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freedom of abuse of freedom

Because it’s all rainy an’ wet out, and I felt like doin’ a PSshop with a commie hellhole Berkeley in it, so OPEN THREAD. _________ Cultural ref (for anyone who needs it, stupid git) More Sunday don’t-make-no-nevermind: Topless, in handcuffs, and wearin’ a LePen mask is no way to go through life, ma’am. The ending [...]

NorK jerk joke

Kim, the new Rodney Dangerfield (alt: Biggus Dickus) Members of North Korea’s second army corps have been placed under arrest for mocking the North Korean dictator…. …and the arrested cadres are to be severely punished,” …. The group had “compared Kim Jong Un to a kindergartner,” …. Other soldiers referred to Kim as a mentally [...]

deep Kimchie

~ story ~___________ image source Or not… (What? Yeah, bein’ wrong in three posts in a row would be a new record.)

T-rex sees movement

Heck, Tillerson even got Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov to scold MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell like Sean Spicer would at a White House press conference. Well, okay, mebbe Tillerson didn’t actually cause that, but I’m sure Lavrov thought he’d like it. Repaired and updated the cartoon to be worthy of being added to Pookie’s ‘Toons. And, yes, [...]

poor loser

but, still, a loser Submitted in the spirit of a Monday-morning cheering-up by knowing that Hillary will never be president. Had this sitting around without a good reason to post it, until Stilton (PBUH) made his point so eloquently. Apologies to all who thought they’d never have to see or hear from that cackling harridan [...]

Yes, there will be math

~ story ~


Islamic ‘morality police’ in Stockholm forcing girls to the back of school bus. [story] I wonder if her name is Rosa It’s what you and your pals worked for, jackass.______ Image sources 1 & 2

Rice noir

Tottering ~ story ~ UPDATE: Rice’s phrasing just screeeamed criminal thug, but I needed a female. Film noir is full of bad girls, so that’s where I looked. This pic struck me, since Audrey looks like she might be a tad worried about meeting with an unfortunate accident, if she didn’t keep ‘er trap shut.

If socialists took over California…

…in a generation they’d run out of millionaires* ~ story ~ It’s ironic that all prog/socialist economic policies depend on wide income inequality. ___________ * The trouble with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other-people’s money — Thatcher

Earth Hour: tonight 8:30pm

However, it’s okay to leave your life-support, emergency room equipment, HVAC, computer, fridge, elevator, internet, burglar alarm, TV, phone, microwave/range, gun-room alarm, water & gas pumps, traffic lights, etc. on, so reckon it’s still not quiiite like NorK. It’s also Human Achievement Hour. Lights on, here, boss.