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Vehr iss yoah vite ahm bandt, comrade?

Chic tribalism Not a good trend, here, folks. New York Fashion Week has long been a chance for designers to showcase their newest collections, but this year they also seemed to put something else on display—their political agendas. A number of prominent designers put white bandanas on their models as a subtle symbol of protest [...]


Some whiny jackasses have a problem with this It. is. not. a. frik-kin’. throne! It’s a frikkin’ desk chair. (What? Well, okay, yeah, mebbe if you’re a Prog… or a Brit newspaper.) See, now, this… this is a throne Take Your Daughter To Work Day staghounds Yeah, that’s what the post title should’a been. She [...]

missing the point

Probably true, but beside the point. A study conducted at the University of Toronto concluded that extreme protest tactics such as blocking traffic, damaging property, and rioting actually reduce popular support for the political movements that employ them. [story] The issue is not the issue. The Revolution™ is the issue. All traditional, Western, liberal ideas, [...]

Dat’s waaacist!

Keeping politics in the bedroom since 1935. Das neue Lebensborn, ja? alright [all right] FIFY* …or you could cut down on aborting minority babies, if replacing whites is really your goal. Fastest method is gas chambers, of course; but that’d prob’ly result in some push-back, so, yeah, reckon “quit f**kin’ white people” makes some kind’a [...]

cultural ignorance

Evidently Americans are culturally ignorant Perhaps we should all drive on the left while you’re in town, too. This. is. America ! It’s MM/DD/YY when you submit your paperwork. You might wanna pass that along to your culturally ignorant comrades. …especially the drive-on-the-right thing. (What? Yeah, we need to dig some pits, not too deep. [...]

the evolution of political discourse

When debating a sputtering, deranged leftist, step one is to recognize that fact. I remember back in the old days, public conversations between liberals and conservatives usually went something like this: 1. liberal: says something 2. conservative: responds 3. liberal: you’re a racist | sexist | bigot | pejorative du jour 4a. conservative: I am [...]

They hate these Muslims

What is it with these people and fire, anyway? The limousine that was set on fire during the anti-Trump anarchist protest in downtown Washington on Inauguration Day is owned by a Muslim immigrant …. [story] Bunch’a jerks… _________ Cultural ref Oh, and speaking of The Klan… (What? Yeah, used to be that shaky, unfocused, hand-held [...]

lady parts update

Lady parts are transphobic While clever, … pussy hats set the tone for a march that would focus acutely on genitalia at the expense of the transgender community. Signs like “Pussy power,” “Viva la Vulva” and “Pussy grabs back” all sent a clear and oppressive message to trans women, especially: having a vagina is essential [...]

She blowed-up real good

___________ Holger Cultural ref #1 Cultural ref #2 Full disclosure: she’s from my home town… yay FoxNews hires new piñata. Okay, perhaps chew toy would be more appropriate

Just say “sorry,” eh?

Oh, Canada… How can we keep using your stereotype in memes, if stuff like this is gonna happen? Edmonton guy punches WOMAN reporter at women’s march and is then protected by other women marchers at women’s march. After Rebel Media reporter Sheila Gunn Reid was punched by a thug at the Women’s March in Alberta, [...]