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Earth Hour: tonight 8:30pm

However, it’s okay to leave your life-support, emergency room equipment, HVAC, computer, fridge, elevator, internet, burglar alarm, TV, phone, microwave/range, gun-room alarm, water & gas pumps, traffic lights, etc. on, so reckon it’s still not quiiite like NorK. It’s also Human Achievement Hour. Lights on, here, boss.

If socialists took over the Sahara Desert…

…in a generation, there’d be a shortage of sand* ~ story ~ More Even more Cuban medical mission to Venezuela scam __________ * Friedman, Buckley, and others with variations thereof

Rule of law

Rule 1: Never ask a question you don’t know the answer to ~ vid ~ They (D)s even tried to pull the ol’ Anita Hill ploy on him. *meheh* Also this from over ta Holger’s.

today’s new horror

I’ve changed my mind. Trump’s election didn’t make the SJWs insane. Their inherent insanity just became more manifest. What’s missing? Unibrow? Mustache? Warts? No, it’s… …Warner Bros. released the new trailer for Wonder Woman, and most problematically, the Amazonian warrior princess played by Gal Gadot did not have any armpit hair. … Twitter exploded at [...]

fair trade

Think this thing through, guys. Turkey’s red meat association has ordered a consignment of prize Dutch cattle to be sent back to the Netherlands, saying it no longer wants to farm the cows due to the diplomatic crisis between the countries. [A] symbolic consignment of 40 Holstein Friesian cattle was already being sent back to [...]


There you go, again.* Yale College Dean Jonathan Holloway said that “for as long as he can remember” students and parents have expressed “frustrations” over the gender-specific nature of “freshman.” [story] Only a jackass Prog would claim to be a non-gender-specific “feminist” with a straight face. Congratulations, Yale, you win today’s award ___________ * Historical [...]

A Day Without Sharia

(What? No, nun habits, uniform covers/caps, hoodies, and pussyhats are completely different.)

Whine while you’re here…

…because some places you go, they won’t like bein’ called male chauvinist pigs Also, try not to make it a really clumsily worded whine, or do. It’ll be fun for the rest of us. The word of the day is “D’oh!”

The Labors of Trump

The president has taken-on a yuge mission, but I think his going-in strategy is still sound ~ Augean Stables ~________ Original saying: When you’re up to your ass in alligators, it’s hard to remember that your original goal was to drain the swamp.

Fake but srsly?

MSN appears to be a source of climate fear mongering and “fake climate news” based on their story under the headlines Antarctica hits record high temperature at balmy 63.5°F . The story was accompanied by what can only be a horribly photo-shopped photograph for the unassuming warmunista of a mushroom-shaped ice form teetering on a [...]