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Mike Rowe (pbuh)

My pick for Undersecretary of Adult Supervision for Manhoodsplaining ~ story ~

mebbe if she was on a T-shirt

Inspiration *snick* The commie-made jeep hauling Castro’s funeral ashes broke down and had to be pushed. [a full description of my laughter can be had by sending a SASE] [I]t’s a little mystifying to me that President Obama can reach out to a murdering dictator in Cuba in the last year and be hailed as [...]

final words

Finally, he’s a “good commie”

Hey, it’s not like she’s baking cupcakes

Intolerance is in fashion (What? Nope, don’t remember reading about Melania beggin’ this fashionista to clothe her.) What rhymes with cunning PR stunt? ___________ Original story This story This story, also


crazy talk


whiney, deplorable clingers

Oh, and Stilton’s on a roll, today. A fourfer!

your evening positive spin

American Spring refugee crisis

On a personal note… _________ Cultural ref

couldn’t sleep, so…

As expected, Hollywood is not pleased, and neither is Canada, evidently. Just what they need, a new wave of refugees who won’t assimilate. I wonder how many of these refugees will flee to, you know, Mexico. Oh, and take these brats with you. Tears and shock at Hillary Clinton's election night party — [...]