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More fun with SJWs

If they’re allowed to walk the streets or hold positions of responsibility, they’re fair game.(What? Yeah, schcadenFREUDe) _____ Story-1 (guvvie quote) Story-2 (pics, spew warning) Note: not a fan of Freud, but he’s always good for a joke

Release the houuunds!

Evidently, Joe is not Soros’ top pick Grope-a-dope© (you’re welcome)Not creepy when theyyy do it, though. No, not at all. That goes for you guys, too. (What? Nah, gonna totally skip the straight-arm jokes.) _____ Story Cultural ref (Mel Brooks version)


Never let a good pun go to waste_____ Story-1 (CA) Story-2 (MO)

Ps dump

Dusted-off an old idea for your dismissal Remember, I’m just entertainin’ myself here in Sondra’s sandbox, and you get to kick-over the sandcastles. Careful, though, sometimes I bury a rusty old steel Tonka™ dump truck inside a turret.

Punish the law-abiding citizen…

…not because they might commit a crime but because they might insist on keeping their freedom_____ Story-1 Story-2

the Monday after


Back to School-II

We’re gonna need a bigger post! Okay, yeah, mebbe I’m gettin’ a mite carried away with his here college-entrance-cheating scandal, but y’gotta admit that it’s chock-full’a my kind’a jokes. Reckoned we needed to start another post to fit ‘em all in. (new entries will go on top) _____ Previously, on KisP (more and worse jokes) [...]

trends change, but not the trendy

back to school

newest ones on top No word on whether any of ‘em claimed fake Native-American ancestry, but that scam was busted a while back. _____ Story Cultural ref

Who does he think he is… Michelle Obama?

_____ Story