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for today we shop in Hell !

fun with Black Friday In the spirit of Davy Crockett, “You all can go to hell; I’m going to shop on-line.” (What? Nooope, reckon not all holiday traditions qualify as quaint, in my book.) ______ Title cultural ref

You’re only making it worse

A Template™ only a Prog could love. Breitbart News previously reported that Trump responded to the [Paris] attacks by saying, “If [the French people] had guns, if our people had guns, it would have been a much, much different situation.” But when Maher mentioned Trump’s comments on Friday night, [California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom (D)] [...]

today, in phobias

Now this here’s a real phobia ~ story & vid ~ A phobia is an irrational fear leading to some kind of dysfunction. Loathing, itself, is not a phobia. It may be quite rational. Disliking spiders is not, in itself, arachnophobia; but being paralyzed by their presence and unable to exterminate them is arachnophobia. Now, [...]

tragedy, not atrocity

Gavin is a treasure ~ vid ~ No, I don’t always agree with him, but I’m almost always entertained.

three Americas

There are those who intend to defend themselves and others … In the days since the heinous terror attacks in Paris took 130 innocent lives and wounded hundreds more, Americans have flooded into gun stores to purchase new guns and sign up for concealed carry permit classes in their respective states. And those buying guns [...]

Keep your laws out’a our bedrooms mancaves

When Progs have too much time on their hands, even the concept of a “safe space” gets warped; because maleness is so, like, you know, icky an’ stuff. Guys should get over the feudalistic idea of a man cave allowing them to be the “lord of their manor” in a room they can call their [...]

Schrödinger’s Future

Million brain-cell* march ~ vid ~ ~ link ~____________ * That’s the sum total of the MSMarchers’ brain cells — a normal human brain contains about a hundred billion brain cells. Title ref All is not lost. * Another ref I just ran across.

today in immigrant insensitivity

Last one in say, “I got mine!” In a spectacular example of pulling the ladder up, migrants interviewed last night said they were delighted by the introduction of border controls in Sweden. Despite having been in the country for less than 24-hours, the newly-arrived asylum seekers were already complaining there are too many migrants in [...]

SJW bullies done jumped the shark

#NationalOffendACollegeStudentDay The Left™ has been striving for that “tipping point” for a hundred years. I wonder if it’s finally arrived, buuut it ain’t quite what they expected. ________ SJW: social-justice warrior (i.e. commie-fascist thug) Title inspiration


Boy. Six. Pretending. Imaginary. School administrators. Adults. Pretending to adjudicate. Imaginary world-view. A 6-year-old boy is facing a three-day suspension from school because he pretended to shoot an imaginary bow and arrow during recess. The boy’s parents [said] their son was pretending to be a Power Ranger. When a teacher at his school noticed him [...]