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show biz boys buzz boos

_____ Story-1 (VS to include transgender) UPDATE: Story-2 (Nolte weighs-in) UPDATE: Story-3 (Ace of Spades does a full analysis) Archives

That’s some World Cup quality reporting, there, Jim

And why aren’t the attacks on the Carlsons being reported and condemned as repressive attacks on The Press™?* _____ * Yes, that’s rhetorical. We know danged well why Cultural ref (fake soccer fouls) Previously, on KisP Archives

Easily settled by proposing an amendment

Until then, doublethink_____ Story-1 (Lemon) Story-2 (NYT, Acosta) Previously, on KisP (Lemon’s doublethink) Article V Archives

It’s all fun and games…

…until somebody gets shot in the face Offhand, I’d say that the Carlsons have pretty good evidence, now, for a “I feared for my life and my family’s lives in defense of my domicile” defense. The local cops need to unambiguously crush this behavior immediately, before somebody else does. _____ Story Archives Picked up by [...]

Hunh, didn’t see that one comin’

Wait… what?!I, uhm… [blinks, looks around for hidden camera] Okay, this has gotta be a joke. _____ Story Archives

fundamental disagreement

Why does this need to be said? Because some disagree with it without understanding the danger_____ Archives Picked up by Pookie’s Toons

Why is this kind of abomination even being considered in America?

Do you want to live in a despotic shxthole? Because this is how you get despotic shxtholes._____ Story Archives

May have this figgered out…

…Soros is Jewish, right? (What? Nooo, not seriously; but if it were the other-way around, this would prob’ly be one of the arguments.) (What? Yeah, but it’s almost impossible to read backwards, and nobody would get the “old-schul” pun.) Okay, you win Drew458 comment See?

The new Celebrity A-List

Sayin’ you want to punch POTUS in the face* gets you put on all kinds of lists_____ Story (Pkg sent to De Niro’s restaurant) * Historical ref Archives

I fear that phobophobia is now rampant

(What? You sayin’ that makes me phobophobiaphobic?)Awfergeebusaych… ~ result ~_____ Story (Fwance) Cultural ref-1 (Does your dog bite?) Cultural ref-2 (Minkee) Archives Lord of the Fleas comment Note: One may wish to supply one’s own additional cultural refs. Might I suggest that one begin with Pepe LePew