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self-identity is a tricky thing to describe

When Ted Cruz answered questions about pop culture for a recent edition of The New York Times Magazine, he made some assertions about sci-fi classic “Star Trek.” Cruz claimed an affinity for the iconic character Captain James Kirk. He also had some ideas about his political affiliations: “Kirk is a passionate fighter for justice,” he [...]

the new class warfare

“It’s important we have– to conduct the presidency, it has to be done in a dignified way, with a level of class,” he said. “I don’t think the way he’s behaved over the last few weeks is either dignified or worthy of office he seeks.” “We already have a president now that has no class” [...]

submitted for your entertainment

The inevitable result of any anti-offensivity offensive is that it brings out the worst brats. [I'm torn between using the term "brownskirts" or "brat worsts."] This particular episode is like arguing about who the real Martian is. The organizers of Free Pride Glasgow … have hit a snag in their mission to plan a totally [...]

meanwhile, in Best Korea

Man, them there’re some impressive turnout numbers*, Roy. North Korea held elections on Sunday with a 99.97 percent turnout with voters “singing and dancing” at polling stations, according to Pyongyang’s state-controlled media. … The voter turnout was identical to the 2011 elections, which also reportedly drew a 99.97 percent voter participation rate …. North Korea [...]

It’s hard to find …

… a girl of that… caliber.* Okay, it’s KisP’s roll-your-own-joke/pun** time again: • Shotgun wedding • 21st-Anniversary gifts*** • A primer on wedding traditions • Emphasizing the “until death do us part” part • A primer dimple signifies pre-marital hanky-panky, not a first marriage, or self-abuse • Noting that real marriage is between different head [...]

Betcha can’t say “Donald Trump” 239 times fast

Looks like somebody’s in somebody’s head ~ vid ~ Media politics isn’t even about politics, anymore. It’s about people who just like to hear themselves say, “Me, too!” over and over. ___________ It may actually be 240, but who’s counting? Aaaand as long as we’re not counting, let’s not count the number of stars in [...]

afternoon perspective

Trigger Warning: Vertigo Go ahead, enjoy the view. You’ve already paid for your ticket. Note: this is real imagery, not CGI. Full-screen is highly recommended; and audio-off works well, too. ~ vid ~ (What? No, dunno why one would need mind-altering drugs, when one has nature.)

Happy Canada Day !

____________ Previously (if you want the cupcakes joke explained)

Gettin’ in the mood for the 4th

Yep, reckon it’s about as ‘Merican as you can get. ~ vid ~ Play ball ! (What? Uh, no, dunno how he can with ear protection on.)

stuff that’s hard to do (cont’d)

SpaceX CRS-7 (ISS resupply, unmanned) launched just a few minutes ago Everything was goin’ juuust fine until it blowed up about 2-1/4 min after liftoff (after max-Q* and before Stage-1 engines cut off**) ~ vid (FF to about 3min) ~ To this old rocket*** engineer, it looks like something happened up by the second stage. [...]