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answering a major theology question

At least now we know where all ‘em virgins in Paradise come from: [A] Muslim preacher has warned that men who self-pleasure will make their hands pregnant when they enter the afterlife. [story] Perhaps you should phone your local school board and ask them to add this to the sex-ed curriculum. Let us know what [...]

Jihadi nepotism raises its ugly behead

I, uhm, I, uh … Jihadis are claiming rich Saudi militants in Iraq are letting friends and relatives go to the front of the queue for the ‘best’ missions to what they claim to be ‘martyrdom’. That’s left many having to spend months on the waiting list in the hope they will finally land their [...]


ISIS again demonstrates that it’s even more depraved than the Kims. I wonder if it’s contagious. (What? Yeah, wonder how they’d fare against a biker gang.)

Oh, now who didn’t see this comin’?

A New York City theatre event intended to address censorship of arts and culture has been reinstated, after critically acclaimed screenwriter and filmmaker Neil LaBute agreed to scrap a performance that was deemed potentially offensive to Muslims. [story] Yeah, my reaction is pretty much a a cliché.

AGW: the falsified guess

More Feynman* (PBUH) The scientific method: guess, predict, test, revise or trash as required ~ vid ~ Today’s seminar: AGW, the IPCC, and 22 results of testing this political cult’s guesswork. Students will now break-off into groups and explore the nature of the original guess, the circles-within-circles used in an attempt to make the guess [...]

what they said

Yeah, I hear ya: Second Whittle video in a week. Pretty lazy, there, Doug. Well, not really. I spent a lot of time trying to compose a coherent essay about the “I believe in free speech, but …” issue, but … it turns out that I’m not really up to that task. Yeah, I strung [...]

logical extensions

Now whaaat does this remind you of? China is reportedly ordering businesses in a village in the Muslim-majority Xinjiang region to sell alcohol and cigarettes or face being shut down, according to Radio Free Asia. An April 29 directive instructed restaurant and shop owners in Aktash, a predominantly Muslim Uighur village, to promote the goods [...]

Uhm … whaaa?

Now, I may be wrong … During a large rally in front of Baltimore’s City Hall, a young man … praised the burning of a CVS store …“America didn’t care until we started affecting things they profit from …. What we saying, ‘Let’s get you out of our communities.’” … taking back from the stores [...]

Stilton goes all show-tune on ‘em

~ vid / today’s Stilton ~Inspired. ________ Cultural ref

Happy May Day

Also, a not-so-happy Victims of Communism Day. At least we don’t have to watch those frikkin’ Soviet martial May Day Parades in Red Square anymore. Well, not quite yet. When I think about this kind of thing, I want to drive a tank over Putin’s Soviet-recidivist guts. To all my old Cold War comrades out [...]