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the value of family

This lovely pair of crooks drug their own daughter down into their fetid swamp. The question is: Who will throw whom under the bus first? Personally, I hope Chelsea turns state’s evidence and rids this country of her vile parents as political somebodies. Hell, I’d give ‘er a medal for that.

the herd instinct

In this case, it’s the Progs’ instinct to herd — to keep their presumed* herds intact. They’ll round-up strays and runaways, hound nonconformists, pursue renegades and reservation jumpers, and harry apostates. Heck, they’ll release the hounds if you merely talk to “the other” like a free, civilized human being.________ * By presumed, I mean the [...]

a ray of sunshine in a PC world

Yes, he’s still in Purgatory, but there is hope of a resurrection.* Now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s mid-afternoon on a gloriously sunny NC day; and I feel the need for a couple of hours in me ol’ TR-6** with seegar and audiobook on the back roads of Moore Cnty dodging deer, turkeys, and free-range [...]

the list

Loretta Lynch was confirmed by the Senate as the next Attorney General, 56-43, with the yes votes of ten Republicans. _________ Cultural ref

Why is she running?

No, I mean: Why is she really running?* ~ Season 5: Episode 2 — FaceBook recap ~ My personal view is simple: to avoid prison. _________ * Cultural ref You knowww … (What? Oh, just updated an old PShop that was too much fun to let molder away down in a comment.) Forgot about this [...]

Earth Day Lenin’s Birthday

Same thing Same response Remember: nature is trying to kill you 24/7, and Earth is its armory: mainly gravity, water, wind, unstable ground, electricity, microbes, toxins, famine, pestilence, animal bite/sting/claw, and misc ways of converting forms of energy. Go ahead and love ye the Earth. Juuust don’t turn your back on it. Same with Commies. [...]

Respectfully request that order in writing, sir

This is so humiliating and outrageous that I won’t post the pictures, here. Our enemies might be watching. Somebody needs to brought up on charges for this. Thatisall Well, okay, maybe not all all ~ vid ~

one small step for a ma’am …

… one giant leap for memekind ~ story ~ ~ shirt ref ~ (What? Yeah, I know. Couldn’t resist. When H> is on stage, the real world will just have to wait.) Oh, and one last thing … *heheeee*


Evidently, H> went all Fa(uxaho)ntasy a while back. Turns out she’s 3/4 native(born) American. [rolls eyes] (What? Yeah, Buzzfeed. I knowww !) Then there’s *snick* Sorry. Then there’s *ppppp*hehee* Okay, okay, okay [slaps self, takes deep breath] Then there’s … there’s *bwahahahahahaha*. (What? Yeah, National Enquirer. I knowww …) Oh, I sooo want that to [...]

Pull !

a shotgun: first choice for home defense ~ vid & story ~ No, I don’t believe this guy’s story for one second (it’s right out of a Hollywood publicist’s playbook); but, hey, like, you know, who hasn’t wanted to shoot-down a quad-copter? (What? No, not a gyrocopter.)