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stuff that’s hard to do (Rocketlab’s Electron)

Electron is a new small, cheap commercial booster for small satellites Launched from New Zealand Cool onboard videos (What? Why, you have sumpthing better to do for a few minutes? A wise man humors nerds — they can make profitable and deadly things.) Fixed the time window, so you can actually watch the launch, now. [...]

Our strength is in our eventual diversity

*bwahahahahahahaha* [wipes tear] *sniff* Man, this is the most SJW-triggering picture I’ve ever seen. One assumes Axios will get into diversity later, once they become profitable. Here is the entire @axios team on our one year anniversary! — Roy Schwartz (@roylschwartz) January 18, 2018 I mean, c’mon, geeze… there are only, like, 3-4 blonde [...]

Oh, now who didn’t see this comin’?

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rainy evening post

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Maybe they should design a bigger one

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Gorilla Channel (new meme)

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Übertrollmeister (this still screen shot is submitted so you don’t miss CNN’s crawler text) ☟ Actual video ☟ Thank you Mr. President! — Free Beacon (@FreeBeacon) January 5, 2018 Yesterday the media was all pissed off because Trump was on the monitors and not in the room, and today they get a scene from [...]

Gorilla Guru (the Gorilla Channel)

Sometimes, obscure but trending memes are the most entertaining archives Wolff’s book is gonna be comedy gold if only for the parodies Wow, this extract from Wolff’s book is a shocking insight into Trump’s mind: — the gorilla channel thing is a joke (@pixelatedboat) January 5, 2018 ____ More UPDATE: More more Also: Even [...]

ruh roh

~ story ~ Yayyy! Picked up by Pookie’s Toons Launch Operations Handbook entry: Range Safety is cheaper and much less of an operational burden, if you don’t actually care about anybody’s safety.

Site’s been under a strong hackass attack

He hates these cartoons! Missy says that webmaster Rich (PBUH) got an image of the low-life vandal responsible