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Not sure this is true

I’m still trying to cool-off since the story broke, so you get more jokes until things are a bit clearer Speakering of jokes… _____ • Story • Previously, on KisP

Enter: Autocorrect

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Stuff That’s Hard to Do (Falcon9 Starlink)

Routine night launch, so no awesome views of Earth

Y’mean triggered?

They never thought it would happen to them

(See also: NIMBY) _____ • Story


_____ • Story (China) • Story (Tactical Bras) NOTE: Purely a priorities joke. Not making fun of tactical bras, as such. They may turn out to be significantly better than sports bras in this application. I’ll defer to the wearers who, one assumes, are mostly women

Stuff That’s Hard to Do (Falcon9 KPLO SKorean lunar-orbiter)

Six launches today_____ This is a very cool but unusual mission (Caution: light nerd-level flight mechanics without 3 and 4-body-problem math) • Flight-path overview • Mission details

FBI goes full-Stazi*

_____ *Stazi™=Stasi+Nazi: the proto-fascist FBI version of the commies’ political/secret police (apologies to you good Germans for employing some unfortunate histories) • Story (Project Veritas) • Story (Ted Cruz)


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