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Meanwhile, in Russkyville…

~ vid ~ Kind’a lame, innit, guys? But, hey, thanks anyway; it’s the thought that counts. Now… do Putin. (What? Yeah, Femen does it wayyy better. Pass the popcorn, please.) Also lame… Also in Russia

I, uh… I meant to do that

A man was injured Tuesday night while attempting to start a fire outside the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. … The man suffered minor burns and was taken to a hospital for treatment …. The man … said he tried to set himself on fire “as an act of protest” …. [story] Don’t have [...]


Aww-kwarrrd ~ vid ~ Even Ragnar felt that one Just… just go, Josh. Be of good cheer, son, History will forget all about you.

Left-wing preppers?

I’m sure there’s a very innocent explanation for this A walker in Washington came across two guns in a violin case along the Potomac River on Wednesday, leading police to find several other weapons stashed in the area, officials said. U.S. Park Police said a woman walking in the woods near … the river, found [...]

still two or three days left…

…but I’m already runnin’ short of popcorn (What? Well, I don’t wanna go down to the store, ’cause I might miss somethin’.)

stuff that’s hard to do (post-blowup episode)

SpaceX Falcon9 launch and stage-1 landing just a while ago (Go full-screen at 5:45 and imagine your head sticking out over the upper rim of stage-1 while you’re plummeting back to Earth (if it were in 3-D, I’d prob’ly puke) ~ vid ~ (What? Well, I got a real kick out of it; ’cause this [...]

…and then a hockey game broke out

Meanwhile, in the Turkish parliament (Melcis)… Yeah, same-o; but watch this while listening to the Speaker as if he were a soccer announcer. ~ story ~ Goooooooal ! Well, I think that’s what the gavel means. Might just be a yellow card, though. (What? Yeah, some sore-loser, I-deserve-more-votes-than-you Democrats will prob’ly do this, too, soon.)

Robert Culp tries to stop Trump’s wall

*heheeeee* Trump is a con man tryin’ to sell a town on the need for a defensive wall. Heck, it’s even got SMODs! Via PJ Media

Best opening sentence of the year, so far

Sometimes, a journalist shows that they really know their craft. I mean, how can you not read a story that begins like this? A left wing Dutch vegan who has lived in Switzerland since she was a child has been denied a Swiss passport because locals in her adoptive town find her too annoying. [story] [...]

virtue signaling of the worst kind

~ story ~ This nonsense really, really makes me wanna spit. Rather than opt for freedom and support of upward mobility (economic, social, moral, cultural, etc.) of the less-”privileged,” these jackasses fall back on the old ways of the lash and the manacle. Their objective is to crush true progress, freedom, and self-fulfillment and to [...]