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Protecting their phony-baloney jobs to the last peasant. Russian Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov, speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, on Friday warned the West against trying to topple President Vladimir Putin and said that Russians are ready to sacrifice their wealth in Putin’s support. Russia has for the past year been sliding [...]

Obviouser and obviouser

Más palomitas*, por favor. President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, who initially called Nisman’s death** a suicide, reversed her thinking Thursday. [S]he called it “the suicide (that I am convinced) was not a suicide.” It is an about-face from her position just days before. … The real plot against the government was his death, which came [...]

Thinking with your outie-dick, especially if you are one

I’m out of ideas this morning, so … Exposed nipples? Naked bottoms? Bare breasts? The insouciant editors who sit in the front row of fashion shows have seen the lot at womenswear shows – and will barely raise an eyebrow. But the flesh on show at Rick Owens’ menswear show in Paris on Thursday surprised [...]

Thinking with your innie-dick … even if you don’t have one

Evidently, feminism, itself, is sexist now. (Man, I gotta get on distro for The Memo™.) Students at all-female Mass. college cancel annual ‘Vagina Monologues’ performance, saying play isn’t trans-friendly. … One college theater group is tempting playwright Eve Ensler to think outside the box. [ISWYDT] … “At its core, the show offers an extremely narrow [...]

slow-holiday schtick

MLK Jr Day

Yeah, I’d add this to my list. Any other criteria? You know, like: • … but by the content of their “People my god says I should kill” list • … but by the content of their “People my dog* says I should kill” list • … but by the content of their Soros-funded bank [...]

Hillary, you magnificent b**tard …

… I read your book ! A prosecutor who has accused President Cristina Kirchner of covering up Iran’s alleged involvement in the country’s worst terrorist attack has been found dead in his Buenos Aires apartment – hours before he was due to present his findings. Alberto Nisman was discovered lying dead in his bathroom in [...]

Your evening Mohammed cartoon

(What? Oh, like there was the slightest chance that they’d behead me last, anyway.)

Do Daeshholes offend the Prophet …

… by claiming to act in his name? Evidently not as much as cartoons do. Also: Well, that surrender didn’t take long. Here’s a good read on, for want of a better term, the Freedom of Blasphemy as part and parcel of freedom of religion. It helps answer the question, “Why do Muslims get so [...]

Yeah, bring back those good ol’ blasphemy laws, too, whydontcha?

This, from the guy who inherited what was once one of the most brutal, mass-murdering, crooked, despicable totalitarian theocratic empires in the World, right up there with Islam, until the Reformation kicked the legs out and forced it into civilized, rational behavior … or what passed for that in the Europe of the time. Pope [...]