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the crying game

SOB Perhaps he never owned a gun, because he couldn’t pass an ATF background check. Habitual drug use and renouncing one’s citizenship are disqualifiers. Here’s an interesting story.

Hap-py New Year !

Okay, now that we’ve established when we are, what shall we do about it? Hmmm?

year-end rant

Here’s a good one: “We are fighting to end hate, to unite as one and love each other. We are fighting to be treated right without discrimination and for everyone to have equal opportunities.” Bullshit. You have no quantifiable metrics for injustice, so you have no victory conditions (for a very simplified example, when blacks [...]

Happy Christmas Eve and Merry Christmas

recommend full-screen Or turn on the A/C or ceiling fan. Whatever. It’s freakin’ 70ºF here right now, so I’m off for a little TR-6 exercise between rain showers — red car, white beard, belly, an’ all. Ho ho ho!


Nobody seems to like the WaPo’s cartoon of Ted Cruz using his daughters as stage props: Ted was so not-entertained that he came up with his own: Okay, sure, it’s kind’a lame; but Cruz has to take the high road, here. However, there’s no real reason we have to. Clearly, the original imagery is aimed [...]

H> pees ‘erself

Tinklebelle ©* ~ story ~________ * Yeah, I’m claimin’ that one but not the “depends” one.

PhotoShop dump

cat fight with a pussy

Okay, it’s Prince Boy vs. Trump & Coulter. Who y’got? Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal is ducking for cover amid a light barrage of tweeted jeers from Donald Trump, Ann Coulter and Roger Stone. [story] Well, whatja expect from a flaming hypocrite who wears an ammo belt as a fashion accessory? That’s kind’a what happens [...]

Sabo (PBUH) strikes again

~ story ~Ahhh, I feel safer already.


(trigger warning for Japanese Imperialists and fans of Neptune) ~ Mallard Fillmore ~