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Pound sand, ounces

Euro-sophistication is fine, in Europe _____ Story

Stuff that’s inspirational to do (Falcon9 Inspiration4 all-civilian crew)

On a used rocket, no less The viewing dome (cupola) ~ Live View ~ Landing Stg1 smack in the center of that drone ship reminds me of this, which reminds me of this or, as our aerial bombardment comrades say, “Shack!”

Stuff that’s hard to do (Falcon9 Starlink, Vandenberg SFB)

Routine operation; but it was launched from SLC-4, my old stomping ground back in the day, so it tickles me, even if nobody else cares And, yes, that’s normal WX for ol’ South Windandfog SFB (Heeeere ya go, mech)Here’s a site that’ll give you an idea of what’s launching when, where, what it looks like, [...]

Old-school humor

I’m bored with PC/woke humor, so let’s pull woke’s chain a bit _____ Story

Stuff that’s hard to do (Firefly Alpha’s first attempt)

A little rocket-engineering/ops prOn, this evening, since it went the way of most first attempts to orbit New guys trying to reach orbit reminds me of back in the day. This was launched from SLC-2W, originally a Delta facilityLaunch & Ascent Close-Up View Terminated, i.e. Destructed, i.e. Blowed-Up by Range Safety Thought I heard ‘abort’ [...]

Nice return of serve, Elon

Russian slanders Musk, and Musk replies with a mike drop Another nice return (go full-screen for the Maj Kong view)

Biggus Dickus

CAUTION: Spew Alert (What? Nope, didn’t hear from Ilene’s brother, Ben)

unmeatless Tuesday

_____ Memes (theChive)

Nature isn’t evil, she just doesn’t care

Hope all y’all Louisiana and Mississipi KisPers are okay, even though y’might not have power for a few weeks to be able to read this ~ story ~ You were warned (*heheeee* “Press 1 for English”)

Stuff that’s hard to do (Falcon9 CRS, cargo resupply ISS)

Zero dark thirty Sunday morning in FloridaAhhh, routine Rocket folks like routine (not like the Astra launch in Alaska yesterday below) Space is hard (for those of you who tune-in for the disasters) Dragon docking w/ISS [delivery guy throws parcel over fence onto porch]