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stuff that’s hard to do (3d launch/landing of this Stg-1 with private Israeli moon lander)

Stg-2 sep 20m30s Fairing sep 21m30s Stg-1 re-entry burn 24m15s Stg-1 landing burn 26m25s Payload-1 sep 51m15s (mostly hidden) Payload-2 1h01m30s_____ Story (Moon-lander) Also, Japan’s spacecraft, Hayabusa-2, touched down on asteroid Ryugu to take a sample for return to Earth jlw comment

Good, but ultimately of no use

Karl Marx’s grave defaced for second time in a fortnight Had me a more useful ideer for Lenin a few years ago

Yet, HIillary slithers around free…

…and her crimes were on the same danged computer_____ Story

stuff that’s hard to do (Opportunity’s journey ends)

Fourteen years duty on a 90-day mission. Not bad. Not bad at all._____ Story & pics My batteries are low, and it’s getting dark. *sniff* Someday, this will probably happen to a human, too. (my favorite) _____ Cultural ref

stuff that’s hard to do (Iran, strike two)

No, I’m not laughing. They’ll eventually succeed, and a satellite booster ain’t all that different from an ICBM. Long-range nuclear capability + suicidal death cult = [implications left to the reader] I remember Sputnik shock — duck-and-cover film clips in elementary school and more civil-defense PSAs on TV. _____ Story-1 (Tuesday’s failure) Story-2 (last-month’s failure)

licensing loophole

Nah, nothing significant, just a pet-shop joke. It’s what you get when I’m surfing, and a bad joke occurs to me.


Should someone propose a 70% tax on the Patriots so that NFL competition is more fair and equal? Asking for a friend. — Dan Crenshaw (@DanCrenshawTX) February 4, 2019 The average NFL salary is $2.1 million, so most players would never experience a 70% rate. The owners who refuse to hire Kaepernick would, though. [...]

Here you go, bum1 bum2 bum3 bum4 bum5 bum6 bum7 … bum54

(video)_____ Picked up by Pookie’s Toons Mister Sandmann…two…three…four…bring on some suuuitsAvoiding the Superbowl while waiting for the raccoons, ‘possums, and fox to show up for a nosh and remembering when music was made for adults. Still, not gonna count the *bum*s in the song, but it’s wayyy over the 54 bums in the lawsuits. (What? [...]

Never take the knee to another adult human being…

…unless you’re rendering assistance Picture freedom like never before. Jeep® Big Game Blitz brings you The National Anthem in a word-by-word visual score performed by @OneRepublic — Jeep (@Jeep) January 31, 2019 I haven’t watched a pro football game in forty years, so you’re on your own Sunday. In any case, good luck to [...]

Two PhDs walk into a bar…

This idea goes way back to the beginning of the Large Hadron Collider. We’re still here, and so are the nerd jokes. _____ Story (particle accelerator black-hole catastrophe) Physics ref (Fermi Paradox) Archives