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Stuff That’s Hard to Do (Falcon9 Starlink)

Routine night launch, so no awesome views of Earth

Stuff That’s Hard to Do (Falcon9 KPLO SKorean lunar-orbiter)

Six launches today_____ This is a very cool but unusual mission (Caution: light nerd-level flight mechanics without 3 and 4-body-problem math) • Flight-path overview • Mission details

It’s baa-aack

The Beginning Live Wellp, looks like I’m back in 2021 mode, spending 1-2 hrs/day on-line watching Starbase and Iceland’s volcano. I really missed the volcano

Stuff That’s Hard to Do (Falcon9 Starlink)

Routine Falcon9 launch and landing with excellent vids and visibility on a lazy, kick-back Sunday

Stuff That’s Hard to Do (Falcon9 Starlink from Vandenberg SFB)

Routine with good vids of vehicle rising through the vandenfog, separation events, and on-board landing view Tracking cam footage from today’s Falcon 9 launch of Starlink — SpaceX (@SpaceX) July 22, 2022


True, I just tried it (Caution: spew warning) _____ SondraK Google Maps sabotaged it. We’ll see how this evolves.

Stuff That’s Hard to Do (Falcon9 Starlink)

Routine launch this morning

Stuff That’s Hard to Do (Falcon9 Dragon ISS Resupply)

Routine success with good vids Uninterrupted landing vid Special Interest: • T+2:30 Separation, Stg-1 flip maneuver and boost-back burn • T+5:30 As Stg-1 nears its entry burn, keep an occasional eye on the speed/altitude gauges (lower-left of screen). It speeds up due to gravity and low drag in the thin atmosphere at the edge of [...]

Writer’s Block

Sorry for the lack of posting, lately. Until the spirit moves me to satire rather than anger, here’s a quick fix (What? Nah, unlikely she was trying to say Bogardus. The Tin Star ’57, Neville Brand) _____ • Picked up by Pookie’s Toons

Stuff That’s Hard to Do (Falcon9 Starlink from Vandenberg SFB)

Successful mission with cool vid rising through the fog (Hey, it’s Vandenberg, Wind’n Fog AFB back in my day*) _____ * Launching in the fog was unsettling, if you were on the near-fallback recovery crew; ’cause as the rocket climbed and pitched downrange, the engines pointed toward you. It got really loud and sounded like [...]