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a girls-with-guns quickie

Guys, don’t shop Amazon on Black Friday I don’t think this a brunette bigotry against blondes thing, but I might be wrong. (What? Nah, it’s just a guy’s fantasy. If you’ll notice, one can’t see their shooz.)

holiday entertaining

If a master demands the slaughter of innocents as a demonstration of faith or fealty, then perhaps they are unworthy of either worship or obedience. Today marks the beginning of the Nepalese Gadhimai festival, where hundreds of thousands of animals are expected to be sacrificed in the name of the Hindu goddess. The festival, which [...]

Pilgrims Progressive

Posting this before we all get distracted by the holiday. Reality is a harsh taskmaster/mistress: Most of us know how the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock in November, 1620, and how they lost half their population to starvation, sickness, and exposure that first winter. We all know how a Native American named Squanto taught the [...]

Back to the ’50s

Wellp … reckon this is what I’d call a pretty good start Police in Kelheim said on Friday they had arrested a man who hoarded guns, ammunition and bomb-making material in a nuclear-proof family bunker he built fearing an attack by Russia. The 59-year-old electrician had constructed the emergency shelter by expanding and reinforcing the [...]

You maniacs!

In anticipation of …

… not being able to communicate without spittling upon, impacting, and throwing my laptop in an hour or so, I’ll preempt things with this: Heck, we all deserve to leave our hellholes and be given a better life at taxpayers’ expense, right? I mean, if it’s cool for foreigners, it should be especially cool for [...]

today’s *clank* (part deux)

Dayum! Sometimes citizens can be so frustrated with county board members they wish someone could just place them under arrest. Well, that is exactly what citizens in Clark County, Illinois did . [GRTWT to savor the full deliciousness of it.] Public boards are used to facing angry crowds, but most have never encountered what happened [...]

today’s *clank* mama griz

WWJWD?* A Dutch mom ignored warnings from officials and single-handedly rescued her 19-year-old daughter from the clutches of ISIS. In a remarkable story straight out of a “Taken” sequel, the mom, identified only as Monique, chose to take matters into her own hands — venturing to the war-torn Syrian city of Raqqa to save her [...]

What he said

~ source ~Not much to add to that.

The only fair tax …

… is when everyone pays the same amount of tax. Anything other than that is redistribution (i.e. slavery). You know … theft, bribes, payoffs, vote-buying, etc. ~ story ~