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mea culpa

For, lo, these many years here at KisP, I have bemoaned the apparent skewing of the definition of “normal” to include what I (objectively, of course) consider things well out on the fringes of the distribution of human thought and behavior. You know, the mainstreaming of stuff I personally consider to be abnormal or aberrant [...]

Toldja so

“Those who treat animals as humans will eventually treat humans as animals.” — me “Republicans and conservatives are the enemy. They are expendable. They will be targets in the Revolution when it comes” writes Roland Windsor Vincent, in a recent post on his blog, Army Of The Revolution. The entry, entitled “Protect Animals And The [...]

submitted for your entertainment

The inevitable result of any anti-offensivity offensive is that it brings out the worst brats. [I'm torn between using the term "brownskirts" or "brat worsts."] This particular episode is like arguing about who the real Martian is. The organizers of Free Pride Glasgow … have hit a snag in their mission to plan a totally [...]

This guy gets it

Okay, this may be old news; but the principle is timeless. Enjoy this delicious rant. It’s fabulous. Sure, some PC bullying is tyrannical or even totalitarian; but let’s stick with this guy’s comment. (What? Yeah, perhaps he defocuses the real motivations of the jackasses a bit, but I’m still tempted to go buy some cookies [...]

Abbie Normal

… and a nice Chianti ~ story ~ Scratch an abortion pro, find a ghoul just in it for the money … or a racist eugenicist.

snark week

The feeding frenzy continues: [California] Senate Bill 539, which would prohibit the naming of public buildings and roads in California after Confederate leaders, advanced from its sole policy committee Tuesday …. [story] One assumes this means that TX Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee won’t be welcome in state buildings, either. *badump*dum*tshshsh* (What? Yeah, I made that [...]

Meanwhile, at Best Korea’s worst lobster farm

Evidently, you can grow either terrapins or lobsters, but not both. And as a NorK facility manager, you can have failure or death … or both. [Note: exclusive list included of what I understand are the inspection committee's Official Recommendations] North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has ruthlessly executed a ‘defeatist’ terrapin farm owner after reacting [...]

checking liberal privilege

Preach it, sister! ~ vid ~ (What? Yeah, she made a couple of minor errors, but just … just go with her point, m’kay? I got ‘er six.) Don’t get me started on Progs’ war on individualism and their inherent bigotry by promoting of class warfare, ethnic thought-purity, and a racism of low expectations … [...]

… that our flag was still there

A Ft McHenry kind of thing A U.S. Army veteran [Mark Brummitt] attended Wednesday’s flag burning event in New York City to protest the desecration of the stars and stripes — and he vowed to stay until the very end to ensure “that at the end of the night there is a flag left standing.” [...]

question for a rainy Saturday afternoon

What happens when a government “goes Galt”?