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Feckless has-been even plagiarizes her curses

_____ Story (caution: language) *heheee* Previously, on KisP Also previously, on KisP And another previously, on KisP Archives

Yayyy, air conditioning, heat, electricity, industry, transportation, etc!

Making huge swaths of the Earth civilizable since men dug coal. Of course, Nature still has her keep-out zones, cheap energy or no. _____ Story Archives

In Chicago, everyone hauls stones for Obama’s pyramid scheme…

…one way or another “Blood, whips and guns – or dollars. Take your choice – there is no other ….” – Francisco’s ‘Money Speech’ from Atlas Shrugged_____ Story Cultural ref Note: just in case you were wondering about the new graphics schtick (masking tape, casual tilt, shadow), it’s just a little fun — you know, [...]

What did Kim get in the Singapore summit?

Face™ 40-min of photo-op prop In what must have been a deeply humiliating act on the part of a DPRK dictator, Kim boarded a chartered foreign jet to meet with the great number-one enemy of everything NorK since 1950. Trump wisely allowed Kim his dignity and his need for the imagery of leadership — Face™. [...]

The jackass is strong in this one

(What? Uhm, dunno. Prob’ly not much past ‘er thighs.) _____ Story Archives (What? *heh* Yeah, and when ‘er mom reminded ‘er to wear her galoshes.)

the Anti-Galt

(What? Nah, not gonna do a Trump Pump™ joke.) _____ Story Archives Picked up by Pookie’s Toons

things rich Progs say

_____ Story Archives Picked up by Pookie’s Toons James Woods for the kill shot

lemonade, not just-ice

Not Starbucks or Dick’s PR move for the ages. Guess what’s goin’ on my shopping list. _____ Story

the keep-diggin’ set

Dang but that chimp’s an inspiration. So, if you’ll excuse me, it’s a sunny 90º evening; and I see the ol’ iHammock beckoning. _____ Story Previously, on KisP Archives Picked up by Pookie’s Toons

it’s justicing

_____ Story Archives Picked up by Pookie’s Toons _____ Cultural ref