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Stuff That’s Hard to Do (Falcon9 Dragon cargo to ISS)

Another Beauty Cool vid just after Stg-1 separation Dragon Docks w/ISS B7 Static Fire Super-Heavy Booster at Boca Chica 11 of 33 engines fired for 13sec

Stuff That’s Hard to Do (SLS Artemis-1)

Artemis was launched safely into orbit at oh-dark-thirty on its maiden flight around the Moon. I’ll post a video as soon as a good one’s available It’s all live stuff right now and packed with yakety-yak, background, and NASA marketing Boost phase (disappointing video, hoping for better) Live mission tracking A still photo would suffice, [...]

Stuff That’s Hard to Do (Falcon9 Intelsat)

Nice vids and commentary but no Stg-1 landing (needs that landing propellant to get heavy payloads to a high geosynchronous altitude)

My Favorite Spectator Sport

Formula-1 at Interlagos, São Paulo, Brazil. Maiden pole position for the Haas team, driver Kevin Magnussen, and a Danish driver. Previous pole for an American-owned team was in 1975. Qualifying highlights On-board pole lap Congratulations to those plucky underdogs! The memes


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That Time of Year


LOL of the dayNo big political substance, here, just an observation that nature, deities, and/or karma may have reached some kind of tolerance limit and given us a sign, if you will; and this old skeptic is actually fine with that

Claiming Logic in an Irrational Argument

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Stuff That’s Hard to Do (Falcon9 Eutelsat Hotbird)

Yep, another Falcon9 launch/landing Rocket Lab’s Electron launched today, but did not do an in-air booster recovery as planned

Stuff That’s Hard to Do (Falcon Heavy)

Foggy liftoff with super-nifty vid of twin side-booster landings (@~T+8m) Friggin’ awesome