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I fear that phobophobia is now rampant

(What? You sayin’ that makes me phobophobiaphobic?)Awfergeebusaych… ~ result ~_____ Story (Fwance) Cultural ref-1 (Does your dog bite?) Cultural ref-2 (Minkee) Archives Lord of the Fleas comment Note: One may wish to supply one’s own additional cultural refs. Might I suggest that one begin with Pepe LePew

ego check

_____ Story (the comments are a delightful string of truths) My favorite is: To be fair, all humans are invisible to me when I’m petting dogs “Can I pet your dog?” “Sure.” “Bye forever, human. Hey there, pup!” (What? Well, yeah, I’ll admit that there are times when I’ll pay attention to the one holding [...]

your Sunday afternoon WTF

_____ Story (latest on invading horde) Archives

one-way streetism

The Kavanaugh Rules™ were supposed to work only in one directionAnother case in point _____ Story (Ellison’s divorce, abuse) Theocratic ref (Taqiyya) Archives Picked up by Pookie’s Toons

Talkin’ ’bout my genderation

The counter-revolution begins in Hungary_____ Story Title ref (The Who: Why don’tcha all just FFFFFade away) Archives

What passes for progressive thought

Critical Theory, where logic goes to die, whimpering (What? Wellp, seems to me that arguin’ about the clumsiness of the English language is a self-defeating pursuit.) _____ Story (London Museum) Philisophical ref (Critical Theory) Archives Oh, now who didn’t see this comin’?

Sci-Fi Tuesday

Hey, a little fan fiction never hurt anybody Robots and Suffragettes and Amazons, oh my! Been indulging almost exclusively in image-driven schadenfreude posts, lately, which is a cheap and easy way to entertain myself, not that there’s anything wrong with that; but reckoned I’d try a couple’a text-heavy commentaries for a change. This phase won’t [...]

What’s wrong with this analogy?

[scratches beard, taps pipe] Okay, now I’ve done me a whooole bunch‘a multi-day back-packing in the Rockies and Sierras in my day; but I do not recall that puttin’ more stuff in my pack made those journeys easier, especially the uphill parts. Feller/fellerette who came up with that dang analogy prob’ly helped with this here [...]

Maduro is my choice…

…of cigar, not chief economistAll top-down economies ignore reality _____ Story Archives Picked up by Pookie’s Toons

No spikka de Eeenglish

(What? No, the reader is always expected to add their own *rimshot*) _____ Story Cultural ref Archives