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You throw like a girl

At first blush, you’d think these were wimpy, beta-males; but I’m hoping that they’re clever sods tryin’ it on for a little peril. (The lady’s comments are quotes.)[recalls Br'er Rabbit] But whatever you do, do not throw your blouses and bras at me! _____ Story Cultural ref-1 Cultural ref-2 Archives

Democrat hoods

(What? Hunh, yeah, reckon that is kind’a how we got To Kill a Mockingbird, innit?) _____ Archives

ambiguish© — ambiguous language

Sometimes, it takes more than context to solve an ambiguity (What? Uhm, no, “their masters” would’a made it worse) Seriously, though, how does that red hood differ from this one and those flares differ from these? _____ Story Archives

You can’t get there from here

(What? Yeah, reckon she could bicycle, if it’s not tornado season) _____ Story Title ref Archives Ford’s lawyer spurns Senate deadline. The betting has now ended. Monday, they show their hands. UPDATE: *sigh*

Stand-up, to the Russians

Now we know where Reagan got some of his best material, the CIA’s compilation of Soviet jokes (What? Nope, dunno why they don’t just order food through Amazon.) _____ Story Cultural ref Archives

Main victim of the Kavanaugh firing squad may be Ellison

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no more fun of any kind

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Dem cabal continues coup by inciting insubordination

Ignores the who-works-for-whom part of the Constitution _____ Story Previously, on KisP Archives Plus, there’s that slimeball, Brennan

your morning face-palm

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This manure’s really gettin’ old

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