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Here we go again

Democrat National Convention, Chicago 1968* Marching orders Bernie Sanders predicted Monday that the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia could be “messy” as he pushed the party to adopt his progressive** agenda, but added: “Democracy is not always nice and quiet and gentle.” The Democratic presidential candidate said in an interview with The Associated Press that [...]

because gov’t

(What? Because some things are too funny not to post.)

Obama scores own-goal

Jackass used Title IX to allow gender-bent men in girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms. ‘Zat mean gender-bent men must now be allowed on women’s teams? Adios to the feminists’ goal for Title IX

the ventilated jackboot

______ Source: Pat Condell (I think, not sure, memory ain’t what it used to be) Posted from the iHammock

afternoon musical interlude

TRIGGER WARNING: SJW Naggers ~ vid ~via Ace of Spades

This, folks, deserves recognition

TRIGGER WARNING: Spew Alert From an MIT Global Studies and Languages Ecology and Justice Forum* lecture: No, really. This talk examines the relation between Islamophobia as the dominant form of racism today and the ecological crisis. It looks at the three common ways in which the two phenomena are seen to be linked: as an [...]

the Pythoning of America

Destroying the concept of “normal” by the Lorettas of the Left who seem to be asserting that “silly” is now an acceptable level of intellectual discourse (i.e. the Left’s eternal struggle against reality) ~ vid ~ “Oh, dear. What have they done, now?” you ask. Vanity Fair has weighed in on the blockbuster movie “Captain [...]

Happy May Day

Burn a Vlad for old-times’ sake. Yes, any of the more-famous Vlads will do, too. ________ Victims of Communism Day

This time, it’ll work (cont’d)

Workers’ Paradise Hey, five-day weekends!* A failure even without the excuse of indulging in nuke and missile programs. Next time you meet a socialist, kick ‘im in the cojones for me (even if they don’t have any, or pretend that they don’t). __________ * World’s largest oil reserves, two-day work week for power rationing, toilet [...]

…until morale improves

But the recruiter said … ISIS is executing its own ‘failing’ commanders as [they] continue to lose ground in Syria, it has been claimed. [ISIS] has reportedly killed 21 military chiefs since the start of April in their Syrian stronghold, Raqqa. … [ISIS] killed 45 of their own fighters by locking them inside a forensic [...]