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Gorilla Guru (intersectionalism)

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not thinking this thing through

Piling on Claire’s post below… City attorneys in San Francisco and Oakland, California, sued five oil companies in two coordinated lawsuits on Tuesday, arguing that the courts should hold these companies responsible for climate change, and force them to financially compensate the cities for harm the plaintiffs claim those companies are causing to the planet’s [...]

Gorilla Guru (prog overseers)

~ archives ~ Stacey Dash is not only gorgeous, she’s a smart, outspoken, articulate conservative in Hollywood (sooo, pretty-smart). Her response to Chelsea Handler’s racist insult is delicious: Myself, Ben Carson, Sheriff David Clarke are “white supremacists” in black skin. Is that it? Because we disagree with the liberal, Left agenda–a wealthy, white liberal celebrity [...]

Eloi’s siren

Wells, Wells, Wells… Jerry Brown, self-appointed Eloi spokesman, tried to get cute by insulting half of America, almost calling them Morlocks, thereby justifying their dismissal and isolation. In any case, he clearly wants his Eloi to think of his “troglodytes” as sub-human; and we all know where that leads — repression and genocide. Democratic Gov. [...]

Gorilla Guru and Mother Nature repeat themselves

That proverbial “rainy day” thing The bankrupt island, already contending with the aftermath of a storm that left as much as $1 billion of damage and hundreds of thousands still without power, faces even more upheaval with Hurricane Maria set to hit as soon as Tuesday night. [story] Puerto Rico, already trying to dig itself [...]

Didn’t watch The Emmys, never have

Doesn’t stop me from commenting, though (see also: movies, NFL, Democrat party, Islamists, AntiFa, Hillary, DACA/wall/etc.)

Gorilla Guru (US Constitution)

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Reality invades Berkeley

quickie vid of an excellent rant ~ full vid with Q&A ~ AntiFa thuggery Hillary-supporter thuggery

stuff that’s hard to do (Cassini)

Cassini: spectacular from start to finish ~ vid ~ Portions of Mankind are capable of marvelous things when they seek to discover objective truth, while other portions of Mankind are capable of vile things when they seek to enforce their truth. And now, the tribute you’ve all been waiting for ~ vid / story ~ [...]

visiting felown

Evidently, the I.V. league are just elitist pussies A Harvard dean on Friday revoked an invitation for convicted US intelligence leaker Chelsea Manning to be a visiting fellow at the prestigious university following sharp criticism over the invite. Manning however will still speak to Harvard students, but not be considered a visiting fellow, the dean [...]