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Was that wrong? Should I not have done that?

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Must be Klaus’ accent

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See also: Quarantine Camps

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Those aren’t brains, hon

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Stuff That’s Hard to Do (Falcon9 Dragon cargo to ISS)

Another Beauty Cool vid just after Stg-1 separation Dragon Docks w/ISS B7 Static Fire Super-Heavy Booster at Boca Chica 11 of 33 engines fired for 13sec

Frankly, jackass, I don’t need your enlightened frikkin’ permission

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Now fly, fly !

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Old School Cool (Peter Gunn, Henry Mancini)

Y’know, sometimes a feller’s just gotta go back through a squeaky door or two and revisit the things that provided his cultural base. For me, that was the TV and music of my youth: before James Bond, and before the Beatles and hippies spoiled music. Tell me Gunn wasn’t Bond cool, before there was Bond [...]

New Reality Show: Snowflake-Musking

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Melania’s still missing some undies, though

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