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Good fences make good neighbors

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Even powerful select-minority women need protection by white guys. _____ Story Archives


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Even the ChiComs now realize the need for credibility…

…while a BSer talks and a horse’s patoot walks. All that the Media™ has to sell is their credibility, and most of ‘em are goin’ broke._____ Story-1 Story-2 Story-3 Archives Picked up by Pookie’s Toons Forgot about this gem.

tossed salads and scrambled eggs

Yeah, screw kids and old folks! Now, you need a prescription for plastic straws. Yeah, screw the forests cut down for paper straws! And they gotta be compostable, unlike the hypodermics handed out to junkies. Yeah, screw hygiene! Put your mouth on cups rims others touched and on the rat pee* on your soda cans.Evidently [...]

Woke of the Red Witch

(What? Nah, do your own “Red Woman” joke. I’ve done my pun.) _____ Story Cultural ref Title cultural ref Archives My apologies to the Soup Nazi. Not even he was that much of a jerk. _____ Cultural ref-1 Cultural ref-2 If you want to go the Starbucks-analogy route (bums vs MAGA), take it up with [...]

Same photo on all their drivers licenses?

_____ Story Pic ref Title ref Archives Egypt too? Muslim clerics in Egypt are now allowing women to serve as preachers in mosques, teach in religious schools, sing in choirs, and serve on governing boards of mosques.

It’s not that the Left™s arguments totally suck…

…it’s that the Left™ doesn’t even argue, they just accuse. To them, reason, word meanings, evidence, and consistency are flexible tools of propaganda, not rules for rhetoric. The issue isn’t the issue; power is the issue._____ Previously, on KisP Archives Picked up by Pookie’s Toons Wellp, turns out I could’a saved myself some time, here, [...]

Feckless has-been even plagiarizes her curses

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Yayyy, air conditioning, heat, electricity, industry, transportation, etc!

Making huge swaths of the Earth civilizable since men dug coal. Of course, Nature still has her keep-out zones, cheap energy or no. _____ Story Archives