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abolish ICE scream

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_____ Via The Jawa Report Culural ref Archives Aaaand Stilton nails it… again *heheeeee* The Otter defense!

Is that all there is?

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The Russians obviously thought Hillary would be elected

People who aren’t expected to face trial, Part-2 Makes one wonder what Obama’s vaunted FBI leadership was doing while this was going on. _____ Story Historical ref Archives Here are a couple of historical links: Obama’s stand-down Hillary’s refusal to cooperate

Every (D) on that committee were brats, too

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A jackass that needs kickin’ into a Spartan pit

Brazenness can’t disguise the fact that Strzok’s a vile, lying [insert favorite pejorative here]. (strong message to follow)Then this despicable, smug, treacherous POS claimed to be a patriot. _____ Story Cultural ref Archives Awww, mannnn… Y’gotta go read the thread that James Woods has goin’. Lordy, it’s brutal and hilarious. When #CentralCasting hits it out [...]

an iHammock kind’a day

This delightful vid triggered some old memories. (go full-screen and turn-up the volume) An old wooden roller coaster was plenty of fun for a little kid, since it built-up courage without having to challenge the helpless terror that I they get riding the big, modern ones. The cheapest motion simulator is an easily entertained kid [...]

The Brettish are coming!

You read that in James Garner’s voice, didntcha? _____ Story Cultural ref Bret Maverick Archives

Sen Calvin Hobbes, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee

Dems want to “pack the court,” i.e. change the rules when they get into power again _____ Story (a month old, but representative) Via Ace of Spades Cultural ref Archives No, Keith, never go full-despot.

today’s obvious jokes

I think it’s outrageously sexist that, in this day and age, female world leaders are still not allowed to wear dark, colorless suits like men. You and everybody else thought it, but I have a recreational obligation, here, to say it. That there photo was just askin‘ fer it, I tells ya. _____ Story-1 Story-2 [...]