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Speak of the Devil, and he shall appear

How can you fight an enemy, if you don’t know who they are? MEDDLING Brussels has said the British press should not report when terrorists are Muslims in a slew of demands to the Government to crack down on the media. A report from the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) found there was [...]

today’s wtf’nf

Nut-jobs are running Iraq At the inauguration of a new airport in southern Dhi Qar, Iraqi transportation minister Kadhem Finjan al-Hamami [today's nut-job] asserted that Sumerians, the members of an ancient Iraqi civilization, built “the first airports” and “Sumerian spaceships used to launch from here towards the other planets” 7,000 years ago. “It’s a long [...]

The peasants are revolting

French Mayor Jean-Jacques Lacoste [Socialist] is suing residents of the town he once served as mayor for “incitement to racial hatred” after spotting posters complaining that the resettlement of migrants squatting in Calais to the commune will bring crime and antisocial behaviour. [story] German Mayor The mayor of a small German town has been assaulted [...]

celebrity ton of s**t

This truly delicious flip perfectly defines the empty argument so beloved of people who earn themselves a fortune almost solely via a make-believe world of fictional imagery and made-up words. Their argument is totally without form and void, so it’s usable by anyone with any agenda. An-y-one (as shown).

Hands up, don’t kick!

It’s not even “revenge” — the guy is innocent It’s brutal, feral, racialist thuggery

D’oh !

Trevor Noah, the host of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, accidentally destroyed the case for gun control during his show [when] he made fun of a Minnesota man fed up with Islamic terrorism. The target of Noah’s ire was an ice cream shop owner in a small town southeast of St. Cloud, Minnesota — the [...]

This time… it’ll work!

Just when you think your life sucks has pimples, commies come to the rescue with a little perspective Venezuela’s petroleum industry, whose vast revenues once fueled the country’s Socialist-inspired revolution, underwriting everything from housing to education, is spiraling into disarray. To add insult to injury, the Venezuelan government has been forced to turn to its [...]

that “good-guy with a gun” thing

The MN mall didn’t ban knives*, but it did ban firearms. Well, almost all firearms — bad luck for the jihadi stabass. USPSA Shooter, 3-Gunner, and NRA-certified firearms instructor Jason Falconer has been identified as the man who shot and killed a 22-year-old Somali immigrant who went on a stabbing rampage inside a St. Cloud, [...]

unattended-bagage handlers

[NY]The day Ahmad Khan Rahami allegedly planted two bombs in Chelsea … two thieves accidentally helped to disable his second pressure cooker bomb left inside a rolling suitcase …. The young men … opened the bag and took the bomb out, sources said, before placing the explosive into a garbage bag and walking away with [...]

the spanking

Seems to me, the MSM was just askin’ for it. Of course, the MSM don’t see it that way: First, there was the PWNage, and now this… this* ! Donald Trump’s latest slap at the media was apparently too much for CNN’s [talking blockheads] to take. While reporting Trump’s ribbing the two insisted that undermining [...]