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The Choice Thing

_____ • Picked up by Pookie’s Toons

Some forget that Lysistrata was a comedy

U/D: Amen, bruh _____ • Story • Title ref • Picked up by Pookie’s Toons

Someone needs to be taught a lesson

_____ • Story

The New Abbie Normal

Today, it’s a threefer because I couldn’t choose between the jokes _____ • Story

Bi is non-binary?

Just puns Shouldn’t expect much more on a Monday

‘Real Boy’ 2022

Disney fairies have changed since I was a kid _____ • Story • Picked up by Pookie’s Toons

Real Girl 2022

New Goal

Ohh marrr…

(What? Yeah, it is now) _____ • Story • Title cultural ref • NOTE: I have no dog in this fight. Just in it for the joke

That Awkward-Question Stage

_____ • Earlier version picked up by Pookie’s Toons