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Earth Hour: tonight 8:30pm

However, it’s okay to leave your life-support, emergency room equipment, HVAC, computer, fridge, elevator, internet, burglar alarm, TV, phone, microwave/range, gun-room alarm, water & gas pumps, traffic lights, etc. on, so reckon it’s still not quiiite like NorK. It’s also Human Achievement Hour. Lights on, here, boss.

If socialists took over the Sahara Desert…

…in a generation, there’d be a shortage of sand* ~ story ~ More Even more Cuban medical mission to Venezuela scam __________ * Friedman, Buckley, and others with variations thereof

She persisted

~ story ~

The rocket science is unsettling

~ story ~ ~ imgage source ~ OPEN THREAD (What? Well, mainly, I wanted to get my stupid post below off the top slot.) Nah, that’s not a rocket engine. This is a rocket engine. ~ vid ~

A Day Without Sharia

(What? No, nun habits, uniform covers/caps, hoodies, and pussyhats are completely different.)

Whine while you’re here…

…because some places you go, they won’t like bein’ called male chauvinist pigs Also, try not to make it a really clumsily worded whine, or do. It’ll be fun for the rest of us. The word of the day is “D’oh!”


Ahh, it is as I had predicted, the peasants are revolting.

Wellp, there’s goes that argument

“And it’s my determination, based on the system that we tested this morning, that I would like to use paper ballots. And I’ll tell you why.“We have to make sure that we can not just count the ballots but verify every name and signature,” [chairwoman] Brazile said as party members began applauding. “And I want [...]


~ story ~Strong message to follow.

He took our jawrbs!

~ story ~____________ Title cultural ref (Yeah, yeah, I know you know. Remember, these cultural refs are for the benefit of future historians writing about the influence of SondraKistan on Early-21stC socio-politics.) Speaking of yo’ jawrb… (caution: language and spew)