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It’s Talk Like a Pirate Day, again … mateys

Lesson #1 (Silver) Lesson #2 (Sea Hawk) Lesson #3 (Blood) Lesson #4 (pirate-English class film clip) Yeah, there arrre more, but I don’t speak Somali. _______ See also: Jean Laffite whose fleet was evidently larger than the US Navy’s in his heyday; and, no, I don’t know what he sounded like.

Oh, now who hasn’t wanted to do this?

[A]n angry mob in Ukraine frog-marched a politician out of the building – and threw him into a rubbish bin. [story] ~ vid ~ Better’n throwin’ a shoe at ‘em, if y’ask me. (What? Well, okay, throwin’ a politician into a trash bin iiis kind’a like throwin’ Br’er Rabbit into a briar patch.) Not to [...]

We … are. all. gonna. dieeeee (again)

Nature: trying to kill us 24/7 (What? Yeah, I mayyy have mentioned that before.) The sun has been regurgitating a lot of solar flares these days, and now, a couple will be knocking at Earth’s door this weekend. The originator of these flares is a particularly complex sunspot called AR2518, which is currently facing our [...]

From the We’re all gonna dieee ! files

This just in from the Institute for Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff * Stephen Hawking has recently warned that the God particle or Higgs boson has the potential to obliterate the universe. The 72-year-old cosmologist said Higgs boson could become unstable at very high energy levels, which would lead to a “catastrophic vacuum decay” causing [...]

Lunatic update

Wellp, looks like the Gravity is still turned on out there. The full Harvest Moon will light up the night sky on Monday (Sept. 8), and this year it comes with an extra bounty. September’s full moon will cap a trio of back-to-back “supermoons” for the Northern Hemisphere summer, according to NASA. The moon will [...]

You are here

Of course, it would help to know where “here” is ~ story & vid ~ Actually, I’m not really sure that this map helps tell us where “here” is. On the other hand, now we know more than any ancient philosopher ever imagined about where “there” is. After all, every star you can see with [...]

Cute blonde girls have that effect on guys

Belief in the existence of nice guys restored Your browser does not support iframes. ~ vid ~ (What? Yeah, reckon he won’t ever have trouble getting a date for the prom.)

slow-news-weekend news

What follows is a tribute to some really, really bad taste in mascots. Their mistake was in not calling themselves “Saracens.” I looove the word “Saracen,” itself, for the delicious sound of it. Saracen. Sa-ra-cen. Saaa-raaa-cennn. (What? Yeah, easily entertained. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to the iHammock to finish my morning surfing [...]

tonight’s racist joke

Stinky is now a race Le pewww in black & white If you’re familiar with national stereotypes, you may think the French are a non-showering, non-armpit-shaving, overall pungent people. Mais non. As it turns out, the French do have olfactory standards, as demonstrated by a case, reported by the Local, in which an impoverished family [...]

The whole, you know, shower thing

We’ll start with Nick Offerman’s Shower Thoughts, because … Offerman. (What? Have you even looked at my avatar?) ~ vid ~Perhaps you have your own Shower Thoughts to contribute. Next, we’ll explore one Muslim cleric’s, uhm, view of showers. (What? Wellp, I suppose it’ll make their video dating experience a whole lot more fun unnecessary.) [...]