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The election is ancient history, Zaphod

Mebbe that’s why she wants to be Facebook CEO. No, prob’ly not so much the thought-police thing as the AI-technology thing. (What? Yeah, been waitin’ a while to use that pun.) _____ Story Cultural ref Archives

a shred of evidence

That’s what a herd of emails and memos should be called. Shred… like a cloth? Of course, when she had a shred of evidence, nobody had a shred of evidence. .@HillaryClinton: "If you believe that standing up for evidence and reason and respecting the rule of law is critical to our democracy, you've got to [...]

western-style stud poker, nukes wild

Global kibitzers look at each other and say, “Can they dooo that?” Extra points, if you read those lines in John Wayne’s voice. _____ Story Historical ref Cultural ref Archives Extra points, if you read those lines in Rodney Dangerfield’s voice._____ Story *snick* Re: ask nicely and learn to watch your mouth

Wynton Marsalis speaks about crap culture

One of my favorite pople speaks, and he usually speaks with insight and eloquence. Pulitzer Prize-winning jazz musician Wynton Marsalis said that the racially charged and profanity-laced creations in rap and hip-hop are “more damaging” to the culture and to black Americans “than a statue of Robert E. Lee.” [story (caution: N-word)] Amen, sir If [...]

Spies are misers with the truth

but not spying spying damned Hessian collusion ______ Story-1 Story-2 Story-3 Historical ref-1 (remember, some whippersnapper or media type may run across this and not know what we’re on about) Historical ref-2 (yes, this will be on the exam) Archives Picked up by Pookie’s Toons Simplified overview

Words and principles mean nothing to these people

Hillary tosses another woman under the bus_____ Story Archives Picked up by Pookie’s Toons

today’s cheap cultural analogy

(What? Well, just some things y’wanna do before y’forget.) _____ Cultural ref Archives Picked up by Pookie’s Toons

We never dreamed you’d peek

_____ Story Cultural ref Archives Picked up by Pookie’s Toons

How do Prog jackasses keep… oh, right

Rule 3a: If your opponent scores a bulls-eye, blame it on favorable-wind privilege, and quickly bring up their misses from a previous match. Rule 3b: If you miss, say “I meant to do that,” draw a circle around your hits, declare them bulls-eyes, and bring up your opponent’s privilege and misses from a previous match [...]

…and the horse you rode in on

No, srslyA horse’s ass walks into a campus bookshop_____ Story Cultural ref Archives