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The Fourth is here! The Fourth is here!

Today’s history lesson [sips coffee] [Hits PLAY] Kripes! The Brits’re still on about the whole tea thing

We all know how this ends

Men with beards are racist _____ Bear pic (via The Chive) Story (Schiff) Story (Maxwell) Painting (via Ace of Spades, as usual)

More this ‘n that

from this ol’ half-Can using a 6-yo inside joke _____ Story (Horse’s ass)

stuff that’s hard to do (Falcon9 GPS)

A little 21st-Century pick-me-up for optimists (good vid full-screen) Why ‘optimists’? Because physics, engineering, program management, production, inter-organizational cooperation, planning, etc. are exercises in optimism; and humans can accomplish wonderful things, as long as they’re free and dealing with reality.

Sunday funnies

_____ Vid (People don’t really need to know what you think is funny!) Cultural ref (Col Doug Mortimer, For a Few Dollars More. See: avatar) Note: smokin’ a seegar butt in that exact pipe model, right now

Happy Fathers Day

_____1st painting via Ace of Spades, as usual (15-sec rule: Come up with a couple/few caption ideas within 15 sec, choose one, and edit it within a minute. Otherwise, skip it. As with crosswords, I use this as a self compos mentis test) 2nd painting via Ace of Spades, as usual

Of statues of slave-drivers and Seattle

Drove from NC to Seattle, in part, to do that _____ Inspiration for second entry (*snick*)SondraK

Games without bleachers full of fans

Just an old cultural flashback that fits the situation

Flag Day

Happy 243rd, Old Glory My favorite first-flag illustration Also, Happy 245th, US Army (What? Oh, yeah. You too, Mr Trump)

stuff that’s hard to do (Twofer! Electron & Falcon 9)

Electron (NASA & NRO payloads) Cool fairing sep Hours later, Falcon 9 (Starlink + Skysat ride-shares) Awesome Stg-1 dawn landing Skysat deployments No vid of Starlink deployments, but they were successfulFairing sep from last week, I think. View from the fairing! Watch a Stg-2 rocket away in space