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Pull !

a shotgun: first choice for home defense ~ vid & story ~ No, I don’t believe this guy’s story for one second (it’s right out of a Hollywood publicist’s playbook); but, hey, like, you know, who hasn’t wanted to shoot-down a quad-copter? (What? No, not a gyrocopter.)

stuff that’s hard to do (cont’d)

SpaceX CRS-6 Launch this afternoon (Int’l Space Stn. commercial resupply mission) Skip to 14m10s for strongback retract, 20m00s for launch. Stay to the end for solar-panel deployment on the Dragon spacecraft. View full-screen. Enjoy! ~ link to this vid (starts @14m00s) ~ I’ll put up the Stage-1 landing-or-crash video when it becomes available, but it [...]

Because dragons

Happy Easter to those so inclined Could be that this is more appropriate than the rabbit/chicken-eggs thing. I mean, there are resurrection and throne tie-ins. _______ Posted a bit early, since most of us will be off committing Crimes Against Progressivism™ Sunday. Besides, this was a really fun PhotoShop exercise.


Okay, one more Blood Moon to go. However, if the one in September doesn’t do it, don’t fret, there are still seven more lunar-eclipse tetrads left in this century.But if y’ask me, ain’t much of a “sign,” if you can’t actually see it … … especially in the Middle East where the Blood Moon thing [...]

Because Goldberg

Happy Passover to those so inclined ~ vid ~ (What? Polytheophobic? Awfercryin…)

man-made global warming aids Spring harvest

~ story ~ _______ UPDATE: I had intended this to have an April 1st posting date, but KisP uses PST rather than my EST. Just though that the old early-Spring vid made for a good AGW April-Fool’s joke. (What? Yeah, never could tell a joke well. Timing sucks.)

Presidential trips

Coming up next on The Golf Channel, running with scissors. (What? Nah, just havin’ a little fun with the ol’ gravity vs gravitas and cool vs hubris things and wondering how they’ll blame this on Bush or racism.) ________ Previously Speaking of “optics” … And should, like, pray to the, like, presidents; because, like …

Where the heck have you been for the past century?

From the Oblivious* File A lesbian columnist wrote a piece in The Guardian complaining that the straight women who wear less-than-feminine clothing are “appropriating” lesbian culture and making it too hard for lesbians to tell who the other lesbians are. Awfercyinoutloud … now, acceptance is a friggin’ microagression! Personally, I blame her inadequate gaydar. The [...]

Oh, Canadia

El-lég-i-ble Dr Zeuss Those are two terms you never thought you’d hear from you know came from Al Sharpton. Nah, it’s not important. Well, at least it’s no surprise. It’s simple point-and-laugh schadenfreude is all, and not all of it is directed at Al. No, most of it is directed at the suckers who’re payin’ [...]

all in da family

Vlad? Vlad? Have they gone to the mattresses after shooting Sonny*? Maybe he should’ve avoided the drug smuggling business.** Anyway, the critics are coming out of hiding; but perhaps that’s Vlad’s ploy. Then again, mebbe he’s just down in his dacha’s basement erasing his emails (or going through HIllary’s). (What? Well, I’m sure they searched [...]