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stuff that’s hard to do

Cometology* The Rosetta mission has successfully landed a probe on a comet … in a historic first for space exploration. … The Rosetta mission blasted off from French Guiana in March 2004 and has travelled more than four billion miles to reach its target. … It is believed that comets which formed over four billion [...]

your slow-weekend art-physics post

A complex system operating under well-understood deterministic laws. You know, unpredictable chaos that ends up just as your brain expects anyway. ~ vid ~ Yeah, Nature is still trying to kill us 24/7, but sometimes it’s really cool to watch. In this case, calculating a predicted outcome would be really, really hard (but not impossible, [...]

more stuff that’s hard to do

My God, it’s full of stars! ~ story / vid ~ File this post under self-indulgence: Reckon I have kind of a soft spot for sounding rockets. They were my first nudge, back around ’67/’68, towards skipping all that airplane stuff and goin’ for an engineering specialty that went even further up. [shuffles through carton [...]

Movember’s here

(see: avatar below) From its humble beginnings in an Australian bar, Movember has grown to a worldwide movement. [more] Oh, and as for you ladies … It’s still okay for you to shave and cream and tweeze and tear-off … so, uh, please do. Pretty please?

meanwhile, back out my way …

Fulk vs Bates The chairwoman of the Stokes County [NC] Democratic Party told King police that the man she is accused of assaulting Tuesday had argued with her and called her a profane name and a liar before she kicked him in the groin and threw herbal tea on him …. [*bwahahaha*] Now, that there’s [...]

stuff that’s hard to do (update)

If you’re interested in the technical issues behind Virgin Galactic’s Spaceship-Two disaster the other day, go read this article. It’s not too technical, but it discusses some interesting basics. It’ll be a while before we know what went wrong, so this’ll have to do for now. (What? No, I know nothing about hybrid rockets. My [...]

stuff that’s hard to do (cont’d cont’d)

Atlas-V / Centaur / GPS launch yesterday ~ vid ~Yeah, now that’s how it’s s’post‘a work. Reckon ‘em new Russian engines are better’n ‘em old Soviet-era ones. Now, wait for confirmation of a good orbit, then it’s off for some pizza an’ beer. (What? Well, because it’s nice to think folks might better appreciate all [...]

stuff that’s hard to do (cont’d)

Ouch! Looks like this is gonna require some rocket surgery. ~ vid ~ Tuesday, NASA attempted the launch of the Antares rocket in Wallops Island, VA. It ended with a massive explosion. The rocket was an unmanned supply ship bound for the International Space Station and reportedly no one on the ground was injured. [story [...]

We. are. allll. gonna. die ! (again)

Today So, it’s too late to do anything but KYAG. An asteroid, only discovered on Saturday, will be passing uncomfortably close to Earth on Monday, Oct. 27, as reported in an article published by Science 2.0 on Oct. 26. The asteroid, designated as 2014 UF56 by NASA, is about the size of a small house [...]

I knew it!

They’re all paste-eaters ~ story ~ Now, now, I’m sure there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation. It’s just that paste-eating or glue-sniffing might be that explanation.