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Meanwhile, in elitist enlightenedville…

If only there were a place where you could get a good lawyer, if you ever needed one to keep you from making unforced errors _____ Story (Princeton) Cultural ref (Floating, very small rocks)

FoxNews can’t be bought, but they can be rented

_____ Story (FoxNews) Story (Details re: Soros)

Who? Ha!

_____ Story (Harris-Biden vids) Story (Background) Hmmmm… How would that work, exactly? The ole DNC Switcheroo… — Citizen Free Press (@CitizenFreePres) September 16, 2020 _____ Story (Switcheroo)

Odds and ends

Updated as convenient _____ Story (SanFran) Story (CNN)

Bent to the breaking point

Another Soros operation? No problem, though. They’ll fix it “If a voter does happen to return the incorrect ballot instead of the correct ballot, it will still count … The clerk will be instructed to duplicate a vote for Trump onto a ballot for Trump/Pence.” Yeah, all those Democrat clerks will fix all those Trump [...]

Bad luck for Putin

Russian politics, now with more organized-crime cultural references _____ Story (Navalny) Title cultural ref (bad luck, Sollotzzo in The Godfather) Cultural ref (poison, The Hound in GoT) Cultural ref (I know it was you, Michael in The Godfather)

Well, that was a wasted trip

Today’s diary entry

I did not see this one comin’

Looks like Gov’t BS has been piled too high, for even Canadians to tolerate For fun, I was gonna calculate the impact of their provinces coming in as states; but I seem to have lost track of how many provinces there are, now. Wish they’d put stars on their flag or sumpthin’. _____ Story (lots [...]

Force and threat of force are despots’ tools

They’re also the tools of thugs and organized crime. Violence to instill general fear is a terrorist’s tool _____ Story (Atlantic) Cultural ref (Dog cover, National Lampoon) Cultural ref (Wookie, Star Wars IV) Image source (Wookie)

It’s Monday. What can go wrong?

You’re fired ! Okay, so mebbe there’s more’n two kinds’a wimmin; but that kind’a detailed understanding is outside my wheelhouse _____ Story (Armed one) Story (Firery one, but not the right femme in the photodrew458 comment) NOTE: Don’t recall where the AntiFa joke came from Story (Newsom) Previously, on KisP (Mother Earth)