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The whole, you know, shower thing

We’ll start with Nick Offerman’s Shower Thoughts, because … Offerman. (What? Have you even looked at my avatar?) ~ vid ~Perhaps you have your own Shower Thoughts to contribute. Next, we’ll explore one Muslim cleric’s, uhm, view of showers. (What? Wellp, I suppose it’ll make their video dating experience a whole lot more fun unnecessary.) [...]

Document 9 from Outer Space

Those commie bastards ! An op-ed posted in China’s Communist Party news outlet lambasted “elitist” dog ownership, comparing canine defecation to “land mines” and calling dogs a stain on “social peace and harmony.” The author described the glory days of “Mao’s cultural revolution,” in which upwards of 50 million died in an effort to create [...]

Sooooo …

How’s your day goin’? Anything you’d care to share, confess to, or warn us about?

uhm …

~ story ~ Update: I apologize for posting another picture of somebody holding up a piece of paper (see: post below). GMTA Update: more (this time, FedEx)

an ex … Robin

Alas, I’ll miss this sort of thing (caution: language) ~ vid ~_______ Title cultural ref (@2m:45s) (Well, I think he’d’ve appreciated it.) Update: another good Robin Williams vid with the troops

Your regularly scheduled … We . are . allll . gonna . die !

Tomorrow, Sunday. Or next month … for sure. The SUPERMOON will light up the sky in a beautiful spectacle on Sunday but may also act as a catalyst to Earth’s terrifying and dramatic conclusion, according to ancient legend. … It occurs when the moon’s path of orbit leads it to sweep dangerously close to Earth [...]

tunnel vision

Where’s Doug been the last couple’a days? Glad you asked. Took a sabbatical up along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Thought you might like a souvenir. Here’s 9 min of just tunnnelllllls ! You’re welcome. ~ vid ~ doesn’t seem to want to embed (What? Uhm, dunno, I didn’t keep count.) Show us your Dragon: Part-1 [...]

Hmmm …

Yeah, robot slaaaves sent by beings from another planet to reconnoiter for future invasion and colonization More to think about Any others?

Your slow Sunday afternoon’s Doug is a p-i-g, pig

Note: first wiseass to say “I’m undying, here, boss” will be … aw, never mind. __________ Cultural ref-1 NTTAWWT (Well, unless you’re Muslim, of course. NTTAWWT) Cultural ref-2 (added for those who haven’t seen every episode of Game of Thrones at least twice)

But enough about me …

… Let’s talk about you. What do you think of me? Monday’s almost here. You guys remembered, right? … Right?

Your daily cringe

Yayyyy, atmosphere! Ooo-rah! Well, okay, except for deadly storms and stuff. Yep, style and feeeelings trump substance and actual, you know, information. After all, the libretto is settled.© (What? Well, I assume she’s some kind’a expert. I mean, she was allowed to testify, right?) Kind’a feel bad she didn’t get the applause she obviously expected; [...]

We must not allowww a particle-accelerator gap*

Gee, I wish we had one’a them massive particle accelerator machines.* Scientists at the Institute of High Energy Physics in Beijing, working with international collaborators, announced a plan to build a massive particle accelerator by 2028 — a 52-kilometer underground ring that would smash electrons and positrons together. The Chinese project could offer new means [...]

That was no jihadi …

… that was my wife. BEIRUT: Known for kidnapping, public stonings, lashings and executions, the Iraq and Al Sham (ISIS) is now expanding into tourism, taking jihadists on honeymoon and civilians to visit other parts of its “caliphate”. Running twice-weekly tours from Syria’s Raqa to Iraq’s Anbar, ISIS’s buses fly the group’s black flag and [...]

sorry this is late …

… but I was haningin’ out in the ol’ iHammock, yesterday, and dozed off. ~ KisP ref ~ July 22 [was] National Hammock Day. In terms of silly holidays that were likely made up by retailers, this is one I really can get behind. There is nothing like swaying on a hammock on a lazy [...]

No Redskins™! Pigskins™!

Muslim outrage in 3.. 2.. 1.. [T]he United States Trademark and Patent Office “granted registration of the [Hog Call] sensory mark to the Board of Trustees of the University of Arkansas.” Not the words, mind you; the sound. The sounds contained within the chant — Woooooooo, Pig! Sooie! Woooooooo, Pig! Sooie! Woooooooo, Pig! Sooie! Razorbacks! [...]

that reminds me of a story …

A man is sitting in a bar when a beautiful woman walks up and whispers in his ear, “I’ll do anything you want for fifty bucks.” He sets his drink down and starts going through his pockets. He pulls out a ten, two fives, a twenty, and ten ones, thrusts the money into the woman’s [...]

your afternoon euphemism update

FtK!™* Fadoodle the King! ______ * KisP ref

some of you …

… are all. gonna. diiieee ! ~ story ~ (What? Nah, I’m in the NC blue zone. I’m gonna die of something else … which doesn’t count.)

stuff that’s hard to do

Good news, everyone! [The United Arab Emirates] announced plans Wednesday to send the first unmanned Arab spaceship to Mars in 2021. The ruler of the UAE’s emirate of Dubai … said the mission will prove the Arab world is still capable of delivering scientific contributions to humanity, despite the many conflicts across the Middle East. [...]

it’s just not, you know, journalism journalism

Haven’t posted much, lately, so I’ll just toss this one out for your evening’s entertainment: The 5 Most Dangerous Guns in America These are the firearms causing the most harm… [W]e determined the types of guns most often recovered from crime scenes and/or used in murders. [story] Okay, look, I’m gonna save you a lot [...]