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It’s symbolic of his stuggle against oppression.

~ story ~Nah, I don’t have anything to add. Well, okay, he supposedly defrauded Oprah, defrauded his publisher and his readers, and displaced a black student from a college scholarship, so he sounds like a reeeal pitiful, self-loathing, low-life, racist, victimhood-sucking parasite, if y’ask me. _________ Previously on KisP Title cultural ref

timing is everything

Nope, not worth it. Tempting, though. ___________ Previously on KisP

Remember …

PhotoShop dump

~ source ~(What? Nah, just a cheap word-play joke. Couldn’t resist. Yes, it should offend everybody.)

another PhotoShop dump

Here’s another one (not mine, so it only gets a link)

another PhotoShop dump

_______ Previously on KisP

46 years ago

Never be ashamed of the traditional America™ brand name. Once upon a time, America™ was the most powerful nation on the face of the Earth, but it did not try to destroy it’s sworn enemy or to take over the World as a demonstration of power and grandeur. Rather, it did what no other power [...]

and yet another PhotoShop dump

accipiterNW in comments

another PhotoShop dump

the Torch of Liberty 10-sec-cycle animated gif (What? Well, the idea’s been rattling around for a while. Time to just do it as a PhotoShop dump.) Ironic in Denver for the prod in a comment

Pluto update

Latest color pictures fresh from the science team ___________ Joke’s historical ref Previously on KisP Animated gif (for ease of stealing) Pluto update update. (for reallies)