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Daylight come an’ me wan’ go home

Reckon those virgins are out of the question, now. Islamic State extremists in Syria have executed some 100 foreign volunteers who tried to leave the city of Raqqa …. [An] unnamed activist who opposes both the Islamist group and Syrian President Bashar Assad … said he had “verified 100 executions” of those trying to flee [...]

DPRKs (Part Deux)

Oh, now who didn’t see this comin’? ~ vid ~ Sorry this took so long. I tried to upload a version of this yesterday, but there seems to have been a copyright infringement with the They blew up Congress clip I was gonna use. That’s okay, gave me time to fix a couple’a things. _________ [...]


Kim’s “movie critics” go after Sony, prob’ly ’cause criticizing their own cinematic crap gets ‘em fed to the dogs. For example: ~ vid ~ Hey, pretty good production values, there, huh? I especially like the part where they aim for the White House and hit the Capitol. Woo, I wonder if somebody got fed to [...]


Not sure if this is schadenfreude or just a face palm, not that those are necessarily mutually exclusive, mind you. Jaws dropped in Springfield’s Court Square Tuesday afternoon when Springfield City Councilor Bud Williams offered his take on the annual city menorah lighting ceremony. “Jesus is the reason for the season,” Williams said during remarks [...]

codpiece wars

The regrettably named Norwegian underwear brand Comfyballs was all set to make its big debut in the U.S. this year when it was shut down by the country’s patent and trademark office. A trademark on Comfyballs, USPTO argued, was just too vulgar for Americans to accept. [story] Hey, I know. Call ‘em … Redskins™! Shirley, [...]

I woulda gone with …

… the eaten-alive-by-dogs thing, but my idea of what makes a good comedy must be different from Sony’s. DS12218 from John Patridge on Vimeo. (What? Well, it’s su-post‘a be a clip from The Interview, but I make no promises.)Previousry Previously Previously After you. President Obama Wednesday said Americans should not be alarmed by a terrorism [...]

Obama kisses commie ass before Fidel dies …

… and before the new Congress can do anything about it. The United States plans to restore diplomatic relations with Cuba more than 50 years after they were severed, a major policy shift after decades of hostile ties with the communist-ruled island, President Barack Obama said on Wednesday. [more] [deleted: fifteen pages of historical perspective [...]

phoney-baloney jobs

I’m ashamed to be in the same country with these two egotistical BS spewers. The Obamas talked with People magazine about dealing with their “own racist experiences,” as the magazine described. Michelle Obama told one story that recently took place, even as she was first lady of the United States. “I tell this story – [...]

schtick (sammich meme*, cont’d)

(What? Yeah, kind’a explains why I hafta make my own sammiches, dunnit?) Missy __________ * Previously on KisP Meanwhile, at the Library of Congress gift shop …Thomas M

today’s schadenfreude

Gee, I hate when that happens Ting Su … caught her husband and [her twin sister] cheating on her and tracked them down to a shopping centre using a mobile phone tracker. She [found her] husband … completely naked in a car along with her sister. They both jumped out of the car with not [...]