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stuff that’s hard to do (keep seatbelt fastened episode)

A used Falcon 9 launched BulgariaSat (Bulgaria?) and landed on the barge (good video and commentary, but the actual landing video cut out again) ~ vid ~ Evidently, it landed pretty hard. I’ll post that vid when available. (What? Nah, it’ll prob’ly buff right out.) While we’re waitin’ for that landing vid, get your ass [...]

Who did it better?

Slow Saturday watchin’ LeMans, gunsmithin’, and surfin’ the web between thunderstorms. Caution: language, srsly BBC (Nov 8, 2016) ~ vid ~ Ozzy Man (posted right after the BBC vid was posted) ~ vid ~ Snoop Dogg (posted this Monday, reckon they thought we’d forget after 7 months) ~ vid ~ Still watching LeMans, so you [...]

stuff that’s hard to do (another gettin’ your deposit back episode)

Resale value tanks as soon as you drive it off the lot ~ vid ~ Here’s a really nifty short clip of Stage-1 separation and reorientation for boost-back ~ vid ~ Here’s the story with an extended vid showing some neat views from Stage-2 all the way out to Dragon spacecraft separation. Sorry you tired [...]

slow-weekend fun with Hillary

Close but no Cigar is my favorite, so far. Shirley, there must be some more good ideas out there. Here, let me start you off: • Other-Peoples’ Money, Other-Peoples’ Fault • Number-Two • Because they Paid Me • At This Point • Not a Cheap Crook • My Gift of Hope to Girls Everywhere — [...]

Moppin’-up my coffee, here, boss

*crickets* *tick*tick*tick*tick*tick* *bwahahahahahahahaha*! [stomps feet, pounds fists, slides off desk chair, gasps for breath] Also *bwahahahahahahahaha*! [wipes tear] Oh, I hope that’s twue. ___________ Via Truthfeed Commentary on Trump’s “typo” contains a, you guessed it, typo. Cheif Chevfefe Political Analyst *bwahahahahahahahaha*! Please, please, make it stahhhp… __________ Via Ace of Spades

the latest from YGBSM studies

Caution: spew alert Also caution: I can’t verify it’s veracity. I hope it’s true, but sci-paper pranks have evolved into a sophisticated art form, lately. A feminist academic … has invented a new theory of “intersectional quantum physics” … to better understand “marginalized people” and to create “safer spaces” for them …. Yeah, yeah, I [...]

pedestriation karma

In the run-up to the holiday weekend, I’m trying to wean myself from the usual political swamp rot, so here’s a short, everyday incident that cracked me up. Bein’ a heavy consumer of dash-cam vids, I can assure you that this is one of the most driver-innocent ones I’ve ever seen. I don’t know what [...]


SHOCKER ! Perhaps the Pope was upset that he had gone out of his way to join in on Melania’s and Michelle’s belt game. (What? Yeah, the veils were a nice touch and should piss-off all the right people.) _______ News ref Pic source Nev-er-mind


and genetics* Ahhh, the sciences USA! UAS! USA! …and better arms than Michelle’s An African-American nuclear chemist from Washington, DC, won the 2017 edition of Miss USA on Sunday night after telling the audience about her conservative political viewpoints. Kára McCullough, a 25-year-old nuclear chemist who works for the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, told the [...]

Resist we much, Nazi scum!

Oh, my stars, isn’t he just precious (caution: spew warning) ~ vid ~ There’s a whole industry of Dragonlord mockery on YouTube, but I won’t waste your time linking to ‘em. (What? Epic troll? Yeah, could/should be; but, hey, with AntiFa, it could be legit) Resistance is futile _________ Title cultural ref