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Nnnn… how about mostly peaceful ?

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Next: Evidence Dropboxes

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Not sure this is true

I’m still trying to cool-off since the story broke, so you get more jokes until things are a bit clearer Speakering of jokes… _____ • Story • Previously, on KisP

Enter: Autocorrect

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Y’mean triggered?

They never thought it would happen to them

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_____ • Story (China) • Story (Tactical Bras) NOTE: Purely a priorities joke. Not making fun of tactical bras, as such. They may turn out to be significantly better than sports bras in this application. I’ll defer to the wearers who, one assumes, are mostly women

FBI goes full-Stazi*

_____ *Stazi™=Stasi+Nazi: the proto-fascist FBI version of the commies’ political/secret police (apologies to you good Germans for employing some unfortunate histories) • Story (Project Veritas) • Story (Ted Cruz)


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She feels no pain, anyway

_____ • Story • Story • Cultural ref • Picked up by Pookie’s Toons …or not Wellp, she went there, and the White House is miffed. Who’s running this sh**show of a foreign policy? "AOC actually agrees with me on this," @JackPosobiec on Pelosi's real reason for going to Taiwan. — The Post Millennial [...]