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Pay yourself reparations

Living free, responsibly, honorably, and well is the best revenge for the injustices visited upon our ancestors, demonstrating that history’s bad ideas were wrong, and honoring the real progress made since then Everybody’s descended from races/ethnicities/societies/nationalities which enslaved and captured/sold/owned slaves at one time in history. Our interest should be in those hellholes where slavery [...]

Oh, sweetie, no

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Happy Fathers Day…

…but, first, you must be a father, i.e. not an abortion fanatic_____ Story

thoughts from the iHammock

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To virtue-signal, one should first be virtuous

Good luck enforcing virtue, pal / mon ami(e) Funny how virtue-signalers are seldom good examples and never seem to address the “then what?”s _____ Story

Real-world law is different from made-up academic law

Oberlin’s arrogant wokeness was rightfully smashed by the jury’s meteorite. On the plus side, they got a nice stadium out of it _____ Story Story Previously, on KisP

Ps dump

Emptying the ol’ Photoshop half-done bin again

Left right wrong, wrong right, right?

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Thursday’s ovine-level thinking