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Happy May Day

Burn a Vlad for old-times’ sake. Yes, any of the more-famous Vlads will do, too. ________ Victims of Communism Day

This time, it’ll work (cont’d)

Workers’ Paradise Hey, five-day weekends!* A failure even without the excuse of indulging in nuke and missile programs. Next time you meet a socialist, kick ‘im in the cojones for me (even if they don’t have any, or pretend that they don’t). __________ * World’s largest oil reserves, two-day work week for power rationing, toilet [...]

…until morale improves

But the recruiter said … ISIS is executing its own ‘failing’ commanders as [they] continue to lose ground in Syria, it has been claimed. [ISIS] has reportedly killed 21 military chiefs since the start of April in their Syrian stronghold, Raqqa. … [ISIS] killed 45 of their own fighters by locking them inside a forensic [...]

I, for one, welcome our new PC overlords

Heyyy, I knowww… Let’s boycott the UK because of Monty Python. _________ Cultural ref

Happy Earth Day, puny earthmen

One of Earth Day’s founders is especially interesting. Here are some predictions from Earth Day 1970: * Civilization Will End Within 15 Or 30 Years. * 100-200 Million People Per Year Will Be Starving To Death During The Next Ten Years. * Population Will Inevitably And Completely Outstrip Whatever Small Increases In Food Supplies We [...]

wearin’ rougeface

(spew warning) Yeahhh, howzcome cross-dressing and transgenderism aren’t considered evil* cultural appropriation? Transgender advocates are bashing State Farm insurance commercials featuring NBA players dressed in drag as “painful” to transgender people. … [They] are offended by a series of State Farm commercials entitled “Meet the Hoopers” that show seven-foot Los Angeles Clippers star DeAndre Jordan [...]

Shark-Jumping 101

Rubbing my temples, here, boss The College Republicans (CR) at Ohio University (OU) wrote a message on their school’s “Graffiti Wall” that mocked the idea of safe spaces, causing some students to demand a police investigation into the matter. … “We can start w/ a mandatory investigation because trigger warning is literally a threat,” one [...]

your Wed-afternoon sage advice

Don’t dooo this. Troubleshooting a pistol’s laser: (Oh, now who didn’t see this comin’?) ~ vid ~ Rule #1 of safe gun handling: Keep your muzzle pointed in a safe direction. Corollary A: Do not point it at meat, unless you intend to kill it in defense or for food (or unless you’re hosting MythBusters). [...]

today’s *clank*s

You go, girl ! ~ vid ~Brave woman, that. More, please. Let’s get that long-overdue Islamic Reformation started. (What? No, the Wahabbists/Salafists ain’t gonna like this one bit.) ________ Non gender-specific *clank* And closer to home (30-mi), never bring a fake gun to a cane fight. _________ Fayetteville, NC: you know, the home of Ft [...]

The Boy Who Cried Klan

College students + blithering idiocy + ignorance + paranoia + absurd world-view + modern university rules + me-too-ism = … On Monday, students at Indiana University Bloomington mistook a priest for a Klu Klux Klan member, taking to social media to express their fear of the alleged Klansman, who they claimed was carrying a whip, [...]