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Memorial Day

It ain’t Islamophobia, if they’re really trying to kill you

Attaboy! Attagirl!

No bow, no head scarf no apologies for bein’ ‘Mericans ~ story ~ Let’s see how things go as the Middle East tries to please or impress Americans, rather than the other way around. He who hath the oil maketh the rules. *heheheee* smitten

people I want to punch in the face

No, censorship is not a version of free speech, jackass. And a real man doesn’t send his students out to do his dirty work. Well, unless it’s part of his political indoctrination routine, I guess. Plus, it’s evidently okay to lie to students about having permission to censor their words. Two Fresno State students are [...]

French election bewbs

Also a slow-Sunday post; and, also also, I’m a straight guy Why, oh why can’t we have FEMEN, here, instead of the dagnab AntiFa zoo? (What? Dunno, but I suppose the anti-FEMEN squad are hand-picked volunteers.)

Paper, plastic, or cloth?

Discarded-bags road litter is not always a bad thing ~ story ~ As the women who have been oppressed by the savages in the Islamic State group leave the grasp of Islamofascism behind, they’re leaving something else behind, too: Their burqas. [N]umerous “black veils dotted a freshly laid sand berm in northern Syria, ditched by [...]

Meanwhile, back my way…

The NC House passed what ‽ A new bill has just passed the NC House that would allow North Carolina drivers to legally hit protesters who are blocking the road without being sued, as long as they “exercise due care.” … It … “provides that a person driving an automobile while exercising due care is [...]

*ewww* Put the masks back on !

Portland’s May Day thug shots (hint: not members of the Young Republican Club) “Politics is show business for ugly people” — Rush Limbaugh I know one shouldn’t make fun of people’s looks, but these anarco-commie thugs are enemies of a free republic. Their feelings should be hurt. So should some of their other bits. On [...]


Two members of alt-right accused of making white supremacist hand signs in White House [story] Couldn’t find a pic or clip of Buckwheat (William “Billie” Thomas) making the gesture, so you get Eddie Murphy.

unclear on the concept

Symbolic hunger strike — strike until you’re peckish (see also: brat saying he’ll hold his breath until he turns blue) A group of Yale University graduate students announced Tuesday evening that they would be undertaking a hunger strike to pressure the administration into granting them better union benefits. … “Yale wants to make us wait [...]