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Evidently, Kim Jong-un was the best choice

Kim Jong-chol, [older] brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, has gone missing after attending a pair of Eric Clapton concerts in London last week. I figger that’s normal after Clapton concerts. If so, it’s prob’ly the only normal thing about the Kimmies. [J]ong-chol was passed over for North Korea’s leadership position because his father [...]

Memorial Day Weekend

Remembering and honoring those who gave all; and, if we’re wise, remembering why, also. We must never allow their sacrifice to have been in vain.

Soooo … what’s planned for this weekend?

I’ll be here

Jihadi nepotism raises its ugly behead

I, uhm, I, uh … Jihadis are claiming rich Saudi militants in Iraq are letting friends and relatives go to the front of the queue for the ‘best’ missions to what they claim to be ‘martyrdom’. That’s left many having to spend months on the waiting list in the hope they will finally land their [...]

Goin’ for the twofer …

… sexist and Islamophobic ~ story ~I’m sure the President and the media are all over this. *crickets* (What? Yeah, I know it has nothing to do with the climate-change threat; but she iiis his wife, fercyinoutloud.)


ISIS again demonstrates that it’s even more depraved than the Kims. I wonder if it’s contagious. (What? Yeah, wonder how they’d fare against a biker gang.)

Oh, now who didn’t see this comin’?

A New York City theatre event intended to address censorship of arts and culture has been reinstated, after critically acclaimed screenwriter and filmmaker Neil LaBute agreed to scrap a performance that was deemed potentially offensive to Muslims. [story] Yeah, my reaction is pretty much a a cliché.


I thought this was gonna be just another joke. It wasn’t. Vladimir Putin has been described as a “czar” by fans and critics alike, but a group of Cossacks in St. Petersburg have gone a step further, erecting a statue of Putin in the form of a Roman emperor. The [7.9-inch] bust, erected by a [...]

Ox Göring

Obama’s plan for a “Civilian National Security Force” armed and funded as well as the military seems to have hit a reality snag. I think his original idea was to provide a federalized domestic force (e.g. basij) as a counter to a culturally conservative, constitutionally loyal military establishment so that internal security measures (i.e. intimidation [...]


Prog *woo*woo*woo*woo*, not Curly *woo*woo*woo*woo*. Democrat pow-wows What’re ‘em folks smokin’? I have no problem with funny ethnic jokes and gestures, but it’s always funnier when Prog hypocrites do ‘em. Okay, it’s even funnier funnier when Prog’s react to Prog hypocrites doin’ ‘em (What? Well, it’s a slow weekend, and this cracked me up.)