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Why is it classified …

… if the enemy knows what’s in it, is a party to it, and knows we know that they know about it? I see a few possibilities: 1. The Administration is hiding their blatant appeasement of an enemy who has been at war with the US for decades (i.e. naiveté, cowardice, incompetence, stupidity, or treason). [...]

not Samson

In the land of the hair-pullers, the bald man is king ~ vid ~Nah, this isn’t an end-of-the-world item. It’s just a feel-good/schadenfreude/hair-joke post; but I mean, maaan, I hate thieves. Hate ‘em hate ‘em hate ‘em! Theft is just sooo danged lazy and uncivilized. It breaks the basic covenants of any human community. It [...]

words mean things

“off the reservation” — Boehner “Listen, because America has essentially a two-party system, each of the parties represents a pretty wide, divergent set of views. And as a result, it requires a lot more effort on the part of the leaders to try to work in a — in a unified fashion. We just continue [...]

Not by the content of their chromosomes …

… but by the content of their character, esp. brains ~ vid (32min) / full w/Q&A ~ And that was just about foreign policy. Can’t wait to see her in a debate. With all the friendly-fire casualties the Rs are inflicting on themselves, it’s instructive to remember: “In the end, there can be only one.” [...]

A man’s got to know his limitations

Good start. President Barack Obama called on African leaders Tuesday to step aside when their term is up, just as he plans to do* at the end of his second term. Buuut, Obama bein’ Obama, he just couuuldn’t leave it alone. But, he added, he thinks he could win a third term if he ran. [...]

another PhotoShop dump

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PhotoShop dump

mea culpa

For, lo, these many years here at KisP, I have bemoaned the apparent skewing of the definition of “normal” to include what I (objectively, of course) consider things well out on the fringes of the distribution of human thought and behavior. You know, the mainstreaming of stuff I personally consider to be abnormal or aberrant [...]

another outrage piled upon this guy’s huge, reeking pile of outrages

Soooo, lemme see if I understand this right … An IG will now have to beg a presidentially appointed cabinet member for access to the things that either the President or the cabinet member are hiding from the IG in the first place. Hey, when you’re Obama, it’s worth a shot, right? The Obama administration [...]

self-identity is a tricky thing to describe

When Ted Cruz answered questions about pop culture for a recent edition of The New York Times Magazine, he made some assertions about sci-fi classic “Star Trek.” Cruz claimed an affinity for the iconic character Captain James Kirk. He also had some ideas about his political affiliations: “Kirk is a passionate fighter for justice,” he [...]