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stuff that’s hard to do (old-joke mission)

Finally, a dad joke that’s not more than sixty years old_____ Story Archives

freid nooze

Interesting dilemma for constitutional conservatives: demand “bake the cake” or endure massive censorship? There’s another option, though, in a free republic: competition. Where are the free-speech services? (What? Hell, no, I don’t want ‘em censoring the Left™ in retaliation! I want ‘em jackasses out there sayin’ stupid stuff and bein’ called on it. You know, [...]

not necessary, perhaps, but inevitable

_____ Story Archives The lamest thing you’ll see all day Oh, wait… I spoke too soon. (What? Yeah, wayyy lamer than the logo I designed for a small office I used to run on the Air Staff/Operations in the basement of the Pentagon thirty ago.)

Because Mueller looks like Leslie Nielsen

Next week: Clouseau _____ Cultural ref-1 Cultural ref-2 Picked up by Pookie’s Toons

power is power

Ze great game, she is tricky, non?Gettin’ into a dick-measurin’ contest with a pissant country which only has power over a small part of your oil supply is different from gettin’ into it with the gorilla next door, innit? Smile, Justin, we’re still your pals; but play nice and be proud of who you really [...]

just because I like the photo

…and Slavic beauties and because I think Melania actually got as many votes as Donald did_____ Archives

bake the cake

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Legislators swore…

…to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, not to defend their parties against all inconvenient dissentIf you can’t tolerate any disagreement, then your politics is nothing but theocratic crap that can only be sustained through lies and repression. Then there’s the problem of what happens if the shoe is on the other [...]

from the “guess which party runs that city” files

(What? Just an excuse to re-use an old PhotoShop? Well, yeah, okay, mebbe a little.) _____ Story Cultural ref Previously, on KisP (.gif) Archives Wait, wait… reality is wayyy better than my lame joke! West Hollywood badly wants to remove President Trump’s star from the Hollywood Walk of Fame.One problem: The star isn’t in West [...]

the next big thing

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