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Open your eyes A New Zealand man of Asian descent had his passport photograph rejected when facial recognition software mistakenly registered his eyes as being closed. Richard Lee’s attempt to renew his passport was blocked after he submitted the picture to an online passport photo checker …. The automated system told [him] the photo was [...]

You have to read the rag…

…to find out what’s in it (unlike some editors I can think of). I’m addin’ this to the file: Greatest Wedgies of 2016. Okay, let’s debunk the “M” insult conspiracy theory right now: Hillary to have Jill Stein request recount for Time’s Person Of The Year. *snick*

today’s caricature

Lib’s ascot owned (Y’might wanna set yer coffee down for this’n.) For the liberal elites, it’s come to this. We’ve been reduced to this. We are all Duncan Lloyd, an assistant city solicitor in Philadelphia. Lloyd was busted by surveillance cameras videoing a buddy spraying “Fuck Trump” on the side of a newly opened Fresh [...]

Springtime for Putin

May have seemed like a good idea at the time The wife of Vladimir Putin’s spokesman caused outrage after performing a holocaust- themed ice skating performance. Tatyana Navka and her partner Andrew Burkovsjy take each other’s hands and start their routine – which features a mime of people being shot – wearing the same striped [...]

turkeys day

Or, as Iowahawk puts it… repeatedly. ~ repeat from a couple’a years ago in fond memory of Jay Silverheels ~

Ohhh, now who didn’t see this comin’?

~ vid ~ Some things just write themselves.


SLOW-SUNDAY OPEN THREAD (and an accumulating pile of fun stuff from today’s surfing) *bwahahahahaha* Oh, man, that’s gotta sting. via Holger Cultural appropriation Aw, heck, go enjoy all of today’s Ka-Ching!‘s posts. It’s a keeper. Maybe now, with Hillary gone, we’ll hear the end of “It takes a village.” ~ inspired by an Ace of [...]

a night at the theater…

…with actors who shoot politicians Lincoln Hamilton Then there’s diversity diversity. Plus, there’s this. *heh* Amerisplaining to the Thesplainers [vid turns out to be a week old… f'n jackass] Even more *heh* Now, it’s the war of etiquettes over who should apologize to whooom. Pass the popcorn, please (What? Oh, yes, yes indeed. I am [...]

straw boss

*bwahahahahahahaha* (What? *snick* Yeah, perhaps it would be better *snick* if held on with a *snick* safety pin. *snick*) ____ Story Previously on KisP

Hey, it’s not like she’s baking cupcakes

Intolerance is in fashion (What? Nope, don’t remember reading about Melania beggin’ this fashionista to clothe her.) What rhymes with cunning PR stunt? ___________ Original story This story This story, also