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Look ye, Starbucks …

Starbucks listens to the Ahabs of this world ~ vid ~ Yes, Starbucks, they are strong of voice, but so are are madmen Some have a madness from wounds that cannot be “discussed” away … but it is madness, nevertheless________ Forgive me, Claire, for poaching a little; but I needed more than comment space. UPDATE: [...]

the warmish inquisition

Buuut, now we expect it so we can respond appropriately. You’ve heard it said that the science is settled. And it’s true. It is settled–settled beyond the possibility of any dispute. A fundamental, inescapable, indubitable bedrock scientific principle is that lousy theories make lousy predictions. Climate forecasts are lousy, therefore it is settled science that [...]

You will be assimilated. Coexistence is futile.

From the “mugged liberal” files: It seems like something one would be hard pressed to disagree with: the word “coexist,” written on a wall using a Muslim crescent as the letter “C,” a Star of David as the letter “X,” and a Christian cross as a “T.” But in Paris, this particular iteration of the [...]

Thinking with your outie-dick, especially if you are one

I’m out of ideas this morning, so … Exposed nipples? Naked bottoms? Bare breasts? The insouciant editors who sit in the front row of fashion shows have seen the lot at womenswear shows – and will barely raise an eyebrow. But the flesh on show at Rick Owens’ menswear show in Paris on Thursday surprised [...]

Thinking with your innie-dick … even if you don’t have one

Evidently, feminism, itself, is sexist now. (Man, I gotta get on distro for The Memo™.) Students at all-female Mass. college cancel annual ‘Vagina Monologues’ performance, saying play isn’t trans-friendly. … One college theater group is tempting playwright Eve Ensler to think outside the box. [ISWYDT] … “At its core, the show offers an extremely narrow [...]

Your evening Mohammed cartoon

(What? Oh, like there was the slightest chance that they’d behead me last, anyway.)

Do Daeshholes offend the Prophet …

… by claiming to act in his name? Evidently not as much as cartoons do. Also: Well, that surrender didn’t take long. Here’s a good read on, for want of a better term, the Freedom of Blasphemy as part and parcel of freedom of religion. It helps answer the question, “Why do Muslims get so [...]

Yeah, bring back those good ol’ blasphemy laws, too, whydontcha?

This, from the guy who inherited what was once one of the most brutal, mass-murdering, crooked, despicable totalitarian theocratic empires in the World, right up there with Islam, until the Reformation kicked the legs out and forced it into civilized, rational behavior … or what passed for that in the Europe of the time. Pope [...]

hands up, don’t shoot

~ vid ~ Want to know what cowardice looks like on live television? The Washington Post notes: “On Sky News, former Charlie Hebdo journalist Caroline Fourest was trying to explain how “crazy” it is that certain journalism mills in the United Kingdom won’t show the cover of the latest edition of the magazine. Well, Sky [...]

your afternoon tinfoil hijab

Well alrighty, then. I talked to cross section of mainly French Algerian young men who said to me it was pretty much they felt the attacks were actually a conspiracy by the Jews to make Muslims look bad. One person told me that in fact they weren’t just regular Jews that were doing this, in [...]