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Speaking of Neanderthals…

(What? Why? I said he was not a Neanderthal. You callin’ me a liar?) _____ Story

Sticked and Stoned

_____ Story

Keeping count

Nah, no big deal Some jackasses just deserve being pointed-to and laughed-at, whenever it’s really convenient to do so _____ Story

Today’s racist, corrupt, lying, traitor and all-around POS

Finally embarrassed by something _____ Story Picked up by Pookie’s Toons

Sticking it to the World

_____ Story


Good question, Joe …

…especially for a Sunday _____ Story Picked up by Pookie’s Toons

Of Sammiches an’ Men

Big question of locked-down relationships: What’s the point of tellin’ ‘er t’ make ya a sammich, if it’s just gonna be disappointing or piss ya off? (Totally just an excuse to use that great pic) Okay, perhaps advice from an ol’ bachelor ain’t really worth a whole heckuva lot, but there ya go. You’re welcome [...]

It’s okay, they didn’t use nukes

_____ Story Picked up by Pookie’s Toons

Don’t get treatment from a sick doctor

_____ Story *heheee* (NotTheBee)