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Det Sgt Guerra: This means war

(What? Nah, totally for the title joke) _____ Story Title ref Title cultural ref Of course, you know there are more! Archives OT, but there’s equally important news from one of me ol’ alma mater’s biggest football-team fans. Of course, Iowahawk weighs in.

Stahhhp… just stop

Now, nobody likes a good laugh more than I do, but that’s beside the point. Sometimes things get silly, very silly, too silly, indeed… so they get posted here_____ Story (pie in the face) Cultural ref (Soupy Sales) Archives

winning plus rubbing it in

(What? Well, I liked the winter-fox pic, so I made yet another template.) _____ Story-1 (Surber) Story-2 (Showalter) UPDATE: 2nd cartoon added due to Story-3 (CNN hypocrisy) Archives First one picked up by Pookie’s Toons Stormy Daniels walks into a bar… Yep

best 11-sec brat vid of the week

Leave the dang evangelists alone, son. They may turn out to be right. If nothing else, they may have a guardian angel who can read your telegraphed blind-side cheap-shot. Be sure to read their T-shirts, first. Oh, and be thankful the big guy wasn’t a nun. Nah… you dont want to do that#SaturdayMorning — [...]

stuff that’s hard to do (and easy to go wrong)

Well that sucked, but they landed safely and are in good condition. Prob’ly needed a change of flight suit, though _____ Story

another wasted couple’a hours with PShop

Well, a simple idea popped up, then one thing led to anotherrr…

`stuff that’s hard to do (well, harder than it looks sometimes)

Earlier this evening… Use full-screen or click on YouTubeYesssss! Launched & landed from/on good ol’ SLC-4, Vandenberg AFB, my early-USAF stomping grounds, literally (twenty-some launches over 9 yrs, ’70-’81). Glad to see the ol’ girl gettin’ some love again. The Soviets hated that place. (What? Yeah, it’s amazing what they can do with CGI these [...]

stuff that’s hard to do (cont’d) the Soyuz “down” solution

Good recap vid with lots of nice detail (full-screen recommended)

The Y chromosome evidently didn’t take

_____ Story

Problems we don’t have, back my way

Nature, trying to kill us 24/7 She’s a mean drunk_____ Story Archives