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so, a guy walks into a cop joke

Your afternoon criminal mastermind Guy tries to hold up a donut shop just as the gendarmes walk in ~ vid ~ A.. do-nut.. shop. *badump*dum* (What? Nah, just wanted to feel superior to somebody, today; and watching stupid criminals always works.) ____ Yeah, I know the blurb said the cops were staked out; but just [...]

almost forgot …

Happy Australia Day! (among other things) (What? No, the one next to New Zealand, not the one next to Germany.) __________ Example of an Australian

awww geeeze

We’d prob’ly would’a been better-off, if he’d’a sent Biden. Optics (No translation needed.) ~ vid (repeats, just to rub it in) ~ If I didn’t know better, I’d say that he’s intentionally demeaning America’s dignity. On the other hand, he could walk at the same time, so there’s that. (What? Yeah, prob’ly stuck it under [...]

MLK Jr Day

Yeah, I’d add this to my list. Any other criteria? You know, like: • … but by the content of their “People my god says I should kill” list • … but by the content of their “People my dog* says I should kill” list • … but by the content of their Soros-funded bank [...]

stuff that’s hard to do (Falcon 9 landing attempt)

“Close but no cigar” for the attempt to recover Stage-1 by landing it vertically on a barge. This first attempt was always a long shot. Still, it’s encouraging. A commercial Dragon spaceship soared into orbit from Cape Canaveral on Saturday in pursuit of the International Space Station, but the automated craft’s Falcon 9 booster crash [...]

tonight’s don’t lose any sleep over this, but …

How do you talk continuously and non-repetitively for a minute without using the letter “a”? Feel free to not look at the comments while you figure it out. If you Jack Reacher fans know the answer and don’t want to spoil it, but want to make sure we know you know, just enter in your [...]

a very merry un birthday

January 8 is said to be [Kim Jong-un's] official birthday – though his exact age remains a closely-guarded secret* …. [wayyy more fun] If this isn’t a PhotoShop, it should be. The cigarette over a kid’s** flammable mattress and the humping plush toys cracked me up. (What? Yeah, powder-pink is a good color for him.) [...]

your afternoon tinfoil-hat fix

Pay close attention around 15sec ~ vid ~ Yep, that was the crashing-UFO’s escape pod. (What? No, I think the fact that the video was erased after 40sec is the really sinister part.)

Funny, you don’t smell Jewish

Geebusaichkripes! How much foot can one guy get into his mouth? Man, he just dissed half the World’s population and his main marketing demographic. He’s like a … a… like a Joe Biden or sumpthin’. Lorenzo Delpani, the Italian-born CEO of United States-based cosmetics company Revlon, allegedly believes Americans are “dirty” and “small-minded,” that “Jews [...]

Happy Newww …

Waaait forrr iiit … (not to scale) (kind’a wish I were on a beach near Rio or Sydney right about now) … YEARRRR ! (starting with those in time zones east of me when appropriate) Jump in when it’s your turn. Yayyyyyy! *toot*toot*toot*toot*toot* *wheeee!* *gasp*pant*wheeze* Okay, okay, okay … [looks around, self-frisks, finds nothing's changed] [...]