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freedom of abuse of freedom

Because it’s all rainy an’ wet out, and I felt like doin’ a PSshop with a commie hellhole Berkeley in it, so OPEN THREAD. _________ Cultural ref (for anyone who needs it, stupid git) More Sunday don’t-make-no-nermind: Topless, in handcuffs, and wearin’ a LePen mask is no way to go through life, ma’am. The ending [...]

slow, lazy weekend in the iHammock post

~ vid ~ Cute little girl sobbing, rescued puppy, happy ending. If that doesn’t getcha, I don’t wanna know ya.

Happy Earth Day

Yes, it’s that time again for the holiest of holy days for the warmenist cult, where last-week’s sciency-sounding op-ed piece is now holy writ, where the scientific process, itself, is politicized, and where the mere existence of weather is justification for the centralized control of economies. But evidently, this is all justified; because we can’t [...]

Anarchists: We gotta get better organized!

When an unpleasant reality strikes, invent a new reality Last week Trump supporters and leftist social justice warriors met on the political field of battle in Berkeley, California. Words were exchanged, as were punches. [E]ven the social justice warriors admit that they got a major beat-down. [A]mong the left’s tolerant resistance movement, … many [were] [...]


PhD in Newspeak Dundee fails the lab course* When these dicks become pussies and vice versa The office of BGLTQ Student Life at Harvard University has released a new school-sponsored guide [which] declares that “there are more than two sexes” and that “gender is fluid and changing,” adding that someone’s gender identity “can be affirmed [...]

Old Glory triggered

Even the flag can’t bear to hear her name ~ vid ~ It’s like, well, youuu knowww…

FoxNews overbooked

O’Reilly out

stuff that’s hard to do (Atlas-Centaur Cygnus today)

~ vid ~ Interesting points: • Stage-2 separation @ ~5m (smaller exhaust pipe is for the turbo pump) • Fairing separation and start of engine steering shortly thereafter • Engine steering for dog-leg maneuver @ ~6m30s • Roll to point antenna shortly thereafter (see also: 2001 a Space Odyssey) (Back in my day, all’s we [...]


A vote for Ossoff [GA-6th] is a vote against Trump, apparently. That’s why much of his support, if not most of it, is coming from out of state. But if you don’t live in that district and can’t vote for Ossoff, don’t feel bad. Neither can Ossoff! [H]e doesn’t live in the district he wants [...]

NorK jerk joke

Kim, the new Rodney Dangerfield (alt: Biggus Dickus) Members of North Korea’s second army corps have been placed under arrest for mocking the North Korean dictator…. …and the arrested cadres are to be severely punished,” …. The group had “compared Kim Jong Un to a kindergartner,” …. Other soldiers referred to Kim as a mentally [...]