run for Speaker. As California Republican Rep. Kevin McCarthy withdrew from the House speaker election on Thursday, the Internet’s built-in rumor mill went berserk over long-simmering claims that he had carried on a lengthy extramarital affair with a North Carolina congresswoman. While no proof has surfaced to back up the innuendo, [...]

isolate and demonize

Insulting regular Americans to pander to the Left. Progs have painted themselves into this corner, and it’ll sink them. Wednesday in Iowa, Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton compared the staunch Second Amendment advocacy of the National Rifle Association (NRA) to “the Iranians and Communists.” Clinton said “I also have said that I would take certain [...]

Y’know how …

… usually we make fun of wimmin’s fashion designers an’ stuff, here on KisP? Wellll, it’s time to make fun of some fellers, too. ~ story & pics ~

sacrificed for the cause

Suppressing a fact doesn’t change it or eliminate it, even (or especially) if it disproves your world view. A young, female ‘No Borders’ activist working in a migrant camp on the France-Italy border remained silent about her gang rape by Sudanese migrants for over a month because “the others asked me to keep quiet.” Colleagues [...]

feminists pee standin’ up

*pppppppppp* [brushes seegar ashes off keyboard] Feminists have fallen for a hoax campaign that encourages them to pee on themselves in the name of equality. They are using the hashtag #PissForEquality. The troll hoax was created by 4chan. On October 2, one 4chan member wrote, “What if we somehow get Tumblr tards to publicly piss/shit [...]

the peasants are revolting

Wait, I thought they came here because they wanted to be Americans. Jackson Hole High School administrators canceled the homecoming tradition of America Day this year, but many students still donned their red, white and blue on Wednesday. The senior class and many juniors protested Activities Director Mike Hansen’s decision to put a stop to [...]


~ vid ~

Sooo, which shower room do they use?

Competition to make Iran’s wimmin’s soccer team can be nip an’ tuck. Monday, Saudi Arabian news outlet Al Arabiya reported eight members of the Iranian Women’s Soccer Team were not actually women*. “[Eight players] have been playing with Iran’s female team without completing sex change operations,” …. The proportion of players in the team who [...]

more *clank*

a powerful silence ~ vid ~ Sooo, how did the Obamunists deal with it? Bad behavior. Not only didn’t they applaud, they didn’t even have the varsity there. *spit*