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your evening self-wedgie

In a press conference House Democrats held today to bloviate over the controversy with retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md. … was caught red-handed quoting from a fake Twitter account to bash the now-former Trump administration national security adviser. … In his defense, he was just following the lead from Queen Democrat [...]

It’s what they do

__________ Historical ref


Let us, rather, welcome them. [applauds for joy while sitting cross-legged on Mercedes hood] (What? Re-make Mars Attacks! as an Islamist invasion? And the *ack*ack* would be something-something-ackbar? Hmm…)

Stilton rides into the sunset

‘Tis a sad tiding I bear. Stilton Jarlsberg, master satirist, conservative intellectual giant, medical miracle worker, and occasional commenter, here at KisP, has decided to pack-in “Hope n’ Change” (a site that almost single-handedly saved America from dying from Obama-related infections) on Friday. Not sure what the proper sendoff is for this sort of thing, [...]

worst day of Hillary’s life

And so begins a new era when neither Barack Obama nor Hillary Clinton will ever be President. Sorry, Hillary, but those traitors, drug dealers, cartel bosses, and murdering commie revolutionaries he did pardon didn’t dis him with that birther thing. Aaand, of course, Bubba rubs it in. (What? Nope, can’t vouch for that interpretation; but [...]

Look under your chairs

(What? Uhm, no, dunno about the First Mother-in-Law, but I think eight years shut-up in the White House with these people is punishment enough.) More update over at Rodge’s *bwahahahaha*

more fun with has-been celebs

~ story ~ I think she’s confusing “charges” with “accusations” which haven’t even risen to the level of allegations. (What? No, now that you mention it, I haven’t seen Democrats this intent on startin’ a civil war over a new Republican president since, when was it… 1860, 61?)* ______ * UPDATE: Just stumbled across this: [...]

Buuut you prob’ly already knew this

~ story ~ No, I don’t vouch for any of this, but I’m inclined to view it as more likely than not. Two reasons I think it’s valid: • Mass shooters undoubtedly prefer defenseless targets over well-defended targets. • It doesn’t become a mass shooting, if the murdering scumbag is taken down quickly enough by [...]


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it’s official

_______ KisP ref (any comments yet from Sheen?) Mebbe all those celebrities who said they’re moving to Canada and Jupiter but didn’t were just waiting for the Electoral College vote. Yeah, that’s prob’ly it. Eighteen years ago, today, Bill Clinton was impeached; ( Claire in comments) but Hillary apologists have blamed almost everyone for her [...]