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Dear fellow b*tches

If anyone still harbors any illusion that radical feminism’s goal is to elevate women’s self-worth and respect in society… Oh, no, she di-in’t. Oh, yes, she di-id. (cringe warning) And this cretinous jackasses is s’post’a be the almighty enlightened, sophisticated one. Reckon we’re gonna need a smarter Smartest Woman in the World. Aaand that’s how [...]

Happy Australia Day !

…or is it ‘Straya Day (What? Nah, no jokes. That place has wayyy too many of nature’s “nopes” to mess with.) Hope y’all had as good of a time as these here folks.

This can’t get any more disturbing

Here, hold my beer… Yayyy! Picked up by Pookie’s Toons______ Source Archives Wellp…Looks like I was wrong, again. This is more disturbing.

stuff that’s hard to do (Rocketlab’s Electron)

Electron is a new small, cheap commercial booster for small satellites Launched from New Zealand Cool onboard videos (What? Why, you have sumpthing better to do for a few minutes? A wise man humors nerds — they can make profitable and deadly things.) Fixed the time window, so you can actually watch the launch, now. [...]

Our strength is in our eventual diversity

*bwahahahahahahaha* [wipes tear] *sniff* Man, this is the most SJW-triggering picture I’ve ever seen. One assumes Axios will get into diversity later, once they become profitable. Here is the entire @axios team on our one year anniversary! — Roy Schwartz (@roylschwartz) January 18, 2018 I mean, c’mon, geeze… there are only, like, 3-4 blonde [...]

Oh, now who didn’t see this comin’?

~ vid ~

rainy evening post

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Maybe they should design a bigger one

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Gorilla Channel (new meme)

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Übertrollmeister (this still screen shot is submitted so you don’t miss CNN’s crawler text) ☟ Actual video ☟ Thank you Mr. President! — Free Beacon (@FreeBeacon) January 5, 2018 Yesterday the media was all pissed off because Trump was on the monitors and not in the room, and today they get a scene from [...]