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dya-bo-lick-al sabo-tay-jey

Life Lesson: Always bring duck tape and gauze on a trip Then again, vodka breaks at the factory will do that _____ Story Title ref Cultural ref Archives Well, just got home to discover that the White House leakage is now considered sabotage, too, making this post a metaphor. I’m just gonna go ahead an’ [...]

Trouble with bein’ retired is…

…I miss my weekends For those who have to stand their watch during the holiday, we sincerely appreciate it.

Free speech is a wonderful thing

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cultural appropriation

Rewriting history or telling a great human-interest story? I’m eager to find out. Picked up by Pookie’s Toons Yeah, I’m still gonna watch it, though. If nothing else, it’ll remind me of this ☟ In case you’re wondering, planting Old Glory with a salute ☟ is the point [Buzz Aldrin, second man, saluting Old Glory. [...]

weekend plans

Just when I was beginnin’ to think the Brits were lost… In a bid to humiliate Sadiq Khan a 29ft blimp of the mayor in a yellow bikini will be flown over London. This comes after the London Mayor last month granted permission for a giant balloon of Donald Trump in diapers to fly over [...]

still some Summertime left

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fake fairy tale news

Just adding a graphic for a joke I thunk up for a comment over at Stilton’s. (What? Well, it is a Grimm fairy tale, after all) Next week: Snow White’s lost virtue

CNN must be a toxic environment

Evidently, there’s no such thing as a nice, quiet weekend at CNN Uh… thanks? (What? Yeah, hope the ol’ iHammock dries in time for my afternoon nap) _____ Story Previously, on KisP Archives Picked up by Pookie’s Toons I am not uneducated! (What? One should wallow with delight in the cool mud hole of Prog [...]

much Al

Set your drinks down, boys and girls — Al Sharpton is on the air. Srsly, do it now Then again, prob’ly shouldn’t be too hard on Al, alone _____ Title ref R-E-S-P-E-C-T I have no idea what he believes, and I don’t care, but I’d give the feller a locker-room pat on the ass for [...]

stuff that’s hard to do (old-joke mission)

Finally, a dad joke that’s not more than sixty years old_____ Story Archives