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Gravity waves hello

Ten-hut! General Relativity has entered the room Folks, this here detection of gravity waves is a no-sh*t, major-league moment for ‘em physicsist fellers (‘fit holds up). Okay, I know the link is to the NYfnT version of the story; but there’s a nifty video. It’s pretty basic (coctail-party-level physics), but if you know anything about [...]


Slow Superbowl Sunday post Pay close attention, now. There will be a test. ~ vid ~ Didja notice the stupid error right at the beginning? (Go back and watch it again, we’ll wait.) Never assume that your graphics weenies know anything about the subject matter that they’re illustrating. (What? Nah, haven’t seen an NFL game [...]

Good news, everyone!

~ vid ~ A recently retired Ohio police officer has been allowed to buy his K-9 partner for $1. Officials in Marietta had created a social-media stir when they said Matt Hickey’s police dog, Ajax, had to be sold at auction because it was city property and could still work. Hickey and Ajax worked together [...]

rolled on the sweaty thighs of Cuban virgins

…or not ~ vid ~ Cuban, but no thigh ~ vid ~ Thigh, but not Cuban (virginity unknown) ~ vid ~ (What? Well, while eating lunch I watched a bunch’a vids about cigar making, so I thought I’d share.)

Cop walks into a bar…

Hey, it’s a slow Sunday A police community support officer was mistaken for a stripogram when he accidentally stumbled in on a 50th birthday party in Wiltshire [UK]. PCSO Mike Ober was on foot patrol in Bradford-on-Avon on Saturday when he spotted an open door at a social club. Going in to investigate, he was [...]

Phase 1: Gather Kangaroo

Phase 2: ? Phase 3: A Melbourne teenager discussed painting a kangaroo with the Islamic State group’s symbol, packing it with explosives and letting it loose on police as part of an alleged terror plot on Anzac Day …. [story] Plus two points for originality, minus ten points for bein’ an unmitigated jackass. _________ Cultural [...]

stuff that’s hard to do (repeated)

Re-usability of VTOL rockets into space: QED ~ vid / story ~ Even though this isn’t in the same produce department bin with SpaceX’s Falcon9, it’s definitely a spectacular first; and it certainly is wayyyy cool ! [clumsy nerd high-fives all around] Might as well toss this in from the other day (Yeah, yeah, I [...]

Planet Nine from Outer Space

Not Pluto?* Alas, how soon we forget. On Jan. 20, 2016, scientists announced the discovery of what could be a giant planet in the Kuiper Belt at the outer edge of our solar system. Nicknamed “Planet Nine,” the world is a behemoth – about 10 times the mass of the Earth. It would take the [...]

stuff that’s hard to do (again)

SpaceX will try to land its Falcon9 first-stage on the barge (200mi west of San Diego), Sunday after lunch, this time from the West Coast, Vandenberg AFB, SLC-4*. Launch profile graphic Window: Sunday 1:42pm-3:00pm EST (10:42am-noon PST), fallback date Monday Weather Forecast: clear, light winds (Yeah, I knowww, at Vandenberg?!) SpaceX webcast (starts T-30min) NASA [...]

today’s tacky slang word of the day

twatwaffle (What? Dunno, sounds Germanic.)