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forced perspective

_____________ French news ref Israel ref Title-pun ref UPDATE: police dog killed in raid UPDATE: video of the raid

my pet soccer match

Time to de-ass, sir. ~ story ~ Note how the second photo is framed to include the women, like the girls in the left-hand drawing. (What? Yeah, spooky.) ______ Title ref

today in Progthink

~ story 1 ~ ~ story 2 ~ (What? Yeah, reckon they ran out of cartoons and YouTube videos to blame it on.)

slow-Sunday PhotoShop dump

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Read Mark Steyn’s take. Go ahead, we’ll wait.

Happy Constitution Day!

17 September 1787 That’s 228 years

not much, but something

Felt a bit guilty about having nothing much of interest to post for a couple of days, so I leafed back through some old cartoons and found an old animated .gif from about six years ago that deserved updating (or not): ~ 15 sec ~*badump*dum*

a look ahead

Syrian refugees, hell. Let’s worry about the next big migration of Europeans ! (What? Yeah, no tellin’ how many Irish may try to sneak in with ‘em.)

Mad Joe Biden is mad

~ story ~

It’s symbolic of his stuggle against oppression.

~ story ~Nah, I don’t have anything to add. Well, okay, he supposedly defrauded Oprah, defrauded his publisher and his readers, and displaced a black student from a college scholarship, so he sounds like a reeeal pitiful, self-loathing, low-life, racist, victimhood-sucking parasite, if y’ask me. _________ Previously on KisP Title cultural ref

timing is everything

Nope, not worth it. Tempting, though. ___________ Previously on KisP