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Happy Pronouns Day

Righhhhht… Some thoughts: 1. Sex is determined by genes, not surgeons and drugs. There are two, but some folks have both. 2. The English language has three genders: masculine, feminine, and neuter (the he-she-it thing). I’m fine with one wanting to be called “it” but that’s silly. 3. Inventing a word list for variations of [...]

One-L Lemma

The Left’s axioms are wrong, so they blame math when their theorems failThis kind of insulting silliness invites mockery _____ Story Title cultural ref (apologies to Ogden Nash) Okay, perhaps there is a case for woke math

Wellp, free Europe didn’t last long

Europe ain’t so much enlightened as it is enlighteningWhen any bureaucrat, especially a judge, thinks he’s King’a the Worrrld, well, oh I dunno… is tar & feathering too severe? _____ Story

Sunday Ps exercise

_____ Story (Bakaj) Not sure how ‘whistleblower’ applies, when the transcript’s already out Story (Murphy) #1 & #4 picked up by Pookie’s Toons

Madness… madness

Bwahahahahaha! Evidently, this whole thing was staged by LaRouchers! ( Dave comment) Got me, hook, line, and sinker. Nowadays, even the absurd looks credible Updated #1 and added #2 UPDATE: (What? Delete this post because of the update and miss a parody joke? Are you mad?) _____ Story (w/vid) UPDATE: Parody, staged by LaRouchers Title [...]

Sunday Ps-ing around

They should make ‘er turn in her hijab

_____ Story

political scienciness

Nature doesn’t care what you think “should be”Not to mention that you have to manipulate the data to get the predictions you need for your fantasy world-view to make sense _____ Story (predictions) Picked up by Pookie’s Toons

I sure hope this doesn’t become a thing

_____ No citation. Can’t remember where or when I read about this idea. MIght’a been a street-corner rant by some homeless guy, though

Constitution Day

It’s the only thing that all Americans have in common.Read it. Understand its genesis. Increase your understanding of its contents. Defend it. Demand all levels of gov’t abide by it. Keep your oaths, and demand the same of others who have sworn to uphold and defend it. It’s also our closest firm footing in the [...]