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If you ever wondered…

…who would staff commie-American gulags Okay, they’re not all men _____ Story (CA, Vall) Story (FL, Timm) Story (FL, Whitehurst) Story (NH, Bradley) Picked up by Pookie’s Toons

While Awaiting the Apocalypse

The World should make sense, again, after Wednesday night In the meantime… Trying to understand what the sam hill a semantic argument about the amount of liquid in a glass has to do with one’s outlook on life. Okay, yeah, it does tend to expose the odd curmudgeon _____ Inspiration (half-glassed problem) Story (satellites) Read [...]

Sage advice: uhm, don’t do this

And by “this” I mean “let an untrained journalist handle a firearm” Still can't get over that a Vice reporter, in a video on "smart guns" helping prevent accidental shootings, decided to it was a good idea to point a Thompson, that had a drug mag in, at his cameraman, pull the trigger, and then [...]

safe space

_____ Story Story (pics) Source (#2) Source (#3) #1 & #2 picked up by Pookie’s Toons

Stuff I just don’t understand

With the wide availability of private culture, why is there still Crap™? Recognizing incidents of freedom almost always brings a smile to my face and mind. You know, like posting here where I don’t have to worry about being censored by someone with an axe to grind at Google or Facebook or Twitter or some [...]

Here we go again

Moved post back up top for this update Oh, it’s ON! WV is widening the invitation to all pro-2A VA counties! (2020 is gonna be a fun year)(updated) Previous version picked up by Pookie’s Toons Y’know… It’d be really funny if, after NY & CA lost population because of their (D) gov’ts, VA ended up [...]


Just a pun I have no dog in this fight, but I’m truly sorry to see neo-moralities split communities of good people. It’s hard enough to find others you can feel connected to as it is _____ Story Picked up by Pookie’s Toons Picked up by Locomotive Breath

Texas shootout

Spawn of Satan down with one shot at 10yds _____ Story (TX church shootings) Story (vid of shooting) Good guy 1 & Good guys 2-4 Story (Pastor: praises right of self defense) Story (Sept, Usual Suspect™: allowing armed parishioners “irrational”) Story (Jews) Story (also Jews) Cultural ref (Firefly)

Christmas Eve

Enjoy your holidays, and if you have to deal with one of these, just smile and think the magic words They’ll still be there next year Oh, and if you’re spending time with relatives, don’t forget to sell them on Obamacare _____ Story (Marcotte) Picked up by Pookie’s Toons

Bill of Rights Day

No small thing Worthy of the occasional read ~ Click for larger ~