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Happy Hanukkah, y’all

fun with Kim

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Today, we remember Pearl Harbor…

…and Missy’s Birthday!

your afternoon spew alert

Go visit ________ stolen from Holger *heheeee*

words, words… words

Today, in duplicitous putzery Obama: We need to elect more women because "men seem to be having problems" — The Hill (@thehill) December 4, 2017 …said the man who fought and beat the woman for the presidential nomination. Time for a new one archives_________ Cultural ref

unclear on the concept

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you gnu’s weak Ivanka Trump plagiarizes one of her own speeches in India — Newsweek (@Newsweek) November 30, 2017 I… uhm… uh… (crap!) No words. Perhaps Inigo Montoya can help. (What? *heh* Yeah, gotta admit that’s one of the funniest *d’oh*s I’ve heard in a while.)

Eastwooding Nancy & Chucky

~ story ~ historical ref ~ Yayyy! Picked up by Pookie’s Toons Say what you will about substance or style; you underestimate this guy at your peril.

stuff that’s hard to do (this-won’t-end-well edition)

“Mad” Mike Hughes, limousine driver and self-proclaimed flat-Earther, announced that he had to delay his plan to launch himself 1,800 feet high in a rocket of his own making. The launch, which he has billed as a crucial first step toward ultimately photographing our disc-world from space, had been scheduled for Saturday — before the [...]


The press has been knocked so off-message that they’ve started a pie fight. On the plus side, at least they’re now asking for evidence.pitiiful Then it goes downhill.

Gorilla Guru (flying home after Thanksgiving)