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Gearin’ up for the Fourth

Hope the weather is nice for y’all; and your lock-down isn’t too strict, so you can go outside and let ‘em breathe ! _____ Story (Kerry)

Yesterday was Tuesday

The future is repeating itself #BREAKING: Seattle Police just showed here at #CHOP with SDOT. Multiple pieces of heavy machinery now moving barricades. And crews are working fast. @KIRO7Seattle — Deedee Sun (@DeedeeKIRO7) June 30, 2020 The scoops are on their way! The scoops are on their way! _____ Story (CHAZ/CHOP) Cultural ref (scoops, [...]

Perhaps they, quite literally, don’t know any better

_____ Story (Self defense)

Is it Monday already?

(What? Nah, I make no theological point. Reckon ol’ God c’n speak fer Hissef. Just hope He enjoys a joke) (What? Nooo, the Doubtfire part isn’t true. I’m just working toward a Wokester merit badge) Another blackface violation _____Story (Yale) Rats, they won’t. Found this after writing the joke, so I’m keepin’ it Story (Wash&Lee) [...]

Sunday funnies

_____ Vid (People don’t really need to know what you think is funny!) Cultural ref (Col Doug Mortimer, For a Few Dollars More. See: avatar) Note: smokin’ a seegar butt in that exact pipe model, right now

Let’s just call this a comment on Sondra’s post, below

Her post beat mine by 30min, so she gets the comments

No more pretend…

…unless it’s pretending that Marxism works _____ Story (Apu in The Simpsons) Cultural ref (Olivier as Othello) Weasel-wording (Hamilton)

Iconoclasm Today

Partially to recognize the irony of PC symbology and partially to say WTF? to the cancel-Lincoln dolts (What? No, no courage points or participation ribbons for attacking inanimate objects or dead guys without lawyers) _____ Story Story

*harumph*… just *harumph*

_____ Story (August Landmesser or Gustav Wegert)

NASCAR cancels itself

_____ Yarbouti comment Remember, ‘wokes’ pester you, ‘customers’ pay you