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History is boring text interrupted by memes

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20 July 1969

Updated this old gif (12 @ 5sec)_____ Navigational ref mech If you’re up for a good ride, go here.


_____ Via The Jawa Report Culural ref Archives Picked up by Pookie’s Toons Aaaand Stilton nails it… again *heheeeee* The Otter defense!

an iHammock kind’a day

This delightful vid triggered some old memories. (go full-screen and turn-up the volume) An old wooden roller coaster was plenty of fun for a little kid, since it built-up courage without having to challenge the helpless terror that I they get riding the big, modern ones. The cheapest motion simulator is an easily entertained kid [...]

today’s obvious jokes

I think it’s outrageously sexist that, in this day and age, female world leaders are still not allowed to wear dark, colorless suits like men. You and everybody else thought it, but I have a recreational obligation, here, to say it. That there photo was just askin‘ fer it, I tells ya. _____ Story-1 Story-2 [...]

Good fences make good neighbors

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Independence Day Eve

Evidently, all-nighters go wayyy back.

The Adventures of Thai Sawyer

I love a happy ending Geeze! Looks like they have a ways to go to get ‘em out. jlw Vid of boys in cave with rescue team as they wait to get out. Thank goodness, they’re all out and safe, now. As I said, I love a happy ending.

Happy Canada Day, y’all

As a half-Can, I have kind of a soft spot for the land that my ancestors were ordered by HM judicial system to leave England and Ireland for.Hooray for the red white and red! Note: This was posted on Canada Day, July 1st, according to my EDT, not June 30 as it shows above, due [...]

CIMON just launched to ISS

Siri in spaaaace! What could possibly go wrong? _____ If any of these cultural refs are unfamiliar, ask yer grampaw. This stuff is still hard to do. Okay, cultural refs in order (rearranged for why not?): 2001 (HAL 9000) Star Wars IV (light-saber training remote) Star Wars IV (truth-serum injector droid) Lexx (790 robot head) [...]