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punch-line overdo: audience participation

This evening: -un schadenfreudeOther options: • Never make Leroy Jethro Gibbs your idol if watching NCIS on a NorK-quality TV set. • Never make Grace Jones your model, well, ever. • Even Eraserhead and Beaker are embarrassed for the guy. • Nobody ever accused any of the Kims of good judgment or sanity. • Is [...]


Fingerbanger (Hey, if they can say teabagger …) When you run out of Strategic Patience. (What? Yeah, okay, him too.) __________ Cultural ref 1 Cultural ref 2

paraskevidekatriaphobia (1 of 3) …

… if you’re lucky (What? No, if you fear those who enjoy the fear of Friday the 13th, that’s paraskevidekatriaphobiaphilefobia.) _______ UPDATE Paraskevidekatriaphobia, the Greek version of fear of Friday the 13th (Paraskevi, Friday) AKA: Friggatriskaidekaphobia, for you fans of Old Norse mythology (Frīge’s day) Not to be confused with Triskaidekaphobia, the fear of the [...]

white privilege devil

Anticipating the inevitable over-reaction to the NE blizzard, here, boss. Or, as it was known when I was a kid in Michigan, walking to school in the tire ruts. (What? Nah, only a half-mile, but it waaas uphill both ways.) Hey, New England! N’Yawkahs think the storm was a bust. Evidently, youse guys don’t count. [...]

slow-holiday schtick

slow-Sunday woodland schtick

Perhaps you can do better.

schtick (sammich meme*, cont’d)

(What? Yeah, kind’a explains why I hafta make my own sammiches, dunnit?) Missy __________ * Previously on KisP Meanwhile, at the Library of Congress gift shop …Thomas M

Kkhappy Hanukkah

schtick (sammiches meme)

Life Rule #2: Don’t irritate those who handle your food (What? Nah, “…, you old goat” might be confusing.)

slow-weekend schtick