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Sooo… how’d today’s mass tantrum go?

Wellp, I’d say it went about as well as the start of The Revolution™ last weekend. Here’s a short clip ________ Previously on KisP Lord of the Fleas Trump’s still in office, sooo… fail. Ace of Spades


Legendary journalist and author Gay Talese said he feels “sad” for actor Kevin Spacey, who has been accused by multiple men of sexual harassment and assault, Vanity Fair reports. … “I feel so sad, and I hate that actor that ruined this guy’s career,” Talese said. “So, OK, it happened 10 years ago … Jesus, [...]

today’s sage advice

Don’t, uhhh, don’t do this and I mean besides getting the gun wet ~ vid ~ (What? Well, yeah, he did keep his finger off the trigger, so there’s that.) At least he didn’t have a chainsaw bayonet, which is actually a real thing, although it’s electric, so it’s kind’a lame. *heheee* Conspiracy theory re: [...]

new movie idea for Mel Brooks

Just for S&Gs It’s a cross between Animal House and a slasher movie Yayyy! Picked up by Pookie’s Toons That’s Weinsteen ____________ Original image (#11) The joke wrote itself as soon as I saw it Totally did this to see if I could modify the Young Frankenstein title graphic. No, it’s not perfect; but, hey, [...]


It’s still on for tomorrow, but we can save you from bothering to attend personally… Reminder: Unhinged libs are still planning to express their impotent rage at the results of the 2016 election with “Scream Helplessly at the Sky” gatherings in over two dozen cities on Wednesday. In most locations, anguished snowflakes will start screeching [...]

one ringy-dingy

Human error is a convenient excuse, but we all suspect that it was something else. Allow me to note a few of the more obvious possibilities: _________ Cultural ref Historical ref There’s a cause-and-effect ambiguity in the wording, here. An employee at Twitter deleted President Donald Trump’s personal Twitter account on their last day at [...]

best retraction you’re gonna read all week

(What? Nah, it’s not important; just populating the database. This one falls slightly above the media-clumsiness-in-pursuit-of-TheNarrative™ trend line.) Wellp… the week’s not over, and we have another doozy.

mow scawwy Hollareen culture of yore

~ vid ~ Caution: these cultural tidbits are from a pre-PC era and may trigger some snowflakes. Tough… tactical advice ~ vid ~

ruh roh

October 30, 2017 Lolita Express mates Just sayin’… *heheee* I claim a spooky, Halloween-quality prescience with this post title from last Thursday. Here’s an idea for an new future-dystopia novel and movie.

A is for…

Today’s offering from the LMAO Collection of Progtology, CNN-Obliviousness file (see: RACIST ! SEXIST ! HOMOPHOBE ! ISLAMOPHOBE ! XENOPHOBE ! WHITE SUPREMACIST ! FASCIST/NAZI ! IMPEACHABLE ! RUSSIAN COLLUSION ! CAPITALIST/IMPERIALIST/BABY-KILLER !) “Some people might try to tell you that it’s a banana.” #FactsFirst — CNN (@CNN) October 23, 2017 So, oranges aren’t [...]