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What he said

~ source ~Not much to add to that.

tonight’s slow-weekend schtick

Close …

… reeeal close ~ Stilton ~ Buuuut … I think there’s a better comparison (I think it’s the hair) ~ ROLLOVER ~

PhotoShop dump time again

Wasted a good 35-min on this a while back. Reckon now’s as good a time as any to post it.

Prog Canon (today’s reading: social engineering)

___________ Image source Here’s an example of big-gov’t Prog’ism.

slow-weekend schtick

In the spirit* of the end of bikini season around here … _________ * Also in the spirit of Doug is a pig** and screw you burqa nazis. ** … but makes his own sammiches

slow-weekend schtick

______ Nerd-cultural ref (I did not know that)

slow-weekend schtick

_______ archives

spank kings

~ Stilton, archived ~_____ Previously on KisP Cultural ref-1 (You already know where I’m goin’ with this.) Cultural ref-2 (The better one.)


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