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Stuff that’s hard to do (Starship prototype SN10 flies)

Here’s Scott Manley’s really helpful post-mission analysis (go full-screen) Watch for brown puffs in the exhaust and the different-color exhausts (blue vs yellow) on ascent. That’s all my uncalibrated eyeballs noticed until the flamey thing around the skirt during the landing burn. And so ends the official Space-X live coverage, tilted and still on fire [...]

Of Sammiches an’ Men

Big question of locked-down relationships: What’s the point of tellin’ ‘er t’ make ya a sammich, if it’s just gonna be disappointing or piss ya off? (Totally just an excuse to use that great pic) Okay, perhaps advice from an ol’ bachelor ain’t really worth a whole heckuva lot, but there ya go. You’re welcome [...]

Stuff that’s really hard to do (Perseverance onboard landing vid)

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Prepping is planning for the previous disaster

Today in “No, just no”

Spew Warning Story Normally, KisP isn’t merely a link aggregator. We strive to add comment, scope, humor, or perspective to internet stories; but nothing I can come up with, here, competes with this story’s own self-contained entertainment value

Stuff that’s Really Hard to Do

Hot off the pressPerseverance is now on freakin’ Marrrs, baby! Second photo, wheel lower-right Will post vids when available_____ Story


Feeling pretty bad for you folks suffering with freezing-cold power outages, but I suppose it could be worseNature’s a heartless b•tch, but it ain’t nuthin’ personal Most widespread global warming coverage since 2003 ‘Scuse me *puff* while I re-light my *puff* pipe and gaze out upon my wet deck free of ice and snow here [...]

Stuff that’s Hard to Do (Falcon9 Starlink-19, landing failed)

Watch for the abnormal rocket plume at Entry Burn Shutdown (T+6:50) and the short cloud-reflection flare off to the top-right in the landing shot (T+8:05). Short burn or impact kaboom?The primary mission succeeded There’s another launch scheduled for 12:55am Thurs morning, but they’ll probably postpone that until they know what caused this failure Dunno yet [...]

Today, in unfortunately customized internet advertising

Somebody’s algorithm needs a tweak (What? Yeah, wayyy too easily entertained)

Play it, Mav

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