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When it rains…

_____ Cultural ref (The Umbrellas of Cherbourg)

the kitchen think

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perverts and literature

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feminism vs femininity

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…colonies of pissants at Starbucks Every interaction with a customer reflects a business’ culture. _____ Story Title cultural ref (movie poster for THEM) Previously, on KisP Also previously / previously / previously / previously / and previously, on KisP HQ apologizes

Today’s Vile Individual of the Day

Despicable hyperbole I think she’s confused it with “sharia law” (What? No, but she is in the top-ten of my People I Want to Punch in the Face list) _____ Story (Omar) Previously, on KisP (AOC)

that BS animal-treatment analogy

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What’s your stance on bounties, senator?

Flipping the slave-catcher thing into a slaver-catcher thing.I mean, who’s not up for a Home Depot gift card, an Omaha Steaks gift basket, or free lifetime oil changes? (What? Well, no, it’s not; but if somebody asks the question during a debate, then mebbe it will become a thing)


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Pay yourself reparations

Living free, responsibly, honorably, and well is the best revenge for the injustices visited upon our ancestors, demonstrating that history’s bad ideas were wrong, and honoring the real progress made since then Everybody’s descended from races/ethnicities/societies/nationalities which enslaved and captured/sold/owned slaves at one time in history. Our interest should be in those hellholes where slavery [...]