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Monolith? What monolith? You seed a durn monolith, Caleb? Sorry, stranger

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What’s the deductible on something like that?

Stuff that’s hard to do (Falcon 9, Starlink)

100th Falcon 9 launch 61st booster recovery 7th launch/landing of this booster Goal of reusability is 10 times Link to routine coverage which you’ve seen before, like, you know, three days ago BONUS: If you’ve ever wondered what it looks like when the 60 Starlink satellites deploy from Stg2 and each other, here’s a snazzy [...]

Stuff that’s hard to do (Falcon9 Sentinel-6 etc. Vandenberg AFB)

Always love to see me ol’ stompin’ grounds, SLC-4 at VAFB, put to good use Great video! Full-screen, dammit! If you didn’t clench during that landing drop…

400 Year Anniversary: Mayflower Compact

One should probably take this anniversary seriously, but I’m not in the mood. It’s enough to know that the Pilgrim settlers learned that collectivism/socialism doesn’t work before they all starved to deathThis is what it looked like _____ This is what it said This is what it meant (audio NSFW)

Too much MSNBC, I reckon

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Etymology question of the day

Okay: We all know what defenestration is, but there doesn’t seem to be a real word for what I would call enfenestration (What? Nah, not important, but when you have an itch…)

Brain bleach

This reminded me of this (Sorry if I jerked some of you whippersnappers out of your cultural comfort zone; but, as I’ve said, just entertainin’ myself, here)

Stuff that’s hard to do (Falcon9 CrewDragon to ISS)

Inside the Crew Dragon before reaching ISS Full-screen recommended Gravity can be harnessed, but you gotta do the math Back on planet Earth… Workers wayyy up on Starship nosecone *yikes* (repairing Starship SN8 at Boca Chica after anomalous hot-fire test) Live coverage of ISS docking (est. 11pm?) also here Docking complete ! It’s still possible [...]

Stuff that’s hard to do (Atlas-V Centaur, NRO)

Good onboard vid of triple-solids & payload fairing separations (full-screen recommended) ~ NRO propaganda bit ~ Yeah, I know… sounds like a NorK news presenter, but I have a soft spot for my old stomping grounds at the Old NRO (Who?)