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the Age of Consent… forms

Another pre-holiday Ps joke dump (“dump” bein’ the operative word, here) It’s all Punch, ’cause it’s funnier when Victorians and Edwardians do the risqué jokes. (What? Yeah, this theme could quickly go bad, so we’ll quit right here, then, shall we?) _____ Story (Iowahawk, sex recession) Archives

taken out of cortex

Excuse me if I’m demonizing UPDATE: also not a thing _____ Story Archives

Use their rules

(What? Nah, that stupid umbrella-up-the-patoot joke wasn’t worth it’s own post) _____ Archives New video of Jim Acosta when the judge’s ruling was announced

They’d do it for Trump

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Name the three chambers of gummint horror

Y’know when you go to get your driver’s license renewed, and they give you a pamphlet to read, then they give you a test?…Uhmmm… (What? Nah, reckon the corruptocrat wing of the Dem party will find a way to rid themselves of this meddlesome priest before the next election season starts) _____ Cultural ref-1 (future [...]


Look, we don’t mind a little honest blue, here and there. People disagree, and some red candidates suck, but remember that the operative word is “honest.” There is real danger in illegitimacy.


Coincidence ≠ correlation ≠ causation, but it may provide the basis for a joke_____ Story-1 (Brown) Story-2 (flat earthers) Cultural ref (Johnny Carson, Carnak) Archives

Like Thanksgiving dinner with relatives

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Missed a good opportunity to shut up

Nuking one’s countrymen for refusing to submit to tyranny is not an option created by a healthy mind_____ Story-1 (Eric “Nukem” Salwell) Story-2 (Dana Loesch) Cultural ref (Gen Jack Ripper in Dr Strangelove) Archives A none-too-subtle hint from Trump. Perhaps he’s hinting that he’ll look the other way a bit, if citizens and/or militias have [...]

So, how’s that ol’ metric system workin’ out?

UPDATE: GMTA _____ Story (redefining stuff) Historical ref (the Pi Bill) Archives