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stuff that’s hard to do (50 years ago, today)

Apollo-11 launches, and Homo sapiens heads for the frikkin’ Moon Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins Yep, that’s how we saw it. CBS live on a crummy TV. Wonderful ! Of course, not every media outlet gets it right COOL: download the PDF here If you scroll down to p.15, there’s a NASA/NRO project I [...]

deadliest joke in the world

If this guy can do it… Even more memes _____ Story (Area-51 joke) Title ref (Python) Cultural ref (button)

Monday caption exercise

Easing into the new week, here, boss (What? Because I’d never have gotten away with petrified) _____ Art ref (Marat @ Ace of Spades) Clinton ref (Holger Awakens) Story (007)

Nothing to see here (literally)

_____ Story Historical ref

feminism vs femininity

_____ Picked up by Pookie’s Toons

fashion notes for men

Forget man bags: 'Murses' are the hot new accessory for men — New York Post (@nypost) July 8, 2019 It also comes in brown, camo, and black

The *clank* heard ’round the World

A no-deal exit*

stuff that’s hard to do (Falcon-9 Heavy, fairing re-entry & recovery)

We didn’t get to see these earlier, but they’re real, and they’re spectacular Landing on Ms. Tree — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) July 4, 2019 (What? Well, we used to call it a “shroud;” buuut it’s his rocket, so…) _____ Cultural ref

stuff that’s hard to do (Orion abort test)

Well, there’s something you don’t see every day, Chauncey

Is it Canada Day again already?

Cheers to all my long-lost kinfolk from this ol’ half-CAN