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What if…

…this was how T-Rex moved Yeah, I know it can’t have been, but dang this is a nice Kentucky bourbon. Now where were we? Oh, yeah… (What? Nah, just like to acknowledge the existence of Oz‘s inverted seasonality, once in a while. You know, to show we’re thinkin’ of ‘em.) Don’t have a place for [...]

rolls off the tongue

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Ps dump

_____ Painting via today’s Ace of Spades

Oh, boy, is this great !

C’mon, we all love to watch a jerk self-immolate in front’a God’n everbody. Well, I do This is risible _____ NOTE: I will kibosh the actual n-word in comments. It’s a despicable and vile term which is totally unnecessary in civil discourse. Story (caution: unseemly language NSFW) Title cultural ref (Animal House) Cultural ref (Animal [...]

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_____ Tarzan joke inspiration #2 picked up by Pookie’s Toons

stuff that’s hard to do (Atlas 5 this morning)

Ooooh, ahhhhh

stuff that’s hard to do (fairing catch yesterday)

Because it’s pretty. Disposable launch, no landing of Stg-1. Nice thing about crewing aboard that recovery ship; if you lose the fairing*, you can go shrimping for dinner _____ * Still maintain it should be called a ‘shroud’ Fairings are individual skins that smooth the local airflow around plumbing, electrics, antennas, struts, etc. Could be [...]

[insert Area-51 joke here]

[insert 'Air Force can't shoot right' joke here] (What? Nah, my small-arms qual was with a S&W Model-15 .38spl revolver*. ’70s satellite engineering officers didn’t see much combat) _____ Story via Ace of Spades * I have one. Kind’a old-fashioned, yeah; but it’s a really nice piece of hardware with an audibly soothing mechanism and [...]

Monday review

_____ Inspiration Beat me to a week of memes #1 picked up by Pookie’s Toons #2 & #3 picked up by Pookie’s Toons *bwahahahaha* Story (and I thought the “visit” thing was just gonna be my cheap joke)

stuff that’s hard to do (Falcon-9 stage-1 landing phase)

Oh, and Starhopper just did an untethered hover/translate. First flight of Starship’s Raptor engine. Test time was not announced; and SpaceX didn’t live-stream it, so had a video blogger’s back-yard-camera live coverage running in background for 3+ hours. Tingles, veritable tingles 4-up vids with double sonic boom Falcon rocket reentry from space with double sonic [...]