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Self-awareness strikes in 3..2..1..

(What? Yeah, I was that girl about fifteen minutes ago)

Nobody cares, Elliot…

…except to joke about it _____ Story via Ace of Spades

I’m runnin’ out’a spittle

Biden’s Family Ties

_____ Story Historical ref (Harry Reid) Both picked up by Pookie’s Toons

Exclusive Video of Fakhrizadeh Assassination Rehearsal

_____ Story

Monolith? What monolith? You seed a durn monolith, Caleb? Sorry, stranger

_____ Story (found) Story (missing) Story & pic credit Cultural ref (Dr Evil)

Marketing 101 for commies

Hey, it worked for Ché _____ Story

Thanksgiving Dinner Conversation

_____ Picked up by Pookie’s Toons

Buuut we already knew this

_____ Story

Happy Thanksgiving

Enjoy your riot, or whatever your cover story is I gotcher “limit-6″ rahcheer Bagram Airfield