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Monday’s seminar: Org Charts

Case Study #1: the need for meritocracy in knot-tying organizations (You gov’t employees might want to look away at this point.)

nothing “personal”

~ story ~

Since you’re gonna talk about it anyway …

Here ya go. ~ ROLLOVER ~ Personally, I think it’s just a slickback-look thing. Don’t care. Just don’t want it to mess-up other comment strings. ________ Rollover pic is of Nazi collaborators after the liberation of Paris. Well, I was kind’a right. It’s just a bun. Wayyy better than Al’s do. Happy now?

Obama and Iran in agreement

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Pi + 0.01

Which reminds me …

Hillary Antoinette (redux)

(What? Sure, that’s sexist. Her whole friggin’ political existence is based on her sex, so eat me!) __________ Historical ref Cultural ref Just ran across the term “America’s ex-wife.” *bwahahahahahahaha!* [stomps feet, pounds desk, rights coffee mug, mops spill]

The first woman what ?

It’s International Women’s Day

Not sure what the day’s for, really. Reckon we should treat wimmin like men today? But hey, what the heck. It’s only for a day. We should at least try to accommodate the desires of strong, adventurous women. (What? Nah, don’t listen to me. I don’ unnerstan’ ‘em none, neither.)

Depends on how you define your terms

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Not sure what y’expect from me on a rainy day, so … Two Yorkshiremen on a picnic Okay, one more (What? Nooo, Doug straight.)