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Evidently, his arrow hit its mark

This has turned into a culture-turning exchange. You can pretty-much ignore the topic under discussion and learn, rather, how to debate a SJW… well, until they call you names and storm off. Delingpole’s discussions of this encounter are instructive, here and here, so you might want to scan them before diving into the full 30-min [...]

Waste not what we want not

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Amen, sisters

Some of the best shtick on the internet made even better by bein’ valid ~ vid ~______ Actual sisters sisters from the next county over from me. (Man, can you imagine those two as kids at a family meal? *heheeee*)

like a boss

The boss is the guy who acts like the boss ~ story & full vid ~ If the country’s learned one thing over the past year, it’s that you can either fake it with bluster or a badge of rank and say, “I am the KIng!“ or you can be the KIng and not give [...]

I’m sorry, sir or madam, as the case may be…

…but in your case, it’s biologically impossible for you to have had a brain aneurysm. A new pamphlet released by England’s NHS is causing quite a stir. The 24-page booklet is called “Information for trans people — NHS Screening Programmes” and it explains which preventative screenings people will be invited to receive, and when. The [...]

Speaking of sh**holes…

Hawaiian kids assigned to a sh**hole, literally Panic spread through the state of Hawaii on Saturday morning when residents received a phone alert for an ‘inbound ballistic missile threat’ that was accidentally sent out by Civil Defense but which was not corrected for the best part of an hour. … It read: ‘BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT [...]

Wisdom of the Aegis

Civilization needs shields against the slings and arrows of outrageous leftwaddle. Mike Rowe (PBUH) is one of those shields. This response has got to be the nicest, most-polite, most-reasoned ear-drag-to-a-time-out I’ve ever read. (What? Yeah, when I grow up, I wanna be Mike Rowe.) ______ Re: 8/5. YMMV (If it’s 24/7, perhaps a divorce or [...]

Back in the day, we called ‘em…

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Nature is trying to kill you and your stuff 24/7 Disaster Risk = gravity x time x (fire + water + ice + quake + wind + loose earth) / Ayers Rock Case in point: SoCal mudslides (vid and 39 dramatic photos)

A wise man tests his assumptions

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