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waiting-for-the-plumber PhotoShop exercise

Thought I might have some fun with a classic (What? Well, the basic goal was to make a joke with everything on the box, except the trademark and the knees. Then I realized that I had pretty much made a joke of the whole trademark concept, too. Fair use! Besides, I’m a customer, so they’d [...]

Stahhhp… just stop

Now, nobody likes a good laugh more than I do, but that’s beside the point. Sometimes things get silly, very silly, too silly, indeed… so they get posted here_____ Story (pie in the face) Cultural ref (Soupy Sales) Archives

one-way streetism

The Kavanaugh Rules™ were supposed to work only in one directionAnother case in point _____ Story (Ellison’s divorce, abuse) Theocratic ref (Taqiyya) Archives

Pootie-Poot ackbar!

Yeah, I know it’s kind of a Russian tradition; but if you want to stay in power, comrade, you’re wasting your people’s wealth on the wrong thing. Also, Russians may not buy into the nutzo idea that you get to make the rules on afterlives and stuff. When despots start thinking of themselves in God-like [...]


Should’a gone with business-like incentives_____ Story Archives

Talkin’ ’bout my genderation

The counter-revolution begins in Hungary_____ Story Title ref (The Who: Why don’tcha all just FFFFFade away) Archives

winning plus rubbing it in

(What? Well, I liked the winter-fox pic, so I made yet another template.) _____ Story-1 (Surber) Story-2 (Showalter) UPDATE: 2nd cartoon added due to Story-3 (CNN hypocrisy) Archives Stormy Daniels walks into a bar… Yep

more running bull

Not sure why bein’ a run-of-the-mill whitey is such an empty thing to her. After all, DNA doesn’t carry guilt or virtue genes; and it’s not like you can take credit for it, anyway. Yes, dear, you’re unique, just like everybody else (twins, clones, etc. notwithstanding). Not good enough for a narcissist, though. Nope, gotta [...]

What passes for progressive thought

Critical Theory, where logic goes to die, whimpering (What? Wellp, seems to me that arguin’ about the clumsiness of the English language is a self-defeating pursuit.) _____ Story (London Museum) Philisophical ref (Critical Theory) Archives Oh, now who didn’t see this comin’?

news conference I want to see

_____ Story (send nobody to UN) Historical ref (Mr Kurd) Archives campaign ad I wanna see (What? Oh… yeah… reckon I just did. Cool, one out’a two already!)