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She’s doin’ the comedy thing, right now, right?

With progs, it’s sometimes hard to tell ~ story ~Whaddaya mean “we,” paleface? Then again, I don’t ever remember her actually sayin’ anything that could be classified as, you know… comedy. (What? No, comedy, satire, and jackassery are different but not mutually exclusive.)

Phase-I: Gather neutron stars

Phase-II (watch vid full-screen) Phase-III: Gold, platinum, uranium… (What? Well, it’s harder than with underpants, but the process is clearer, and the return is higher.) Yeah, this is kind of a big deal for astrophysicsists, astronomyists, cosmicticians, and us season-ticket-holding fans.

stuff that’s hard to do (and believe, evidently)

So simple, even a Canadian can explain it ~ vid ~ Proof? You want prooof? Here’s the ISS transiting the Sun during the eclipse (not done in a Disney studio). Also, I can assure you that I’ve personally seen a number of low-Earth-orbit satellites I launch-crewed on fly overhead in the night sky exactly as [...]

Psychology has a word for this…

…Projection Mental health professionals fulfill their ‘duty’ to warn country about Trump’s sanity, hold micro-march. [M]ore than a dozen chapters of “Duty to Warn” met to discuss President Donald Trump’s mental health and fitness to serve as president. Coverage on social media was thin, and by most accounts, things looked a bit stuffy as people [...]

stuff that’s hard to do (18th landing, re-used booster)

I won’t bore you with my love of this stuff, so I’ll just put up the basic links: Launch through cool fairing separation Landing (video loss makes it disappointing to watch) In the old days, that loss of signal would likely have meant a big bada-boom. Cultural aside: Note the difference between old sci-fi movies [...]

stuff that’s hard to do (night launch and landing)

Just-deployed string of Iridium satellites in the background — awesome! Full vid Launch Landing Multiple-satellite deployment (see: pic above) (What? Yeah, there’s routine, and then there’s 21st-C routine.)

Gorilla Guru (Columbus-Day weekend)

~ archives ~ (What? Yeah, I know, Koko. Just… just go with the joke, m’kay?) _________ New title: TN Volunteer

stuff that’s hard to do (but perhaps not impossible)

What’s Elon Musk up to, long-term? ~ vid ~Let’s get somebody besides gov’t employees up there to play and be awed. This is 2017, where’s my orbiting space hotel?! Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C Clarke did it. (What? Yeah, I know, but I wanna belieeeve!) _________ Note: My MS is in astro systems engineering, and [...]

Gorilla Guru (guest who)

~ archives ~*rimshot*

First Amendment and Boobs

Mine’s bigger ~ story ~ No points for originality, though (What? Yeah, wonder how hard it’ll be to topple.) __________ Cultural ref-1 (as if anyone needed it) Cultural ref-2 (for those who’ve never been to a drive-in) Title cultural ref (for those who actually had a life last week) I was remiss in not pointing [...]