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and genetics* Ahhh, the sciences USA! UAS! USA! …and better arms than Michelle’s An African-American nuclear chemist from Washington, DC, won the 2017 edition of Miss USA on Sunday night after telling the audience about her conservative political viewpoints. Kára McCullough, a 25-year-old nuclear chemist who works for the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, told the [...]

Resist we much, Nazi scum!

Oh, my stars, isn’t he just precious (caution: spew warning) ~ vid ~ There’s a whole industry of Dragonlord mockery on YouTube, but I won’t waste your time linking to ‘em. (What? Epic troll? Yeah, could/should be; but, hey, with AntiFa, it could be legit) Resistance is futile _________ Title cultural ref

French election bewbs

Also a slow-Sunday post; and, also also, I’m a straight guy Why, oh why can’t we have FEMEN, here, instead of the dagnab AntiFa zoo? (What? Dunno, but I suppose the anti-FEMEN squad are hand-picked volunteers.)

stuff that’s hard to do (but-seems-to-work edition)

Slow-Sunday post Yeah, cool, but what’s it do? You know… stuff. The Air Force’s X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle mission 4 landed at NASA ‘s Kennedy Space Center Shuttle Landing Facility [Sunday. The] X-37B program is the newest and most advanced re-entry spacecraft that performs risk reduction, experimentation and concept of operations development for reusable space [...]

May the fourth bewitch you

Totally frivolous-but-brilliant (not to mention ambitious*) fun on Star Wars Day ~ vid track-1 of 13 ~ (What? Yeah, I know I said that The Beatles ruined rock ‘n roll. They did; but this is, like, you know, a holiday!) __________ * Now, do The Ring Cycle in Beach Boys mode Learning weapon-handling safety from [...]

stuff that’s hard to do (message to Kim edition)

Awww, maaan, this is the best vid and commentary yet (Watch in full-screen, definitely) ~ vid / story ~ “Yeah, now that’s what I wanna see, you guys” — Kim (What? The NRO? I know nuth-thing, nuth-thing.) _________ Previously on KisP A little motivation for Kim. Really good close-up landing views ~ vid ~

Through the miracle of the internet…

…we are able to witness 21stC civilization in all its glory Give the nice lady man person back her his its flag, son but wet it first ~ vid ~ Meanwhile, foreigners get into it at a sporting event with a reputation for fist-fights. It ain’t just a piece of cloth, you sick, commie tools. [...]

stuff that’s hard to do (a twofer)

Kim will not be pleased I mean, like, you know, at all ! “North Korea fired an unidentified missile … early this morning,” …. “It is estimated to have failed,” …. The missile reportedly exploded in the air just a few seconds after launch … the projectile was likely a newly developed intermediate-range ballistic missile [...]

slow, lazy weekend in the iHammock post

~ vid ~ Cute little girl sobbing, rescued puppy, happy ending. If that doesn’t getcha, I don’t wanna know ya.

Old Glory triggered

Even the flag can’t bear to hear her name ~ vid ~ It’s like, well, youuu knowww…