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another PhotoShop dump

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46 years ago

Never be ashamed of the traditional America™ brand name. Once upon a time, America™ was the most powerful nation on the face of the Earth, but it did not try to destroy it’s sworn enemy or to take over the World as a demonstration of power and grandeur. Rather, it did what no other power [...]

and yet another PhotoShop dump

accipiterNW in comments

another PhotoShop dump

the Torch of Liberty 10-sec-cycle animated gif (What? Well, the idea’s been rattling around for a while. Time to just do it as a PhotoShop dump.) Ironic in Denver for the prod in a comment

Pluto update

Latest color pictures fresh from the science team ___________ Joke’s historical ref Previously on KisP Animated gif (for ease of stealing) Pluto update update. (for reallies)

Happy Independence Day !

[insert Bear Grylls joke here] __________ Reason for the holiday, lest we forget. Not so much the reason. Test your knowledge.

PhotoShop dump

animation starts at the blank cell Mark Stein (PBUH) Wal•Mart (POS) More ISIS battle flag fun (O. M. G.)

your daily rimshot

*badump*dum* _______ More cartoon fun over t’ Stilton’s place (but of course you already knew that)

the value of family

This lovely pair of crooks drug their own daughter down into their fetid swamp. The question is: Who will throw whom under the bus first? Personally, I hope Chelsea turns state’s evidence and rids this country of her vile parents as political somebodies. Hell, I’d give ‘er a medal for that.

one small step for a ma’am …

… one giant leap for memekind ~ story ~ ~ shirt ref ~ (What? Yeah, I know. Couldn’t resist. When H> is on stage, the real world will just have to wait.) Oh, and one last thing … *heheeee*