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today’s stuff I stumbled across

The LindyBeige Channel (randomly chosen example) ~ vid ~ This YouTube channel is an eclectic series of very short and entertaining rants, critiques, and educational bits covering dozens of topics from archaeology to movies to art to medieval weaponry, fighting techniques, technology, and lifestyles (my favorites). It must have a hundred postings, and I’ll confess [...]

self-wedgies are the best wedgies

Wrong kind of “card,” jackasses.* “Deal me in“? …with a credit card or ID card? Unclear on the concept: “playing the X card.” After Donald Trump accused Hillary Clinton of playing the “woman’s card” (and she does), Hillary Clinton’s campaign decided to fundraise off the accusations. The email read: Donald Trump has been saying the [...]

stuff that’s really hard to do (cont’d)

SpaceX plans to land unmanned Dragon capsule on Mars in 2018

This time, it’ll work (cont’d)

Workers’ Paradise Hey, five-day weekends!* A failure even without the excuse of indulging in nuke and missile programs. Next time you meet a socialist, kick ‘im in the cojones for me (even if they don’t have any, or pretend that they don’t). __________ * World’s largest oil reserves, two-day work week for power rationing, toilet [...]


Comedian Steven Crowder mercilessly tore into so-called “social justice warriors” when they disrupted his opening remarks within seconds of him taking the stage. [story] His advice at the end is perfect. ~ vid ~ (What? Yeah, that’s often the kind of thing that goes on inside my head when I post.) Oh, yeah … it [...]

…until morale improves

But the recruiter said … ISIS is executing its own ‘failing’ commanders as [they] continue to lose ground in Syria, it has been claimed. [ISIS] has reportedly killed 21 military chiefs since the start of April in their Syrian stronghold, Raqqa. … [ISIS] killed 45 of their own fighters by locking them inside a forensic [...]

slow-Sunday audience participation

The recommendations for the future name of Robert E. Lee Elementary in Austin were released, Friday. … Top 10 renaming recommendations — sorted by most nominated: Donald J. Trump Elementary: 45 nominations Robert E. Lee Elementary: 34 nominations Russell Lee Elementary: 32 nominations Harper Lee Elementary: 30 nominations Elisabet Ney Elementary: 15 nominations Lee Elementary: [...]

I, for one, welcome our new PC overlords

Heyyy, I knowww… Let’s boycott the UK because of Monty Python. _________ Cultural ref

The rotten apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

~ story ~ (What? Nah, I feel sorry for ‘er. I mean, bein’ around those who infest Clintonspace must do terrible things to one’s core.)

racist PsOS

Profilng at the very least Stereotyping at it’s worst Gov. Terry McAuliffe today signed an order restoring the voting rights of 206,000 ex-felons, a sweeping action the governor said was aimed at rectifying Virginia’s “long and sad history” of suppressing African-American voting power. Coming in a presidential election year, a swift backlash ensued as Republicans [...]