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stuff that’s hard to do (Electron from NZ)

Attaboysngirls* Show those $$$legacy launchers what you can do. The more players, the merrier. Go full-screen and stick around for staging and fairing-sep. Go back to the beginning for the full marketing pitch._____ Story * Don’t get me started on including the “others.” I’m so old-school, you’re lucky I included the girls. :)

WH whack-a-mole

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news anctor

And like that, *poof* he’s gone… Well, his WH press pass is, anyway. Get well soon, Ms Assoc-Justice. We’ll wait. Grow up, Acosta. Nobody likes a rude, preachy, arrogant, insufferably narcissistic brat. (What? Well, if you pay me by the word, I’ll keep goin’.) PS: Iowahawk wins _____ Story-1 (Acosta) Story-2 (Ginsburg) Cultural ref (And [...]

Sunday fantasy opportunity

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another set-back

You are worfwess, Arec Barrwin…

…and my stock in you has farren Said to be looking forward to hitting people and insulting his daughter. Me, I’m looking forward to the skit where Trump plays Arec Barrwin playin’ Trump, or have they already done that? (What? Yeah, y’right, Baldwin does have funny hair) _____ Story-1 Story-2 Cultural ref-1 (Team America, Barrwin [...]

Let’s go live to…

Ah, the hazards of live TV ‘Tis a font for some delightful schadenfreude (What? Nah, it’s not important, it’s just human-error-quality funnier’n snot… my favorite kind of funny) _____ Story Cultural ref New template title ref Archives (What? Nah, I did that butt joke nine years ago) _____ Joke source (if you think I’m gonna [...]

stuff that’s hard to do (Soyuz failure report)

Simulation Reality Interesting that the escape tower is jettisoned just before the first stage engines shut down and separate. Also interesting that this is the second case of workmanship/sabotage problems within a couple of months. _____ Previously, on KisP Note: having been on three major-failure investigation boards back in the day (Titan-III boosted satellites), I [...]


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How conveeenient

It’s not that I believe the Saudis. It’s that I don’t trust Erdogan_____ Story Archives