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Worse? How could it be worse?

Wellp, your house could catch fire aaand be swept away in a flood, making you the topic of your padre’s next sermon re: sin, Noah’s Flood, Sodom and Gomorrah ~ Video ~ Be careful out there, nature is trying to kill you 24/7. Politicians and other criminals are not quite as persistent. (What? Nah, I [...]

Cui bono

Today’s recipient, Attorney General Loretta Lynch The DOJ eliminates terms like “Islamic terrorism” from law-enforcement training materials. The DOJ censors Mateen’s 911 calls to eliminate words like Islam, ISIS, and Allah. The DOJ promises to prosecute anti-Muslim speech. The DOJ fails to connect the dots (or ignores them), even though Mateen had been pointed out [...]

YGBSM: EU episode umpteumpth

This has got to be a joke; but until I find out that it is, it’s just too good not to post: MUNICH, Germany (Reuters) – Europe’s growing army of robot workers could be classed as “electronic persons” and their owners liable to paying social security for them if the European Union adopts a draft [...]

#neverTrump radical

British guy in the US illegally tries to steal cop’s gun to assassinate Trump. On the minus side (for him): • Proves Trump’s point about immigration, sort of. • Demonstrates how one doesn’t need to follow gun-purchase laws in order to commit a violent gun crime. * Garners sympathy votes for Trump, thereby shooting himself [...]

a redaction too far

I was spitting mad and gathering links for a tirade against Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s betrayal in censoring the traitor, Omar Mateen’s, 911 call transcript, when I ran across this update from the FBI: The purpose of releasing the partial transcript of the shooter’s interaction with 911 operators was to provide transparency, while remaining sensitive [...]

your slow-Sunday post

Meanwhile, back out my way… In response to that über-wuss NYC reporter (aptly named Kuntzman) drama-queening and lame-braining the scawwy AR-15 experience in an epic FAIL in front’a God’n ever’body, we have this splendid response from a feller Old North Stater (although by accent and deed, it’s clear he’s been in NC a lot longer [...]

stuff that’s hard to do (rapid unscheduled disassmbly episode)

~ vid ~ ~ vid ~ Nifty! Blue Origin made its fourth flight with the same rocket this morning, Sun ~ vid (10-min) ~ Remind you of anything? _________ Cultural ref Other cultural ref (NSFW)

Just sayin’…

…but, mainly, it’s JewsCaution: spew alert The Jews are engaged in a secret plot to take over the world and destroy all other nations and religions, a new series in Egypt’s government daily, Al Ahram, claims. [Jews] are behind all global conflicts, including Syria, Iraq, and the First and Second World Wars, as part of [...]

that pesky Constitution thing again

“Due process is what’s killing us right now“ — some (D)Sen Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that the right to due process, guaranteed by the Fifth* Amendment of the US Constitution, had made it difficult to pass gun-control legislation denying those on the FBI’s terror watch list the ability to purchase [...]

hemlines and earthquakes and droughts … oh, my!

In Iran, loose wimmin’ drive Allah’s ire, or nature’s (not quite sure where he’s goin’ with this). Women’s choice of clothing has long been a topic of discussion with some clerics going as far as claiming it causes earthquakes. In another such bizarre assertion, a senior Iranian cleric has accused women’s liberal choice of clothing [...]