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Prog logic (the my-brain-hurts kind)

Will this be on the exam, Prof? _________ via Twitchy Cultural ref

Gorilla Guru (Prog logic)

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DC was built on two kinds of swamps…

…but only one kind was drained Why aren’t Democrat scandals, malfeasance, treason/sedition, and corruption freely reported?

tipping points

(What? Oh, sure, we could add more to the list: radical environmentalism, globalism, Democrat-run cities, GOPe, etc.) Playing “Clumsy Donald” (notice the chess men in the background) Reality’s cruelty is not limited to one kind of fantasy plaything Meanwhile, Leftists try to get The Revolution™ going

Hell hath no fury…

Yayyy! Picked up by Pookie’s Toons Some people are calling for a boycott of Twitter on Friday, after the service partially suspended actress Rose McGowan …. McGowan had been tweeting in support of women who had come forward with claims they had been sexually abused by … Harvey Weinstein. She also called out other alleged [...]

Gorilla Guru (concealed carry’s not for everybody)

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Kim’s Mincemeat

Can you hear my teeth gritting from there? South Korean officials believe that North Korean hackers stole classified U.S.-South Korea military documents, including a top secret plan prepared for potential conflict on the Korean Peninsula. [story] Hopefully, this was part of a disinformation plan sooo cunning*… but I would’a done it the old tried-and-true way** [...]

Hypocrisy in Stalag Prog

Nuth’m, eh? (Yayyy! Picked up by Pookie’s Toons) Look, there are too many examples of celebocrisy to cite here, but this one kind’a trumps ‘em all. _________ Cultural ref Cultural ref Remember: Cultural refs are intended to help future historians understand KisP’s impact on 21stC socio-political evolution; and they may not be as sophisticated, enlightened, [...]

The NFL is toast *sniff* *snort*

~ story 1 / story 2 / story 3 ~ Yayyy! Picked up by Pookie’s Toons (What? Yeah, not to mention the talking-head media’s millionaire brats and coke-heads.) Best NFL joke (post-Jemele Hill suspension) The Left go all Sheriff Bart Please, sir, may I have another

Gorilla Guru (Columbus-Day weekend)

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