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today’s sage advice

I highly recommend you listen to this 9-1-1 exchange about a brave lady’s actions during a home invasion. Here are a few significant points from this “teachable moment” that you’ll hear from any person-defense instructor (and have probably heard from me before): 1) If you can’t escape, arm yourself, and go to a defensible position [...]

Labor Day shoutout

~ more ~ Just wanted to say “thanks” to those who don’t have the holiday off: Those who kept the invaders, murderers, thieves, psychos, barbarians, and wolves off my doorstep; Those who kept the power, cable, water, and sewage flowin’, so I can live better than kings did with all their slaves, drudges, and work [...]

Today’s sage advice

Don’t listen to Joe Biden. But if you do, feel free to use him as an expert firearms witness. [A] Washington State resident, was charged with a misdemeanor for “illegally discharging a firearm.” [In 2013, he] plead “not guilty” to the charge. This week, a few days before his jury trial was about to begin, [...]

Preach it, bruh

This, brothers and sisters, is one of the finest fire & brimstone sermons I have ever heard. Heckfire, son, it’s almost Shakespearean in its allegorical scope and turn of phrase. And without a teleprompter, too. ~ vid & story ~More, please. That’s goin’ into my Top-Ten Rants for both content and style. (What? Mmmm, wellll [...]

The ol’ a- vs anti- thing, again

Another soapbox opportunity, because I really like this guy. He’s like a cleaned-up Mike Rowe. Actor Kevin Sorbo isn’t shy about sharing his views on politics and religion, which he has candidly detailed in past interviews with TheBlaze. And in a recent appearance on “Access Hollywood,” the “God’s Not Dead” star spoke out about atheism, [...]

your evening *clank*

Isis sympathisers in east London met their match in the form of a nun who tore down a flag glorifying the Islamist fanatics accused of genocide agianst non-Muslim minorites in Iraq. There was outrage in east London after the black flag of Isis (also known as the Islamic State) was hung over the entrance of [...]

today’s sage advice

When it’s your life-and-death decision, it’s your decision. Don’t give up your means of survival. You surrender, you die. An 80-year-old Florida woman grabbed her gun and called 911 during a home invasion. While the burglars were breaking a window to her residence, the police dispatcher told her to “put the gun down.” Huh? … [...]

the new Holocaust

Back to the barbaric future Coming soon to a continent near you … For the first time in 1,600 years, Mass is not being said in Mosul: an ancient culture has been wiped out in a matter of weeks. It’s a war crime that, strangely, no one seems to want to talk about. Mosul is [...]

an analist’s analysis

Counter-fatwa fatwa These guys need both analysis and therapy.* [A]ccording to prominent Egyptian cleric Mazhar Shahin, the Muslim Brotherhood has issued a fatwa permitting “anal jihad,” a.k.a. man-on-man anal sex, between jihadis fighting far away from their wives. “They practice homosexuality with one another, thinking, wrongly, that this constitutes jihad for the sake of Allah,” [...]

Sunday comics

Everybody expects the Islamic Inquisition (submitted purely for the fun of it, since I spent my ’50s childhood readin’ comic books with a buddy whose dad could afford ‘em all) The Islamic State, the former [ISIL/ISIS] wants a Muslim psychiatrist who created cartoon characters based on Islam dead. … “whoever finds him, kill him, and [...]