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We .. are allll gonna die (part umpteumpth)

Yes, it’s time for your slow-weekend’s end-of-the-word post CERN’s Large Hadron Collider hits 1-PeV* milestone with heavy ions (and re-ignites doomsday talk**) [story] My advice? Wear clean underwear. (What? Oy, it couldn’t hurt.***) _________ * peta (quadrillion) electron-volts ** Links to doomsday-saying and hand-wringing *** And it’s probably more useful than putting a bag over [...]

Ducka Ducka Ducka

The Internet at its best If I might make a suggestion. Title cultural ref

the Thanksgiving conversation you should have had

Progs: they’re made out of meat This .. this explains eeeverything ! ~ vid (6min) ~ (What? Well, which part of “I’m easily entertained” do you not understand?) _________ Previously on KisP via this list Note to future historians writing about the glory days of KisP: In an ongoing effort to hone my schtick, I’m [...]

for today we shop in Hell !

fun with Black Friday In the spirit of Davy Crockett, “You all can go to hell; I’m going to shop on-line.” (What? Nooope, reckon not all holiday traditions qualify as quaint, in my book.) ______ Title cultural ref

Happy Thanksgiving !

____________ Last-year’s history lesson still applies. As God is my witness …

stuff that’s really hard to do

Frikkin’ awesome ! ~ vid ~ This was a sub-orbital flight (Space-X is trying to do this with an orbital-flight booster), but geezus this is cool! Maaan, I wanna see the details of that control system* (mechanicals, sensors, processors, equations of motion, algorithms, poles/zeros plots, etc.). ____________ * My master’s-degree specialty back in ’75/76 (ancient [...]

Your semi-fortnightly slow Sunday evening post

Because US Navy ~ vid ~(What? Yeah, I did, too.) _________ Original ref Now here’s a *snick*pppppppp*bwahahahah* Sorry. Here’s a *snork*cough* [takes drink, dabs shirt front] *hehee* Okay, okay, okay … [takes deep breath, exhales] Here’s a terse commentary about etiquette when you “bring your behind” to a Trump rally. (What? No, dunno why I [...]

today, in phobias

Now this here’s a real phobia ~ story & vid ~ A phobia is an irrational fear leading to some kind of dysfunction. Loathing, itself, is not a phobia. It may be quite rational. Disliking spiders is not, in itself, arachnophobia; but being paralyzed by their presence and unable to exterminate them is arachnophobia. Now, [...]

Winter is coming

Actually, it’s already here, buuut that’s prob’ly not news to some of you. The first significant wintry storm of the season blanketed parts of the Midwest with a foot of snow and more was on the way Saturday, creating hazardous conditions as some travelers prepared to depart for the Thanksgiving holiday. While winter has not [...]

Experts have found a new horrible thing

A viral trend involving placing cucumbers behind cats has been deemed cruel and harmful behavior by some experts. [story with two compilation videos illustrating this horror] Evidently, humans can be almost as big’a jerks as cats are. Okay, now go to a campus “safe space” and place a cucumber behind a spoiled-brat snowflake undergrad. Go [...]