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Make me a sandwitch

Poof! You’re a sand witch.Where’d you learn how to spell? A Spell to Bind Donald Trump and All Those Who Abet Him (version 2.0) To be performed at midnight on every waning crescent moon until he is removed from office. The first ritual takes place Friday evening, February 24th, at the stroke of midnight. This [...]

stuff that’s hard to do (just another landing)

Well, it is the 21st Century (on-board vid lags external real-time vid by a few seconds) ~ vid ~ story ~ Cooler landing vid ~ vid ~

stuff that’s hard to do (India edition)

Who wants to see 104 satellites launched on one booster? “I do! I do!” is the proper response. ~ vid ~ ~ background story ~ Since India can pull-off this kind of thing, mebbe I’ll give “William” a bit more credibility next time I call tech support. Also: When they get to spittin’ out ‘em [...]

Phase 3 Phase 5: President Clinton

{insert favorite face-palm image here} Juuust kidding I mean, how dumb do you think she is? Yes, the comments are real, and they’re spectacular. Straightforward from here: 1. Kohn has one too many 2. Kohn writes something stupid that sounds brave and clever that her prog/lib followers will like 3. Expecting high-fives, Kohn posts that [...]

Happy Valentine’s Day

to all you who self-identify as KisPettes (void where prohibited by fatwa) (What? Yeah, same card every year. I’m such a traditionalist when it comes to romance.) Okay, so maybe it’s funnier in Gaza.

The entertainment industry entertains

Some by insulting half their customer base, others by raising the bar for trolls to a new level. I have no idea who Joy Villa is. Heck, I have no idea who any of the Grammy people are. Never heard any of their songs, either. Never watched the Grammies, prob’ly never will (at least not [...]

Journalist shoots self in foot in mouth

I see being called ‘fake news’ as the equivalent of the N-word for journalists …. [story] Y’mean… Nazi ? Progs hoist on their own “fake news” petard. {insert guffaw here} I’m not even going to point out what an insult this is to people who have actually been called the N-word out of bigotry. Sure, [...]

nature lovers…

…face an unrequited love I’m pretty sure I’ve said this before: Nature is trying to kill you 24/7. Trouble is, Earth seems to be the safest place around. (What? Well, at least there aren’t any more dinosaurs to crush and eat us, so, uhm, yeah, “Thanks for that SMOD, anyway, Nature.” [pulls covers over head]) [...]

caffeination update

Fixed it for ya I take it black… like my coffee I’m not adventurous with food*. I stick with what I like, so don’t expect a gourmet review. Got my first delivery of Black Rifle Coffee Co yesterday** and ground/brewed a pot this morning, black. Outstanding! Smooth with no bitterness, perhaps a hint of sweetness [...]

stuff I want to be true

{insert cautions and disclaimers here} Sure, this may be nonsense, but it wouldn’t surprise me a bit. An overwhelming majority of violent “Antifascist” protesters still live with their mom, according to a new study. Research found that 92% of those suspected of violent crimes at Left-leaning demonstrations still share their home with their parents. The [...]