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stuff that’s hard to do (another 10)

Falcon 9 sticks another landing (good 9-min vid & commentary) ~ vid ~After all, this is the 21stC.

totally piling-on… totally

Again, this is just a comment on Missy’s post below, but I wanted to make the suggestion to the world that we start callin’ these confused people Taints™. (What? And hopin’ that somebody (e.g. Pookie’s Toons) will re-post the graphic? Totally.) Tetzman’s comment It amuses me to consider that here’s a guy whose claim to [...]

RUR or RU ain’t my baby?

Oooh, nice cans! As the sale and use of lifelike sex robots that allow people to simulate rape continues to gain steam, one famed law professor is sounding the alarm. [The prof] says experts disagree on the consequences of allowing people to engage in mock acts of rape with humanoid dolls, and lawmakers should vet [...]


An ass. professor A Vanderbilt University [nutty] professor argues that the field of mathematics is too “masculinized,” which hurts women’s ability to compete in the field against men. “Mathematics has been documented as a power-laden and masculinized academic domain,” Professor Luis A. Leyva, Assistant Professor [designated propagandist] of Mathematics Education [brainwashing] at Vanderbilt University wrote [...]

Hillary makes it too easy

Hillary has a new book coming out titled “What Happened,” and the usual suspects are having a ball with it. Here’s my entry, based on the reported actual cover (the PhotoShop was almost toooo easy) Ooh! Ooh! Wait, I got it! Perhaps you have an idea or two, … too. _________ Second-pic cultural ref Okay, [...]

slow-weekend advice and opn thread

~ source: theChive ~ Just remindin’ folks that we’ll be happy to fix an error in your comments, if you ask in a following comment, then we’ll delete the please-fix-it one (think of it as having an understanding English teacher or boss); otherwise, we’ll just interpret it as patois or a really clever observation or [...]

your afternoon transitional

In this case, he/she/it was transitioning from ISIS fighter to fleeing transvestite. Evidently he hadn’t seen any actual wimmin with their faces uncovered and had always been told, “Women don’t need to shave.” What gave me away? It was the redundant beauty mark, wasn’t it? Let this be a reminder to us all to be [...]

slow-Friday prediction

Yeah, I know O.J. won’t get out’a the clink for a couple’a months, yet; but I’m gonna go out on a limb and make a prediction about what the media coverage will look like on the day he does. It’ll look like pretty much like this ~ vid ~ About time, too. After all, he [...]

your afternoon schadenfreude

We can still make fun of robots, right? I mean, can’t be accused of automatonophobia or sumpthin’. If this kind of thing helps you feel that humans are still superior to robots… …then you haven’t been payin’ attention more (What? Well, yeah, okay… or you haaave been payin’ attention around water features) OldFert

Oh, now who didn’t see this comin’?

For example