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recuse thyself

The word you’re looking for is “refund” Related fun _____ Story

stuff that’s hard to do (pushin’ the envelope)

Falcon9 Heavy puts a shxtpofull’a satellites into three separate orbits on one launch (nifty vids on full-screen) • Side boosters entry burns through landings @32:10 (*gulp* on the engine start, then spectacular IR imagery until landing burn) • Center booster landing near drone ship @36:00 (won’t get their deposit back) • Satellite deployments are out [...]

They’re gonna need a better astrogator

Drop this into the huge “human error” file — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) June 23, 2019 (What? Yeah, pretty sure it’s a joke… or sabotage by a NASA budget warrior) _____ Extra credit for knowing the cultural ref for “astrogator”

Trump yanks their chains

Trump twits a Carpe Donktum vid — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 21, 2019 *hehee* The Usual Suspects™ are duly triggered, to which I append this old cultural ref: _____ Post (with fun comment vids) More by Carpe Donktum Time takes credit for original


Post deleted. Got snookered by a link to the Babylon Bee… again. (What? Yeah, I knowww I preach “Always follow the links,” but the story was too good to check [yeah, another giveaway], and I was gonna tie it in with Sandy’s “loophole” moment. In my defense, the BB’s satirical world is way more realistic [...]

It’s Flag Day!

It’s also • The US Army’s Birthday • Donald Trump’s Birthday • Me ol’ Dad’s Birthday Anybody else?

stuff that’s hard to do (Falcon 9 from Wind&fog AFB)

Ahhh, a launch in the fog. Now that‘s what I remember*Cool shot of it rising through the fog just a few seconds after liftoff (full-screen, definitely) I’ll bet the folks in the blockhouse (almost 60-yrs old now) enjoy knowing that Stage-I was falling toward them aimed at a landing pad just a few-hundred yards away**.

Take the weekend off and smell the physics

Yeah, like you’re too grown-up and sophisticated [/MockingTone] to find this simple demo fun and fascinating. Show it to your grand-kids and say, “See? We old folks know about dangerous stuff.” Pendulum— Physics & Astronomy Zone (@ZonePhysics) June 8, 2019 The pendulum effect determines the period/frequency of each ball (a function of length and [...]

The day Melania stood still

Klaatu’s ship never looked so good_____ Cultural ref (landing, The Day the Earth Stood Still ’51)

Trump inspires stabbing in London

POP!! She popped the Baby Trump balloon in the UK. — The “Dirty” Truth ™ (@AKA_RealDirty) June 4, 2019