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stuff that’s hard to do (cont’d cont’d)

Atlas-V / Centaur / GPS launch yesterday ~ vid ~Yeah, now that’s how it’s s’post‘a work. Reckon ‘em new Russian engines are better’n ‘em old Soviet-era ones. Now, wait for confirmation of a good orbit, then it’s off for some pizza an’ beer. (What? Well, because it’s nice to think folks might better appreciate all [...]

stuff that’s hard to do (cont’d)

Ouch! Looks like this is gonna require some rocket surgery. ~ vid ~ Tuesday, NASA attempted the launch of the Antares rocket in Wallops Island, VA. It ended with a massive explosion. The rocket was an unmanned supply ship bound for the International Space Station and reportedly no one on the ground was injured. [story [...]

We. are. allll. gonna. die ! (again)

Today So, it’s too late to do anything but KYAG. An asteroid, only discovered on Saturday, will be passing uncomfortably close to Earth on Monday, Oct. 27, as reported in an article published by Science 2.0 on Oct. 26. The asteroid, designated as 2014 UF56 by NASA, is about the size of a small house [...]

racism racism update

You people are too stupid and incompetent to run your lives or even vote ! So, uhm, vote for me.* ~ vid ~Meanwile, back out my way … Attorney General Eric Holder has waged a litigation war against voter-ID laws as well as state efforts to reduce early-voting periods and eliminate same-day voter registration. … [...]

your afternoon *clank*

Dayum! ~ vid ~ Not much to add, except mebbe, “Attaboyyy!” and “Can we see that in slo-mo?” Okay, now I’m really impressed: After they heard gunfire outside their meeting room door Wednesday, members of Parliament snapped close to 15 flagpoles to make weapons. Some positioned themselves on risers that flanked doors, ready to attack [...]

another Bozo

Again, Hillary insults the intelligence of everyone except those who would vote for her “Don’t let anybody tell you it’s corporations and businesses create jobs,” [Hillary] Clinton said. [more] _______ Previosly on KisP See also: You didn’t build that Keeps diggin’.

I knew it!

They’re all paste-eaters ~ story ~ Now, now, I’m sure there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation. It’s just that paste-eating or glue-sniffing might be that explanation.

gooood doggies

At least some Secret Service operatives are well-trained Meet Hurricane and Jordan, the heroic security dogs who thwarted Wednesday’s White House intruder. The brave Belgian Malinois have returned to work after being treated for minor bruises following the incident, in which [a crazy jackass] hopped over the north fence and sprinted across the lawn in [...]

uh, oh (cont’d)

Yeah, unfortunately, looks like we can expect more of this sort of thing The [NY axe-wielding psycho's] posts, … provided … by the police, read “America’s military is strong abroad, but they have never faced an internal mass revolt. They are weaker at home. We are scattered and decentralized, we can use this as an [...]

Partial solar eclipse this evening, max 6:45pm EDT

(What? Nah, if you miss it, won’t be the end of the world. I think that’s just lunar eclipses.)