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We … were. all. gonna. die.

[peeks out from under covers] Is it safe to come out now? ___ Ref

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today’s wedgie by the master

~ Stilton ~

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today’s Hubris-Nemesis…ness

couldn’t happen to a bigger jackass* This one is worth $100K, in cash, in $20 bills, in a little briefcase, tomorrow. _______ * Poetic license. Of course it could.

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Comments are … dowwwwn ?!

O. M. G. It’s … it’s like a sandbox with no saaaand! (What? Well, actually I’m relieved. I thought nobody had anything to say for the last day or so.) Hang in there. SondraK’s off doin’ something “more important’ than babysitting us, evidently, so The Emir’s workin’ on it … or out sailing. Not sure [...]

Summer’s coming

~ source ~ (What? Well, weather looks nice for the next week, so I’m just in the mood.)

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first in a new branch of schtick

~ Source ~ (What? Nah, it’s just that I hate inspirational posters … and I am a leg man.) Stay tuned, they might get better. Okay, one more. ~ Source ~

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Besides bein’ lectured by some jackass’ wife … ~ ROLLOVER ~ ______________ • Inspired by Stilton’s brilliant post today over t’ Ho Pin Chang’s (I think that’s how it’s pronounced) • Cultural ref: South Park (no vid link, mainly because it uses my only comment-kibosh word) • Historical ref

Okay, Vlad …

… we’ll go with your rules Russian President Vlad “Chesty” Putin signed a treaty annexing Crimea just two days after a referendum in which Crimeans voted (95%) to join Russia Now, what does that remind me of? Yeah, okay, let’s have a “referendum.” Hey, your rules, pal. [/BruceWillisVoice] I see from some comments that this [...]

Ps dump time again

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