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weekend adorbs (Who talks like that?)

*snick* This sweet, adorable, 8yo actress is not only much cuter than the real #AlexandriaOcasioCortez but she’s also already much smarter too. I asked her to do this video because when #AOC is talking this is what we’re all thinking. We’re better off with this sweetheart in Congress. — SickenTirade (@SICKENLAW) April 18, 2019 [...]


Hope it was just an accident, not some people did something _____ Story-1 Story-2 Story-3 Not quite as sad, but still… Twin Towers This image got me in the gut Barry does his usual me me me thing

stuff that’s hard to do (Falcon Heavy nails a triple landing)

Today was a heckuva twofer!A launch is not very interesting, if you already know it was successful, so this time we’ll just concentrate on these nail-biting landings ☞ TADAAA! ☜Wave to the 21stC, boys and girls _____ Cultural ref (from 1954, back before they invented acting) Recovered the two fairing halves, too (wet). Not clear [...]

Stuff that’s hard to do (Beresheet)

Israel’s private venture makes a new crater on the Moon. Things were going well up until the last two-hundred meters. Missed it by thaaat much Hope we haven’t heard the last from this amazinng team. Main-engine and/or Inertial Measurement Unit failure at 14 KM altitude, evidently. Final telemetry at 150 meters altitude and 500 KM/hr. [...]

sale on black-hole viewing glasses

(What? Yeah, glazed) _____ Story Cultural ref

Today, in flat-Earth denialism

Yeah, still could be fake to support a conspiracy; but with the overwhelming presence of contrary data, a flat-Earther must unambiguously answer the obvious question: Why? Flat-Earth vids are almost as entertaining as free-energy vids, Russian dash-cam vids, and SJW vidsYou are here ☟ (What? Yeah, L1 would be a good place for an alien [...]

Ahhh, Sunday

Y’know how when you’re re-filling your inflatable spa, and since you’ve done it dozens of times before you know exactly how long it takes for the hose to fill it to the proper level, and you set your phone’s timer, and you get back to web surfing for quite a while, and you wonder how [...]

Evidently, Avenatti wasn’t available

_____ Story-1 (creepy slutty lawyer) Story-2 (throws two black guys under the bus) Story-3 (the stink)

stuff that’s hard to do (two out’a three)

Fail (OneSpace, Chinese private, vid) Success (India shoots-down satellite. Well, okay, not down.) Success (US salvo interceptors defeat ICBM warhead) Okay, two out’a four (Does this spacesuit make me look fat?) Sorry, couldn’t resist. I denounce myself.


Just noticed that the solstice/equinox dates are all around the 20th of the month, and Aphelion (ap-helion, not afelion) is the 4th of July. Who made up the dang calendar and the durn English language, anyway? (What? Nah, prob’ly not the same guy who made the 24hr and 60min/sec things. I know gravity did the [...]