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one small step for a ma’am …

… one giant leap for memekind ~ story ~ ~ shirt ref ~ (What? Yeah, I know. Couldn’t resist. When H> is on stage, the real world will just have to wait.) Oh, and one last thing … *heheeee*

150 years ago today

Nomen Nescio

the Wednesday strategy

It’s not the Christian thing to do, I know; but it is the Christina thing to do. It’s not about freedom of religion, it’s about freedom of association or just plain freedom, if you will. It is slavery to take property against one’s will or to demand labor against one’s will; and it doesn’t matter [...]


before & after ~ ROLLOVER ~ (What? Nah, just goin’ for the cheap visual joke that everybody saw comin’, if they’ve visited here much.) ____ story

We’re well into the Brownshirt phase …

… and dealing with orders from Gauleiters* What’s next? This trend appalls even gays (or, perhaps, especially gays). (What? Yeah, “What’s next?” indeed.) __________ * Partial list Daemon The poster was inspired by Missy’s new header. Oh, and the obligatory two-minutes of hate. But I forgot that it’s Springtime, and one wears the fabulous white [...]

Hands up, don’t bake!

Evidently, not all discriminations are created equal _________ See SondraK’s posts below (this being offered in the spirit of a comment).

Monday’s seminar: Org Charts

Case Study #1: the need for meritocracy in knot-tying organizations (You gov’t employees might want to look away at this point.)

nothing “personal”

~ story ~

Since you’re gonna talk about it anyway …

Here ya go. ~ ROLLOVER ~ Personally, I think it’s just a slickback-look thing. Don’t care. Just don’t want it to mess-up other comment strings. ________ Rollover pic is of Nazi collaborators after the liberation of Paris. Well, I was kind’a right. It’s just a bun. Wayyy better than Al’s do. Happy now?

Obama and Iran in agreement

~ story ~