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Sooo… how was yourrr Fri-13th?

Wellp, it was in the 70s, here in NC (after bein’ 2ºF a few nights ago), so I took a couple of ARs out for some therapy against steel targets. Reckon one will never need a psychiatrist as long as one has access to a shootin’ range. Had it within my power to slaughter a [...]

virtue signaling of the worst kind

~ story ~ This nonsense really, really makes me wanna spit. Rather than opt for freedom and support of upward mobility (economic, social, moral, cultural, etc.) of the less-”privileged,” these jackasses fall back on the old ways of the lash and the manacle. Their objective is to crush true progress, freedom, and self-fulfillment and to [...]

Buuut you prob’ly already knew this

~ story ~ No, I don’t vouch for any of this, but I’m inclined to view it as more likely than not. Two reasons I think it’s valid: • Mass shooters undoubtedly prefer defenseless targets over well-defended targets. • It doesn’t become a mass shooting, if the murdering scumbag is taken down quickly enough by [...]

Right back atcha, kid

Without a media monopoly, the old days are over; and we eagerly look forward to more of this kind of thing. [wrings hands in maniacal glee, curls mustache ends] The Narrative™ as the acme [*snick*] of Proginess The Newspeak term “fake news” has backfired on the Progistanis, big time. The WaPo is trying to change [...]

no Nazis aloud

~ story ~ Evidently, there are too many in there already. _________ Cultural ref

virtue signaling

…right out there on the net in front’a God’n ever’body A motorist [and self-confessed Bernie supporter] boasted that he had refused to help a woman whose car was stuck in the snow after he spotted her Trump bumper sticker. Troy Brown took a picture of a stranded vehicle in the snow and posted it on [...]

25 years ago

Reminder for the whippersnappers Some fools called this “the end of history” (What? Yeah, A few months later, I declared victory, retired from the AF, and went sailing for a few years. Seems like only yesterday.)

Never go full academic commie hipster…

…until after you’re granted tenure ~ story ~ (What? Well, joke or not, make Progs live ‘n die by their own ProgRules.)

Happy & Merry

sundown tonight dawn tomorrow

Old cultural refs never die

President-elect Trump on Friday hailed a “very nice” holiday letter he received from Russian President Vladimir Putin …. [story] Vyeryyy niiice