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slow-holiday schtick

slow-Sunday woodland schtick

Perhaps you can do better.

schtick (sammich meme*, cont’d)

(What? Yeah, kind’a explains why I hafta make my own sammiches, dunnit?) Missy __________ * Previously on KisP Meanwhile, at the Library of Congress gift shop …Thomas M

Kkhappy Hanukkah

schtick (sammiches meme)

Life Rule #2: Don’t irritate those who handle your food (What? Nah, “…, you old goat” might be confusing.)

slow-weekend schtick

a girls-with-guns quickie

Guys, don’t shop Amazon on Black Friday I don’t think this a brunette bigotry against blondes thing, but I might be wrong. (What? Nah, it’s just a guy’s fantasy. If you’ll notice, one can’t see their shooz.) Okay, mebbe some wimmin will make me a sammich.

What he said

~ source ~Not much to add to that.

tonight’s slow-weekend schtick

Close …

… reeeal close ~ Stilton ~ Buuuut … I think there’s a better comparison (I think it’s the hair) ~ ROLLOVER ~