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(What? Because I don’t get to use “ergo” and “Q.E.D.” very often, that’s why.) _______ Quote #1 Quote #2 Previously on KisP

He needed killin’

Waitin’ for a thunderstorm to pass, so you get a quick PhotoShop exercise. Note: just to avoid any misunderstandings, the title is a twofer — it can be read both ways

Violent thugs are not real Democrats

Mostly… Nothing new to add; just wanted to post this graphic. _________ Inspired by Ace of Spades


Takes notes in meetings with Trump, because he doesn’t trust Trump. Doesn’t take notes in meetings with Obama. Leaks only comments that can be spun against Trump. … we much And for those who got themselves all oiled-up for the big event, heeeere ya go!

SJW analogy of the day

You must be crazy to disagree with us ~ story ~

unclear on the concept of victimhood

Opts for the “Hillary defense“ but without blaming the Russians… so far Crybully: from woke to broke___________ More in Claire’s post, below ⬇︎ Previously on KisP Image source As long as I have PhotoShop up… ___________ Image source *bwahahahahaha*! OldFert in comment Also, Missy’s new site sub-header made me guffaw.

a great disturbance in The Narrative™

____________ Title cultural ref Top-15 we’re all gonna dieee reactions Ace found some more


You seditionists want to act-out using blood-thirsty, death-worshiping, America-hating ISIS imagery? Okay, you got it. Evidently, reality raised its ugly head. (What? Yeah, that would’a been a wayyy better post title.)

It ain’t Islamophobia, if they’re really trying to kill you

freedom of abuse of freedom

Because it’s all rainy an’ wet out, and I felt like doin’ a PSshop with a commie hellhole Berkeley in it, so OPEN THREAD. _________ Cultural ref (for anyone who needs it, stupid git) More Sunday don’t-make-no-nevermind: Topless, in handcuffs, and wearin’ a LePen mask is no way to go through life, ma’am. The ending [...]