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Holy Week + Passover, the second kind

Dick reminds me that I was remiss in not re-posting these yesterday _____ Historical ref

weekend adorbs (Who talks like that?)

*snick* This sweet, adorable, 8yo actress is not only much cuter than the real #AlexandriaOcasioCortez but she’s also already much smarter too. I asked her to do this video because when #AOC is talking this is what we’re all thinking. We’re better off with this sweetheart in Congress. — SickenTirade (@SICKENLAW) April 18, 2019 [...]

The sides use different rules…

…which are make up by themselves, are altered unilaterally, and are applied retroactively Fun examples: Clapper re-defines unwitting victimhood as passive collusion Kafkatrapping is another good one Fun summary vid _____ Cultural ref Source image

He gave ‘em all the rope they asked for…

…and I hope Barr uses it on those who deserve it BREAKING NEWS! I’m wrong. Putin also knew the truth, therefore COLLUSION !

still in the denial phase

_____ Inspiration

Can’t wait for the next episode

Just ran across this — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 18, 2019 HBO is miffed that Trump used GoT for political purposes. You know, the network that put Bush’s head on a pike in GoT.

CNN turns itself into a nasty word

_____ Story

Demanding ugly crap is easy, when you know you won’t get it

_____ Story The gov’t’s gone after American guns before

same shxt, different day

In a world heavily populated by busybodies, bullies, and tyrants, Freedom has to fight for its life every day. _____ Story

revised daily

Pelosi out-jackasses herself _____ Story